Beta Alpha Chapter Resident Handbook by suchenfz


									           Beta Alpha Chapter
           Resident Handbook

Prepared by the Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi,

                  August 2010
           Welcome Letter from the Corporation Board President
                                                                                         August 20, 2010

Greetings Alpha Delta Pi members and parents! On behalf of the entire Corporation Board it is my
pleasure to welcome you back to the Alpha Delta Pi house for the 2010/2011 school year! This past
year was an extremely successful year for ADPi, and we are looking forward to this year being even
better. To make that happen, we need everyone’s help. This letter contains important information
about the move-in process and other important announcements. Please print out a copy and bring it
with you when you move-in to help you remember all these details and tips. Thanks for your help
making this year the best year possible!

1) To help keep the bathroom and hallways clear during move-in and throughout the school year, it
is important that all room trash (including moving supplies) need to be placed in the dumpster (just to
the south of the house) and not left in the hallways or placed in the bathroom trash cans.

2) If you remove closet doors or shelves you need to label them and store them in your own closets -
since the house is full we don't have room for safe storage of these items elsewhere in the house this
year. Due to the potential to damage doors and the challenge of putting them back on correctly, we
STRONGLY advise that they not be removed. There is a minimum $25 fine for each door that is not
re-hung properly.

3) You need to be current on room and board payments before you will be allowed to move in - you
can check your online account status on If you sent payment to Greek Accounting,
please let Jennifer Borland know ( and please plan to send future payments
to: OmegaFi, PO Box 84076, Columbus GA 31908-4076. Thanks!

4) We are currently switching from Comcast to DirectTV. This project will not be completed until the
start of the school year, so please be prepared for some interruptions to service over the course of the
week before school starts

5) Likewise, we will also be upgrading the Internet system and there could be some downages on that
front as well while we make the switch to the new system.

6) Please note all damages to your room using the form provided outside of your room. You will be
responsible for all damages that are not reported. If anything in your room needs to be repaired
during the year, (e.g. closet shelves, ceiling tiles, or closet doors), please let Jessica know so that she
can contact Harold. Remember, rooms need to be reasonably clean for Harold to enter them to make

7) If you are living in a room on the ground floor of the north wing please make sure your windows
are closed and locked at all times when you are not in your room (even if you step out for a few
minutes). This is extremely important for everyone's continued security. This advice also holds true
for any room on the ground floor as well, fitness room, library, informal lounge, etc. Thanks for your
help to keep the chapter house safe and secure!

8) External doors should not be propped open unless there is someone actively watching the door the
entire time that it is open. Sadly, strangers can and do come into the house if doors are left propped
open - and that is also a security risk for everyone.
9) Please use sticky-tack, small nails or tacks to affix things to your walls. Things to avoid: flat thumb
tacks, staples and the command strip hooks that are designed to be removed. Command strips do not
always come off properly, and if you damage your wall while trying to remove one of these strips – or
if you leave a hook or command strip up on your wall or closet, you will be fined. There are
matching bulletin boards for each room door – please do not put anything else up on your room

10) We decided to allow members to move in early if they requested permission to do so (even
though we were strongly urged by Panhellenic not to do so). Please remember that early move-ins are
a privilege, not a right, and to be able to continue allowing early move-ins in the future we need your
help to make the first part of the week safe and productive. We have a few projects that folks can
help out on if they are moving in before Spirit Week officially starts. Jessica will have more info
about those projects and info will be posted around the house.

11) Jessica Knerr is our new house director - and she is all moved in! Jessica will be entering a
graduate program in the school of education this year. Her email is and her
cell number is 317-509-5754 – Please introduce yourself to her – and join me in welcoming her to

I am truly excited about the changes and growth that I saw this past year and I want you to know that
many of our alumnae share my enthusiasm and belief that you are doing great things! Please don’t
hesitate to ask if there are things that the Corporation Board or alumnae can do to help in your efforts.

The time that I volunteer to the Corporation Board is a labor of love and springs from my desire to see
our chapter survive and thrive at Indiana University – so please know that it is my desire to make
your stay at the chapter house as enjoyable as possible. Please feel free to call upon me or any board
member if you have any questions or requests.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Borland, Corporation Board President
Work: 812-333-8883
Cell: 317-701-2324
                          Beta Alpha Corporation Board
Each Greek chapter on IU’s campus has a Housing Corporation that helps to run their
chapter house and manage the staff and vendors that provide services for the house. We are
lucky to have such a great corporation board comprised of alumnae, active members and
members’ parents that help to run the chapter house.

Because it is the Corporation Board’s duty to keep the chapter house running and provide
services (e.g. meals, cleaning, supervision via our house director, etc.) it is also the
corporation's responsibility to collect housing corp fees from members. However, it is the
primary desire of the Corporation Board to make the experience of residing in the Alpha
Delta Pi chapter house the most enjoyable experience possible for every member. You’ll find
that our policies and rules are all designed with safety and comfort in mind, and we
constantly strive to make improvements based on member’s suggestions.

If you ever have a problem we hope that you’ll come to us first so that we can work with you
to find a solution. As sisters, we all live for each other, but the mission of the Corporation
Board is truly one of service to the active members of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta

                              Goals of the Corporation Board
1) To maintain the chapter house
   a) Operate the business at a profit
   b) Preserve the structure with routine maintenance

2) Show women of Beta Alpha that the Alpha Delta Pi experience continues after college
   and that the commitment to Alpha Delta Pi does not end at graduation
   a) The best proof of this will be through active alumnae membership

3) Provide life education/leadership to the women of Beta Alpha
   a) Leadership should be provided by being a mentor to officers and members
   b) Be able to provide education programs such as etiquette and business workshops

4) Continue to foster Alumnae involvement and interest in Beta Alpha

5) To continue the success of the chapter by maintaining lines of communication with the
   Advisory Board and representatives of the National Sorority.

We have several chapter members that serve on the Corporation Board while they are in
school, but we are always looking for alumnae to continue their involvement by serving as
board members once they graduate. If you would like to get involved in the Corporation
Board – or your parents would like to be involved with the Corporation Board, please
contact the Corporation Board President.
                         Corporation Board House Rules
1. All Alpha Delta Pi rules and policies regarding housing shall be obeyed.
Furthermore, all Beta Alpha chapter rules incorporated within the By-laws shall be

2. No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted or consumed within the house or on Beta
Alpha grounds.

3. No smoking shall be allowed in the house. Chapter rules should be followed
regarding designated smoking areas. All cigarettes must be completely extinguished
and disposed of in proper trash receptacles. Cigarettes are not to be extinguished on the
deck, deck furniture or window sills.

