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					       Gadgets & A
       Glimpse Of
       The Future

Presented By:
Hartej Singh
Sunny Bajaj
Yatin Walia
Amit Kumar Thakur
Definition Of gadgets By Some
     Famous Dictionaries
 • Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus: An often
   small mechanical or electronic device with a practical
   use but often thought of as a novelty.
 • Wikipedia: “A gadget or gizmo is a device that has a useful
   specific purpose and function. Gadgets tend to be more
   unusual or cleverly designed than normal technology.”
   Examples: MP3 players, remote control devices of any
   sort, cordless mouse, Swiss army knife
 • Consumer electronics
      What Do I Mean By “Gadgets” ??
 A gadget is a small technological object (such as a device or
  an appliance) that has a particular function, but is often
  thought of as a novelty (The quality of being new, original, or
  unusual) . Gadgets are invariably considered to be more
  unusually or cleverly designed than normal technology at
  the time of their invention. Gadgets are sometimes also
  referred to as gizmos(a gadget, especially one whose name
  the speaker does not know or cannot recall). A gizmo has
  moving parts but a gadget need not have them.
• The history of invention of gadgets is almost as old as
  humanity itself. But, the introduction of the word is
  relatively new. The etymology of the word gadget is
  disputed. Some say that the word gadget was "invented"
  when Gaget, Gauthier & Cie, the company behind the casting
  of the Statue of Liberty, made a small-scale version of the
  monument and named it after their firm.
Difference between Gadgets
        and Gizmos

• Gadgets : : Electronic device used to fulfill a
  need or a perceived need
• Gizmos : : Non - Electronic device used to
  fulfill a need or a perceived need or rather
  a device with moving parts
• For example, a nifty digital watch would be
  a gadget, while an analog watch would be a
    Underlying Technology

• Information Processing
  – hardware and software
• Storage
  – capacity and speed
• Communications
  – bandwidth and ubiquitous accessibility
         Hardware and Software
• Hardware
   – Processor Power
       • Quad Core
       • 64 – bit CPU’s
   – Processing Speed
• Software
   – Software Power
       • Java, .NET
   – Service Oriented Architecture
   – Applications Oriented Architecture

• Memory
  – Size – the 4 Gbyte PC
  – Speed
• Portability – Hand held mobility
  – USB Stick – the 4 GB stick
  – iPod
•   Sizes
•   Technology
•   Memory
•    Features
•    Usage
      Devices of daily use
• Television
• Cell Phones
• Computers
•   New technology
•   Fast response time
•   Great contrast ratio
•   Superb features
Cell Phones of past
Cell phones of present
Cell phones of future
           Cell phones
• Touch Screen
• 3G technology
• Window Based
• Multi usage
•   Used in day to day life
•   Fast
•   Easy to operate
•   Multitasking
•   Internet facility
                     MacBook Air
•   Extremely thin; 0.16 to 0.76 thick
•   1.6 GHz Intel Core Duo processor
•   Multi-touch trackpad
•   Smart LED screen for longer battery life;
    now mercury and arsenic free
•   Includes 802.11n wireless
•   No DVD or CD player
•   Only 80 GB hard drive
•   Supports up to 64 GB
    solid state drive (very expensive)
                 Glass Keyboard

• Future of keyboard
• Laser touch
• Waterproof
• No-Key concept
• Light source, a camera and an
  etched sheet of glass, showing the
  key positions
• Type, the cam sees your contact with
  the glass and sends appropriate
  commands to your PC
• Price: ?
Working of laser virtual keyboard
Building Automation - GTC

                • Access control (lock-unlock)
         • HVAC monitoring (cooling, heating)
• Alarms
• Metering
• Energy management

                    Carleton University - The Evolution of
Winter 2008                                                  21
                                  the Web
In-Wall Touch screen
   Wireless devices

• Wireless mice & keyboards
• Logitech cordless presenter
  – Value for library instruction
•   Greater applicability
•   Advanced
•   Energy efficient
•   Fuel efficient
            Macromedia E-Paper
• Electronic paper
• Snapshot-sized display music,
  images, movies
• Nanotechnology
• Wafer-thin
• Battery is a replaceable Power
• Sound adjustment
• Data transfers take over a built-
  in high-speed wireless
• Coming 2015 from Lunar
• Price: $35 per pack of 10
Microsoft D-Sharp
         • Wrap around monitor
         • 11” tall x 44” wide
         • Curved in a gentle arc to avoid
         • Immersive
         • Early tests show 9% - 50% productivity
         • Women improved 2x over small
         • 30% less mouse movement
       Laptop with Detachable Screen
•   Toshiba
•   Wireless protocol
•   Display: 0.7 inches thick (0.4)
•   Weight: 1.2 lbs (10-14 ozs.)
•   Battery life -1 hour (3-4 hours)
•   Timeline – ~ 2 years
         Cell Phone Jammers

                     •   Jam phones surrounding you
                     •   Illegal in U.S.
                     •   Up to 50 feet
                     •   Works on worldwide networks
                     •   Expensive
                     •   Illegal in U.S.
SH066P               •   Buy Indoor/Outdoor modules
                     •   Price: SH066 $260; CX- 200 $71
                     •   Available UK, Japan
Batman Utility Belt or ManBag?

