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									Tips Choosing The Best Internet Business Model For You

In this article, I will discuss a bit about the "five major categories of Internet business
model" and a little commentary about various business models are popular on the
internet. With the goal, hopefully this short article could be useful for anyone who wants
to run an Internet business.

Actually opportunities and how to make money on the internet is not limited. Every time
there is always a model or a new way to make money on the internet. This information
could mean good news, also could mean bad news. Why?

Being a good news because it means the chances of success of each person in the
Internet business is very big. Number of opportunities / ways to make money on the
internet so much so that each new person starting a business on the internet, will
always be able to find opportunities that will be the way to achieve success. Cake in the
Internet business is very large, quite divided for all business people around the world.

Being not good news because the number of opportunities so much, ultimately often
people who are just starting to confusion ways / opportunities which one to do?

I am including the type of person who likes to eat, so I'll give an illustration of this
problem to you in terms of food, so you more easily understand the cycle that is faced
by almost all people who are just starting a business on the internet. Suppose one day
you are in a state of hunger and then presented with 100 kinds of dishes at once
arranged in a very long table. Requirement is that you only can take 1 to 2 types of
cuisine only, continue where you will choose from 100 kinds of dishes? Of course you
start to confuse you?

Generally I think many people are having to choose 2 kinds of 100 kinds of dishes, they
usually try to look one by one from 100 kinds of dishes are available, then try to select 2
types of cuisine the most interesting for them. But now slowly seeing one at a dish, it
turns out all the interesting cuisine. All is your favorite cuisine.

Well, you start to get confused, you first have to take the first dish you want, but now
look further. Oops ... there are more interesting, you then return the first dish that you
selected earlier and then take what you see is more interesting.

You look further, there are more interesting, you cancel and return again cuisine that
you selected earlier. Over time, you thought, wow ... You'd actually return / cancel
options had actually been good, eventually you are back again to pick up food. While
continuing to walk to see one by one from 100 kinds of cuisine, you're busy comparing
between each dish, you are more confused, until finally after 1 hour, you do not also eat
one cuisine any, you are just busy choosing just 2 kinds of 100 kinds of cuisine.

That's more or less, which occurred in the majority of many people who start a business
on the internet. So many exciting opportunities on the internet. Any way / promising
revenue opportunities even tens of thousands of dollars. You want to do it all, but of
course the limitations of time and other resources, making you have to choose.

So, I would say to you that you are only allowed to FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS
MODEL SELECT only. Why? For many people who are just starting, usually likes to
experiment than a business model to another business model based solely on where
the easiest and fastest that can generate the most money. All the people also want
something like that right?

That is the main cause, why many people move from one business model to another
business model. They tried to AdSense after seeing someone show AdSense check
from Google's U.S. $ 5000 per month, then changed to try to make money from
blogging after seeing revenue someone else that produces more than $ 30,000 per
month, then they moved again want to do PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing after seeing
there is another person who generates more than $ 100,000 per month using Google

After that they moved again trying to make a Membership Site after seeing a person can
generate passive income of more than U.S. $ 500,000 per month. Then they switch
attention to another individual who managed to generate more than U.S. $ 2000 per
day, you did not misread, it per day, not per month to generate nearly $ 1 million dollars
in 15 months with a list building / build a list.

Then they moved again to try to sell the ebook / information product after seeing
someone from a forum could generate U.S. $ 20,000 per week from selling information
products that are not made himself. Well, no need to make their own products can make
money like that? Extraordinary is not it!

But you need to know, success stories like this are endless on the internet. It shows
evidence that indeed people can generate so much money from the business on the
internet. But choosing a business model based solely on which one can generate the
most money within a shortest possible time is the wrong way in choosing a business,
especially business on the internet.

Imagine in a conventional business, suppose there is someone who just want to start a
company. This will be his first company. Want to create what company? The choices
are many, make the shoe companies, or companies garment / clothing, or plastic
companies, or electronics products company, or a furniture company, or a ceramics
company, or a steel company, or a cement company, or a children's toy company, and
or other. This list will not be limited in length.

Do you think that person would choose to make the company what? And based on
where the most easily produce the most money or other criteria? Think carefully.

I'm sure people will choose a company with what would be made, based on factors
other than business prospects, are also considering the factor of interest or knowledge
or expertise and based on the experience he had. Or if not, there are people who he
knows who knows the ins and outs of a company that would be made. The last factor is
what will increase the chances for success.

Similarly, in choosing a business model on the internet, we do need to choose a
business model that has good prospects, but more important is to choose an Internet
business that genuinely interest or knowledge or experience of your own. This is the
correct way in choosing a business on the internet. This last factor, in addition to very
important in choosing a business model, is also important in choosing a niche / market
niche or choose a product / service that you want marketed.