4. No food obtained from the kitchen/dining room is permitted to leave the dining
room except in case of serious illness as determined by the House Director. All late
plates must be eaten in the dining room. No exceptions!

5. We ask for residents’ assistance in conserving utilities. This includes turning off
lights and appliances in rooms when not in use and maintaining moderate temperatures
throughout the house.

6. Modification of walls either by paint or wallpaper must be approved by the
Corporation Board. A formal request in writing must be made to the Corporation
Board. Only framed items may be hung in public hallways.

7. The only acceptable items for attaching items to the walls or doors are sticky tack,
small nails or pushpins. No stickers or tape may be applied to the windows, furniture,
walls, or doors. Beta Alpha chapter members are subject to fines if they cause damage
to the walls, furniture or doors.

8. All furniture purchased by the House Corporation is not to leave the premises. A list
of furniture purchased by the Corporation shall remain in the Chapter House. Furniture
is not to be moved expect for formal chapter functions such as Recruitment and Ritual

9. All members of the Beta Alpha Chapter are required to live in the Chapter house.
There are a few exceptions as stated in your housing contract. If the membership
exceeds the annual capacity of 96 women, a live-out policy may be developed by the
Undergraduate membership in accordance with the number designated by the

10. The code for the doors shall be changed after every semester. This code should be
known by Beta Alpha sisters only! If it is discovered that a member has given a code to
a non-member, the fine will be a minimum of $50. This is for everyone’s safety.
Ground floor windows must also remain closed and locked if you are not in the room.
11. Use of the guest room is restricted to Alpha Delta Pi sorority officials, immediate
family members, and ADPi Alumnae. All members must schedule use of the guest
room through the House Director.

12. There are to be no lit candles or open flames in the house or on the immediate
property surrounding the house.

13. Do not hang anything from the sprinkler heads. If you do, you risk flooding the
room and destroying your belongings.

14. Storage of personal items in the Chapter House during the summer is not permitted
unless prior, written approval is obtained and storage fee is paid. Any items left in the
house after spring semester ends will be donated to charity.

15. Upon move-in, damages to your room and furniture should be noted in writing to
the House Director. All rooms must be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed at the end of
each semester, failure to do so will result in a damage fees. In addition, damage for all
other fines will be assessed at the end of each school year.

Other Housing Reminders:

1. Each member is responsible for obtaining renter's insurance. The Corporation is not
responsible for providing insurance for your personal belongings.

2. Members may request copies of their room keys from the house director. Keys must
be signed out and returned each semester to avoid a key replacement and/or room
rekeying fine.
              Alpha Delta Pi Beta Alpha Chapter House Rules
                       2010/2011 Academic Year

1. House Rules will be reviewed at the end of each semester by the FVP and Property Manager.
    All changes will be approved by Eboard and the Chapter.
2. House Rules will be presented to the Chapter at the first chapter meeting of each semester per
    the Chapter Bylaws.
3. Members are responsible for following all state, local and national laws.
4. These rules do not include any put forth by House Corporation.
5. If there is a discrepancy between House Rules and the Chapter Bylaws, the Bylaws supercede
    House Rules.
6. The door code is not to be written, sent in an email or other electronic form of
    communication, or otherwise communicated to any one not an active member of the Beta
    Alpha chapter, advisor, or an international officer of Alpha Delta Pi, unless approved by the
    House Director, President, and Property Manager.
7. Quiet hours shall be as follows: Sunday through Thursday 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m., Friday
    and Saturday 1:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Quiet hours will be extended for finals.
8. There will be no sleeping in rooms, except for those with single rooms and with specific
    approval of the House Director and Property Manager.
9. Parking spaces are determined by positive points. In the event of a tie, cumulative GPA will
    be the deciding factor. Parking spaces change by semester.
10. Alpha and Delta members should not park in guest, staff or House Mom parking spaces.
11. There will be no pets in any part of the house, excluding fish, where the tank cannot have a
    filter (only a fish bowl). Fish shall not be left in the house over breaks.
12. No candles should be lit inside the house.
13. Members may not change rooms during a semester without the approval of House
    Corporation, Property Manager, and Director of Standards and Ethics.
14. No microwaves or mini-refrigerators will be allowed in member’s rooms without prior
    permission from the Housing Corporation. Additional fees may be assessed for these items.
15. Food and drinks are permitted in the informal and formal lounges. It is every member’s duty
    to clean up after herself.
16. Members have a responsibility to remove all personal items from public areas of the house
    (including formal and informal lounges, dining room, library, fitness room and mail room).
         a. Any personal items left will be put in the mail room in a lost and found box.
17. Move-in/Move-out inspection forms will be provided by the House Director. It is each
    member’s responsibility to complete a form before and after occupying a room. If forms are
    not turned in, fines for damages will be divided evenly among all members who resided in
    the room over the course of the semester.
18. Any member who damages the chapter house will be assessed a bill for damages along with a
    house duty as determined by House Corporation, the Property Manager and the Director of
    Standards and Ethics.
19. Upon room change at the end of each year, it is the member’s duty to remove all belongings
    and trash, replace closet doors (if removed), clean out and wipe down all furniture, and
    vacuum the room before vacating it. The Property Manager has the responsibility to check if
    this was done.
20. Members are responsible for any activity in their room, including any damages.
21. Members are responsible for their guests and their actions, including damages that may occur
    to person or property within the house.
22. Members are responsible for taking personal and room trash to the dumpster provided outside
    of the house. Room trash may not be placed in the bathrooms.
23. Smoking is only allowed behind the chapter house in designated smoking areas; at the two
    back entrances on the concrete walkways. Smoking is not allowed in the front of the house
    or on the back deck.
24. In the library, studying is given preference to socializing or meetings.
25. The upstairs informal will be used as a social room on a first come, first serve basis. Excluding
    Alpha members, no one may sleep in the upstairs informal lounge.
26. The downstairs informal is open on a first come, first serve basis. Preference will be given to
27. No outside doors are to be propped open. Exception: Move in and out days.
28. Ground-floor windows should remain closed and locked whenever there is not someone
    present in the room.
29. Members are responsible for having their mail forwarded during breaks and vacations.
30. No items are to be left or stored at the chapter house over the summer without prior
    permission from the Housing Corporation Board.
31. It is member’s responsibility to pin-in or request meals in advance. Food will be provided to
    members who did not pin-in only if there is food leftover.
32. Cold dorms: There will be one cold dorm using wakeups and one allowing alarms.
          a. Members should select which dorm they prefer. Assignment will be based on positive
             points by the Property Manager, with approval from the Director of Standards and
          b. Wakeups:
                  i. Members sleeping in the wakeup dorm will participate in wakeups by week
                     on a rotating basis. The Property Manager will assign each member sleeping in
                     the wakeup dorm a week. Assignment will be posted in the bathrooms at the
                     beginning of each semester.
                 ii. Each sister will receive 3 wakeups at 15 minute intervals.
                iii. Alarms will be permitted after 9am.
33. Chores will be assigned weekly on an alphabetical basis. They must be completed by
    11:59pm on Sunday. The Property Manager will assign each member a week. Assignment
    will be posted in the bathrooms at the beginning of each semester.
          a. Bring in mail and sort (daily).
          b. Failure to complete assigned chores during assigned week will result in a fine per the
             Chapter Bylaws.
                                      Housing Contract
                              Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, Inc.
                                     Student Housing Agreement

