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Synchronised swimming is a women's sports. When originally intermittent water swimming performances. By the swimming skills, dance and music grouping, the "water ballet, "said. Synchronized swimming is a sport with an elegant artistic movement, it also requires strength and skill, you need to keep training for many years to master.

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             Synchronised Swimming
 DATES:                         Monday 18 – 20 August (Days 10 –12); Friday 22 – 23 August (Days 14 – 15)
 VENUES:                        National Aquatics Centre
 CAPACITY:                      17,000 spectators
 WOMEN’S EVENTS:                Duet, Team
 MEDALS:                        2 gold, silver, bronze

2008 Australian Olympic Team Handbook & Media Guide

      Synchronised Swimming Schedule
      Day 10 Monday 18 August
             15:00-16:40           Duet Technical Routine Preliminary

      Day 11 Tuesday 19 August
             15:00-17:10           Duet Free Routine Preliminary

      Day 12 Wednesday 20 August
             15:00-16:10           Duet Free Routine Final
             16:20-16:30           Duet Medal Ceremony

      Day 14 Friday 22 August
             15:00-15:45           Team Technical Routine

      Day 15 Saturday 23 August
             15:00-16:10           Team Free Routine - Final
             16:20-16:30           Team Medal Ceremony

                                                                        Games of the XXIX Olympiad - Beijing China

                  Eloise AMBERGER                                                                  Coral BENTLEY                                                                           Sarah BOMBELL
                  Team                                                                             Team                                                                                    Team

Date of Birth:       28 January 1987                                               Date of Birth:       30 December 1984                                                   Date of Birth:       12 April 1983
Age at Games:        21                                                            Age at Games:        23                                                                 Age at Games:        25
Born:                Brisbane, QLD                                                 Born:                Dandenong, VIC                                                     Born:                Sydney, NSW
Lives:               Brisbane, QLD                                                 Lives:               Melbourne, VIC                                                     Lives:               Gold Coast, QLD
Height / Weight:     165cm (5’ 4”), 55kg (121lbs)                                  Height / Weight:     167cm (5’ 5”), 55kg (121lbs)                                       Height / Weight:     167cm (5’ 5”), 60kg (132lbs)
Club:                Neptunes Synchronised Swimming, QLD                           Club:                Dandee Dolphins, VIC                                               Club:                Neptunes Synchronised Swimming Club, QLD
Coach:               Maryna Kholod (2005-present)                                  Coach:               Anna Nepotacheva (2004 - present)                                  Coach:               Anna Nepotacheva (2004 - present)
                     Anna Nepotacheva (2004 - present)                                                  Marina Kholod (2006 - present)                                                          Marina Kholod (2005 - present)
Secondary education: Saint Rita’s College, QLD                                     Secondary education: Hillcrest Christian College, VIC                                   Secondary education: Emmanuel College, QLD
Tertiary education:  Bachelor of Applied Science, Majoring in Forensic Science,    Tertiary education:  Bachelor of Exercise Science, Australian Catholic                  Tertiary education:  Bachelor of Exercise Science, Griffith University, QLD;
                     Queensland University of Technology                                                University, VIC                                                                         Masters of Physiotherapy, Griffith University, QLD

Olympic Games:        Debut                                                        Olympic Games:         Debut                                                            Olympic Games:         Debut

