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					                          Graded Discussion Rubric
                             AP World History
In AP World History we will utilize graded discussion as a tool for examining in depth
issues and controversies in World History. This strategy will also be utilized as an
assessment tool for your understanding of the text. You will be given a 5 point base for
participating in the discussion. You can earn additional points by following the rubric
scoring guidelines as outlined below.

For most graded discussions you will have a pre-assigned reading assignment, usually
primary source materials with a few guided questions. The class will elect a student
leader for each graded discussion. The student leader will be graded on both the
contributions to the group and the fairness he/she exhibits in leading the discussion.
Your collective ability to discuss topics in class with your fellow WHAPers will enhance
your understanding of important world history themes and increase your ability to
remember important facts and concepts.

                 Description                                     Score
You share 1 fact with the group.                                   1
You share 1 fact and a tiny bit of thought                         2
or analysis with the group.
You share several facts and have some                              3
You demonstrate a complete understanding                           4
of the facts as well as analyze information.
You have gone above and beyond by                                  5
demonstrating a complete understanding of
the facts, analyzed information and
concepts, and have utilized outside
research. This gets to the heart of point of

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