Petition for Change of Name of Adult


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									This document is executed by an adult petitioning a court to have his or her name
legally changed. The document provides the adult's current legal name, date of birth,
residential address and reasons for the name change petition. After the petition is
completed, it is usually notarized and then filed with the appropriate court. The court will
then hold a hearing and a judge will either grant or deny the name change request.
Local rules governing the change of name petition process may vary, so the individual
should make sure to comply with them. This document should be used by an adult
wishing to legally change his or her name.

IN THE MATTER OF THE CHANGE                      )       IN THE COURT OF:
OF NAME OF:                                      )
{Instruction: Provide name of person who is asking to have his/her name changed. Under
"Court," above and to the right, provide name and full address of the court where Party is
making the name-change request.}

      TO THE HONORABLE JUDGE OF THE COURT OF ___________________________
      TO THE HONORABLE JUDGE __________________________ [NAME OF JUDGE]
OF THE COURT OF ________________________ [NAME OF COURT]
{Instruction: If you know the name of the judge who will be hearing your case, use the 2nd of
the two sentences, above, and fill in the needed information. If you cannot find out the name
of the judge in advance, use the first option. In either case, delete out the sentence that you
are not using.}

I _________________________, [PROVIDE FULL, CURRENT, NAME] being the adult
petitioner, hereby petitions to this honourable court to legally change my name to
_________________________________. [PROVIDE FULL NAME PARTY WISHES TO
{Instruction: Do NOT abbreviate or leave out any part of the name you want the court to

1.   To support my petition for change of name, I hereby supply to this honourable court the
     following personal information:

     (i)    Current legal name is:                                                      ;

     (ii)   Date of Birth:                                                              ;

     (iii) Surname at Birth:                                                            ;

     (iv) Place of Birth:                                                               ;

     (v)    Residential Address:                                                        ;

     (vi) Social Security Number:                                                       ;

2.    The reasons for my petition for change of name are as follows:

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{Instruction: Provide full details about reason for the request for name-change. Provide
additional lines, if necessary. If this explanation refers to another legal document (e.g., a past
restraining order, a divorce decree) or to other written material(s) (e.g, a defamatory and false
newspaper article), reference that/them in this section as Exhibit "A," Exhibit "B," etc., and
attach a copy of that material(s) at the end of this document.}

3.   I have not been charged with a criminal offence as of the date of my petition for change of
     name. (or)

     I have been charged with the following criminal offences:

                                (only if applicable)

{Instruction: Delete or cross out the section, above, that does NOT apply to your application.}

4.   In consideration of the foregoing, I hereby respectfully request that this honourable court
     grant my petition of name change for the reasons set out herein.

SWORN BEFORE ME AT                             )
the City of ______________________             )
in the County of _________________             )
this ___ day of ______________, 2____          )
                                               )       Petitioner {Signature}
Notary Public

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