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Posted by admin | Affiliate Marketing,ppc | Thursday 8 July 2010 11:09 pm

If you’ve logged into Adsense recently, you may have noticed the following alert:

If you go into your “Adsense Setup” section and choose “Allowed Sites”, you will see an option that
lets you block all of these external ad networks, block individual networks, or allow all of them
(default). For those of you who are constantly on the lookout for new places to buy traffic (and fear
the backlash of such an inquiry on Wickedfire), this could be a pretty handy little list.

Here I have copy + pasted the list (sort of), and even gone above and beyond the call of duty and
hyper-linked each one to its respective site. Well, most of them. Keep in mind that many of these
companies only deal with big clients, sizable media buys, etc. However, some do offer CPC
advertising, such as Chitika, AdPepper, Pulse 360, etc. Also, I should point out that I’m not
endorsing these networks in any way, as I have only used a handful of them personally. Now,
without further adieu…

Google Certified Ad Networks (as of July 8th, 2010):

      •Adchemy
      •Invite Media
      •Specific Media
      •Turn
      •[X+1]
      •OwnerIQ, Inc.
      •Adconion Media Group
      •Adtegrity
      •AudienceScience Inc.
      •Dapper Inc.
      •Dedicated Media
      •FetchBack
      •LucidMedia
      •NetSeer Inc.
      •NextAction
      •QuinStreet, Inc.
      •ReTargeter (used to target users that have already been to your site/lander)
      •RichRelevance, Inc.
      •Teracent
      •ValueClick, Inc.
      •Atrinsic
      •
      •BrightRoll (video ads)
   •Chitika
   •Collective Media
   • (formerly CPM Advisors, Inc)
   •DataXu
   •Datran Media
   •Dotomi
   •Efficient Frontier, Inc.
   •InterCLICK
   •Media6Degrees
   •MediaMath
   •OpinMind
   •Quantcast Corporation
   •Rocket Fuel Inc.
   •Semantic Sugar, Inc. (aka AdRoll…another good place for re-targeting)
   •SoMR Networks (targets news/sports/business sites)
   •AdBuyer
   •TellApart
   •Traffic Marketplace
   •Triggit
   •Acxiom Corporation
   •
   •Ad Pepper
   •AdReady
   •AOL Inc
   •Burst Media
   •Xtend Global Media LTD
   •Goodway Group
   •Innovation Interactive
   •Cyberplex, Inc (Parent of CX Digital. No idea if they actually sell traffic. Corporate mumbo
   •Didit
   •Announce Media (again, no idea if they actually sell traffic)
   •Media Innovation Group
   •Omnicom Trading Desk (Resolution Media)
   •VivaKi
   •AppNexus
   •Epic Advertising
   •AccountNow, Inc. (Does not sell traffic, as far as I know. Don’t blame me, blame Google!)
   •People Media, Inc
   •Bizo (business targeting)
   •EchoSearch
   •MaxPoint Interactive
   •Mpire (AdXpose)
   •Pinnacle Dream Media
   •Pulse 360
   •Radius Marketing Inc.
   •Reply! Inc. (local traffic)
   •Veruta (more retargeting)
   •Criteo (aaaaand more retargeting)
   •Infectious Media
      •The Exchange Lab
      •Mixpo (video ads)
      •Mexad
      •Adnetik
      •AdJug
      •ClickDistrict
      •DSNR
      •Hurra
      •Cossette Communications (parent of Magnet)
      •Pennyweb, Inc. – DBA Ybrant Digital (AdDynamix, really)
      •Spongecell
      •Lotame Solutions, Inc.
      •OpenX Technologies
      •Red Aril, Inc.
      •Redux Media Inc.
      •ShareThis, Inc. (Works with Doubleclick, not sure why it’s on this list)
      •TubeMogul (video ads)
      •HTTPool
      •DQ&A
      •Bid Alpha
      •iPonWeb (Not traffic brokers. Their presence on this list baffles me.)
      •Mediaplex
      •
      •AdKnife (mysterious new company)
      •AdConion
      •Veremedia
      •Schnaeppchenjagd GmbH (Hope you speak German)
      •Struq Limited
      •Next Premium (No idea who this is or where they are located online. Sorry, Charlie.)
      •Interactive Media Sales
      •Return Media BV (Who???)
      •Next Performance
      •IDG Tech
      •Zillow
      •WinBuyer Ltd
      •SinnerSchrader Deutschland GmbH (Sprechen sie Deutch?)
      •Underdog Media
      •ID Media
      •WPromote
      •UpValue GmbH (display, video, mobile)
      •Alcance Media Group (Hispanic market targeting)
      •MyThingsMedia (retargeting)

Please not that the list was pruned of some duplicates (i.e. Adcompany UK, Adcompany EU, etc)
and also some Google properties.

I hope you get buttloads of use out of it.

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