          • Gadgets to carry are on the rise! Blackberry, cell
            phone, iPod…
          • 32%* get everything into their pocket
          • 4%* prefer the utility belt approach
          • 66%* required to carry mobile device for work
          • 73%* believe greater use of mobile devices has
            improved their work-life balance
          • 12%* want converged devices
          • 75%** carry at least 3 gadgets
          • 8%** carry 5 or more!

                                  Sources: *Damovo; **
Origami DVD Player
        • Manufactured with new e-
          paper, a full color, fully flexible
          display technology
        • Screen folds into it’s case
        • Includes integrated speakers
        • Development by Mag-Ink in
        • Idea Awards Bronze Winner in
          2005 for Design Explorations
                                 Pocket scanners
                                  (Reading pen)

• Scan, store and send
   – Reads notes aloud.
   – Beams to Smart phones, as well as to PDAs and PCs.
   – Includes English dictionary definitions.
   – USB connection to PC
• Get Immediate Translations and Definitions
• Reading Aids – portable devices for dyslexic users

Wizcom Technologies

Working of scanner
  Digital Pen (Drawing pen)
Logitech io2
Digital Writing System
Take notes or draw sketches in ink
on the smart paper and a “tiny
camera” captures your work, storing
up to 40 pages at a time. Intelligent
power management maximizes
every battery charge.

Capture the familiar feel of how you
have created in the past and moves
it to digital.
           USB Wedding Bands
• USB integrates
  into your (life)style
• More than just
  data coupling!
• USB bracelets
  already available
Geographic Search via Phone

       • Information from the internet about whatever you
         are pointing the phone at. (Hotel, Restaurant,
       • Special Cell phone
       • GPS satellite technology
       • Combination compass, GPS & binoculars – point at
         navigational landmark and identify it
       • Currently, descriptive info and advertisements for
         700,000 locations in Japan
       • Location based tourism info, advertising, yellow
         pages, functions for locating friends
           Blu-Ray v. HD-DVD
• Potential format battle
• HD DVD: supported by Toshiba, Intel, and
  Microsoft  add-on HD DVD player for Xbox
  360 console this fall
• Blu-ray: supported by Samsung, Pioneer, and
  Sony  Blu-ray drive for PlayStation 3 game
  system, avail this fall
BenQ Trio Writer BW1000
          • Blu-Ray writer for PC
          • 3 laser formats to accommodate CD, DVD,
          • 25 GB on single layer
            50 GB on dual layer
          • 2 hours of HD content
            13 hours of standard definition
          • Equivalent of 5 DVDs on one disk
          • Solid Burn, Write Right
          • 2x – BD-R/-RE 1x- Dual layer
            12x – DVD+R/-R
            32x – CD-R
          • Price: $1,025 Aug 2006
    Future Phone/PDA/MP3 Device
• 60 GB MP3 player
    – Sync w/ iTunes and Windows Media Player
    – User-editable MP3 ringtones
    – Supports WMA, AAC & five other file formats
•   Wireless Internet (without minutes)
•   3.2 Megapixel camera
•   OS Options: Windows, Palm, Opera
•   Availability: Maybe never??
EyeMove PC
      • All-in-one Oval shaped
        PC with built-in HD
      • Wireless Touch screen
        – Keyboard/mouse
        – Gaming
        – Multimedia
      • PC, Games, Movies,
        Multimedia anywhere
              Global Phone
• Vanu –
• Software Defined Radio
• One handset that operates on
  any cellular network anywhere
• Time line - ~ 5 years
          Turbocell Charger
• Emergency cellphone
• Runs on 1 AA battery
• Reusable
• Works with most phones
• Up 2 hours talk-time
• Price: <$20

      Solio Universal Charger
 Solar-powered emergency
 Charges phones, mp3 players,
  cameras, etc.
 8 hours for full charge
 Holds charge for 1 year
 Closed: 5” x 2.5” x 1.5”
 Price: $200
       Belkin Wireless USB Hub
• Wireless
  connectivity for up
  to 4 USB peripherals
• PC isn’t tethered to
  camera dock, etc.

• Price: $130
• Release date: July
Transparent Toaster
           • Greatest thing since sliced bread?
           • Uses special heating glass to warm a
             single slice of bread
           • Monitor your toast so it doesn’t get
             over done.
           • Currently doesn’t get hot enough to
             toast bread
           • In development

What year did Apple introduce the first iPod?