Each person is unique so the way each person achieve success is also unique. The "A"
could generate hundreds of dollars with a business model which he did, but it does not
mean you must also fit in this way. Conversely, if the "A" failed in building a business by
means of X, does not mean you are also bound to fail in establishing a way X.

That is why I have entitled this article "TIPS CHOOSING THE BEST INTERNET
BUSINESS MODEL FOR YOU". Because, what's best for the "A", does not mean the
best for you. And so also, what's best for you is not necessarily best for everyone. So,
each person must find the best for himself. What I mean here is not about finding the
best business model on the internet, but you should find in the Internet business model
that works best for you.

Conclusions above, I can after undergoing the process of long experience what I did to
finally find a suitable business model to me and after I see the learning experience of
many successful top Internet entrepreneurs. The way they or their business models do
vary. So does every person must seek the best for himself.

To be able to choose the best business model for you, you surely must know what
options exist. That's why in this article, I will also explain to you about the various
business models are popular on the internet. When you read one by one, you ponder
whether or not you fit with that business model. Do you have the strength and
willingness to plunge into the business model. Suppose that business models need
often write (such as blogging or create ebook), whether you like writing and reading? If
you do not like to write, it will be difficult for you to choose the business model. Unless
you have the capital to pay someone else to do it smart writing.

This kind of information I never got when I started doing business on the Internet. So I
pretty much spend the time to experiment with business models that exist. I convey this
important information to you, so you do not need to make the same mistake as I have
and many others do. So you have to look for and know it first, strengths and
weaknesses, only then look for an Internet business model that fits with your strengths
(not weaknesses).

After learning some of the popular business model, you can do research and explore
other business models on the internet. There are so many business models on the
internet that it's almost impossible to explain everything in this article. To find what's
best for you, you will need to try to do some business models, in this way you will be
able to determine which is best for you. But at least by knowing your strengths and
weaknesses, as well as activities conducted in each of these business models,

By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, then you are able to filter or refine the
business model that does not suit you from the beginning. You do not have to waste
time and energy to learn and conduct business model that does not suit you from the

Five Categories in Internet Business Models

From seeing and studying dozens of existing business models on the internet, I finally
could see a pattern and can be divided almost business model into five broad
categories. So every time there is a way / new business model that appears, I can
easily classify it into categories where business models. Ok, just we discuss each major
category of business models on the internet that I mean, that is:
1. Sell Your Own Product is to sell your own products, whether it is the result of your
own production or production of another person that you stock. This is a category of
business model of the earliest made on the internet, and is currently the most popular
categories of business models that performed on the internet. Items here can be a
product of physical / digital products or tangible / intangible assets such as MP3,
ringtone, software, ebooks, membership / membership and others.
2. Sell Your Own Services is selling a services. This is a category of fast-growing
business model today. Generally you are selling is something that the form of expertise
/ skills you have. While the pay you are the people who need the skills you have. For
example: create a website services, design services logos / banners / websites,
services, writing articles, translating services, services to make ebook, computer
programming services, services into a virtual personal assistant / virtual personal
assistant, virtual office services, perform SEO services, services manage PPC
advertising and many more services are marketed through the internet. All transactions
are services that I mentioned above, did not require face to face between people in
need with services that provide services.
3. Affiliate Marketing is selling products or services or refer others to the compensation
commission for each sales transaction that occurred (Pay Per Sale), for each lead /
prospect given (Pay-Per-Lead) or for each click made (Pay Per Click). MLM / Network
Marketing is running an online affiliate marketing also includes the marketing of
products / services of others.
4. Contextual Advertising is a category of business model where you create a website
with content / information that attract so many visitors visited while the income you get is
from the advertising in the form of text ads, banners or videos that are relevant to the
content of your website. So, suppose that your website is a website that displays the
results of football matches, then the advertising / ads appearing on your website are
things related to football such as merchandise from football clubs, football equipment
and the like.
5. Site flipping is a business model that involves buying or selling websites. Website is
an asset so that such a house, buying and selling websites is often done things that
start people. Some people create a website for the purpose of sale. There are people
who buy a lot of websites that have low value, then polished so that has a selling price
much higher.

Actually there are several ways to make money on the internet is ever popular as High
Yield Investment Programs (HYIP), but I do not put it as a business model on the
internet, because generally HYIP is a scam / fraud and even if it's true, the HYIP is
classified as a way of investing instead business model on the internet.

Five categories of business models that I mentioned above can be said to represent
more than 95% of the business model or how to make money on the internet.