Major injuries:       Damaged right patella tendon and burser in training one      Recent Performances:                                                                    Recent Performances:
                      week before the 2007 World Championships.                    7th (Team) - 2008 Roma Synchro (Rome, Italy);                                           7th (Team) - 2008 Roma Synchro (Rome, Italy);
                                                                                   6th (Team), 5th (Free Combination) - 2007 Swiss Open (Zurich, Switzerland);             6th (Team), 5th (Free Combination) - 2007 Swiss Open (Zurich, Switzerland);
Recent Performances:                                                               12th (Free Team Combination), 15th (Team) - 2007 World Championships                    12th (Combination), 15th (Team), 26th (Free Duet) - 2007 FINA World
7th (Team) - 2008 Roma Synchro (Rome, Italy);                                      (Melbourne, Australia);                                                                 Championships (Melbourne, Australia);
6th (Team), 5th (Free Combination) - 2007 Swiss Open (Zurich, Switzerland);        12th (Team) - 2006 FINA Synchronised Swimming World Cup (Yokohama, Japan)               12th (Team), 21st (Duet) - 2006 FINA Synchronized Swimming World Cup
12th (Free Combination) - 2007 12th FINA World Championships                                                                                                               (Yokohama, Japan)
(Melbourne, Australia);                                                            Career Highlights:
11th (Overall) - 2006 FINA Synchronised Swimming World Cup (Yokohama, Japan)       Competing at the 2007 World Championships in Melbourne, my home town, in                Career Highlights:
                                                                                   front of my family and friends.                                                         Qualifying for Australia’s first final in Free Team Combination at the FINA 2007
Career Highlights:                                                                                                                                                         World Championships and placing ahead of New Zealand at the FINA 2005
Finishing 11th overall at the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Cup (Japan,         interesting Facts:                                                                      World Championships.
2006) and Pre-swimming duet at the 2006 Commonwealth Games (Melbourne).            • Coral’s love of dancing and 16 years of calisthenics perfectly prepared her for a
                                                                                     career in synchronised swimming. Coral first tried the sport in 1996 after reading    interesting Facts:
interesting Facts:                                                                   about it in a newspaper. A National Junior Team member in 2001 and 2002               • Sarah commenced synchronised swimming at 10 years old because it looked
• Eloise was a competitive swimmer at state level but her interest in ballet and     she graduated to the National Team in 2003 and competed at the 2005 World               like more fun than squad swimming.
  gymnastics saw her move to synchronised swimming in 2002.                          Championships.                                                                        • Sarah’s duet partnership with Eloise Amberger began in 2003 and although they
• A member of the National Junior Synchro Team from 2002 - 2004 she was            • Coral didn’t like synchronised swimming at first after joining a club with just one     missed Olympic selection for Athens in 2004 they placed second to selected
  selected on the National Open Team. In 2004 she was selected as the Australian     other member and only performing drills for six months. However her love for the        Olympic duet pair, Amanda Laird and Leonie Nichols, at the 2004 National
  Junior Soloist to compete at the Junior World Championships.                       sport grew when she started trying more complex moves. Coral performed solo             Championships. In 2005 the pair was selected in the Australian Duet for the
• She held the National Junior Duet title from 2003 to 2005 and National Junior      routines but took a break from the sport 1999 - 2000. In 2001 she made her              FINA World Championships in Montreal and in 2006 they won the Australian
  Solo title in 2003 and 2004. In 2006, Eloise and current duet partner Sarah        comeback and partnering with Bethany Walsh in a duet and representing Victoria          National Duet Title and swam the pre-games duet at the Commonwealth Games
  Bombell became the National Duet Champions. Eloise has also been the State         in the team event.                                                                      in Melbourne.
  Open Champion in the duet since 2004.                                            • In 2004 Coral and her duet partner Bethany Walsh went to Japan for two months         • The pair are best friends and have matching tattoos of the Southern Cross on
• Eloise and her duet partner Sarah Bombell began their partnership in 2003 with     as part of a circus called Aqua Life.                                                   their right feet. They also salute each other before every swim.
  the aim to compete at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. In 2004 they placed           • Following the Olympics Coral will return to her studies. She would like to pursue     • During 2004 and 2005, Sarah was the Queensland State Open Solo Champion,
  2nd at National Championships behind Athens olympians Amanda Laird and             a career as a travel agent.                                                             Open Aggregate Champion as well as Open Duet Champion.
  Leonie Nichols. In 2005 Eloise and Sarah competed in the Duet at the FINA                                                                                                • Sarah has been in a number of shows, displays and commercials through her
  World Championship. Missing selection for the Commonwealth Games they were                                                                                                 synchronised swimming; including a Japanese energy drink commercial and the
  asked to swim the pre-games Duet. The pair are best friends and have matching                                                                                              Eskimo Joe “From the Sea” film clip.
  tattoos of the Southern Cross on their right feet. They also salute each other                                                                                           • After retirement Sarah would like to become a sports physiotherapis.
  before every swim.
• Eloise participates in ballet once a week for strength training.
• Eloise’ brother Joshua Amberger is a triathlete and competed at the 2007 World

