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									                 Student Grades Online Instructions
                        It’s as easy as 1,2,3!
To find the grades online please follow these instructions.

Step #1
       Go to:
       TPS’s district website
       Gault”s school webpage

Step #2
       Click on Grades online under the For Students

Step #3
       Once on the Grades Online Tacoma Assessment Database (goTAD) you will see:
       Students and Parents log in here.

       Type in your Student Number and your password provided
       (If you should lose or forget this number, any of your teachers can find this info out for you.)

* The first time logging in it will ask you if internet access at home and for an email
address. Please enter this data.

** The next screen is your class schedule.
    To look at your specific subjects you click on the name of the class
    A chart of missing assignments and GPA trend is at the bottom..
    You can click on the calendar on the left to view you assignments by date.
    Post High School Plan is a survey that you can choose to take or not. (leave this
       for another time)
    Test scores will show you have you have done on the district given Standard tests.

Poke around. You see what your parent/guardian will see!

Think about your goals… Share with your teacher the grades you aspire to and use this
online tool to monitor yourself.

Think about how you can use this tool,,, to monitor you school work.

Think about when you are absent… now you know which assignments to ask for.

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