Category 1: Sell Your Own Product

Sell your own products. This is the business model of most large category and are
mostly done on the internet. This category also represents the first category of business
models that performed on the internet. It is also a category of the most popular business
model. Type of products sold on the internet are unlimited. You'll find all kinds of
products sold via the internet. I will explain several popular business model of this first
· Sell your product physical or tangible product that you have through your website.
Examples of products: books, clothing, lingerie, jewelry, electronic products, CD Music,
DVD Movies, medication, toys, video games, furniture, and many others. Items here can
be your own production, can also production of other people but you buy first (there are
stocks of goods) has sold through your website. So in this business model, you receive
an incoming orders, check payments and take care of shipping the goods to your buyer.
This business model is often called an online store / shop online. So really like a shop,
but you do not display your product in real stores, but your products are displayed on
your website that is your store. Examples of success is the online store
which is the largest in the world. For more details, you can see first hand a variety of
online stores that exist on the internet. From observing many online stores, you can
learn many things such as view a website, how to display a good product, easy way of
shopping or not, and others. If you want to see an example of an online store, you can
search on type of online store you want to see. Eg to search for online
stores toy train, you can type: toy trains online store or if you to to find an online
bookstore, just type in google: online book store.
· Sell your product physical or tangible product that you have through popular websites
such as eBay, trade portals or other popular websites. This is similar to the previous
business model but you are displaying your products on other websites that are usually
much more popular and more visitors. This business model is often better because it
brings many visitors to the website of your own is not easy. So why not place it in an
already busy website visitors? Of course there are fees / costs to be paid. It's like a
store display products at your own compared to display your products in Mall / Plaza.
Sure you more products when people see on display at the Mall, although there are
costs incurred when the display on the Mall / Plaza. Popular examples are often done in
this business model is to display your item on eBay which is the largest e-commerce
website in the world who visited tens of millions of visitors each day. Many people
actually have a big turnover simply by displaying their products on eBay. Any product
can be sold through eBay since the number of visitors / patrons are so great every day.
Or if your product is export oriented so that transactions tend to happen business to
business (B2B) then your product is suitable for display at major trade portals like or, and many other websites specific to a particular
product. For more details, you can visit the popular trading websites such as
Look at any category on sale, see what items are best sellers on eBay. eBay itself has a
local website to many countries such as Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, England
and others. Look at the examples of such trade portal (import export
orientation, trade between business to business - B2B). All sites above are high traffic
websites with millions and even tens of millions of visitors each day.
· Selling Ebook. E-Book or Electronic Book is a book that tangible form of files (mostly
PDF files) that can be read via computer or PDA or if you want to be printed onto the
paper to be read more easily. This is one business model that is growing very popular
since before 2000. You can find the ebook in any topic, from ebooks about health,
stocks, real estate, parenting, golf, business, forex, making money from the internet and
much more. So easy how to make ebook that most of the ebook in circulation and sale,
very low-quality content. Ebook Prices vary depending on the topic. For more details,
you should see and learn directly how people selling ebooks on the Internet, search in
google search engine, ebook category of the subject you want, for example: weight loss
ebook to websites that sell ebook on weight loss. See the various websites to see how
to sell the ebook is done, what components are always there in every websites that sell
ebooks. You will see the same patterns over and over again.
· Sell Multimedia Course. This is an increase from selling the ebook and it is clear the
trend has changed from selling the ebook to sell multimedia course in the form of video
and audio. Where, the explanation is considered more easily when the form of video
and audio than the form of writing as in eBook. Therefore multimedia courses commonly
sold higher than the ebook. Forms of multimedia products in the form of course there is
a DVD or CD but there are many multimedia courses that sold just enough to download
it (usually in the form of MP3 files, Flash, MP4 and others). This makes it easy and
make the production costs almost nothing for the seller, too often the method desired by
the purchaser for an instant, no waiting for delivery and also do not bear the cost of
shipping. It is extremely common in Western countries have very fast internet
connection and unlimited. Topics that are sold in the form of multimedia course is also
very extensive, of course for graphic design, cooking courses, courses for advanced
swim fast, courses to enhance the ability to play golf, course to make money from
internet business, forex trading courses, courses to learn mandarin language and other
topics that do not count. To see and learn the way people sell multimedia courses or
often called a home study course or video course. Can you search on google, a topic
that you want like for example: photoshop video course for websites that sell the video
course on Photoshop (graphic design software is the most popular). Learn how to sell
the course, you will see a similar pattern in selling ebook or other digital products.
· Selling Software. This is a business model that is also very popular. Software is one of
the most widely purchased products via the Internet. Software is sold on the internet
very broad scope. From the software to solve everyday computer problems (such as