                                                                                                                                                SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING

                      Tamika DOMROW                                                                       Myriam GLEZ                                                                        Erika LEAL-RAMIREZ
                      Team                                                                                Duet, Team                                                                         Duet, Team

      Date of Birth:       6 September 1989                                               Date of Birth:         20 May 1980                                                 Date of Birth:       11 July 1977
      Age at Games:        18                                                             Age at Games:          28                                                          Age at Games:        31
      Born:                Brisbane, QLD                                                  Born:                  France                                                      Born:                Mexico City, Mexico
      Lives:               Brisbane, QLD                                                  Lives:                 Sydney, NSW                                                 Lives:               Melbourne, VIC
      Height / Weight:     165cm (5’ 4”), 56kg (123lbs)                                   Height / Weight:       168cm (5’ 6”), 53kg (116lbs)                                Height / Weight:     172cm (5’ 7”), 55kg (121lbs)
      Club:                Neptunes Synchronised Swimming, QLD                            Coach:                 Anna Nepotacheva (2007 - present)                           institute / Academy: Victorian Institute of Sport
      Coach:               Maryna Kholod (2005 - present)                                 Secondary education:   French Institute of Sport, France                           Club:                Nunawading Club, VIC
                           Anna Nepotacheva (2004 - present)                              Tertiary education:    Masters of Marketing & Communications, ESCP - EAP           Coach:               Anna Nepotacheva (2007 - present)
      Secondary education: St Pauls School, QLD                                                                  Business School, France; BTS Action Commerciale                                  Adriana Loftus (1995 - 2000)
                                                                                                                 (Degree), INSEP, France                                     Secondary education: National School # 3, Universidad National Autonoma de
      Olympic Games:        Debut                                                                                                                                                                 Mexico, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
                                                                                          Olympic Games:         Debut (Australia)                                           Tertiary education:  Electrical and Communications Engineering Degree,
      Recent Performances:                                                                                       2000 Sydney - Team, 4th (France)                                                 Technical University of Mexico UNITEC, Distrito Federal;
      7th (Team) - 2008 Roma Synchro (Rome, Italy);                                                                                                                                               Telecommunications Engineering, Royal Melbourne Institute
      6th (Team), 5th (Free Combination) - 2007 Swiss Open (Zurich, Switzerland);                                                                                                                 of Technology, VIC
                                                                                          Recent Performances:
      12th (Team) - 2006 World Cup (Yokohama, Japan);                                     13th (Duet), 7th (Team) - 2008 Roma Synchro (Rome, Italy);
      12th (Free Team Combination), 15th (Team) - 2007 World Championships                1st (Duet - Tech and Free) - 2008 National Championships;                          Olympic Games:         Debut (Australia)
      (Melbourne, Australia)                                                              1st (Solo) - 2007 National Championships (Brisbane, Australia)                                            2000 Sydney - Duet, 9th (Mexico)
                                                                                                                                                                                                    1996 Atlanta - Team, 8th (Mexico)
      Career Highlights:                                                                  Career Highlights:
      Making a final and coming 12th in the Free Team Combination at the 2007 World       Finishing 4th at the Sydney 2000 Olympics whilst competing for the French          Recent Performances:
      Championships and winning the Combination Team event at the Oceania Games           Synchronised Swimming Team and winning a bronze medal at the European              1st (Duet - Tech and Free) - 2008 National Championships;
      in 2006.                                                                            Championships in Berlin in 2002 (whilst representing France).                      13th (Duet), 7th (Team) - 2008 Roma Synchro (Rome, Itay);
                                                                                                                                                                             6th (Team), 5th (Free) - 2007 Swiss Open (Zurich, Switzerland)
      interesting Facts:                                                                  interesting Facts:
