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Design and Optimization of Revolute Flexure Joints for Compliant Parallel Mechanisms


Flexure joints are widely incorporated in a large number of precise applications such as micro-positioning stages and high-accuracy alignment instruments due to their monolithic character. As the main constituents of compliant mechanisms, the joint characters can influence the static and dynamic performances of the overall mechanism. This paper describes the Simulation-Driven Design and Optimization (SDDO) of the revolute flexure joint with high performance. By the implementation of the SDDO, the designed joint possesses high performance such as high precision of output motion, low energy consumption, large capacity of rotation, high stiffness, simultaneously. A prismatic flexure joint and a universal flexure joint constructed of designed joints are included to illustrate the analysis and design techniques. The presented design can be usefully used in other parallel compliant mechanisms and the SDDO method can also be used to develop industrial products. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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