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									         IT’S HOW MEDICINE SHOULD BE
                                               |    SPRING 2011

                                                                                     ENERGY ISSUE
                                                                                  • The elevators in the new parking garage at
                                                                                    Rush University Medical Center capture the energy
                                                                                    released during braking and feed it back into the
                                                                                    garage’s electrical grid.
                                                                                  • To save energy, sensors in all offices and staff work
                                                                                    areas in the new hospital at Rush will automatically
                                                                                    turn off the lights when the room is unoccupied.
                                                                                  • An X-ray uses invisible electromagnetic energy
                                                                                    beams to produce images of internal tissues, bones
                                                                                    and organs.
                                                                                  • Energy comes in many forms, including thermal
                                                                                    (heat), radiant (light) and kinetic (motion).
                                                                                  • In 2007, each person in the United States used the
                                                                                    energy equivalent of, on average, 7,759 kilo-
                                                                                    grams of oil, while each person in Germany used
                                                                                    the equivalent of 4,027 kilograms and each person
                                                                                    in India just 529 kilograms.
                                                                                  • Acupuncture is based on the concept that the body
                                                                                    has its own energy flow, which must stay balanced
                                                                                    for good health.

          2   Forces, vectors and knees:       4   Keep yourself energized:
              How the laws of physics              What you can do to bolster
              affect osteoarthritis                your energy level as you age                             WWW.RUSH.EDU
    AND ... SHOES
    When you buy shoes, you’re probably
    thinking only about your feet. But
    the laws of physics tell us you should
    also consider your knees. It’s a matter                           “When your foot
    of force — and the energy that gets                               hits the ground, the
    transferred from the ground to your
    knees with every step.
                                                                      downward force
                                                                      from your step
                               Wear and tear from the
                            impact of all these steps can             creates an upward
                            eventually lead to painful
                            knee osteoarthritis, a degen-
                                                                      ground reaction force
                            erative joint disease that oc-            that affects your leg.”
                            curs when energy-absorbing
                            joint cartilage breaks down.
                                                                                — Najia Shakoor, MD
                            Modern supportive walking
    Najia Shakoor, MD,      shoes might seem to be a
    has published and       good solution. But research
    lectured widely on      from Najia Shakoor, MD,
    the disease process
                            a rheumatologist at Rush         force you exert on the ground is sent right back       Because Shakoor’s previous research showed
    and progression of
    osteoarthritis, espe-   University Medical Center,       up, transferring energy to your knee.               barefoot walking decreases knee loading, she
    cially in the knee.     found just the opposite.           While you can’t control how your body’s joints    and her colleagues designed flexible footwear
                                                             are shaped, some elements of knee load are          that mimics barefoot walking. In the lab, these
    THE TRANSFER OF ENERGY Knee load is the                  entirely within your control. That includes your    “mobility shoes” significantly reduced knee load
    phrase researchers use to describe how a number          weight and — as Shakoor and her colleagues          compared with conventional walking shoes.
    of factors affect the knee. For example, the posi-       discovered — your shoes.                               Volunteers from Shakoor’s earlier study are
    tion of your feet when they hit the ground contrib-        “The very stable, supportive shoes were associ-   now testing mobility shoes during everyday use,
    utes to knee load. So does the way you’re built —        ated with the highest overall knee load compared    and early results show they significantly reduce
    the angle between your feet, knees and hips.             with more flat, flexible, lightweight shoes,”       knee loads and knee pain.
       “When your foot hits the ground, the down-            Shakoor says.                                          Researchers at Rush are also studying whether
    ward force from your step creates an upward                                                                  the right choice of footwear can go beyond
    ground reaction force that affects your leg,”            ENERGY IN MOTION This connection between            relieving pain and actually change the progres-
    Shakoor says. This ground reaction force can be          shoes and knee joints came to light in the Motion   sion of osteoarthritis.
    thought of as a force vector, and it involves a basic    Analysis Laboratory at Rush. The lab is equipped       Your doctor can tell you if flat, flexible
    law of physics — Newton’s third law of motion: For       with a 3-D measurement system that records          shoes might work to reduce your knee pain.
    every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.    movement — energy transfer — as people walk         They’re not the right answer for everyone —
    That means that with every step you take, whatever       on a special platform.                              people who have foot problems may need
                                                                                                                 more support.
                                                                                                                    Although we can’t escape the laws of phy-
                     Eventually, joint loading can cause serious damage, and joint replacement may               sics, research continues to show us ways to
          MORE       be the best solution. Find out more at the event ”Hip and Knee Replacements”                make them work for — instead of against —
                     on March 23. See calendar on page 7 for details.                                            our joints.



