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                                                Tuesday, October 26, 2010 10:07 AM                                          Posted by Stylish Wanderer

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                                            Will the Age of Aquarius begin on a certain day, or a year? How will we know we have made the transition?
                                            Astronomers disagree on the exact time that humanity will transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius,
                                            but this will not be event that happens overnight. Each age is 2160 years long, and the transition between ages
                                            occurs over a period of 100 years or so. Discover more not only about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, but
                                            what it means for humanity.

                                            pisces neighbor
                                                Tuesday, October 26, 2010 10:07 AM                                          Posted by Stylish Wanderer
                                                                                                         When Does the Age of Aquarius Begin?
                                                                                                         By Lynn Hayes Lynn Hayes Level: Basic Lynn Hayes
                                                                                                         has been an internationally renowned astrologer and
                                                                                                         transformational life consultant for over 25 years,
                                                                                                         helping thousands of people break through the barriers
                                                                                                         that ...

                                                                                                         As a species, we are currently crossing from the Age of
                                                                                                         Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Although many people
                                                                                                         consider the Age of Pisces to begin at year 0 with the
                                                                                                         birth of Jesus with Aquarian Age beginning at 2000,
                                                                                                         most astronomers agree that the Age of Pisces actually
                                                                                                         begin in year 498 C.E., indicating entry into Aquarius in
                                            2658 C.E.

                                            Under the Age of Pisces we have seen the Piscean archetypes of sacrifice of the individual ego, universal love
                                            and compassion, assimilation, and the more negative projections of illusion, fantasy and delusion. Each
                                            astrological age has been represented by a deistic pantheon; the end of each age is marked by the ending of the
                                            worship of that pantheon. The Piscean Age has been marked by the growth of the three major monotheistic
                                            religions, each of which claims to be the only correct one, and the attempted dissolution of the individual ego.

                                            As we move from the Piscean age into Aquarius, the awakener, we are being shown that the Emperor doesn't
                                            have any clothes, that any unreality upon which we have based our religious foundations will be shattered in the
                                            upcoming years. The ideas in The Da Vinci Code have been around for 2000 years, but they are only now erupting
                                            into the public awareness. What will this mean for humanity?

                                            The Astrological Ages

                                            The equatorial bulge of the earth causes a shifting in the earth's axis and the point at which the Sun at the vernal
                                            equinox points to the zodiacal constellations. This phenomenon is known as the "Precession" and creates the
                                            period of 25,920 years that we call the "Great Year." The "Great Year" is divided into twelve "Great Ages" each of
                                            approximately 2160 years. Because of the "orb of influence," or "orb," which describes the fact that a change in
                                            sign makes itself known several degrees before the actual change (also known as the "cusp"), there is some
                                            flexibility to the 2160 figure. While the Great Ages certainly go back to the formation of the Earth itself, the Ages that
                                            are known to us are:

                                            Age of Leo: 10,300-8,140 BCE.

                                            Modern scientific techniques, looking at erosion patterns, agree with the great sage Edgar Cayce, who dated the
                                            great Sphinx of Egypt back to a period of great rains in that country, something which hasn't happened since the
                                            end of the ice age (typically considered to be 10,500 BCE). Although little is known of this period, it could have
                                            presided over a "Golden Age" (Leo rules gold) where the Sun was worshipped as the primordial god of light and

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