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									                                                   Group Project Grading Rubric
Name _____________________________                                                         Date of Evaluation: ______________

                           Beginning                Developing              Accomplished                   Exemplary
   Category                    1                        2                        3                             4                 Score
Group                We did most of the work   We worked together        We worked together         Everyone worked
Cooperation          by ourselves.             most of the time,         so that everyone           together using his or her
                                               sharing information       contributed to the final   abilities and knowledge to
                                               regularly                 project                    make the project come
Communication      We only talked when         We talked about what      We usually asked           We talked all the time and
                   we thought we needed        we were doing             each other for help        shared our work for group
                   to, but received little                               and showed our work        feedback
                   feedback                                              to each other
Individual         A few people tried very     Each person did some      We all seemed to find      Everyone did a great job,
Participation      hard, but most didn’t do    work and tried to do a    our place and do what      I would work with these
                   much                        fair share                was needed                 people again
Listening to other We usually listened to      We usually listened to    We listened while          Everyone listened to each
points of view     what others were            each other and tried to   others talked, we          other a lot, and used what
                   saying but some either      use what they said in     learned about different    we heard to improve our
                   did not share ideas or      the project               viewpoints, and used       work and the whole
                   argued                                                some of that               project
                                                                         information in the
Showing respect      No one was courteous      Some were courteous       Most were courteous        All were courteous and
                     and opinions were not     and some opinions were    and most opinions          valued each other’s
                     valued                    valued                    were valued                opinions

Group Total

Rate your            I would rather work       I learned that group      I liked learning this      It was a valuable and
experience of        alone                     work can sometimes be     way and would              realistic way to learn. My
this group project                             helpful                   probably try it again      group was great.

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