Energy — your muscles get it from the food you consume. They need it to do mechanical work, such as flexing, contracting
and moving. But surprisingly, your most powerful muscle, your heart, is able to produce quite a different kind of power.

                         “One of the amazing            rhythm. However, like with any electrical device,       the electrical energy in the wrong direction or at the
                     things about the heart is that     things can go wrong with this system.                   wrong speed. For 90 to 98 percent of patients, this
                     it has the ability to gener-                                                               procedure restores the normal energy flow through
                     ate its own electricity, which     SHORT CIRCUITS The electrical impulse may               the heart. “The great thing about ablation is it truly
                     causes it to beat,” says           move too quickly or too slowly through the heart.       offers a cure,” Madias says.
                     Christopher Madias, MD, an         Or it might travel along the wrong pathways.
                     electrophysiologist at Rush            This results in heartbeats that are too fast or     KEEPING THE BEAT No matter which arrhythmia
                     University Medical Center.         too slow. These irregular heart rhythms are known       treatment you and your doctor choose, the goal of
Christopher Madias,     Electrophysiologists special-   as arrhythmias.                                         each is to restore the normal energy flow in your heart
MD, researches       ize in the study of the heart’s       Some arrhythmias are linked to congenital prob-      so it can function at just the right pace.
sudden death in      electrical system — the            lems, such as extra pathways in the heart. Others
athletes and ar-
                     assembly of cells within the       occur when the heart sustains damage from a                        If your heart needs help staying on beat,
rhythmias in heart                                                                                                CALL
failure patients.    heart muscle that generates        heart attack or other cardiac condition.                           experts at Rush can help. For more infor-
                     and distributes the electrical        While many arrhythmias are harmless, some can        mation about the heart services available at Rush, call
energy responsible for regulating the pumping           be life-threatening. Your doctor can tell you which     (888) 352-RUSH (7874).
action of the heart.                                    is which by determining the underlying cause of
   That pumping action provides your body               the arrhythmia and whether it interferes with your
with blood, which contains the nutrients your           heart’s ability to pump blood.
muscles need for fuel. So the electrical system            If you do need treatment, several types are avail-
not only keeps the heart going — it sparks              able, depending on the kind of arrhythmia you
the entire energy supply necessary for your             have, the severity of your symptoms and
body’s functioning.                                     whether you have any other conditions that
                                                        could affect your treatment. For instance,
FLIPPING THE SWITCH The electrical process              if you have a slow heart rhythm, your
begins in the sinus node, located in the upper          doctor may prescribe medication or recom-
right chamber of the heart, or the right atrium.        mend a pacemaker — an implantable                                              Sinus node
   “The sinus node cells are the intrinsic pace-        device that regulates heart rhythm. If
makers of the heart,” Madias says. These cells          you have a fast heart rhythm, a cardiolo-
contain electrically charged atoms that generate        gist could implant a device called a
electrical impulses.                                    defibrillator or an electrophysiologist
   These impulses are sent through the heart via        could perform a procedure known
a series of cells similar to electrical wires. As the   as ablation.                                            Atrioventricular
energy passes through these pathways, it causes            During ablation, the electrophysiolo-                     node
the heart muscle to contract, or pump.                  gist threads a catheter through a vein
   As long as the electrical charge continues flow-     to the heart. Energy sent through the
ing properly, your heart’s pacemaker has the            catheter eliminates the excess tissues and
energy it needs to maintain the correct pumping         pathways in the heart that are moving
                                                                                                                              Right ventricle
                                                                                                                                                              Left ventricle

                Visit Rush for the event “Take Charge of Your Heart Health” on
                Saturday, Feb. 19. See the calendar on page 7 for details.

