Presentation Rubric (Excel) by johnezzell


									                                                     Hill Country Power Line Presentation Rubric
                               1                                2                        3                                                  4
                                                    Group presentation is somewhat                                            Group presentation is logical,
                                                                                           Group presentation follows a
             Group presentation has little to no     organized, but has sequencing                                            informative, entertaining and
Organization                                                                                logical and well-organized
                       organization.                  issues that distract from the                                         audience understands the topic's
                                                               description.                                                           description.

                                                    The group performed some
                                                                                     The group researched the topics The group thoroughly investigated
                The group performed little to no research on their organization, but
                                                                                     adequately and understands the topic, provided new insights, and
Information    research on the organization they      does not fully grasp the
                                                                                       role of its organization in the were able to answer questions
                        were assigned.            organization's role in the lesson
                                                                                                 lesson topic.              from the audience.

                                                    The group's presentation included                                  The group's presentation included
                The Group provided little to no
Multimedia                                           some multimedia support, but it The group's presentation included    a large amount of relevant,
                 multimedia support in their
 Support                                            added little to the understanding  relevant multimedia support.       engaging, and entertaining
                                                               of the topic.                                                  multimedia support.

              Student's presentation had four or Presentation had three factual,    Presentation has no more than         Presentation has no factual,
 Mechanics       more factual, spelling errors  spelling errors and/or grammatical two factual, spelling errors and/or spelling errors and/or grammatical
                 and/or grammatical errors.                    errors.                    grammatical errors.                         errors.

                Student mumbles, incorrectly
                                                     Student incorrectly pronounces                                          Student used a clear voice and
              pronounces terms, and speaks too                                            Student's voice is clear. Student
  Delivery                                           terms. Audience members have                                           correct, precise pronunciation of
              quietly for students in the back of                                        pronounces most words correctly.
                                                      difficulty hearing presentation.                                                    terms.
                         class to hear.

                                                                                                                                                      Total---->   0
                                                       Description of identifiable
                   Description of identifiable                                               Description of identifiable        Description of identifiable
                                                      performance characteristics
                  performance characteristics                                               performance characteristics        performance characteristics
    Key                                               reflecting development and
                 reflecting a beginning level of                                               reflecting mastery of          reflecting the highest level of
                                                     movement toward mastery of
                          performance.                                                             performance.                        performance.

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