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LTE __-.'-.'-.-a.__


LTE-A is short for LTE-Advanced is a follow-up to the evolution of LTE technology. LTE commonly known as 3.9G, indicating LTE and 4G technology indicators have been very close. Compared with the 4G LTE, in addition to the maximum bandwidth, uplink peak rates of the two indices slightly lower than 4G requirements, other technical indicators have reached the 4G standards. And will formally bring LTE 4G technology LTE-A's overall design is much more than the minimum needs of 4G. In June 2008, 3GPP LTE-A complete report of the technical requirements, proposed minimum requirements LTE-A: downlink peak rate of 1Gbps, uplink peak rates of 500Mbps, up and down the peak spectral efficiency, respectively 15Mbps/Hz and 30Mbps / Hz. These parameters have been much higher than the minimum technical requirements ITU indicators, has obvious advantages.

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