    The further we get from the boundless energy of childhood,
    the quicker we seem to run out of steam.
                                But getting older          endurance. Because aging muscles
                             doesn’t automatically         lose mass and strength, it’s important
                             sideline you from being       to maintain or even build muscle
                             active, says Robert           strength as you grow older with
                             Bowser, MD, a family          regular strength training exercises,
                             medicine physician at         such as weightlifting. If you’re just
                             Rush University Medical       starting, try lifting a can of soup.
                             Center.                       Move on to heavier weights or a
    Robert Bowser, MD,          Usually, our energy        weight machine.                            Fatigue: Is it
    is with the practice    declines because of nor-    »  Maintain muscle elasticity. As
    Rush University         mal changes. Both genes        your muscles naturally become less         cause for concern?
    Physicians at Lincoln
                            and environment lead to        flexible with age, stretching exercises    Most people experience low energy at some
    Park. His areas of
    interest include pre- alterations in cells that        are crucial to help you maintain the       point. But it’s not always simply a matter of being
    ventive medicine and cause aging muscles to            flexibility your body needs to stay        tired. Sometimes it’s fatigue, a problem that can
    treating headaches.     lose mass and strength         active. Be sure to warm up for a           be more complicated.
                            and to become less flex-       few minutes before stretching —              According to Anne Hartley, MD, an internist
             ible. As a result, strenuous activities       try jogging in place and pumping           at Rush University Medical Center, the difference   Anne Hartley, MD,
             become more tiring.                           your arms. Then slowly move into           between tiredness and fatigue is not always easy    is with the prac-
                These cellular changes also limit the      your stretch as far as you can             to define. However, with tiredness you can usu-      tice Rush Univer-
                                                                                                                                                          sity Internists. Her
             heart muscle’s pumping ability, reduc-        without pain. Hold it for 10 to            ally identify why you’re tired, and it will go away
                                                                                                                                                          interests include
             ing the flow of oxygen-rich blood that        30 seconds. Repeat your stretch            with adequate sleep or rest, she explains. Fatigue women’s health,
             provides energy to the cells.                 and try to stretch further. For exam-      doesn’t always have a cause you can put your fin- obesity, smok-
                “Though no one stays as energetic          ples of specific stretches, visit          ger on. It tends to be more persistent and impair ing cessation and
             as they were in childhood, we can             www.rush.edu/discover.                     your ability to function normally.                  obstructive sleep
             delay the decline in energy and stay       »  Rest up. You can also get an energy           When to see a doctor. “Fatigue is your body apnea.
             active as we age,” Bowser says. He            boost from something as simple as          trying to tell you something,” Hartley says. “It’s a fairly common rea-
             suggests the following to help bolster        sleep. Adults need seven to eight          son people see a doctor.”
             your energy level.                            hours of sleep each night for the            Often it can be traced to a habit or routine — such as a poor diet,
                                                           body to release enough of the hor-         lack of exercise, stress or chronically getting inadequate sleep. But,
           » Improve your heart health.                    mones that help build and repair           Hartley says, “If it’s going on without those things, fatigue may have a
               Aerobic exercise raises your heart          muscles. And research suggests lack        medical or psychological cause.”
               rate. Over time, that strengthens           of sleep decreases the body’s produc-        Those causes could include diseases of the heart or lungs, such
               your heart muscle so it can pump            tion of glycogen, a carbohydrate that      as heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder; diabetes;
               more blood, delivering more oxygen          is stored for energy use during physi-     an underactive thyroid; or obstructive sleep apnea. Fatigue may also
               and nutrients to muscles for energy,        cal activity.                              point to anxiety or depression or be linked to medications.
               which can counteract the natural            If these steps don’t help, see “Fatigue:     “If fatigue lasts more than a week and isn’t accompanied by a read-
               decline of the heart’s capabilities.     Is it cause for concern?” at right to         ily identifiable cause, it’s time to see a doctor,” Hartley says. “We can
               Brisk walking is a good start. Work      learn when you should see your doctor         often uncover a cause and help patients feel better and have more
               up to bicycling, swimming or another     for fatigue.                                  energy.”
               aerobic activity.                           For most people, however, plenty
                                                                                                                   If you have persistent fatigue, talk with a doctor.
           »   Slow muscle loss and stimulate           of exercise and a good night’s sleep            CALL
                                                                                                                   To find one, call (888) 352-RUSH (7874).
               muscle growth. Strong muscles            make a good recipe for energy — at
               react faster and have more               any age.