anti-virus, anti spyware, anti spam, firewall), software for learning languages (including
software translator and dictionary), software for marketing on the internet, the software
for doing business on the Internet, the software to send e-mail to many people, software
for audio editing software to count calories to foods eaten every day for people with
diabetes. Innumerable types of software that sold and bought one over the internet. Do
you have to smart to make the program / new software can do this business model?
The answer is NO. The majority of software vendors is not a developer / programmer,
but a marketer. They have ideas about a software, looking for someone who can make
it and eventually sell them. A smart marketer will create software that cost needs to be
paid periodically, every month or every year. For example: anti-virus software, there is
the cost of anti-virus updates data every year for software continues to run well.
Autoresponder email software (such as or is software
for sending mass emails, costly monthly / yearly paid so that we can continue to send
emails to the entire database of prospects / customers our. Creating software like this
can be said smart because sales effort is required only once, but turnover can be
obtained continuously passively.
· Sell Access Membership. This is a business model that is a trend on the internet. A
customer is not buying your product / service but bought the rights to access to a
membership / membership. If in a conventional business, membership of the popular
business is like the membership to golf, membership to a gym / fitness, membership to
the association / club and others. As long as you become a member, you get the right /
privilege in accessing the facilities provided to the member / members. In the Internet
business, which made membership very broad topic. Usually given to the member is
new information that is valuable to members continuously. So long as a person
becomes a member, he will be able to access the new information provided. Suppose
the membership site for weight loss, then the member may be given access to
information to lose weight gradually, from week 1, week 2 and so on. Members also can
enter their vital data to the website so progressnya can be monitored by the maker of
membership. If the member / members are satisfied and feel benefit from information
and consultation is given, he would extend the membership of each month. From the
makers of membership, this is very nice because every month he has had a continuous
turnover. Membership Site can be made to any field. Able to increase career, hobbies,
illnesses, sales, marketing and much more. As long as you can provide something that
valueable / value to members is continuous, so they will gladly renew their membership.
It is generally someone who has a successful membership site on the internet can earn
U.S. $ 50,000 per month or $ 100,000 per month, and some have far greater. The key is
providing something of value to members each month (this is a factor sometimes be a
challenge, but remember you can ask for help from others to help you) and
multiplication factors will create a turnover you doubles.
For more details you can find on the internet via google, membership in an attractive
site for you. Suppose you like to cook, try search: cooking membership site See
anything interesting and valuable things which are given by them to members each
month. Then find another membership site on other topics such as stock trading, for
example, and see again what is offered to their members each month. By looking at a
lot of membership sites, you will begin to understand what needs to be given to
members so that they are willing to pay a membership fee every month.
· Sell Items Rights / their Right to have. This is a unique business model that exists only
in the Internet business. In general, information products sold on the internet such as
ebooks, software, video or audio is usually always include license / license of the
product you buy. In general written or Used Own Personal Use, this means you can
only use the product itself, should not be shared to others. But actually there is kind of
rights / rights of others that are popular namely: 1. Resell Rights. When you purchase
any product listed that you have Resell rights means you have the right to resell the
product to end users and you receive 100% of money paid, but the end users who buy
from you may not resell it. Strange and new to hear? It is very common in business
information products on the internet. 2. Master Resell Rights. Resell rights is similar to
but different in Resell rights, the end users who buy from you, is not allowed to sell it
back. While in the Master Resell Rights, the customer you can also resell the product
with 100% compensation for himself. It is now more popular than Resell rights. In both
these rights, you may not change or edit the product altogether. Must be sold as-is. If
you do not have their own products or feel too difficult to make their own products, then
sell the products with Resell rights or master Resell rights can be one way out. 100%
compensation without having to have its own products make a lot of people are tempted
so often this product is sold by many people who would make the competition very tight.
To search for products with Resell rights, live search through google, such as fat loss
Resell rights See anything about the fat loss products or eliminate fat in the body that
has the rights Resell license.
· Selling Products Packaging Results Review of PLR Products. There are other kinds of
rights that is PLR or Private Label Rights. Products sold under private label rights / PLR
means that you can edit, change the product all you want you can even put your name
as the owner of the product. Extraordinary is not it? You can find PLR products on any
topic you want. Marketers who succeed in this business model, they used to do re-
packaging of the product name, product image, the display on the website, editing and
changing the format of packaging products and many re-done so that eventually
became a unique product that did not look that it comes of PLR products. This is a
smart and simple way to create a new product without having to make it from scratch.
To search for products with private label rights, live search via google, like golf ebook
PLR See anything about golf products that you can re-packaging into a new product.