FOR GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, Inc.
(hereinafter called the “Corporation” and Alpha Delta Pi (hereinafter called “Chapter”) and
_______________________________ (hereinafter called “the Student”) and the student’s undersigned
parent(s) or legal guardian(s) if they choose to enter into the contract as a cosignatory below, do
hereby covenant and agree as follows:

1) The Chapter/Corporation shall provide room and board to the Student at the Alpha Delta Pi
Sorority house at 2001 Fisher Court, Bloomington IN, for the balance of the Student’s undergraduate
career. The student’s residency in the Chapter House shall commence or continue effective with the
fall term of the Indiana University school year in 2010. The student agrees to continue her residency
in the Chapter House under the terms and conditions herein set out until the first of the following
events occurs:

   a)   The student graduates
   b)   The student permanently withdraws from Indiana University
   c)   The student marries
   d)   The student has resided in the house for more than 6 consecutive semesters and wishes to
        reside out of the house
    e) The student cancels her membership with the Chapter
    f) The chapter cancels the student’s membership
    g) The student has received written permission from the Corporation to move out of the Chapter
    h) The student has been declared financially inactive by the Chapter and approved by the
    i) The student has been declared medically inactive by the Chapter and approved by the
    j) The student is determined to be in breach of this agreement by the Corporation and has been
        served with written notice from the Corporation about the cancellation of this housing
Exception: students who become members of Alpha Delta Pi after they have already signed housing
contracts for other on-campus or off-campus housing can defer residency in the chapter house up to
one academic year but will be required to pay an active live-out parlor fee of one thousand dollars
($1000) per semester. Options for partial subsidization of contract breakage fees can be discussed
with the Corporation.

2) The undersigned student (and her parent(s) or guardian(s) if they elect to enter into the agreement
as cosignatory) agree to pay to the Corporation or it’s designated agent the sum of the Three
Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars ($3800.00) per semester for basic room and board during the
2010/2011 school year. This sum shall be due on the first day of August 2010 and the first day of
December 2010. If there is sufficient room in the chapter house, single rooms will be made available
to members who request them for an additional fee of One Thousand ($1000) per semester. Any
checks tendered to the Corporation which are returned for non-sufficient funds shall incur an
administrative charge of fifty dollars ($50.00). Students who do not pay their housing installments on
or before the due date will incur a late fee of fifty dollars ($50) and twenty-five dollars ($25) per week
thereafter, unless the late payment penalty is waived by the Corporation. An additional interest
payment of 12% will be added to the balance for each month that a payment is delinquent. Any
special arrangements for payments other than pursuant to the above schedule must be presented to
the Corporation’s Treasurer in writing at least 30 days before said installment is due. Semester rates
for room and board are determined each year based on the total number of residents residing in the
Chapter House.

3) In the event that the student shall be absent from the House because of an internship, study abroad
program, or student teaching assignment, a payment of five hundred dollars ($500.00) shall be due
for each semester that the student is absent from the Chapter house. The Corporation may waive this
charge if the House is at capacity during the period for which the student is absent. The student will
notify the Corporation in writing of her planned absence by August 1st for the spring semester and
April 1st for the fall semester of the following school year. The fee is due regardless of notice. The
Corporation reserves the right to assess a fifty dollar ($50) additional fee if the student fails to notify
the Corporation in writing that she plans to be absent from the house by the above dates.

4) A security deposit of five hundred dollars ($500) must be paid along with the first payment
installment for room and board and must be paid prior to the student’s first move into the chapter
house. The Corporation, without the payment of any interest, shall hold the security deposit. Upon
termination of this Housing Agreement for any reason whatsoever, the Corporation and/or the
Chapter shall inspect the premises occupied by the Student within (30) days after termination. Within
forty-five (45) days of termination, all of the security deposit shall be returned to the student, except
     a) the payment of accrued charges for room and board, administrative fees, special assessments
         or social dues;
     b) the payment of partial liquidated damages which will be suffered by the Corporation and the
         Chapter should the student move from the Chapter House without the prior written consent of
         the Corporation
     c) the payment of partial liquidated damages which will be suffered by the Corporation and the
         Chapter should the Student break her pledge and cancel her membership with Alpha Delta Pi
         and move from the Chapter House;
     d) The payment of damages to the premises;
     e) The failure of the Student to return any keys she might have to the premises within thirty (30)
         days of the termination of this agreement.
The Corporation reserves the right to hold all, or part, of each students’ security deposit in any given
year if the Chapter fails to have an adequate number of members living in the chapter house to cover
its operational expenses.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide the Corporation Board with a valid mailing address for
returning the remainder of their security deposit upon graduation. Checks that come back as non-
deliverable will be held for 6 months, after which time the remainder of the security deposit will be

The student shall be responsible for any damages and charges that exceed the security deposit. The
cost of any damage that cannot be attributed to a specific student or students shall be deducted on a
pro-rata basis from all student security deposits.

