Speech Helps Weed Out Overdue Accounts by ProQuest


Weed Man Wisconsin, a network of franchised lawn care professionals based in Madison, WI, began using Ifbyphone's Voice Broadcasting solution to send outbound calls to remind delinquent customers that their bills are overdue. The company also uses the service for automated appointment reminders and to remind some customers to unlock their gates or keep their pets inside during the service visit. Ifbyphone quickly makes the calls and gives the company a record of the contact, saving many valuable administration hours every day. Before implementing Ifbyphone'e solution, Weed Man Wisconsin had hired someone to make the manual calls. The new solution has saved $700 to $800 a month, and while it used to take 20 hours a week to make calls, it now only takes two. After uploading the customers' contact information, CallFire's Power Dialer takes over. It can call up to four phone lines per agent and leave answering machine messages so agents don't have to.

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