Category 2: Sell Your Own Services

As mentioned previously, the Internet is a medium that is very effective in selling
expertise, skills and experience. Selling a skill we often call the business or service, is a
business model that is growing rapidly after a widespread Internet use worldwide.

People are creative and have a design or programming skills who lives in a small town
in India, Slovakia (Eastern Europe), a small town in Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia or other
developing countries can now have clients who live in cities and countries are very
advanced as New York - USA, Japan, Britain, Canada and other developed countries.
Previously unimaginable for people who live in small towns in developing countries can
sell their skills to people from developed countries. So whatever skills / expertise / skills
you have, there is someone in this world who need it and are ready to pay.

Outsourcing Marketplace
Before I describe the service or expertise / skills of the popular and much needed on the
internet, I will mention first some popular websites that the marketplace / place of
transaction between the service provider and who need services (which do the
outsourcing, the term generally). Website outsourcing marketplace is actually an
intermediary between the service provider and who need services. They try to be the
one in the middle / referee in order that a win-win relationship between both sides. They
already provide a mechanism for service providers will always get paid and buyers
receive services in accordance with the results of work requested.

There is a marketplace of a general nature or the provider of many services, there are
more specific to certain services such as service coding / programming or design
services. With a look of each website below, you immediately know what services
people need and how many are ready to pay for the cost of completing a job / project.
There are many more outsourcing marketplace in addition to that I mentioned above.
With the growing period, the business outsourcing industry is growing worldwide. Many
people take advantage of this momentum by building a team of dozens of people and
find a job that can be done in the outsourcing marketplace above.

Many Types of Services Needed
If you've had time to view the outsourcing marketplace website above, you begin to
have some idea what services were most needed. I will list a popular type of service
that is always high demand or high demand, so if you master the skills below and are
interested to do business service, you will never be lonely orders.

Here's a much-needed popular services:
· Graphic design services. Covers all kinds of design such as logo design, banners,
websites, brochures, packaging of the product, website headers and much more.
· Services website creation. Covers all forms of websites, from static websites, dynamic
websites with databases, websites with Wordpress or Joomla or Drupal Content
Management System or the other.
· Services coding / programming software or script. Covers all forms of software,
ranging from simple to very complex. Many people think the software is sold by U.S.
companies created by the USA as well, but the fact that manufacture in many software
outsourcing to local programmers in Eastern Europe or in India.
· Services to write an article. All websites need a content / content to provide value /
benefits to website visitors. This article is one of them searchable content. But many
people can not or do not have time to make the article itself so that ultimately more
people willing to write articles on demand. The cost of making an article to the content
of 400-600 words usually between U.S. $ 6 to U.S. $ 20. A professional article writer
can write 10-15 articles per day.
· Copywriting services. Other writing services that are often needed is: making a sales
letter copywriting or writing intended to convince people into buying something. Being a
good copywriter takes skill, intensive learning and flying hours is sufficient. That is why
a copywriter who can write a 3 page sales letter that good and only charge U.S. $ 1000
is considered cheap. An extremely unusual top copywriters are paid U.S. $ 20,000 - $
30,000 per sales letter that was made.
· Ghostwriting services. These services manufacture ebook or reports with many pages
on a topic specified. Buyers have the right services entirely on the results of the writing
so that may put their name as author. Here's how it is mostly done by people to own
and sell ebooks without having to write it yourself. The cost of doing ghostwriting can
vary between U.S. $ 300 to U.S. $ 1000 or even more, depending on the topic and the
many pages written.
· Services make transcripts. Which quite often is needed now is a transcript / text of the
conversation in an audio or video. So the employer provide an audio tape / video to a
transcript service providers who will then produce the text word for word the contents of
the audio / video.
· Services interpreter. The Internet is a global medium, so that today many people want
to create a website with different languages, ebook in a variety of languages, articles in
various languages and much more.
· Virtual assistant services. That is a virtual personal assistant. Busy people usually will
need a personal assistant, but if their needs are still not too much, hire a personal
assistant will remove significant costs that are less effective. The solution often is to
have a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is usually determined every day to work how
many hours and how much is paid for every hour. Virtual assistants can only stay in the
same country from which hired him, but working in their own homes. But in the era of
the Internet, virtual assistants are often located in other countries that do not have to
use the same language. For example, people in the USA often have a virtual assistant
who lives in India. What used to be asked to a virtual assistant is like arranging the next
business trip, from booking plane, hotels and others. Set up appointments with various
parties and the work usually done by a personal assistant but do not require physical
· Services do SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This service is needed by many
website owners, namely to increase website rankings in search engines for certain
keywords. Desired goal is usually the first page of search engines. If you have these
skills, your market is the whole world, because all the owners of websites around the
world want this.
· Services manage PPC advertising. This service will start much in need along with the
effectiveness of advertising PPC or Pay Per Click in bringing customers to the website
owner. Many website owners do not want to bother to learn to install the PPC ads
effectively and efficiently. If you have this skill, you can manage a company or individual
clients in the use of PPC advertising on Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and
MSN Ad Center. Actually there are many more who need those services on the internet.
You need to do further research on several websites outsourcing marketplace, which I
mentioned above are just examples to find out much-needed services. You can also
see the trend of outsourcing business needs.

