Tips When Choosing a Cordless Phone Battery

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					Cord Less phone batteries
Cordless phone batteries carry an un ignorable issue of compatibility with them as each
cordless phone carrier tends to provide a model with its unique variation in power
consumption in the form of batteries it uses. Cordless phones can only be inserted with a
specific type of battery for which they are designed so it is crucial to choose the right one
for the proper functioning of your phone.
Cordless phone batteries are available in many materials that are specific to brand and
quality and also depending on your price range. Ranging from Lithium ion, Sealed Lead
acid, Nickel Cadmium, or Nickel Metal Hydride.

Tips when choosing a cordless phone battery!
      Make sure to call your cordless phone manufacturer and ask him about the specific
       battery model(s) compatible with your device so you can know what your options
      Keep in mind the memory effect when picking a particular model, because the
       longer the battery lasts the more it’s worth its price. For those who are unfamiliar
       with the term, it means the consequence of batteries losing their full chargeability
       with the passage of time and is the main nuisance which leads towards the
       replacement of batteries.
      Try using a Nickel-metal-hydride battery or if you’re using a cordless phone that
       runs on nickel cadmium battery it would be a better idea to get a new cordless
       phone that runs on NIMH because it is a much advanced technology and really
       worth your hard earned dollars! Delivering a longer battery life and
       environmentally friendlier.
      Calculate through your costs because at times it can turn out to be cheaper to buy a
       new cordless phone than to bear with the recurring costs of battery changes, look
       up choices that better fit your price range and accommodate your needs without
       compromise delivering you the best functions possible with a healthy device life and
       a repair free usage period.
      It’s all about saving time to pay attention to more important matters; you can do so
       by buying two batteries or keeping a spare phone on hand just in case an
       inconvenience occurs.
       Off-brand cordless phone batteries are known to function just as well as their
       branded counterparts.

To ensure the long life of your battery it is advised not to recharge until you’ve fully
exhausted it, that way it has reduced memory effect the same is also advised for laptop
Before the first use of a new battery it is no less than crucial to fully charge your battery
usually that requires between 13 to 15 hours.
They are known to perform their best when used often and it’s a good idea to take the
batteries out of the cordless phone when you know you’re going to be away for a few days
or longer. Put them away in a moisture free and cold place to prevent damage to them.
Fully recharge them again to ensure hassle free usage, when you get back.

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