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					  Corporate Performance Management
Reporting Challenges for Financial Service

               Nilesh Sangani

          Comtek Bizsoft Pvt. Ltd.

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To create awareness about reporting challenges
faced by corporate brokers & understand
tradeoffs between various solutions

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Major Revenue sources
• Brokerage from Cash, F&O, Commodity
• Insurance / Mutual Funds

• PMS, Wealth Mgt. Fees

• Proprietary Trading, Margin Funding, Arbitrage

• DP Operations (Client Servicing)

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 Major Enterprise Challenges

• Strategy planning – Improving processes & deploying
  technology to support the processes
• Retaining existing Customers & Expanding customer
  base through Channel Partners , Branches
• Application Software Management
• Customer service availability 24 x 7 x 365
• Audit & Compliances
• Human Resources
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      Application Software Architecture

                                   Back Office
                                    Cash, F&O,
  Corporate Accounting,                                      Insurance , MF
  H R Applications                                         Wealth Management

Front office
                                                                   Other Systems like CRM
Middle Office

                      PMS                         DP Back Office
                 Margin Funding                    NSDL, CDSL

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Application Software Challenges

Services provided in the organisation comes from
different vendors which means it is be difficult to
identity and implement management tools that interact
well with all platforms and systems.

This results in creation of Multiple data sets leading to
disintegrated data pools within an organisation
distributed across multiple servers

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Application Software Challenges ….

Linking and consolidating fragmented data from
various systems to provide summarized view of the
business and all its operations is a bigger challenge

Requiring to deliver right information to the right person
with the right level of interactivity in timely and action
oriented form

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Commonly used solutions

• Operational staff Skill set
  operational staff managing MIS requirements to some extent with
  their own skill sets typically Excel & macros.
   – Disadvantages : data can be inconsistent & unreliable, time
      consuming, limited reporting, can not be restricted for viewing
        to targeted managers, problems in delivery quality & enforcing
      enterprise quality standards.

• In house software development team
  Advantages : Information retrival is automated & hence under
  control / secured
  Disadvantages : maintaining source codes , retaining software
  people, may not be scalable because of limited vision

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Commonly used solutions…

3 External solution provider ?????
   – advantages : automated , consitent
   – disadvantage : continuously changing business needs
     calls for maintenance

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Back office dependences

   Front Office                              DP Back Office

       RMS             Back Office           Corporate A/c

       PMS                                    Analysis /

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Recommended Guidelines
• Unified Process across organisation
   Deploy centralised database repository for common entities like
   customer master (integrating with Front office, Back office ,
   RMS, Collateral Mgt, DP , PMS etc.)
   Unified identity of a customer across all the systems like Back
   office, DP & front office, MF , insurance, wealth management.

   Uniform Scrip coding across all the subsystems
• Streamlining individual applications to capture core transactions
   data at the root level & enabling them to share information

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Recommended Guidelines …..
• Identify Risk components & automate Share Payout & Fund
   Payout process based on customer centric profiles
   * uncleared receipts, collaterals, open buy / sale, ledger
   balance, third party
   Exposure / limit setting
• Use a centralised reporting warehouse
• Plan mechanism to consolidate fragmented data from various
  systems & resources to get organised single view of the
  business & all its operational units
• Define how much data need to be collected and how long it
  needs to be stored in the reporting design
• Use interactive reporting to pin point exactly what is happening
  in business
• Analyse these information to uncover patterns & trends &
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  understand why particular events Pvt. Ltd.
                                        are impacting business.      12
Recommended Guidelines …..
• performance monitoring & proactive strategy planning.
   – One can view performance data in the following ways
      • Real Time, Near real time,
      • Short term, Long term
   – eg. Sqoff & Delivery brok sharing - impacts on business.
   – Brokerage V/s Funding cost
   – Top ‘n’ clients in terms of revenue earned from Clients across all
     segments including mutual funds, pms / wealth mgt. fees etc.
   – Contribution of n% of income
   – Channel Partner / Branch / Subbrokers analysis – top ‘n’
   – Utilization of exposure / under utilized
• This ensures decision makers have the right information
  at their fingertips when it comes to making decisions that
  drive the business forward.
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 Recommended Guidelines …..
• Leverage latest Hardware technologies like SAN, High end servers
• Consolidation of Servers through Virtualisation technology to reduce
  cost with efficient managebility
• Disaster recovery plan
   – Regular backups

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What if analysis
– Business Intelligence
– Graphical Analysis
– Drag & Drop

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   Thank You

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