Categories 3: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a concept where you sell products or services of others with
compensation a commission. If you're new about affiliate marketing, I
recommend you to visit the to enroll in an affiliate program
through the site, namely PayDotCom Affiliate, Free Easy Website, and Get
access to 150 + Affiliate Programs. On the site you will know more clearly about
"what it is affiliate marketing and how it works?"

Affiliate Marketing is a business model that appeals to many people because it
can generate income / earning big without having to bother to make products and
manage the delivery, refunds, administration, management and other detailed
matters. Our focus as an affiliate just send as many visitors to the merchant
website. That's it! All orders received and processed by the merchant, as an
affiliate we are just waiting for the commission, good is not it? The concept is
simple, to succeed in this business model to study hard and work hard in the
beginning is still needed.

Many super affiliates (the term for someone who has become a top affiliate)
which could generate tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of U.S.
dollars per month. Name the author of Rosalind Gardner Super Affiliate
Handbook (http://edf2cp- which in 2003
has resulted in U.S. $ 436,797 per year by simply selling other people products
and services online . This book I bought in early 2008 and helped me to better
understand the process of affiliate marketing. I highly recommend Rosalind
Gardner's ebook (http://edf2cp-} this.

I really love affiliate marketing so that one of my main focus in the Internet
business is affiliate marketing. If you want to know what are the advantages of
building a successful affiliate marketing, you can read the article titled "Affiliate
Marketing Business" (

Affiliate marketing has become a huge industry. Almost all products and services
have an affiliate program. Opportunities are not limited but we remain limited time
so that was you who need to choose what you want to promote. The choice is
the product of physical / tangible, digital products, membership, lead and many
more. Necessary strategies / specific tips for choosing, which one would you get

