Tenant's Notice to Exercise Purchase Option


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									This is a letter that a tenant sends a landlord informing the landlord that the tenant
intends to exercise the purchase option under the lease. This letter should only be used
when the original lease agreement grants the tenant an option to purchase the property.
In addition, the tenant must include the deposit amount as specified under the original
lease. This letter can be used by individuals or small businesses that are leasing
property with an option to purchase and want to exercise that option.

_____ [Instruction: Insert Date.]

VIA CERTIFIED MAIL, Return Receipt Requested

_____ [Instruction: Insert name of person receiving letter.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert address of person receiving letter.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert city, state, zip code of person receiving letter.]

Dear _____ [Instruction: Insert name of person receiving letter.]:

Notice is hereby provided that the undersigned as Lessee (as same is defined in the Lease
as set forth herein) under section ______ [Instruction: Insert applicable section
number.] of that certain Lease dated the _____ day of ____________, 20__,
[Instruction: Insert Lease date.] (the “Lease”) does hereby exercise its purchase option
under said Lease to purchase the property located at:
_______________________________________________________ [Instruction: Insert
property address.] and more particularly described as: _______ [Instruction: Insert
legal description of property.]

As set forth in the Lease provision regarding the exercise of the purchase option,
enclosed is a deposit of ____________ United States Dollars _____ ($ _____)
[Instruction: Insert written dollar amount enclosed, followed by numerical amount.],
as required under the Lease, toward said purchase option.



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