             Easy as 1, 2, 3 ...
                              Boost your                                                 1                                       2                                     3
                              energy                                       Power up with protein.              Move your muscles. Sitting down             Doze, if doable. A big
                              The energy slump — it’s a common             A high-protein snack can help       after a big lunch can make people es-       way to boost energy, Pai-
                              midday occurrence that can leave             restore energy by elevating         pecially prone to drowsiness, Pai-Verma     Verma says, is a power nap
                              you drowsy at your desk or yawning           your glucose level in a sus-        says. A large meal itself can induce        — just 10 to 20 minutes:
                              during afternoon errands.                    tained manner, Pai-Verma            drowsiness, but afternoon energy            “It’s basically a chance
     Shaila Pai-Verma, MD,      At those times, you might turn to          says. She recommends yogurt         also falls when the body’s circadian        to recharge yourself.”
     is with the practice     coffee or an energy drink for a quick        or crackers with cheese. And        rhythm — or 24-hour cycle — is in a         Research shows naps im-
     Internal Medicine at     pick-me-up, but that’s not what              avoid sugary snacks: Although       natural resting place. To help avoid a      prove alertness. However,
     Rush. Her interests
                              Shaila Pai-Verma, MD, an internist           they can give you an immedi-        dip in energy, use part of your break       Pai-Verma warns against
     include high blood
     pressure, preventive     at Rush University Medical Center,           ate energy surge, they also         to go for a brisk walk or take a trek       napping for longer than a
     medicine and diabetes.   recommends. Instead, she offers              come with a slump when your         up the stairs. Even just getting up and     half-hour, which can leave
                              these suggestions to fight the slump          blood sugar drops, typically an     moving around can help. For example,        you feeling groggy.
                              and boost your energy.                       hour or so later.                   try doing push-ups against a wall.