Types of Compensation in Affiliate Marketing
Types of affiliate marketing is based on relative compensation there are only 3
· Pay Per Sale (PPS). This is the affiliate marketing business model in the most
widely used. PPS represents almost 80% of the affiliate industry marketng.
Merchant provides compensation to the affiliate based on sales that occur. There
are merchants that provide compensation in the form of percentage but others
provide nominal compensation in the form prescribed. Examples of merchants
that pay the affiliate based on the percentage is which is a
popular dating services on the internet. For any customers who subscribe will be
paid 40% of the value of the transaction. If a merchant has a lot of products, the
percentage is usually more attractive because the value of transactions per
customer is usually large so that the affiliate automatically receives a larger
commission. While examples of merchants who pay compensation to certain
nominal for each sale is a leading business magazine that has an
affiliate program that pays U.S. $ 11 for every customers that subscribe /
subscribe to Forbes magazine.
· Pay Per Lead (PPL) or CPA (Cost Per Action) or Pay Per Action. PPL or CPA
represent nearly 18% of the affiliate marketing industry. This is the type of
affiliate marketing which provides compensation to the affiliate merchant is not
because of the transaction at the merchant but because of the prospect data
entered. Industry popular compensate for lead / prospect is the credit card
industry, mortgage industry, the insurance industry, real estate industry and
others. But this time merchants who pay for leads / prospects have been
developed such as cosmetics company to give compensation to the affiliate for
each specimen was ordered by the prospect, the software company to pay
compensation to every prospect who download the free trial program and much
more. For example which is a Discover card issuer (a kind of
credit card) to provide U.S. $ 40 for every card that the "approved. So affiliate
duties only send visitors to ago visitors to include some
information to register for Discover card and if the application is approved, the
affiliate gets $ 40. There are no sales made, only a qualified prospect data is
needed to obtain compensation. Another example is the company's beverage
survey provides compensation of U.S. $ 0.5 or $ 1 for every email that included
prospects. Visitor just need the contents of the email then the affiliate gets U.S. $
1. Easy money right? Affiliate business model based on PPL or CPA (same thing
really, just a different term) for quite a lot of affiliate marketers are more easily
perceived as psychologically easier to ask the prospect to fill a specific data (zip
codes, email or other data) rather than asking the prospect to buy something .
. Pay Per Click (PPC). Affiliate business model is to provide compensation to the
affiliate for each click from the affiliate website to the merchant website. So
merchants pay for each visitor that is sent affiliate (home visitors meet the
desired criteria such as the merchant's home state). Pay Per Click model was
never popular, but due to the number of fraud / scams that done, finally getting a
little merchants that provide compensation for this pay per click model. Strategy
and Business Models in the Affiliate Marketing business model and strategy
affiliate marketing is actually very much, your creativity in the business of Affiliate
Marketing is very important so different from other affiliates. Let me give you
some examples of strategies and business models in affiliate marketing:
- Become a Broker Affiliate. Quite a few merchants who have affiliate programs
with 2-tier compensation or two levels. This means that merchants also provide
compensation to affiliates who refer other affiliates that generate sales. Usually
the percentage is smaller than the affiliates who refer customers. For example: a software company, has a 2-tier affiliate program where the
commission for level 1 is 20%, while commissions for sales on level 2 is 5%.
What this means is if someone affiliate refer customers who purchase the
software then the affiliate gets 20%. Well, if an affiliate of the A has Person B
refer to affiliate means an affiliate of the B is the level to 2 from an affiliate of the
A. All software sales that made the B will generate 20% commission for the B,
but also yields 5% commission for the A. That is what 2-tier or 2 levels. There are
quite a lot of affiliate marketers who focus its business model to broker affiliate, is
looking for affiliates who will promote your products / services. So when the
affiliate who referred (often called sub-affiliate) managed to make sales, they also
will receive compensation even less. To implement this strategy as an affiliate
broker, they usually create a directory of affiliate programs that exist in an
industry, for example: Affiliatestar - Make Money!
(Http:// For that please you are looking
for affiliate program directory in an industry that you want. Suppose the health
industry / health, then do search on google: health affiliate program directory and
then take a look at some of the affiliate program directory. The strategy of the
owner of the website generally is to be a broker affiliate.
- Create Product Review. This is the business model of the most popular affiliate
of promoting products / services by writing a review / reviews about products that
are promoted. The form is a form of review articles, such as the example review
of Free Easy Website (web hosting company I use and recommend). Forms of
review there is also a form of comparison or a comparison chart table as The rest you can see for themselves how the product
reviews done by the affiliate in various industries. To find a review site, just
search on google, keywords used and add the word review such as web hosting
reviews and see a variety of ways reviews conducted by the affiliate.
- Create Directory Website. One of the strategies in affiliate marketing is to create
a directory of merchants in a particular topic such as For that you can search various directories in the
industry you want. Suppose the weight loss industry, then do search on google:
weight loss directory and see what the existing directory. Generally, this directory
is made by affiliate marketers.
- Create a Coupon Website. One strategy in bringing visitors / visitors to your
website is to provide coupon codes for many merchants. Almost every merchant
in developed countries like U.S., Canada and the UK regularly publishes discount
coupons that can be used in customer shopping online. If you displaying the list
of coupon websites like owned by a super affiliate,
your website will bring many visitors who will buy through your affiliate link. To
find a coupon site, you can simply search on google, suppose you find coupon
for facial care products then type in google: skin care products and see coupon
websites which provide coupon. Some coupon sites is made by affiliate
- Create Incentive / Rebate Website. One way to make visitors buy products /
services through your affiliate link is to provide an incentive / bonus, both the
incentive in the form of return of money or other valuable incentives. Not all
merchants allow affiliates to provide incentives in the form of money, especially in
the type of affiliate PPL or CPA. Examples of successful incentive site is owned by a super affiliate.

More in-depth discussion about affiliate marketing is because it would be too long
I will discuss later in the next matter, which is about the affiliate network, how to
make affiliate links and more detailed things about affiliate marketing. Insha Allah

Category 4: Contextual Advertising

If you have a website with content that is attractive to a certain target market and
is visited by many visitors then you can earn revenue by displaying contextual
advertising on your website. Contextual advertising is the ads displayed will be
relevant to the content of your website. So, suppose that your website is a
website that displays the results of football matches, then the ads that appear on
your website are things related to football such as merchandise from football
clubs, football equipment and the like. When someone clicks on ads on your
website, there are benefits / compensation you receive. So to use contextual
advertising business model, the main focus is to create a website with interesting

Blog is one among many examples of websites that use contextual advertising.
Currently, blogging is a trend, tens of thousands of people every day to start a
blog on a topic. Blogs are a way of making website content easily. Blog filled with
new and unique content continuously, will bring loyal readers from around the
world. High traffic blogs that visitors will be able to bring in money from the ads a
lot. Like the sites in this Hubpages, for example.

Many companies / network that currently provides contextual advertising. But the
most first and most popular to date is Google Adsense. And for you who in
Hubpages certainly is not foreign to see him in a lot of hubs that you visit.

