Vacation Property Rental Agreement


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									This is a rental agreement between a landlord and a tenant whereby the tenant rents a
vacation property for a specific period of time. This agreement sets out the terms and
conditions of the vacation rental and the fees associated with the rental. This document
contains numerous standard provisions that are commonly included in these types of
agreements, and may be customized to fit the specific needs of the contracting parties.
This agreement can be used by property managers, property owners, or landlords that
want to use their property for vacation rentals.
      THIS VACTION PROPERTY RENTAL AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”), is made this
___ day of ___________, 201_____, by and between ________________ (the “Tenant”) and
__________________ (the “Landlord”) for the vacation property rental located at
____________________________ (the “Rental Premises”).

                             VACATION RENTAL PREMISES

        1WITNESS that in consideration of the rents, covenants and agreements hereinafter
reserved and contained on the part of the Tenant, his heirs, executors, administrators, successors
and assigns to be paid, observed and performed, the Landlord hereby leases unto the Tenant, his
heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, the Rental Premises upon the following
terms and conditions:

1.00   The Landlord hereby rents the Rental Premises to the Tenant for the period commencing
       the _____ day of _________, 201______ (the “Commencement Date”) through to and
       including the ____ day of ___________, 201_____ (the “Termination Date”).

1.10   "Tenant" will, individually and collectively, refer to the named Tenant, his or her friends,
       family, agents, etc., and all people who will be occupying the Rental Premises during the
       tenancy of Tenant's stay.

2.00   The Tenant shall arrive at the Rental Premises not before _______ a.m./p.m. [SPECIFY
       A.M. or P.M.] on the Commencement Date. The Tenant shall vacate the Rental
       Premises on the Termination Date by _______ a.m/p.m. [SPECIFY WHICH] to allow
       for the cleaning of the Rental Premises. The Tenant shall ensure that all of the Tenant’s
       belongings are removed from the Rental Premises on the Termination Date.

3.00   The Tenant shall not have more than _____ (__) people occupying the Rental Premises at
       any given time. The name(s) of all people (including all children, of any age) who will
       be occupying the Rental Premises is/are:
       (a) __________________________;
       (b) __________________________;
       (c) __________________________; and
       (d) __________________________
{Instruction: Add additional lines, if more than 4 people will be occupying the premises
       during this rental period. Delete unneeded lines, or write in "Not Applicable" or
       "N/A" for each unneeded line if fewer than 4 occupants.}

4.00   The Landlord acknowledges that the Rental Premises will come equipped with the
       following items:

       (a) ____________________________;
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        (b) ____________________________; and
        (c) ____________________________;
{Instruction: Add additional lines, as necessary. If fewer than 3 items, delete extra unused
lines, or write "N/A" or "Not Applicable" on each unused line.}

5.00   The Rental Fees for the Rental Premises are ____________ ($______) Dollars per
       night/week [SPECIFY WHICH TIME PERIOD] (the “Rental Fees”). The Tenant
       agrees that it shall pay to the Landlord _________ (____%) percent (the “Deposit”) of the
       total Rental Fees due and payable _____ (___) weeks/months [SPECIFY WHICH
       TIME PERIOD] prior to the Commencement Date for the Landlord to reserve the
       Rental Premises for the Tenant for the duration set out herein and the balance of the
       Rental Fees will be due and payable to the Landlord on the Commencement Date. The
       Tenant acknowledges that the Deposit shall be non-refundable in the event the Tenant
       cancels the reservation of the Rental Premises.

5.10   In the event that Tenant departs more than _____ hour(s) after the agreed-upon departure
       time, Tenant agrees to pay a late fee of $ _________, which will allow Tenant to remain
       in the Rental Premises until the hour of ___________ a.m./p.m. [SPECIFY WHICH] on
       that same day. In the event that Tenant departs after the time of ______________
       a.m/p.m. [SPECIFY WHICH], Tenant will be charged a full day's rent of $__________,
       which will permit Tenant to remain in the Rental Premises until _____________
       a.m./p.m. [SPECIFY WHICH] the following day.

6.00   The Tenant shall provide to the Landlord on the Commencement Date a Security Deposit
       in the amount of _____________ ($_______) Dollars (the “Security Deposit”) to be held
       and used by the Landlord in the event the Tenant or its guests cause any damage to the
       Rental Premises, or, in the event that Tenant departs after the grace period, persuant to
       Paragraph 5.10, above. In the event the Tenant causes no damage to the Rental Premises
       and departs on time, the Security Deposit shall be returned in full by the Landlord to the
       Tenant on the Termination Date after the Landlord has inspected the Rental Premises.