5) The student agrees to reside in the house and make payments until an event of termination of this
housing Agreement, as set out in paragraph 1, occurs. The Student agrees to give the
Chapter/Corporation 30 days prior written notice of the event of termination and her intended
departure from further residency in the Chapter House. Termination by the Student for any reason
other than graduation, permanent withdrawal from school or marriage must be approved in advance
by the Board of Directors of the Corporation. A request for termination for reasons other than
graduation, permanent withdrawal from school or marriage must be submitted in writing to the
President of the Corporation no less than 30 days prior to the termination date. The Board of
Directors shall, within 30 days following the receipt of the written request, issue its written response.
The corporation reserves the right to assess a breakage fee of twenty-five percent (25%) of the sum of
the room and board balance due for the remainder of the Student’s undergraduate career. Additional
breakage fees up to another twenty-five percent (25%) of the sum of the room and board balance due
for the remainder of the Student’s undergraduate career may be assessed if notice of termination is
not submitted more than 30 days prior to the Student’s departure or failure to return to the house after
the summer break. Upon good cause shown, the Corporation may issue a refund of all or a portion
of any rent paid in advance by the Student.

6) In the event that the Student terminates her occupancy for any reason other than as set forth in
paragraph 5, before the end of the contract term, the Corporation shall not be obligated to refund any
amount paid by the Student, Parent(s), and/or Guardian(s). This includes any security deposit paid by
the Student, Parent(s), and/or Guardian(s). Said security deposit will not be credited against any
breakage fee assessed the Student.

7) In addition to the charges specified previously, the Student shall pay to the Chapter such individual
charges as she may incur for optional goods and services furnished by the Chapter, such as special
assessments as the Chapter may levy upon its members and such Building Fund Fees, Social Dues
and Initiation Fees as are customarily charged or assessed by the Chapter.

8) The Student shall notify the Chapter President and Corporation Board President in writing of their
intent to terminate this contract. The Student shall officially check out of the Chapter House within
(30) days of written notification of termination of this agreement either from the Chapter or the
Student unless circumstances require immediate removal for the safety of others residing in the
house, the Corporation shall mail to the Student at the Permanent Address listed at the end of this
agreement a written notice itemizing the damages and fees charged against the security deposit and
refunding any balance due the student.

9) In the event that the Student or the Parent(s)/Guardian(s) shall fail or refuse to abide by the terms of
this Agreement or to pay any sum due hereunder on or before the due date and the Corporation or
the Chapter, or either of them, shall institute collection or other proceedings to enforce their
respective rights, each shall be entitled to collect and to recover their reasonable costs and attorneys
fees. Anticipated cost of collections proceedings will automatically be tacked on to the student’s
account balance if membership is cancelled when there is a balanced owed to the Corporation.

10) The Student (and her parents or guardians, if applicable) agrees that the Corporation/Chapter may
at its discretion place the Student on the Indiana University checklist for the amount of the unpaid
room and board charges as well as damages to the premises in excess of the deposit. The Student
understands this action prevents the Student from re-enrollment, graduation, and access to transcripts
of records until such amount is paid. Use of the checklist by the Corporation does not waive legal
remedies available to the Corporation/Chapter, nor shall the Corporation/Chapter consider this
election an election of remedies.

11) The Chapter, The Corporation, the Sorority and their officers, advisors, employees, and agents
shall not be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to the Student or the Student’s property
resulting from fire, theft, or other causes. The Student shall insure any property that she brings on o
the premises against the risk of loss or damage. The Student bears the risk of loss due to accident,
riot, war, theft, natural disasters and casualties beyond the control of the Chapter or the Corporation.
The Student shall hold harmless the Chapter or the Corporation from any suit, action of law, or other
claim whatsoever resulting from or arising out of injury to person or property while a resident of the
Chapter House under this lease.

13) This contract is for living space within the premises and not for any particular room. The Chapter
reserves the right to assign the Student to a room and to change her room assignment. Written
requests for room or roommate assignments may be made in writing to the officer of The Chapter
designated to make room assignments.

14) The Student shall take good care of the premises including all structural elements (including, but
not limited to: walls, flooring, doors and shelving), furnishings, décor, and equipment, and shall keep
them in a neat, clean, and orderly condition, and shall make no alterations or additions to the
premises without prior written consent of the Corporation.

15) The Corporation may terminate this Contract and take possession of the Student’s
accommodations at any time if the Student fails to comply with any terms and conditions of this
contract. In such event, the Student shall be responsible for any loss of revenue sustained by the
Corporation and the Chapter, and the Corporation or Chapter, at its option, shall be permitted to
retain all sums paid to it hereunder by the Student. Upon the expiration or other grounds for
termination of this contract the Student shall remove her personal property from the premises and
shall peaceably surrender possession of the premises and property in clean condition and good
repair, ordinary wear and tear resulting from careful usage alone expected. Failure to leave the room
in a clean condition shall result in additional charges and/or deductions from the security deposit.
After surrender of possession by the Student, the Corporation shall have the right to dispose of any
personal property left by the Student in or on the premises, and the Corporation shall not be
responsible to the Student to account for the disposition of such property.

16) The Student agrees to comply with all House Rules and regulations established by the Chapter
and Corporation, all applicable laws, and all regulations established by the Sorority and Indiana

17) The Corporation, for itself and the Chapter, reserves the right to enter the Student’s room for the
purpose of ensuring residents’ health and safety and proper maintenance of the facility.

18) The Corporation may terminate this Contract if the premises become uninhabitable by reason of
fire, windstorm or other similar catastrophe.

19) In the event that any part of this Agreement is construed or declared unenforceable, or in the
event that any part of this Agreement is waived by the Corporation and/or Chapter, the remainder
shall continue in full force and effect as though the unenforceable or waived portion or portions were
not included herein.

20) This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of
Indiana regardless of the legal residence or domicile of the Student.

21) The Corporation may also terminate this agreement if any of the following situations exist:
    a) Felony or misdemeanor charges are pending against the Student;
    b) The Student fails to make scheduled room and board payments in a timely manner;
    c)   The Student is suspected of dealing in illegal drugs or contraband;
    d)   The Chapter votes to withhold membership or remove the Student;
    e)   The Student is no longer enrolled in a course of study at Indiana University;
    f)   The Alpha Delta Pi Chapter at Indiana University closes for any reason.

22) This is the entire agreement between the Corporation and the Student and is not transferable, but
may be amended in writing by consent of all parties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have signed their names this __ day of ______, 2010 and have
caused this contract to be executed.