Google Adsense Ads installed on each hub. If you see ads that appear highly
relevant to the content of the respective hub. So the chances of these ads to be
viewed or clicked by the visitors to the site is great because as if still in touch with
what is being read by the visitors on the website. That's why it's called contextual
advertising is advertising that fits the context of the website. It's something much
more advanced than the mechanism of ads that are not relevant to the content of
the website.

If the text ads from Google that is on your website click on the advertising costs
will emerge and be charged to the advertiser. But because this ad is clicked as it
appears on your website then the cost of advertising in split or divided between
Google and you as the owner of the website.

That way of working is generally contextual advertising. In addition to Google
Adsense, there are many contextual advertising network that you can display on
your website, including: BidClix, ContextCash, Clicksor, Kontera, ValueClick and
many more. Now, about how to display contextual advertising, then later we will
discuss separately in the matter of my next article, God willing ....

Category 5: Flipping Site

Site flipping is basically buying and selling a business website. Website is an
asset thus like a house, buying and selling websites is something that is common
place and began to frequent. Websites that are sold generally have a value such
· Website generate income for both routine per month from contextual advertising
like Google Adsense or income from the affiliate.
· Website occupy page 1 in search engines for high search volume keywords.
· Websites with content and domain age or domain age is quite long (> 3 years)
so it will easily rank with SEO.
° and others.

Why would anyone want to sell his website? Yes, a lot of reasons. What is
certain is to generate enough money for personal purposes, to finance the next
Web site project, to pay debts and many other reasons.

Who wants to buy a website? Generally these are people who see the Web site
he purchased could be increased and sold at higher prices. There also are
buying a website to be enhanced so as to produce a much larger income to cash
flow, not for sale anymore. Da is still a lot of other reasons.

Place of sale and purchase of the most popular website in two places:
· Http://
· Http://

If you want to know what the website is currently being sold and at what price,
can refer to:

The business model of flipping site is generally between the two:
· Business model for many low-end content sites for sale. There are marketers
who are focused to make the low end content sites, direct selling for relatively
cheap (<U.S. $ 500) to get cash quickly. Type of low end content of this site are
generally sold on Digital Point.
· Business models for high-end content sites for sale. Generally high-end content
sites have a lot of unique content, a lot of visitors and rank particular on search
engines. High-end content sites are generally sold at Site Point.

So if you want to generate cash quickly, it might create a website and sell
strategy is a business model that works for you. But remember, this business
model will not generate cash flow or income continuously if you stop working.

All explanations on the three articles I have written about various business
models on the internet is intended that you can decide which option best for you.
What's best for others, not always best for you. Some people make so much
money by selling products through the online store goods that he imported from
China. But if you that makes it likely that business will not work because you
prefer to sit alone and write a topic you love, would not accept orders, make
deliveries, take care of administration, make new purchases of goods, inventory
taking and the things you need other details take care when making an online

If you are the people who tend not to like taking risks and not smart in the
negotiations, perhaps the business model Flipping Site or the buying and selling
websites is not something you want to do. When buying a website, there's always
the risk you buy the wrong site or are too expensive and eventually difficult to
resell. Although by learning in depth about flipping site will allow you to reduce
the risk of buying the wrong website.

So learn well every business model, further research on the internet, imagine
what it takes to conduct the business model.

If you love to create products, affiliate marketing may not be pleasant for you. But
if you do not like taking care of production and perform customer service, affiliate
marketing is probably the best solution for you.

If you love to do design or create programs and you need cash fast, maybe sell
your services through the outsourcing marketplace website will make you get
clients who are willing to pay for your services. While raising capital, you can
create a product that relates to your expertise.

My message is if you're just starting out, choose a business model first, mastered
and do action so that you can undergo the process to complete. But beware, if
you make two business models are often
will make you confused, unfocused and finally you feel frustrated.

I myself would be to emphasize the discussion about business models into a
category of "Sell Your Own Product", a category into 3 "Affiliate Marketing" and
categories to 4 "Contextual Advertising". As for the Sell Your Own Flipping Sites
and Services do not we explain further considering the workings and
mechanisms are somewhat different and limited time sayai have. For that, the
material next article if I mention an Internet business, then the designation is
meant I was referring to the category of business model "Sell Your Own Product,
Affiliate Marketing and Contextual Advertising."

I hope the discussion on various business models on the internet can provide a
picture for you about the different ways to make money on the internet. Learn,
evaluate and decide the business model you want to focus today.

Remember: after selecting which you want to focus, learn information / tools that
will support your focus. Ignore "other things" because "other things" the future will
only disturb your concentration and focus. Without a focus to the business model
you choose, then it means it will be difficult to create the momentum to your
success. Once you succeed with one business model, not until you can try other
business models. Finished.

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