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									Nestled in gigantic Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, Ladakh region is a wealthy
asset from the mother nature. Situated in the northern most state of India Jammu Kashmir,
Ladakh is a mesmerising tourism destination. Endowed with fabulous geographical beauties,
Ladakh is one of the most popular trekking destinations in South Asia. The extreme conditions
be it weather or geography, mere an idea of trekking at this destination thrills an adventure
lover. It’s often said that trekkers bewildered by the enchanting beauty of this place are
compelled to trek here. Ladakh, complimented by appalling temperatures and high
mountainous pictures, is considered as main Buddist hub since 3rd century AD. In spite of
advent of Islamic and British cultures, Ladakh retained its glorious culture and beauty. The
groups of gompas residing at this place marvel the experience of trekking Ladakh.

Ladakh trekking is an amazing experience as the steep valleys and rivers at this destination
brings out the best of your trekking skills. Trekking In Ladakh is not just an adventure but a
journey of learning and understanding. You will get to explore several cultures, Ladakh
lifestyle and cuisines. The learning experience is seriously amazing. The people thronging here
in great numbers cherish memories of every second spent over here. Trekkers are tempted
with peaks and Ladakh and Zanskar series. Spituk to Markha dale, Lamayuru Gompa to
Chilling and Likir to Temisgam, Stok Kangri trek, Nubra Valley hike, Trans Zanskar ramble,
Rupshu vale trail are some new additions to Ladakh trekking prospects.

While you trek Ladakh, you get to explore some of the incomparable valleys and scenery such
as Spituk-Markha Valley Trek, Laayury gompa, Chilling, Likir, Temisgam and many more. The
conditions will make you believe why Darwin coined the idea of survival of the fittest. In
Ladakh, the nature is going to test you. Your courage, ability to deal with unique conditions
and other challenges ensure you are enjoying best Ladakh treking tour.

To have best trekking experience, you need to hire a good tour and travel operator. A
proficient operator will ensure a good time in Ladakh. They will provide end-to-end guidance
along with perhaps amenities you will require during ladakh trekking. To get more out of the
Ladakh experience, you need to prepare bit for the tour. Prepare your bag with right kind of
clothes and things such as sunscreen lotion. Having ample knowledge of Ladakh tour itinerary
will help you enjoy a lot more.

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