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					UNC Charlotte Purchasing Card Program

             Presented to the Admin Forum by

                 Kendra Cooks, Controller
     Brian Richardson, Assistant Director of Purchasing

                   September 16, 2010
                What is a Purchasing Card?
• VISA Credit Card issued by Bank of America (BOA)
• Widely accepted by vendors who support VISA Card
• Simplifies the procurement and payment processes for
  low dollar, high volume business commodities
• Maintains accountability while reducing the cycle time
  and administrative burden of procurement procedures
   –   Purchase requisitions/orders
   –   Direct pay requests
   –   Expense reimbursements
   –   Facilitates procurement from vendors that do not accept
       purchase orders
• Enables streamlining of business travel processes
        UNC Charlotte Purchasing Card
Benefits to the Cardholder
• Eliminates the need to use personal funds and obtain
• Provides convenience, security, and flexibility to make
  small dollar purchases.
• Empowers cardholders with choices and immediate
  access to goods.

Benefits to UNC Charlotte
• Significant cost savings in the purchase-to-pay cycle.
• Increased expense analysis power.

                 Who's who . . .
•   Program Administrator
•   Department Head
•   Card holder / Reconciler
•   Department Approver

          How do I get a card?
• Step 1 – Fill out the application and the Purchasing Card
   – Materials Management, Purchasing, Purchasing Card
• Step 2 – Attend mandatory training
• Step 3 – Receive your card

      Limits and Restrictions
• Single purchase limit $2,500
• Daily limit $5,000
• Monthly limit $25,000
• Splitting of purchases to circumvent spending and
  bidding limits is not allowed
• Merchandising Category Codes (MCCs) are blocked
  to restrict unauthorized purchases

Monthly Reconciliation Package
• Occurs at the end of each billing cycle (7th)
• Includes
   – Monthly statement
   – Receipts
   – Support documentation if needed (e.g. Travel
• Reviewed by the Departmental Approver
• Submitted to the Purchasing Card Administrator
• Will be reviewed/archived by Travel & Complex
  Payments department

• Program participants will be provided training:
   – Purchasing and purchasing card basics
   – Works online system
      • View transactions
      • Assign fund(s) and account(s) to each transaction
      • Add remarks as needed
   – Reconciliation process
• Works is accessible from any internet-enabled computer
  and has excellent reporting tools.

             Travel Processes
• Travel authorization process resides in the department
• Upon departmental and special fund approval, a
  department card should be used to make all possible
  travel prepayments (e.g. airfare, registration)
• Original or online receipts retained with the purchasing
  card packet
• Total trip expenses, including prepayments, documented
  on the Travel Reimbursement
• Travel Reimbursement routed to the Travel & Complex
  Payments department for final review, approval and

       Important Contact Information
For additional information about he UNC Charlotte Purchasing
Card Program, please contact our Purchasing Card

          Germaine Chisholm
          Phone:     704-687-5435