For first semester, student requests:          1Basic Room and Board ($3800)
(please check one)                             1Upgraded/Single Room and Board ($4800)
                                               1Study Abroad/Internship Live-out ($500)
                                               1Active Live-Out Parlor Fee ($1000)*

For second semester, student requests:         1Basic Room and Board ($3800)
(please check one)                             1Upgraded/Single Room and Board ($4800)
                                               1Study Abroad/Internship Live-out ($500)
                                               1Active Live-Out Parlor Fee ($1000)*

*Note: Prior approval is required from the Corporation and the Chapter.
                                                       Printed Name:
     BETA ALPHA CHAPTER                                Phone: _______________________
     OF ALPHA DELTA PI, INC:                           Soc. Sec. No.:___________________
                                                       Email: _________________________
     Name:_____Jennifer_Borland______                  PARENT OR GUARDIAN OF THE
     Title: _House_Corporation_President               STUDENT (IF OPTING TO CO-SIGN)
                                                       Title: _________________________
                                                       Phone: ________________________

                                        Billing Info Update
   Over the summer, the Housing Corporation joined the chapter in using Omega
   Financial Services for member billing. This switch was done to streamline the member
   billing process, and provide more transparency to members and parents. All housing
   related charges should now be accessible through the website.
                  Note: New Address to Mail Room and Board Fees:
                 OmegaFi, PO Box 84076, Columbus, GA 31908-4076
Housing Contract Summary

   •   Members are responsible for making timely housing payments. Account
       information can be obtained on the website.

   •   All members are required to live in the house for the entirety of their
       undergraduate career unless they have lived in for 6 consecutive semesters (e.g.
       a 5th year senior who has resided in the house for 3 straight years) or have
       become “Pis” (i.e. gone through Jewel Degree with the approval of the Chapter

   •   Members who plan to graduate early, transfer to another school, withdraw from
       school, take a semester or year abroad (or complete an internship or student
       teaching program that requires them to be out of town), and members that
       cancel their membership or leave the chapter house prematurely for any other
       reason (e.g. financial or medical leave) must notify the corporation board in

   •   Members who live in the chapter house for one semester during a school year
       are subject to a $500 short-term lease surcharge (comparable to what you would
       find in other off-campus housing).

   •   Members who deactivate are responsible for paying up to 25% of the remainder
       of their housing contract (i.e. the entire amount owed during the remainder of
       their undergraduate careers). We do this, in part, to stress the importance of the
       life-long commitment to Alpha Delta Pi.

   •   Members seeking financial leave from the chapter must present their case to the
       executive board and advisors for their approval. Once a member is granted
       financial status the corporation board will recognize them as a temporarily
       inactive member and grant them a penalty-free leave from the house for a period
       of one year or until the member graduates, transfers or withdraws from school
       (whichever comes first). We do not allow active live-outs for any reason if the
       house is below capacity.

   •   Security deposits will be returned no more than 60 days after the student
       graduates – in all other cases a student must first notify us in writing that they are
       no longer at the house to begin the security deposit refund phase. Members are
       responsible for completing move-in and move-out inspection forms each

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                         Page 15
  Overview of Member’s Financial Responsibilities for Housing
One-time fees:
$450 New Member Building Fee: A one-time few paid prior to initiation that
establishes membership in the Corporation. Upon graduation, all members will be
eligible to run for a position on the board and eligible to vote at the annual meeting and
in officer elections.
$500 Security Deposit: Paid-in along with first housing payment to help cover the cost
of damages in the chapter member’s room as well as shares of damages to common
areas of the house. It is extremely important that damages be documented and reported
in a timely manner. In cases where it is not possible to identify an individual who is
responsible for damage, the repair fees and applicable fines will be divided among all
room residents (for damages to residential rooms) or all chapter members (for damages
to common areas of the chapter house). A running tally of deductions is kept by the
Corp Board for each member and a refund of all remaining security deposit funds is
issued upon notification that a member has graduated or withdrawn from school. If
charges for damages exceeds $500 the board may request that an additional deposit be
Recurring fees:
$3800 Semester Room and Board Fee: Basic room and board fees cover room rental,
utilities (electricity, heat, water, cable and internet), services (house director,
housekeeping, grounds maintenance), and meals. The meal schedule is set at the
beginning of each school year and approved by the Corporation Board. Payments are
required in full prior to the start of each semester or payment plans may be established
through the Corporation Board. All payments should be completed by November for
first semester and March for second semester. Late fees are applied if payments are not
made in a timely fashion.
The board assumes that all chapter members will reside in the house for the entirety of
their undergraduate careers. The only exceptions to this are made when chapter
members are granted financial or medical inactivity by the chapter or members are
accepted in to study abroad or internship programs (including student teaching) that
require them to live outside of Bloomington. In instances where a member resides in
the house only one semester during a school year a surcharge of $500 is added to their
room and board fees for the semester that they live-in – this additional charge is
commensurate with what off campus housing providers charge as a premium for short-
term leases. Members must notify the Corporation Board in writing if they plan to be
absent during any given semester otherwise an additional $50 fee is tacked on to the
live-out surcharge. All fees are waived for members on financial or medical inactivity.
Fifth-year seniors may request to live out if they have resided in the chapter house for
six or more consecutive semesters.
If a member deactivates or leaves the chapter house for any unapproved reason she is
contractually responsible for payment of up to 25% of the remainder of all room and
board fees for the entirety of her undergraduate career (i.e., the anticipated term of her
lease with the Corporation). A fee of $1000/semester is charged as a parlor fee to
active live-outs.
Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                       Page 16
                         Move-In/Move-Out Procedures
View a short video with move-in tips at:

Move-In Procedures
Members will be able to move in up to three days prior to the start of the school year
(earlier with permission from the Corporation Board if a House Director will be present).

No member will be permitted to move in to the house unless there is a signed contract on
file and payment has been made or a payment plan has been established in writing.

Using side doors is preferable to moving in the front door (to avoid damages to the formal
areas of the house). No doors should remain propped open if they are unattended.

Recording and Reporting Damage
The House Director and Staff will conduct a house-wide inventory and inspection noting
all furniture present in each room and any damages that are pre-existing in each room.

Before moving in to your room use the damage report form to note any damage to carpet,
walls, furniture, doors, ceiling panels, closet shelving, and blinds. You may also take
pictures of anything that you are unable to describe on the report form. Have all room
occupants sign and return the damage report form on the following page to the House
Director. The same form should be completed when any/all member(s) moves out of a
room. The form should also filled out any time a new member moves into a room
(including mid year moves, and end of the semester room changes).

