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This is a flexible document that can be used for a variety of purposes to assign the rights under an existing contract to a third party. For this assignment to be valid, the original contract must not prohibit assignments. This notice sets forth the date of the original contract, the names of the original parties, which rights are to be assigned, and the date the assignment is executed. This document should be used by small businesses or other entities that want to assign their rights under an existing contract to a third party when such assignment is not prohibited under the original contract.

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									Contract Assignment Notice
This Contract Assignment Notice can be used to notify a party to an existing contract
that the sender’s duties and obligations have been assigned to a third-party. Simply
enter your information in the designated fields, such as the sender’s name, the
recipient’s name, the contract in question and more. This notice is ideal for individuals or
small businesses that want to notify a to an existing contract that the sender’s rights are
being assigned to an unaffiliated thirt-party.
                                      NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT





         THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY provides notice to [Insert name of party to whom the
notice is intended], that pursuant to [Insert the paragraph or article from the contract at issue, for
example, paragraph 9.1 of the contracted dated January 1, 2010 between Party A and Party B]
that it intends to assign all of its/his/her right, title and interest in and to [Describe the rights to be
assigned] to [Insert full name and address of party to whom the assignment is being made]
effective the ____ day of _______________, 2___.

         DATED this ___ day of ___________, 2___.

Witness:                                                         (Name)

(or if Company signing)



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