SEO and Social Media Marketing Guide: Marketing Guide for your small business by loghomes77


									How m does SEO cost?
     uch                    In one respect this is like asking how much does
                            a new car cost? Obviously, the price of a car
                            depends on the manufacturer, model and other
                            customizable options that greatly affect the bottom
                            line. An SEO project also involves a m      enu of
                            optional tactics.

         The costs to launch an SEO project are all over the board.
There are USA-based firms that demand yearly contracts for SEO that exceed six
figures, and yes, you could hire your brother-in-law’s nephew’s best friend who will
SEO your website for $50.

The point is that you are usually at the mercy of the person from whom you are
seeking advice, and unless they can point to a portfolio of happy customers, buyer
beware. Take a look at this review from ‘real‘ people who have bought the
book. As Cathy Frazier, owner of BizSource Marketing said…

          “Purchasing this book has saved me thousands of dollars already. It is
          amazing all the hype of Social Media consultants who advise outrageous
          recommendations to totally redo a website when with a little intelligence,
          patience, self motivation and following what this book advises, a person
          can literally achieve their goals themselves…” (You can read other
          reviews here).
At the risk of being accused of shameless self-prom                             m
                                                      otion, It is really recom ended that
you buy this book, the SEO & Social Media M        arketing Guide, even if you intend to
hire a com    pany to optim   ize your website or m   anage your social m      edia project.
W hy? Because you will learn about what you are paying for and be able to ask
insightful questions and verify that what you are paying for is actually getting done.

On the other hand, if you want to save thousands of dollars and know that your site
is optimized correctly, do it yourself. This book will lead you step-by-step and show
you everything you need to do to make your website search engine friendly and start
attracting targeted visitors.

      Learn more about doing your ow SEO here.

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