In her fight against breast cancer, Randa Odishoo didn’t stop at chemotherapy and surgery. Through the Cancer Integrative
Medicine Program at Rush University Medical Center, she also used less traditional therapies, such as yoga classes to soothe
the side effects of her medication and massages to help break up scar tissue that remained after her mastectomy.
  “It got me through this whole ordeal, and it kept              specific points across the body — to get patients’ qi       that illness can cause pain and
me in a positive state,” Odishoo says of the program,            back on track by directing it along its proper course.      emotional stress, but also that
which offers patients at Rush an array of therapies to           This process, she says, can ease such symptoms and          alleviating pain and emotional
complement their medical care. These therapies, from             side effects as pain, nausea, fatigue, hot flashes and      stress can play an important
yoga and massage to counseling and hypnosis, tap into            loss of appetite.                                           role in treatment.
the power of energy to bolster patients’ well-being.                                                                            “If a patient is experiencing
                                                                 TAKING CONTROL Other therapies call on patients             physical pain or emotional
                       DIRECTING ENERGY How                      to take control of their own energy. Meditation, bio-       pain, such as depression or
                       do these therapies use energy?            feedback and guided imagery, for example, all involve       anxiety, they may start think-   Janine Gauthier, PhD, a
                       Angela Johnson, an oriental               some form of deep breathing. Using this technique,          ing, ‘I don’t have the energy    licensed clinical psy-
                       medicine practitioner in the pro-         patients can lower their heart rates, decrease muscle       to fight this anymore,’ ” says   chologist, is the director
                                                                                                                                                              of the Cancer Integrative
                       gram, uses an ancient form of             tension and diminish stress responses in the brain.         Janine Gauthier, PhD, direc-
                                                                                                                                                              Medicine Program and
                       healing to channel her patients’            Such abilities can directly enhance traditional cancer    tor of clinical services for the the Section of Psychoso-
                       qi (pronounced “chee”). From a            care: One patient in the program successfully used          program. “Our goal is to         cial Oncology at Rush.
                       traditional Chinese perspective,          deep breathing to lower her own blood pressure              teach individuals strategies to
                       we get sick when qi, or energy,           after doctors told her it was too high for her to safely    harness their energy — which is incredibly important
Angela Johnson,        stops flowing smoothly along              receive chemotherapy.                                       for healing.”
DiplOM, is an          the channels that run through-              Efforts to consciously harness the body’s energy play
oriental medicine      out our bodies. So Johnson uses           an important role in the program’s mission: healing
                                                                                                                               WATCH    Watch a video about the Cancer
practitioner at Rush
                       acupuncture — the stimulation,            the whole person in mind, body and spirit. Grounded                    Integrative Medicine Program at
who specializes in
                       usually with fine needles, of             in research, this holistic approach recognizes not only      www.rush.edu/discover.

                                                                                                                       For other current clinical trials,
                                                                                                                       visit www.rush.edu/clinicaltrials.

    Triumphant: Rush nurses honored for excellence                                                                                                A promising
    Many nurses go above and beyond their duties, but                    very best nursing care. The Magnet review                                long-term treatment
    at Rush, outstanding nursing care is the standard.                   process evaluated Rush nursing using the follow-
    Rush nurses were recently recognized again for this                  ing factors: quality patient outcomes; innovative,                       option for depression
    standard, earning Magnet designation — the highest                   patient-focused initiatives; efforts to improve                          Near the end of the 18th century, French
    honor in nursing — for the third consecutive time.                   patient safety; work environment; professional                           physician Pierre Pomme recommended
    Rush is the first hospital in Illinois serving adults                development of the nursing staff; and efforts to                         chicken soup and cold baths for people
    and children to receive this four-year designation                   reduce turnover.                                                         with depression. Centuries later, options
    three times.                                                           Of the 5,000 hospitals nationwide, a little more                       for care have come a long way — and
      The honor is awarded by the American Nurses                        than 370 — approximately 7 percent — have                                Rush University Medical Center researchers
    Credentialing Center, an independently gov-                          received Magnet designation since the program was                        have found evidence of a treatment that
    erned organization within the American Nurses                        established in 1993 — and even fewer have received                       may take that progress even further.
    Association. It’s given to hospitals that provide the                Magnet three times.                                                         A research study at Rush has found trans-
                                                                                                                                                  cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to be
                                                                                                                                                  an effective long-term treatment option
                                                                                                                                                  for major depression.
    CLINICAL TRIALS AT RUSH                                                                                                                          Antidepressant medications aren’t
                                                                                                                                                  always effective, and their side effects can
                                                                                                                                                  be hard to tolerate, leaving many without
    MEDITATION AND BEHAVIOR                                              LUNG CANCER SCREENING STUDY                                              alternatives for long-term care. TMS — a
    THERAPY FOR INSOMNIA                                                 The Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine                     noninvasive technique that delivers mag-
    The Department of Behavioral Sciences is conducting a                is participating in an international study to evaluate                   netic field pulses to the brain’s left pre-
    study to investigate a new approach for improving sleep              the effectiveness of a screening test that may provide                   frontal cortex — received clearance from
    and daytime functioning in individuals with insomnia.                early detection of lung cancer. Participants in the                      the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in
    This approach uses self-regulating techniques designed               study, known as the International Early Lung Cancer                      October 2008 as a safe and effective treat-
    to promote relaxation, improve stress management and                 Action Project (I-ELCAP), will undergo computed                          ment for acute depression, but there had
    manage negative moods. The study does not involve                    tomography (CT) scanning to detect tiny nodules in                       been limited information on its long-term
    medication.                                                          the lungs that could be cancer in its earliest stages.                   benefits until Rush revealed its findings.
      Participants must meet the following criteria:                     Patients who have abnormal CT scans will receive                            “This is the only maintenance, follow-up
    • Be at least 21 years old                                           follow-up care.                                                          study that assesses the long-term effec-
    • Have trouble falling or staying asleep                                Participants must meet the following criteria:                        tiveness of TMS in patients with major
                  This is a partial list of inclusion and exclu-         • Be at least 50 years old                                               depression,” says Philip G. Janicak, MD,
                  sion criteria. For more information, please            • Be a current or former smoker                                          the study’s principal investigator and a psy-
    contact David Sholtes at (312) 563-4292.                                            This is a partial list of inclusion and                   chiatrist at Rush.
                                                                                        exclusion criteria. For more information,
                                                                         please contact Josephine Volgi at (312) 563-2741.