      • The former swimmer and ballet dancer started synchronised swimming when           • Watching the World Championships on TV when she was 6 years old inspired         Career Highlights:
        she was 10 years old at the Valley Pool in Brisbane.                                Myriam to take up synchronised swimming.                                         9th place in the Duet at the Olympic Games, Sydney 2000 (representing Mexico);
      • Tamika has been a member of the Queensland State team since her first             • Born in France, Myriam was a 10 time French National Champion (three Solo,       7th place in the Duet at the World Championships, Perth 1998 (representing Mexico).
        Nationals in 2000 where she won the U12 Duet. In 2006 she was the Junior            four Duet and three Team) and represented her mother conutry for eight years
        National Champion in the Duet with partner Kelly Andrews.Tamika has been            from 1994 to 2002, competing at the 2000 Olympics where she came 4th in
        a member of the National Squad since 2005 and was a member of the 2005              the Team event.                                                                  interesting Facts:
        World Championship team.                                                          • Competing at the 2001 World Championships and the 2002 European                  • Born in Mexico, Erika started synchronised swimming when she was six years
      • The young swimmer has several pets including three dogs, two horses, a cat          Championships placing 3rd in duet, Myriam took a break from competition in         old with her sister Lillian. She made her first Mexican National Team in 1993 as
        and a bird. Tamika would like to work with animals when she retires from sport.     2002 to attend business school in France. After the completion of her Masters      a junior and a member of the senior team from 1995 - 2000. In 1996, Erika
      • The horses Tamika owns are Shetland Ponies kept on their acreage in Camp            in 2005, Myriam moved to Australia for work (she is a Marketing Executive with     and her sister Lillian (a member of the Mexican National Team from 1992 to
        Mountain outside of Brisbane.                                                       Accor). In December 2007 gained her Australian citizenship.                        2000) went to the Atlanta Olympics and placed 8th in the team event. In 2000,
                                                                                          • In 2006 and 2007 she was the Australian National Champion in Solo and Duet         the sisters competed in the Duet at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games placing
                                                                                            respectively.                                                                      9th.
                                                                                          • From January 2008, Myriam has taken leave from her job at Accor to train for     • Erika was the Mexican National Duet Champion from 1997 to 2000. Her sister
                                                                                            the 2008 Olympic Games.                                                            Lillian was her partner for all of these years except 1999.
                                                                                          • Myriam also enjoys trekking, skiing, yoga, dance and tennis.                     • Erika moved to Australia in 2003 to take up a scholarship at Melbourne Institute
                                                                                          • Myriam also danced in France whilst swimming synchro and watches                   of Technology to do her Masters, which she completed in 2004. Erika became
                                                                                            contemporary dance shows to give her inspiration for her routines in the pool.     a permanent Australian resident in July 2004. In April 2007 she gained her
                                                                                                                                                                               Australian citizenship.
                                                                                                                                                                             • Keen to represent Australia she started training in synchronised swimming again
                                                                                                                                                                               in 2005. The 2007 Swiss Open was her first competition for Australia.
                                                                                                                                                                             • Erika always wanted to partake in gymnastics even though she was too old.
                                                                                                                                                                               When she was introduced to synchronised swimming she enjoyed the
                                                                                                                                                                               combination of music and gymnastics in the routines.
                                                                                                                                                                             • Eight years after her Olympic Campaign in Sydney, Erika is back competing at
                                                                                                                                                                               the elite level for her adopted country. Beijing 2008 will be her third Olympic

