2009 Rugby Swimming Club Synchronised Swimming Age Group by jlhd32


Synchronised swimming is a women's sports. When originally intermittent water swimming performances. By the swimming skills, dance and music grouping, the "water ballet, "said. Synchronized swimming is a sport with an elegant artistic movement, it also requires strength and skill, you need to keep training for many years to master.

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                     2009 Rugby Swimming Club Synchronised 
                  Swimming Age Group Championships Results 
       Place                             Name                 Score 

10 Years and Under                                  
1st                    Olivia Walker               21.973 
2nd                    Bethany Green               21.057 
3rd                    Emily Woodbridge            20.753 
4th                    Rhia Perks                  20.554 
5th                    Isobel Reed                 20.266 
6th                    Emily Old                   20.063 
7th                    Emelia Birtles              19.587 
8th                    Ellie Frost                 18.510 
9th                    Sophia ~Ivanova             17.101 
10th                   Cassandra Reed              16.923 
11th                   Molly Port                  16.703 
12th                   Katy Green                  15.590 
13th                   Anna Ivanova                14.610 
14th                   Vanshika Anand              13.506 
15th                   Ashima Anand                10.123 

11/12 Years                                         
1st                    Sophie Randle               28.757 
2nd                    Megan Walsh                 26.446 
3rd                    Lucy Rouse                  25.036 
4th                    Charlie Faulkner            24.740 
5th                    Meredith Whiting            23.660 
6th                    Alice Old                   23.620 
7th                    Gemma Dez‐la‐Lour           21.330 
8th                    Zoe Hart                    20.487 

Beginners Open                                      
1st                    Maja Nicholson              21.563 
2nd                    Daisy Dingley               20.856 
3rd                    Emily O’meara               18.170 
        Place                    Name                  Score 

13/14 Years                                   
1st              Bethany Walker              34.206 
2nd              Phoebe Walsh                32.120 
3rd              Kiani Jeacock               29.926 
4th              Hazel Williams              28.993 
5th              Philippa Andrew             26.900 
6th              Grace Prendergast           21.380 

15/17 Years                                   
1st              Emily Firth                 41.613 
2nd              Lucy Townsend Kennedy       34.130 
3rd              Jasmine Humphrey            33.210 
4th              Diana Andrew                28.310 

18‐25 Years                                   
1st              Emma Hough                  35.253 

1st              Kay Ridler                  25.683 
2nd              Joyce Williams              23.380 
3rd              Llinos Hutchings            22.086 
Club Champion                             Emily Firth 
Coaches Swimmer of the Year               Phoebe Walsh 

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