7.00   The Landlord shall have the right to enter the Rental Premises for inspection at any time
       without the prior notice to the Tenant to enforce the terms of this Agreement. In the
       event the Tenant violates any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, this
       Agreement shall immediately be terminated and the Tenant shall immediately vacate the
       Rental Premises. Other than for enforcement of the terms of this Agreement, Landlord
       agrees to provide _______ hours advance notice of his or her entrance of the Rental
       Premises, unless Tenant agrees to a shorter notice period.

8.00   The Tenant agrees that it shall at all times keep the Rental Premises in a clean and good
       state of repair and shall not use the Rental Premises at any time for any unlawful purpose.
       On the Termination Date, the Tenants shall leave the Rental Premises in the same
       condition as the Rental Premises were in on the Commencement Date.

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9.00   In the event the Tenants damage the Rental Premises in any manner whatsoever, the
       Tenant acknowledges that the Landlord shall use the Security Deposit for any repairs and
       the portion of the Security Deposit used for such repairs shall not be refunded to the
       Tenant by the Landlord on the Termination Date. Landlord agrees to promptly return the
       entire Security Deposit--or the balance of the Security Deposit, in the event that repairs
       are necessary as described in this paragraph--within ______ days of the Termination
       Date. Landlord agrees to inspect the Rental Premises within ______ days of the
       Termination Date, unless this inspection is unreasonable due to weather, Acts of God, or
       other external events beyond the control of the Landlord.

10.00 The Tenants shall ensure that all waste and garbage is removed from the Rental Premises
      and stored in the area(s) designated by the Landlord.

11.00 The Tenant shall be/shall not be permitted to have pets in the Rental Premises, except as
       specifically noted in this paragraph. If no pets are generally permitted, but Tenant claims
       a right under local, state, or federal law to have a guide or therapeutic animal (e.g, guide
       dog for the blind/deaf, etc.), Tenant agrees to provide any reasonable medical
       documentation within _____ days of Landlord making a written request for such
       "Landlord agrees that Tenant may have the following pet(s): ______________________
{Instruction: Give animal's name, type/breed, (if known), description, etc., if pets are allowed.
       Write in "None" or "No Pets" or "N/A" in the above space, if no pets are allowed.}

11.01 If any pets, whether formally allowed or not by Landlord, are brought onto the Rental
      Premises, Tenant agrees to be responsible for any and all damage causes by such pet(s).
      If Landlord permits one or more pets, in Paragraph 11.00, above, Tenant shall provide to
      the Landlord, in advance, an additional Pet Security Deposit in the amount of

12.00 The Tenants shall behave in a civilized manner and shall be good neighbors respecting
      the rights of the surrounding property owners. The Tenants shall not create noise or
      disturbances likely to disturb or annoy the surrounding property owners.

13.00 The Tenant acknowledges that smoking is permitted / is not permitted [SPECIFY
      WHICH] inside the Rental Premises. {Instruction: Cross out or delete the clause that
      does Not apply.}

14.00 The Tenant hereby agrees to indemnify and hold the Landlord harmless from and against
      any and all claims of loss or personal injury which may arise out of the Tenant’s use or
      any of the Tenant’s guest’s use of the Rental Premises.

15.00 The Landlord shall ensure that adequate and proper insurance is maintained on the Rental
      Premises at all times.

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16.00 The Tenant’s acknowledge and agree that the Tenant shall be solely responsible for any
      and all legal fees and costs incurred in the event the Landlord is required to enforce any
      part of this Agreement.

17.00 There shall be no refunds of any Rental Fees due to shortened stays or ruined
      expectations due to work and family emergencies or other commitments. Landlord will
      NOT provide insurance to cover loss of Tenants' personal property, whether due to fire,
      theft, or other type of loss. Tenants are encouraged to obtain their own insurance
      coverage for any personal items they might bring to the Rental Premises.

18.00 Tenant shall see to their own security while in the Rental Premises by locking doors,
      windows, garage doors, etc. when it’s prudent to do so.

19.00 Any valuable items left behind by the Tenant will be held for the Tenant and every
      reasonable effort will be made to contact the Tenant for the return of the items. If items
      are not claimed for a period longer than _______ (___) months they shall become the
      property of the Landlord. The Landlord shall not be held liable for condition of said

20.00 2This Agreement shall be construed and governed by the laws of the State of
      __________. Should any provision or provisions of this Agreement and/or its conditions
      be illegal or not enforceable, it or they shall be considered separate and severable from
      this Agreement and its remaining provisions and conditions shall remain in force and be
      binding upon the Landlord and the Tenant hereto as though the said provision or
      provisions or conditions had never been included.

       3IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Landlord and the Tenant have hereunto set their hands
and seals as of the date first here-above written.

SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED                       )
 in the presence of                                )
                                        )          Landlord
                                                   )      Tenant

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