Voice Recognition TV

        • Allows consumers to search & receive
          information about broadcast & on-demand
          programs, shows, music & games
        • Personalization module retains individual
          caller data & preferences
        • Allows caller to purchase CDs, videos, &
          DVDs with single call
        • Access for the visually impaired
        • Convenient "anytime-anywhere" voice
          access through automated speech
        • Natural language user interface
           I.C. Can
Self Refrigerating Beer Can
        • Manufactured by Tempra Technologies and
          Crown Holdings
        • Reduces contents temperature by a minimum
          of 30 degrees F. in 3 minutes
        • 100% natural and environmentally safe
        • All natural desiccant contained in a vacuum
          draws heat from the beverage through an
          evaporator into an insulated heat sink
        • Moving towards mass production
   World’s smallest LED projector
• Sony
• 3 transmissive LCDs and 1 prism
• Distance between LEDs and display devices
• Brightness reaches 50 lm

• Timeline - ?
• USB figure that stands
  up when an IM friend
  comes online
• Still in design
• No release date or price set
                 Nokia Open Cell Phone
• Sci-fi fans: Japanese folding fan
• Uses an as-yet-nonexistent flexible
  LCD color touch screen
• Scrollable screen
• Designed by Hugo Danti
• Won first place in the Nokia 4G
  Design Competition
• Possibility: Invention of
      E-Rope Modular Powerstrip
• Modular, expandable
  power strip
• Each socket can be
  rotated 180 degrees
• When devices are not
  in use, twist socket 90 degrees
  to disconnect flow of electricity
• Availability: unknown
              Full-Featured Camera
• Includes buttons for:
  beer, gin, jobs, money
• “Pee break”
  LED sensor
• “Call Spock”
          Voice-Trek G-10 recorder

• Olympus
• USB jack
• Memory – 256MB
• 69 hours audio recording
• Records to Windows media audio format
• Playback – WMA and MP3 files
•   Mobile phone
•   Portable mini projector
•   15” projection
•   External power source to boost brightness
                         Philips S900

•   MP3 Player
•   2 Megapixel camera
•   Touch Screen!
•   10 MB of onboard memory
•   Handy handwritten text input feature
•   USB, Infrared & Bluetooth
•   Pricing and availability: TBA
     NETGEAR Skype WiFi Phone
• Phone for use with Skype
  Internet-basaed phone service
• Make calls using any WiFi
• Pre-order on Amazon
• Availability: (maybe) July ’06
• Price: $300
Mio 269 GPS Navigator

           No installation or monthly fees is required
           Sleek, smooth, flat body and fully
            integrated GPS
           Large color screen with a 2.5GB hard drive
           POIs
           Includes Microsoft Windows OS
           Touchscreen & buttons
           500MB MP3 player (8 hours)
           For the car, walking, cycling or motorbiking
           4.5 hours on battery
           Now available: $460
           Flying Alarm Clock
 Really loud alarm
 Propeller launches & flies around
  the room
 Must return propeller to base to
  turn off alarm
 Princess International
 Price: $15

MIT Institute for Soldier
         • Founded in March 2002 by a $50 million
           contract from the U.S. Army
         • Mission is to use nanotechnology for:
            – sleek, lightweight battlesuits
            – leap tall buildings with bionics
            – find wounds and seal them on the spot
            – helmet will have radio & night vision
              gear, GPS, target illuminator, tactical
              dropdown eyewear, and will convey
              data, video and audio feeds for “a 3D
              picture of the battlefield”
                Wearable computing

MIT Labs
  “With heads-up displays, unobtrusive input devices, personal wireless
  areas networks (LANS), and a host of other context sensing and
  communication tools, the wearable computer can act as an intelligent
  assistant, whether it be through a Remembrance Agent, augmented
  reality, or intellectual collectives.”

Early example: Tunewear jacket
with iPod controls stitched to
the sleeve.
     Wearable computing today

     Movie Glasses
     • In Skymall magazine –
       Icuity Video Eyewear (optional DVD

     MP3 sunglasses
     • Thump by

Voted one of the top worst new technologies for 2005!
      Head-worn display
Icuity M920 – small and lightweight
     100 Megapixel Chip (Camera?)
• DALSA Semiconductor
  made a 100 megapixel chip
• Measures 4”x4”
• NASA's JPL chose DALSA
  for image sensors on Mars Rovers
• Also noted: Hasselblad already has a
  39 megapixel camera
         PoGo Pocket Printer
 Prints 2” x 3” prints with sticker backing
 Works via USB or Bluetooth
 Inkless printing embeds color into paper
 Size: 4.7” x 2.8” x 0.9”
 Polaroid
 Price: $150
   + $10/30 sheets of paper
• Technology
• Custom Duties
• World Become Shortened
          TODAY’S LIFE
•   Easy Life
•   More Accuracy
•   Fast
•   Reliable

Reduces time and Energy
Efficient And Effective
   Merits And Demerits

Reduces Physical Work
Prone To Many Diseases
Diverts Attention And Interest
Electromagnetic Waves
How to Decide on a gadget for your
            need ??
•   Need
•   Will It meet that need
•   Is the cost Balanced By Yourself
•   Will Your crews use it
•   Is the device too limited in what it can do
•   Is it durable enough