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                                                                                                     Older adult and caregiver programs
                                                                                                     All of the following Rush Generations programs are held at Rush

                                                                                                     University Medical Center, Searle Conference Center, fifth floor
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                               For a complete and           Prevention Strategies: Paving            Identifying the Causes of              can reclaim their lives using multi-
                               up-to-date list of           the Way to Good Health                   Chest Pain and Reducing                disciplinary approaches, which often
                   community wellness events at Rush,       Tuesday, April 5                         Your Risk for Heart Attack             include behavior changes and physi-
                   visit www.rush.edu/events, where         6 to 8 p.m.                              Tuesday, Feb. 22                       cal therapy.
                   you can also find presentations from     Armour Academic Center                   Lecture: 10:30 a.m. to noon
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                   Take Charge of                           Prevention Center to learn about         Chest pain is one of the most          Have a Sleep Problem?
                   Your Heart Health                        screening, preventive programs and       common reasons people seek             Thursday, April 21

                   Saturday, Feb. 19                        treatments for a variety of inter-       emergency medical help. Experts        10:30 a.m. to noon
                   8:30 a.m. to noon                        related conditions, including obesity,   from the Rush Outpatient Chest         Problems with sleep affect half of all
                   Searle Conference Center                 diabetes, heart disease and hor-         Pain Center will discuss this          adults age 60 and older. Insufficient
                   1725 W. Harrison St., fifth floor        monal imbalances. Find out how to        important topic, including the         sleep affects quality of life and can
                   Join physicians from Rush for a com-     improve your overall well-being by       causes and management of chest         cause serious issues, including injury,
                   prehensive program about caring for      changing your body and your mind         pain. A question-and-answer            accidents and mood problems. Join
                   your heart. Be proactive about your      and renewing your vitality through       session will follow the talks. Free    experts from the Sleep Disorders
                   health and learn about the risk          fitness and healthy eating habits.       blood pressure readings will be        Service and Research Center at
                   factors — such as diabetes, high                                                  offered on a first-come, first-        Rush to learn about the causes for

                   blood pressure and cholesterol — for                                              served basis.                          insomnia, sleep apnea and other
                   heart conditions, including arrhyth-                                                                                     sleep difficulties; when you should

