Numerical Analysis of Thin Film Junctionless pH-ISFET Sensor by ProQuest


In this paper, a new pH-ISFET sensor, called the Junctionless ISFET sensor (JISFET), and its numerical analysis have been proposed, investigated and expected to improve the fabrication process and the sensitivity behavior for pH-ISFET sensor-based applications. The numerical analysis has been used to predict and compare the performances of the proposed design and conventional pH-ISFET, where the comparison of device architectures shows that the proposed pH- JISFET sensor exhibits a superior performance with respect to the conventional pH-ISFET in term of fabrication process and electrical performances. Moreover, the proposed design has linear pH sensitivities of approximately 59.6 mV/pH for wide concentration range (from pH =2 to pH=12). The obtained results make the Junctionless ISFET sensor a promising candidate for future CMOS-based sensors. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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