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					  Actuarial News
   A Presentation by Claude Penland,
Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society
          Topics We Will Cover
•   Technical News      •   Actuaries in the News
•   Actuarial Careers   •   Professional Questions
•   Regional News       •   Other Actuarial News
•   Global News         •   Wrap Up
•   Regulatory News
•   Reinsurance
           Technical News
• Catastrophe Risk Trends PowerPoint
• Predictive Analytics, Modeling News and
  Trends Presentation
• Pension Risk Trends, News and Info
• Takaful and Retakaful Trends PowerPoint
         Technical News, Two
• Lifetime Income Options, including Annuities,
  discussed regarding 401(k)s
• Actuary discusses Modeling Loss Reserve Risk
• Emerging Risk in Life Insurance, A New
  Approach for Actuaries
• Government-issued longevity bonds as an
  insurance trend to watch
        Technical News, Three
• Healthcare receivables securitization trends
• SCOR Global Risk Center Launched at
• Casualty Actuarial Society Meeting Presentations
  Database Online
• Competitive Market Analysis of Auto Insurance
         Technical News, Four
• Open Source Insurance Loss Simulation Model
  Released by the Casualty Actuarial Society
• Nyhart Actuaries Design New 401(k) Plan
• Medical Malpractice Costs to Increase a Bunch,
  Premiums to Follow
• Annual Retiree Healthcare Costs in New Jersey
  for State Employees to double
            Actuarial Careers
• The C-Level Actuary: How Did Actuaries Get
  Beyond Their Actuarial Jobs?
• Will the CERA become the “gold standard” for
  risk management?
• Classroom Guide for Actuaries Published by the
  Actuarial Foundation
• Actuarial Careers Named One of Fifty Best
  Careers for 2011
          Actuarial Jobs, Two
• A Comparison of Three Disciplines’ Insurance
  Salary Surveys’ Medians, C-level
• “There are almost no unemployed experienced
• Actuarial Science very, very popular major among
  Overseas Students in the US
• Actuarial Intern discusses her Actuarial Internship
  at Allstate
         Actuarial Jobs, Three
• Actuarial Jobs are too hard to fill, say recruiters
• Actuarial Students sought by the Casualty
  Actuarial Society
• Lloyd’s Managing Agents hire 126 actuaries.
  Solvency II a major reason.
• Solvency II expected to create 250+ actuarial jobs
  in Ireland
         Actuarial Jobs, Four
• Captive Insurance Jobs up in Vermont:
  Accountants, Actuaries, Lawyers
• Actuaries and risk analysts working in
  virtual economies?
• States individually plan to hire actuaries to
  review health rates
 Regional News: North America
• Actuarial Obesity Study of Canada and
  United States Estimates $300 Billion
  Economic Cost
• US Social Security’s Future
• Michigan State University Adds Actuarial
  Science Degree
         Regional News:
        North America, Two
• Potential Pandemic Price Pegged by Society
  of Actuaries at up to $290 billion
• 10 Barriers to Retirement Planning Advice
  Identified by the Society of Actuaries
      Regional News: Europe
• 108 European Insurance and Reinsurance
  News Highlights, Trends
• Check Out the $51 Billion Windstorm
  Europe Will Need to Prepare For Under
  Solvency II
• UK Actuaries funding Enterprise Risk
  Management Projects
   Regional news: Europe, Two
• UK Charities with compulsory pension
  enrollment might have problems
• New United Kingdom Actuarial Motto
• “Pirate Attacks Make Risk Estimation
  Difficult”, say UK Actuaries
     Regional News: Bermuda
• Bermuda Insurance Reinsurance Stories and
  Transactions, PowerPoint Presentation
        Regional News: Asia
• 17 Highlights from the Insurance Market in
• India’s Regulator tells 24 Property &
  Casualty Insurers to Hire More Actuaries
• Institute of Actuaries of India Aims to
  Expand into South Asia and Asia Pacific
    Regional News: Asia, Two
• China and Hong Kong PowerPoint
  Presentation, Insurance Wrap Up
• China Association of Actuaries looks to join
  the IAA
          Worldwide News
• Insurance Mergers / Acquisitions Trends,
  News, Presentation
• Startups in Insurance, Reinsurance
• Global Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst
  Website Launched
      Worldwide News, Two
• Enterprise Risk Management, the Role of
• Mobile Payments in Emerging Economies
  could help Insurance Penetration
• Which Insurance Companies have the most
  Twitter followers?
          Regulation News
• Solvency II PowerPoint Presentation
• The Future of Insurance Regulation, from
  the Actuarial Review
• NAIC Life and Health Actuarial Task Force
  To Weigh In on IASB Proposals
       Regulation News, Two
• Azerbaijan to License Actuaries
• Groupe Consultatif Actuariel Européen
  Explains Insurer Insolvencies vs. Bank
• First actuaries certified in Armenia
• Reinsurance Trends, News, Analysis
  PowerPoint Presentation
• Alex Krutov’s recent Insurance-Linked
  Securities book, a review
• Reinsurance C-Level Salary Survey
         Actuaries in the News
• Brian Duperreault, Actuary, CEO, Elected to
  Insurance Hall of Fame
• Former Actuary Writes Book, “The Influential
• Governance Task Force Report Released by the
  American Academy of Actuaries
• David Axene finds errors in health insurance rate
    Actuaries in the News, Two
• Actuarial Awards Announced in Europe
• University of St. Thomas Wins Travelers
  Actuarial Case Competition
• Actuarial Science Scholarships at Illinois
  State University
        Professional Questions
• Who is more Dangerous, a Serial Killer or your
  Life Partner?
• Is Chief Actuary the Most Visible Example of
  Actuarial Professionalism Today?
• Eddie Smith, Actuary, Discusses Web 2.0 and
• Cavanaugh Macdonald Consulting Receives
  Patent on Interest Rate Smoothing Algorithm
   Professional Questions, Two
• Powerful Hospitals Increase Prices? Powerful
  Health Insurers Hold Prices In Check?
• NY Times discusses US States’ Pension
• What is Dynamic Financial Analysis?
• Should New Jersey Declare Bankruptcy Over
  Their Pension Deficit?
       Other Actuarial News
• London Life/Great-West Life to Pay $455.7
  million based on Actuary’s lawsuit
• Online casinos taking bets on hurricanes
• Casualty Actuarial Society High School
  Scholarship for Diversity
    Other Actuarial News, Two
• Actuaries Rock
• The Band Blind Actuaries is Back
                   Wrap Up
• On, I write at least six posts
  a day on the business issues that I explore daily.
  These include Insurance News, M&A, Startups
  & Trends; Web Development & Trends; Web
  Startups; Odd Business Ideas; Global Finance
  & Investment; Reinsurance; Catastrophe Risk;
  Predictive Analytics; Solvency II; Pensions;
  Risk Management and Takaful.
• Thank you!

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