Holes Reading Comprehension Ch.26-30

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                              By: Louis Sachar
                                AR Level: 4.6
                               Chapter 26-30

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1. What was the town people’s reaction to Sam kissing Kate?

a. The people wanted to hang Sam.
b. The people wanted to hug Sam.
c. No one cared.
d. The people in the town wanted to run Sam out of town.

2. Kate became _____________.

a. a feared outlaw
b. a sheriff
c. a doctor
d. an onion grower

3. Stanley was afraid that Mr. Sir __________.

a. wouldn't let Mr. Pendanski drive the water truck
b. would take away his supper
c. put something vile into his canteen
d. would force him to dig an extra hole

4. What was the connection between Kate Barlow and Stanley's great-

a. Kate Barlow was Stanley's great-grandfather's sister.
b. Kate Barlow had married Stanley's great-grandfather.
c. Kate Barlow had robbed Stanley's great-grandfather and left him
stranded in the desert.
d. Kate Barlow took Stanley's great-grandfather to jail after he tried to
kidnap her.
5. Read the sentence below:

Hectors last name was Zeroni, just like the gypsys last name.

Choose the correct punctuation for the underlined words.

a. Hectors' . . . gypsys'
b. Hectors' . . . gypsy's
c. Hector's . . . gypsy's
d. Hector's . . . gypsys'

6. During the lightning storm Stanley thought he saw _________.

a. God's thumb
b. clouds bringing rain to Camp Green Lake
c. his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather's face
d. a donkey

7. The boys from Tent D gave Stanley a hard time because ____________.

a. Zero was digging part of his hole
b. he was so smart
c. he could dig faster than them
d. Mr. Sir liked him the best

8. Which statement from Holes contains a cause-effect relationship?

a. Have you just been digging Caveman's hole for nothing?
b. I know you mean well, Stanley, but face it. Zero's too stupid to learn to
c. Zigzag make a gagging sound.
d. The collar ripped and Stanley fell backward onto the dirt.

9. What does Stanley infer about his canteen when Mr. Sir disappears with
it? Why doesn't he drink from it? Use details from the story in your
answer. ________________________________________________


10. What is Zero's real last name? __________________

Who else had that last name in Latvia? (see chapter 7).


What is a possible inference you could make from those facts?



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