                 Tarren OTTE                                                                         Samantha REID                                                                          Bethany WALSH
                 Team                                                                                Team                                                                                   Team

Date of Birth:       29 March 1984                                                   Date of Birth:       28 October 1988                                                    Date of Birth:       2 November 1985
Age at Games:        24                                                              Age at Games:        19                                                                 Age at Games:        22
Born:                 VIC                                                            Born:                Sunnybank, QLD                                                     Birth Place:         Melbourne, VIC
Lives:               Port Melbourne, VIC                                             Lives:               Brisbane, QLD                                                      Lives:               Melbourne, VIC
Height / Weight:     170cm (5’ 6”), 56kg (127lbs)                                    Height / Weight:     158cm (5’ 2”), 50kg (110lbs)                                       Height / Weight:     165cm (5’ 4”), 58kg (127lbs)
institute / Academy: Victorian Institute of Sport                                    Club:                Aqualina Synchronised Swimming Club, QLD                           institute / Academy: Victorian Institute of Sport
Club:                Presbyterian Ladies College Aquatic, Victoria                   Coach:               Marina Kholod (2006 - present)                                     Club:                Dandee Dolphins, VIC
Coach:               Marina Kholod (2006 - present)                                                       Anna Nepotcheva (2004 - present)                                   Coach:               Anna Nepotacheva (2004 - present)
                     Anna Nepotacheva (2004 - present)                               Secondary education: Rivermount College, QLD                                                                 Marina Kohlod (2005 - present)
                     Katrina Morrow (1998 - 2004)                                    Tertiary education:  Bachelor of Business, Griffith University, QLD                     Secondary education: Kilbreda College, Victoria
Secondary education: Lilydale High School, Victoria                                                                                                                          Tertiary education:  Exercise Science Degree, ACU, VIC
Tertiary education:  Sports Development Diploma, Victorian University of             Olympic Games:         Debut
                     Technology, VIC; Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical                                                                                                  Olympic Games:         Debut
                     Education Secondary), Certificate III in Fitness, Victorian
                                                                                     Recent Performances:
                     University of Technology, VIC
                                                                                     7th (Team) - 2008 Roma Synchro (Rome, Italy);                                           Recent Performances:
                                                                                     6th (Team), 5th (Free Combination) - 2007 Swiss Open (Zurich, Switzerland);             7th (Team) - 2008 Roma Synchro (Rome, Italy);
Olympic Games:         Debut                                                         15th (Team) - 2007 FINA World Championships;                                            6th (Team), 5th (Free Combination) - 2007 Swiss Open (Zurich, Switzerland);
                                                                                     12th (Team) - 2006 FINA World Cup (Yokohama, Japan)                                     12th (Free Combination) - 2007 Fina World Championships (Melbourne, Australia);
Recent Performances:                                                                                                                                                         12th team - 2006 FINA World Cup (Yokohama, Japan)
7th (Team) - 2008 Roma Synchro (Rome, Italy);                                        Career Highlights:
6th (Team), 5th (Free Combination) - 2007 Swiss Open (Zurich, Switzerland);          Making the final for the Free Routine Combination at the 2007 World                     Career Highlights:
12th (Free Team Combination); 15th (Team - Tech and Free), 21st (Solo Tech);         Championships and first place in the Free Routine Combination at the 2006               Making the finals in the Free Combination at the 2007 World Championships
26th (Duet Tech) - 2007 FINA World Championships (Melbourne, Australia);             Oceania Championships in Brisbane.                                                      in Melbourne and placing 12th in the 2006 World Cup for Tech and Free Team
12th (Team) - 2006 FINA World Cup (Yokohama, Japan)                                                                                                                          (Yokohama, Japan).
                                                                                     interesting Facts:
Career Highlights:                                                                   • Samantha has been on the Australian team since 2005 and has been                      interesting Facts:
Competing in the solo in front of my family and friends at the 2007 FINA World         representing Queensland since 2000.                                                   • Bethany began synchronised swimming 10 years ago when her best friend took
Championships in Melbourne.                                                          • Although she was the Queensland Junior Solo Champion during 2005 and 2006.              her to a ‘come and try’ day at her local pool.
                                                                                     • Samantha was a member of the 2003 Oceania Synchronised Swimming Team                  • Bethany was a swimmer before beginning synchronised swimming and also
interesting Facts:                                                                     and the new point Australian team for the Montreal World Junior Synchro                 played tennis and participated in calesthenics.
• Tarren started swimming synchro when she was nine after being asked to try by        Championships in 2002.                                                                • Bethany has been a member of the Victorian Team from 2000 to 2006 and
  her primary school swimming teacher, who was the State Team Manager at the         • Samantha’s brother Nick is a Queensland representative in In-Line Hockey and            was a member of the Australian Junior Team in 2002. She was also a member
  time.                                                                                competed in the 2006 Hong Kong Cup. He also represented Queensland as a                 of the Australian Open Team from 2005 to 2007.
• Tarren has been on the Victorian State team since 1996 and on the National           goalkeeper in Futsal (Indoor Soccer) for three years and competed in England          • Her personal ambition is to run a half marathon.
  Junior Team from 1999 - 2002. Tarren competed at the 2001 and 2002 Junior            during 2004. Her sister also competed in synchronised swimming, retiring in 2003.
  World Championships in the Duet and Team Event. She graduated to the National      • Samantha danced for eight years for fun and has played hockey and volleyball
  Team in 2004 at the Japan Open and has been a member of the team ever since.         at school.
• Tarren’s sister has also represented Victoria in synchronised swimming though      • As the smallest member of the team, Samantha has to hold herself a little higher to
  she no longer competes.                                                              match the other swimmers but being more petite is an advantage when doing lifts.
• In 2007, Tarren completed a Bachelor of Applied Science - Physical Education
  university degree but has her teaching career on hold to focus on her Olympic
  campaign. After the 2008 Games she plans to finish her Dip Ed.
• Tarren coaches synchronised swimming at her club, instructing girls from 8 years
  of age to 20. Tarren also pool lifeguards and teaches people to swim and in
  2008 she hopes to complete the Melbourne Marathon.