During the year report any damage that occurs immediately so that repairs can be made in
a timely manner.

If the chapter members decide to switch rooms at the semester break an inspection form
should be filled out and signed by all out-going residents and another should be filled out
and signed by all new residents. These forms will be compared and rooms will be
inspected if there are discrepancies.

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                     Page 17
The property manager, house director and other appointed house staff members are
responsible for assessing damages to the rooms at the end of each school year (and each
summer rental period). Residents are encouraged to take photographs of their room upon
move out to support disputed fines.

Charges for damages will be split among all room occupants equally if no one person is
specified as the one who did the damage. Chapter members will be advised to complete
their own room inspection form and turn this in to the House Director before they begin
moving their items into their room. All residents living in a room must sign this inspection

Damage done outside of residents’ rooms (including holes made on hallway walls by
hanging anything that is not approved by the corporation board) will be split among all
chapter members unless the person doing the damage is identified.

Residents are also responsible for the following:
              1) Returning all furniture to their room
              2) Wiping down the inside and outside of all furniture
              3) Removing all push pins and anything else attached to the walls
              4) Ensuring that all blinds, furniture, and closet doors are in working order
                  (unless previously noted as damaged)
              5) Sweeping and vacuuming the floor
              6) Removing all trash

Failure to remove trash and all personal belongings and/or thoroughly clean your room
after you move out will result in fines commensurate with the amount of time/effort need
to clear and/or clean the room.

All personal items must be removed from the house unless prior, written permission from
the Corporation Board is obtained.

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                      Page 18
  Alpha Delta Pi Room Inspection Form                   Room # ______ Date:_______
  Room Residents:

                                   Move-In                   Move-Out        Fine


Closet Doors


Light Fixtures

Bulletin Board



  Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook               Page 19
                                     Move-Out Tips

1) All personal items/trash must be removed from member rooms and carpet should be
   vacuumed to avoid cleaning fees and all closet doors must be replaced (the fine is
   $25/closet door not returned/properly installed)
2) All items and pushpins/nails and other adhesives must be removed from walls, bulletin
   boards and doors.
3) All keys must be returned to the House Director to avoid a replacement fee if they were
   checked out at some point during the year.
4) All fines for member room damages will be divided evenly among all members residing
   in a room this school year unless it states so otherwise on the move-out inspection
   form, this includes fines for failing to remove all trash/items and returning the closet
5) Fines for damages done to common areas of the house, including trash/items left in
   common areas of the house will be divided among all chapter members (unless
   otherwise noted by the chapter)- please do not leave personal belongings in common
   areas and please deposit all room trash in the dumpster outside and please encourage
   your sisters to do the same.
6) Please make sure to double-check your desk, dresser and your sleeping area in the
   dorm to collect all personal belongings.
7) For everyone's safety, please refrain from propping doors open unless actively moving-
8) If it is raining when you move out, please avoid using the front door to move items out
   – and always be especially careful when moving items through the formal
   lounge/formal staircase.
9) The House Director will be supplying move-out inspection forms - please fill these out
   and leave them on your bulletin boards.
10) It is all members’ responsibility to keep an updated address on file with the Chapter
   and Omega Financial so that security deposits can be returned when you move out.
                                           GREEN TIPS:
• Bags with items for recycling and Goodwill can be left in the dining room near the
    double doors (please make sure there's still a path to those doors). Please place
    recycling items to the left of the doors and goodwill items along the wall to the right of
    the doors. (Acceptable recyclables include: aluminum cans, all recyclable plastics,
    paper, cardboard, magazines and newspaper)
• Large items (e.g. bookshelves and other furniture should be placed behind the
    dumpster (not in it) there are lots of scavengers that come to look for gently used items
    during move-out week so we can economize on the amount of space we are taking up
    in the dumpster and prevent items that are still usable from becoming

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                       Page 20
                            Food Service and Meal Times
Weekday Meal Service:
               •   Hot breakfast will be served from 7-8 Monday-Thursday
               •   Continental Breakfast will be served from 8-9 Monday-Friday
               •   Served from 11:30-1:30 Monday-Friday
               •   There will also be items set out to make sack lunches if you can’t make it home
                   for lunch
               •   Served from 5:30-6:30 Monday-Friday
               •   Wednesday night will be a formal dinner. This dinner will be served family
                   style, but pin-wear will not be required unless recruitment guests are scheduled
                   to attend or there is a special event scheduled.
               •   Late plates can be requested for all week-day dinners.

Weekend Meal service:
   •     Saturday: Brunch will tentatively be served from 11-12:30
   •     Sunday Brunch will tentatively be served from 12-1
   •     Sunday Dinner will be served from 4:30-5:30

Other meal-related notes:
• Late Plates requests must be made in advance. Please do not take a late plate if you did not
   sign up for one. If there are extra late-plate boxes please only take one.
• Miss-a-Meals: To help us better manage our food budget. The board requests that the chapter
   not hold any miss-a-meal events this year. Alternative service or fundraising ideas would
   happily be provided.
• We work hard to provide a quality meal service for our residents. Comments (and specific
   suggestions for improvements) should be shared in a constructive fashion with Cathy
   Holtsclaw, the Kitchen Director in a timely manner.
• Enough food is prepared for the women of the chapter house but we need everyone’s help in
   controlling portion sizes so that there is enough food for everyone.
• Special dietary requests related to religious holidays should be made to the Kitchen Director
   no less than two weeks in advance.
• Chapter members should inform the Kitchen Director if they plan to bring a guest to any meal.
• Different people have different preferences when it comes to food and we are working as hard
   as we can to please as many people as possible. If a meal is not to your liking, please
   understand that it may be to the liking of your sisters. Suggestions, however, are always
   welcome – as are compliments.
• Guests are welcome – Guest meal tickets can be purchased from Jessica, the House Director,
   or the chapter treasurer for $2.