                   mias, heart failure and vascular dis-                                             Coping With Chronic Pain               see a doctor; and the role relaxation
                   ease, and the latest in research and                                              Wednesday, March 23                    techniques can play in treatment.
                   clinical trials.                                                                  1:30 to 3 p.m.                         Screenings for insomnia and other
                                                                                                     Chronic pain can affect every aspect   sleep disorders, including sleep
                   Hip and Knee Replacements                                                         of a person’s life, including work,    apnea, will be provided as part of
                   Wednesday, March 23                                                               relationships, and physical and emo-   the lecture.
                   6 to 7 p.m.                                                                       tional well-being. Join us to learn

                   Armour Academic Center                                                            about common pain syndromes in
                   600 S. Paulina St.,                                                               older adults and how those affected
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                                                                                                 Artist’s rendering of
                        The new hospital at         positioned closer to patient rooms and       the new hospital
                        Rush University Medical     will offer clear views down hallways,
                        Center, opening in          enabling staff to see and respond to
                        January 2012, was           patient needs more quickly — saving
                        designed with energy        valuable time and energy.
                        efficiency in mind. While      Other design changes were also
                        great time and effort       made to conserve staff energy. In the
                        were put into creating an   new building, all medication rooms
Eileen Dwyer,           environmentally friendly    and patient care supply areas will be
RN, MS, collabo-       building, the plans went     in the same place on every floor, and
rates with clinical    beyond the physical          all in-room supplies — from thermom-
staff, consultants,
                       environment. The new         eters to blood pressure cuffs — have
project managers,
architects and de-     design also addresses the    designated locations. This means staff
                       efficient use of human       will spend less time searching for sup-
signers to develop
and implement          energy — a force vital to    plies and equipment and more time          Taking the LEED in green efforts
the Rush campus        quality health care.         with patients.                             In spring 2010, the new orthopedic building at Rush University Medical
transformation.           For example, instead of      Dwyer says, “When the environ-          Center received a gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
                       one central nurses’ sta-     ment around them supports effi-            certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.
         tion, the new building will have many      ciency, staff can keep their mental          This certification recognized Rush’s efforts to build the new facility
         smaller stations. “During planning, we     and physical energies centered on          according to the highest green building standards. Now Rush is seeking this
         decided to decentralize our nurses’        patient care.”                             same gold certification for the new hospital. To make it as environmentally
         stations to achieve better patient care                                               sound and energy-efficient as possible, the new building will feature the fol-
         while conserving staff energy,” says                                                  lowing elements:
         Eileen Dwyer, RN, MS, a director in the               To learn more about the            Green roofs. These are believed to absorb heat and act as insulators,
         Office of Transformation at Rush.                     Rush Transformation, visit         reducing the energy needed to provide heating and cooling.
            The decentralized stations will be      www.rush.edu/discover.
                                                                                                  Light harvesting. Design elements, such as the butterfly shape, allow a
                                                                                                  larger amount of natural light into the building to reduce the need for
                                                                                                  artificial lighting.
     “When the environment around them
                                                                                                  High-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. Chilled water and
     supports efficiency, staff can keep their                                                    steam will circulate through the building via new pumps, and there will
                                                                                                  be a fan wall — a flat structure built of small fans — that replaces a
     mental and physical energies centered                                                        larger, less efficient fan.

     on patient care.”          — Eileen Dwyer, RN, MS                                           The benefit of all these elements is clear: The new hospital building is pro-
                                                                                               jected to use half the amount of energy most hospitals use.

                                         ENERGY CONSERVATION AT RUSH: To find out more about the energy-conserving choices Rush University Medical Center
    MORE ONLINE                          has made as part of the Rush Transformation, go to www.rush.edu. Learn about Rush’s other sustainability choices in the
AT WWW.RUSH.EDU                          new hospital building, including water conservation and waste reduction efforts.

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