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					Class Paper
two options

    • interview paper
    • observation paper

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Interview Paper

-- pick at least two opposing or different
members of the legal system
    • police officer v. lawyer
    • defense lawyer v. prosecutor
    • judge v. lawyer
    • plaintiffs lawyer v. defense Lawyer
Interview Paper

 -- ask them the questions in the back of your
 syllabus, plus make up some of your own
 -- basic idea: compare and contrast opposing
 attitudes that you discover, and relate it to
 what you were taught.
Observation Paper

 -- go observe a least two different court
    • magistrate court v. trial court
    • parole hearing v. suppression hearing
    • plea hearing versus “trial”
    • bench versus jury
    • federal v. state
Observation Paper

 -- all things being equal, these are not
 “different enough:”
    • magistrate court v. traffic court

  -- but these are:
      • federal magistrate court v. state
      magistrate court
Basic idea

 -- subject comparison and contrast
 (you want to pick subjects that either make for
 a good comparison, or, at the very least, are
 not clones of one another)
Grading Criteria

 -- how much labor you put into the project
 (standard not a rule)
    • page length
    • the time spent on each subject
    • the quality of the subject
    • the thoroughness of the paper
General Rules
-- at least 30 minutes per subject
-- write the paper with 1st person experience
(like a diary)
-- let me see it through your eyes
-- analogy: paper about “going to the zoo”

-- the paper should be your easiest grade,
provided you don’t do one thing:

                      What is that thing?

-- procrastinate
-- if you wait until 2 weeks before the quarter
ends to start it, you are sunk.
-- court hearings will cancel (settle) on you
-- you won’t be able to line up interviews.

 -- you can’t use your own court experience
 -- you can’t interview your family
 -- you are not getting an extension
 -- cancelled hearings are no excuses
 -- you are to have your subjects lined up by
 April 30th or face a grade penalty.
 -- start thinking about your subjects TODAY.
How to line up your subjects

   -- find some criminal justice participants that
   you know and ask them to sit for an interview
   -- find out where the courthouses are. Call the
   “court clerk”
      [explain what this office is]
How to get an A.

 -- do multiple subjects
    • more than two interviews gets a better
    grade than just 2.
    • more than two observations …
    • throw an interview on top of an
    observation paper (something extra)
 -- let me see that you spent labor on this.

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