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                            Page 21
                              Alpha Delta Pi Formal Dinner
       Grace: Hear us sing with one accord, praises for thy gifts O Lord, for thy gifts of daily bread,
     for the paths in which we’re lead, from thy throne of love on high, list to Alpha Delta Pi, Amen

         Beginning of the meal
          •   Stay standing until Grace is sung
          •   Wait for the hostess – e.g. the house director to sit first then sit
          •   After sitting, unfold and place your napkin gently in your lap

                       Place Setting
                                                                                Dining Procedures
                                                                           • Place your glass or cup back in the same position
                                                                           after use.
                                                                         • Remember: "liquids on your right" and "solids on
                                                                           your left
                                                                         • Start with the knife, fork, or spoon that is farthest
                                                                           from your plate, work your way in, using one
                                                                           utensil for each course.
                                                                         • The salad fork is on your outermost left, followed
                                                                           by your dinner fork.
                                                                         • Your soupspoon is on your outermost right,
                                                                           followed by your beverage spoon, salad knife and
                                                                           dinner knife.
                                                                         • Your dessert spoon and fork are above your plate
                                                                           or brought out with dessert.
 •    Cut your food by holding the knife in the right hand and the fork in the left hand with the fork tines piercing the food
      to secure it on the plate.
 •    Cut a few bite-size pieces of food, then lay your knife across the top edge of your plate with the sharp edge of the
      blade facing in.
 •    Change your fork from your left to your right hand to eat, fork tines facing up. (If you are left-handed, keep your fork
      in your left hand, tines facing up.)
 •    Once you have used a piece of silverware, never place it back on the table.

Leaving the table
 •    Ask to be excused if you need to get up during the meal (e.g. to use restroom or to take care of any grooming
 •    Place a napkin on your chair if you get up and plan to return

End of meal
 •    The host signals the end of the meal by placing a napkin neatly on the table to the right of the dinner plate, please do
      the same when you are finished
 •    Leave your plate, do not push it away when you are finished
 •    Place your knife and fork side by side with the sharp side of the knife facing inward and fork (tines down) tines down
      to the left of the knife pointing to 10 and 4
                                           Unused silverware can be left on the table

      Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                                       Page 22
Laundry facilities are provided on the ground floor across from the House Director’s suite.
In 2005 we purchased our washers and dryers from the company that had previously
provided the equipment and maintenance. This allowed us to offer laundry services at a
reduced cost to chapter members but we must now take greater care to maintain the
equipment and prevent costly repairs.

   Laundry Room Usage Guidelines:
    Please be considerate of other members and remove items from washers and dryers
    Please follow all instructions and request help from the House Director if you are
      unsure how to use the washers or dryers.
    All lint should be removed from the dryer after use and placed in the trash can.
    Collapse and store all drying racks and ironing boards when not in use.
    Feel free to store laundry supplies in the laundry room that are clearly marked with
      your name and refrain from using others’ supplies without asking.
    The window should be shut and lights should be turned off when the room is not in
    Please notify the house director if any of the machines are not functioning properly.

Parking spots are assigned based on positive points. The four spots closest to the rear
entrance of the house should be reserved at all times for staff the space closest to the
mailbox should be reserved for guests.

Please be careful when entering or exiting the parking lot and report all unauthorized
vehicles to the Housing Director.

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                       Page 23
We are pleased to offer a high-speed wireless system throughout our chapter house (and
some spots around the outside of the house as well). Our internet service provider is Kiva
– but all requests for assistance should be sent through the technology chairperson.

Wireless Cards
All computers, even desktops must have a wireless card in them to be able to work in the
house. Most wireless internet cards will work but not all do.

Virus Protection
All computers need to have a antivirus program, set to scan weekly and update virus
definitions daily. Symantic Antivirus is available for free through IUware.

All computers also need to have a SpyWare program installed and run on a frequent basis
(once a week is recommended). Adaware and Adwatch are also available for free through
IUware and, when used properly, work great.

Trouble Shooting:
1) Try restarting the computer
2) Open yahoo in your internet browser (because yahoo always works, it will confirm if it
   is the website not working, which happens a lot to the IU website, or your actual
   internet connection)
3) Right click on the wireless card icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen and
   click “Repair”
4) If all else fails, contact the technology chair in the house

Note: We also have a limited number of Kiva hotspot access codes that can be used in
other public locations around town. Contact the Corporation Board President for more

                                    Cable Television
We guarantee cable television service in all public areas of the house with televisions and
will provide in-room service if possible. We encourage members to use the television in
public rooms to foster sisterhood and conserve energy.
New for 2010 we are moving to DirectTV – a channel line-up will be provided as soon as
the new system is installed. Because we own the new system, we will have greater control
over the programming we are able to provide to members.

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                     Page 24

All students are responsible for submitting a change-of-address form at the local post office
at the end of the school year. Mail will not be forwarded during the summer months. The
house address is:

                                     2001 Fisher Court
                                   Bloomington IN 47406

Mail for the House Director, Kitchen Director or House Corporation Board should be left
in the appropriate boxes on the far left-hand side. Letters that contain donation checks
should be given to the House Director and the Corporation Board President should be
notified so that a Thank-You note can be sent promptly.

                                       Guest Room
Use of the guest room must be scheduled with the House Director. People visiting on
official chapter business will be given preference over all other guests. Only women are
permitted to use this room and stay over night in the chapter house.

                                      Fitness Room
We are pleased to offer an on-site fitness room (opened in 2005) to help all of our
members stay in shape.

                                 Fitness Room Guidelines:
   •   Please consult your physician before beginning an exercise program. Fitness
       courses are offered on campus at the HPER and SRSC and the Recreational Sports
   •   Help us maintain the equipment by wiping things off after use
   •   Please turn off all equipment and lights and close the window when the room is
       not in use.
   •   Limit cardio workouts to a half hour when people are waiting to use equipment.
   •   End workout immediately if you feel faint or sick and try to work out with a buddy
       if possible.

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                      Page 25
                                Sleeping in the Dorm

Sleeping in the dorm can be a great experience if people follow these simple guidelines:
   • Please be quiet and careful when opening or closing the dorm door
   • Please do not set anything next to your bed
   • Avoid sleeping in the dorm if you are sick and fear you may be contagious (check
       with the house directors for options if you are ill)
   • Avoid talking, singing or making noise in the dorm
   • Be sure to pin in for the appropriate wake-up time

Wake Ups
The Wake-Up process is important to ensure everyone gets up in time to go to classes. If
everyone pitches in to do her part, the wake up process should be smooth and painless!