                                                                                                                                                  SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING

                      Irena OLEVSKY                                                                       Marina KHOLOD
                      Section Manager                                                                     Assistant Coach

      Date of Birth:        22 March 1974                                                  Date of Birth:        23 August 1980
      Born:                 Moscow, Russia                                                 Born:                 Kharkiv, Ukraine
      Lives:                Melbourne, VIC                                                 Lives:                Brisbane, QLD
      Olympic Games:        2000 Sydney - Team - (8th), Duet - (16th)                      Management / Coaching History:
      Management / Coaching History:                                                       • 2005 - present Coach, QLD State Team and Australia National Team.
      • 2004 - present High Performance Manager, Synchro Australia.                        • 2004 - 2002 Coach, Ukraine Junior National Team.
      • 2004 - present Vice President / Treasurer, Synchro Australia.                      interesting Facts:
      interesting Facts:                                                                   • Competed for the Ukraine National team for nine years.
      • A Chartered Accountant, Irena represented Australia at the 1998 (silver) and the
        2006 Commonwealth Games (silver and bronze), the Sydney 2000 Olympic
        Games and a number of World Championships and World Cups.

                      Anna NEPOTACHEVA
                      Head Coach

      Date of Birth:       25 September 1973
      Born:                Ashkabad, Russia
      Lives:               Melbourne, VIC
      Management / Coaching History:
      • 2004 - present Coach, Australian Synchronised Swimming Team.
      • 2004 - 1990 Coach, Synchronised Swimming (Russia).
      interesting Facts:
      • Recently became an Australian citizen and look forward to helping the
        synchronized swimming athletes achieve their best in Beijing.

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