India - The Ultimate Wedding and Honeymoon Destination

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					India - The Ultimate Wedding and Honeymoon Destination
India is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. The country with its diverse culture
and rich heritage is fast becoming the hub of wedding tourism. From exotic beach locations and majestic
palaces to the charming backwaters, the country inspires love, tradition and everything in between.
This charm is what makes India an ideal place for couples to exchange vows and make their special day

The overwhelming charm of India, coupled with the opulence and grandeur of the wedding ceremonies
also makes India a luxury Honeymoon Destination. When they started, destination weddings
underscored daring adventure and romance. The wedding on a sandy beach provided the excitement of
elopement for many. Today, the concept has grown manifold with the few stolen moments exploding
week-long celebrations on exotic and adventurous locations on the Indian land.

To deliver to the magnificence and extravagance of an Indian wedding a concerted effort of both family
and professional event managers is important. The event managers take care of every single detail of
the ceremony while incorporating important rituals listed by the family.

The Indian wedding is a work of imagination. It could be simple, elegant, minimalistic and yet stylish. It
could also be very outlandish, bright and grand. The choice rests with the couple and their families.
Whatever it is they choose, their dream will play out exactly as they want it to be.

Imagine a majestic palace in all its grandeur as the backdrop of your wedding, or even better, a beautiful
beach holding in its vastness an extremely romantic wedding altar with flowers waiting for the most
gorgeous couple to make a commitment of love under its splendor. The spectrum of the wedding
grandeur also holds in it the magnificence and the sumptuousness of its costumes and cuisines. Such
richness evokes imagery of the Indian heritage and charm in the backdrop of the beautiful and gorgeous
settings in India.

Apart from being charming and lavish, weddings in India could also be adventurous. From the thick
green forests of Bandhavgarh or Corbett to rafting in Kaudilaya to snow clad Himalayan ranges in Auli,
the locations in India are ideal adventure wedding destinations. Adventure weddings are for couples
who want to say “I dare” along with “I do”. This certainly befits a wedding with a limited guest list as not
everybody finds it convenient to participate in it. So for couples who want to make their special day
exciting adventure wedding is great. The excitement of an adventure wedding can also be enhanced by
incorporating themes for celebration. Theme-based events make for a very interesting celebration style.
Ideas for the different themes could be provided by experts in event management.

What’s more, the weddings in India are not a one-day affair. There are pre-wedding and post-wedding
celebrations that make the whole occasion more enjoyable and fun. Each of these events in the run up
to the main event has its own charm and takes the whole event to a different level of celebration.

Weddings in India bring together nuances from every culture to make one that is larger than any other.
The celebrations run in every aspect of the wedding from the decorations to the costumes down to
gastronomical delight. The Weddings in India are always larger than the sum of its parts; they are
grander, more elegant and certainly more flamboyant than any in the world. So, to give your special day
an unconventional twist seek expert help and get a wedding plan with your signature style, custom
made especially for you!

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Description: India is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. The country with its diverse culture and rich heritage is fast becoming the hub of wedding tourism.