Info for sleepers:
• Wake-ups go from 6-8:15am Monday-Friday. If you plan to get up after 8:15am, you
    can set an alarm clock.
• Beds are numbered and each bed has a corresponding numbered tag. To be woken up,
    place your tag on the hook under the time you want to get up.
• If you have a special request for the sister doing wake-ups (i.e. Shake me: I’m a heavy
    sleeper, etc.), place a post-it note on your tag (This is not something that everyone has
    to or should do).
• Each person will get 3 wake-ups: the time they requested, then 15 and 30 minutes
    after. If the sister does not get up by then, they must get up and move their tag to
    another time or set their alarm clock (only if set for after 8:15).
• When you wake up and leave the dorm, put your tag back on its storage hook. This
    prevents you being woken up the next day at the previous day’s time.
• 8:00 wake-ups only receive 2 attempts.
Info for wakers
• You should get up by 5:45-5:50.
• On a pad of paper, write down the time, the bed number and that person’s name.
Initial Time               2nd Attempt               3rd Attempt
6am                        6:15                      6:30
6:30                       6:45                      7:00
7:00                       7:15                      7:30
7:30                       7:45                      8:00
8:00                       8:15                      No 3rd attempt

• At the requested time, you go up to the top of the person’s body, tap or shake them
   gently but with enough force to wake them up and say, “(Name), it’s (time). Time to

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                      Page 26
    wake up.”
•   Make sure they acknowledge that they heard you. If they don’t, try again.
•   Continue to each person at the time.
•   Then you must do the 2nd and 3rd attempts for anyone who has not gotten up.
•   If the person is not up by the third attempt, you say, “(Name), this is your 3rd wake-up,
    you must get up or move your tag.
•   Once you give the 2nd attempt to 8:00 wake-ups, you are done.

                                 Energy Conservation
We ask for your help in conserving energy and resources throughout the house. Please
turn out all lights and turn off all appliances (televisions, radios, etc.) when nobody is
present in a room. Thermostats should be kept no higher than 75 in the winter and no
lower than 78 in the summer. Water conservation practices should also be observed when
bathing and laundering.

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                       Page 27
                          Staff Names and Contact Info
We are pleased that we have such a skilled and loyal staff at Alpha Delta Pi. They are truly
a part of our family and our house would certainly not be in such great shape if it weren’t
for these fantastic people. They treat our house as they do their own homes, and in doing
so, set an example for us all. The Corporation Board supports our staff because they truly
and consistently support us and our chapter.

Please help us by showing our staff your appreciation and offering them your respect. We
encourage the chapter to host staff appreciation days or special events during the year and
offer cards or gifts during the holiday season to further express your gratitude for their help
throughout the year. Of course, you can also show them just how important they are by
simply saying “Thank You” for a job well-done.

House Director:              Jessica Knerr
                             Cell: 317-509-5754

Kitchen Director:            Cathy Holtsclaw

House Keeper:                Sandi MacDonald

Grounds Keeper:              Harold Stewart

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                        Page 28
                               Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency contact the House Director (or acting House Director)

In the event of a fire, exit immediately using the nearest door or ground floor window. The
House Director or a designated chapter member should check all dormitories and make a
call to evacuate on all floors if possible. Once outside, all chapter members should move
a safe distance from the house to make way for emergency personnel and check-in with
the House Director or acting House Director.

In the event of a tornado, proceed to the dining room house and crack all windows. As an
alternative to the dining room in extreme situations the storage closet and southern
hallway may be used as windowless alternatives.

In the event of an intruder break-in notify the House Director immediately so that the
police may be contacted. Remain in groups and exit the house as quickly as possible.

In the event of a medical emergency notify the House Director immediately so that
appropriate medical personnel may be contacted. Ensure that the environment is safe and
encouraged anyone who has been trained in first aid to provide assistance until help

Under no circumstances should any member speak with a representative of the media or
press regarding an Emergency Situation without prior and specific approval to do so.

                 Thanks for your help in keeping Beta Alpha safe!

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                     Page 29
                                        Safety Tips
Please observe the following rules to help keep our house safe:
1) Windows on the ground level are to remain closed and locked when nobody is present
   in the room.
2) Door codes should be changed no less than once per semester and immediately
   following any situation that might require them to be changed.
3) Doors to the outside should never be propped open and the door code should not be
   given to anyone who is not a member of the chapter.
4) Doors exiting the building should, however, remain unlocked so as to be easily used in
   the case of an emergency.
5) Guests are to be escorted at all times.
6) No candles are to be lit in the house – no exceptions!
7) Hairdryers and curling irons should not be left plugged in when not in use.
8) The fire sprinklers should not be touched for any reason.
9) Care should be taken during winter months on all outside steps and sidewalks.
10) Care should be taken when climbing on or off of all bunks.

                                       Health Tips
1) Arrange bunks so that you are sleeping toe to toe, rather than head-to-head.
2) Wash hands frequently, especially before meals.
3) Cover your mouth if you have a cough or cold & dispose of tissues properly.
4) Contact the House Director if you are feeling ill and feel that your condition may be
   contagious so that alternative sleeping and eating arrangements can be made.
5) Adpi is a bed-bug-free environment – and we need your help to keep it that way. Here
   are some helpful tips from IU. Bed bugs are often spread during travel, stay vigilant
   while you are staying away from the house and launder all clothes thoroughly when
   you return.
6) The B bus stop is super convenient, but our house is just a 10 minute walk from the
   northern end of campus. Walking to class is a great way to fit some exercise into a
   busy schedule.
7) The campus health center should be able to address most health concerns that arise
   during the semester. If you have a question about crisis or psychological services
   offered on campus, please consult the House Director.

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                    Page 30
                            More About Our House

The house is located at 2001 Fisher Court, Bloomington IN 47401 on the far north
side of the Indiana University Campus just off the North Jordan Extension (Greek

Our property contains 29,826 square feet of educational and living space. We have
a full-service kitchen, formal dining and living rooms, a large library and
entertainment center, an exercise room, two informal lounge, a rear deck area and
shaded back yard, a house director suite with private living room and bath, a guest
suite with private bath, two large dormitories, and 31 resident rooms that range in
size from those designed to hold two people to those designed to hold five people.
At maximum occupancy the house can hold 96 residents.

    Our house offers:
        A full-service meal plan and 24-hour access to ice machine and
        Furnished rooms (beds, dressers and desks)
        A convenient location on the campus bus system and also within
         walking distance to campus and most major sporting facilities
        Lot and street parking options
        Indoor bicycle storage facility
        Formal and informal lounges with television and wireless internet
        Common-area cleaning services
        Sun deck, and ample yard space for enjoyment of outdoor activities
        In-room cable and wireless internet services
        Handicap accessibility

Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi - Resident Handbook                    Page 31

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