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8th Grade Hmwk Policy


									Dear Parents,
        We would like to welcome you and your son or daughter to eighth grade at Algonquin
Middle School. We hope this year will be exciting, productive and successful.
        Please read and discuss with your son or daughter the 8th Grade Homework Policy on the
back of this letter, as well as the School Wide Standard of Discipline found in the Algonquin
Middle School Handbook. These are the minimum expectations that we feel are very significant
and important for a successful school year. Please sign the bottom portion of the homework
policy and have your son or daughter return it to his or her first hour teacher by Friday, August
20, 2010.
        We feel that it is important to keep an open communication with our students’ parents.
One wonderful way of keeping in contact with you is through email if you do have access. We
ask that you please fill out the bottom information on the back side of this letter if you feel that
any of your information may differ with what the school has on file.
        We are looking forward to working with your son or daughter and with you. We also
encourage you to check your child’s assignment notebook on a regular basis. To keep up to date
on your child’s assignments, please take advantage of the following options:
                Homework Hotline by calling the school at 847-532-7193
                8th grade web page:
        Your child’s grades may be accessed at any time through the infinite campus parent
portal. If you do not already have an access code, please visit the district website to complete the
Infinite Campus parent portal form. After you have completed and returned the form, a
username and password will be assigned to you. Your child can also access their grade at
anytime through infinite campus using their student ID as their username and birthday as their
password. We expect students to be responsible for monitoring their own progress with the use
of infinite campus.

       The 8th Grade Team

Also located on website:

Mr. Borkowski            Algebra, Math, Social Studies      
Mrs. Gidlund             Science, Lang. Arts, Literature, ACC Lit
Mrs. Hermann             Math, Literature, ACC Literature  
Ms. Nelson               L.D. Self Contained                  
Mrs. Ogunbodede:         L.D. Resource                 
Mr. Pittner              Language Arts, Social Studies         
Ms. Raab                 Accelerated language Arts                
Mr. Rand                 Lang. Arts, Acc. Lang. Arts Social Studies,
Mrs. Smith               Science                             
                               8th Grade Homework Policy

1. Assignments will normally be given each day for all academic classes.
   (Science, Language Arts, Literature, Math and Social Studies)
2. Students are expected to write down and keep track of each daily assignment in their
   AMS assignment notebook. Students received these on the first day of school.
3. Students are expected to take pride in their work.
         It is important for assignments to be turned in neat and clean, free from tears, rips
           and/or any unnecessary stray markings.
         It is important for assignments to be turned in on time. The development and
           practice of good work habits is essential to developing responsibility, reliability,
           proper organization, good self-respect, and good self-esteem for future success.
4. Assignments not turned in at the assigned time will receive a deduction in points.
         First day late: 70% of grade earned
         Second day late: 50% of grade earned
         Third day late and beyond: no credit will be given
5. Homework resulting from an absence due to illness may be turned in for full credit within
   a reasonable time, normally equal to the time of absence or a time determined mutually
   by the teacher and student.
6. Homework from an absence due to family vacation must be turned in for full credit the
   first day the student returns, or a time determined mutually by the teacher and the student
   before the vacation was taken.
7. Students may make arrangements for extra help either before or after school, or during
   study hall time. These sessions will be for help with problems, not to make up work.
8. In addition, each individual teacher may have expectations and policies as they pertain to
   their particular classroom setting or subject matter. Students will be notified of new
   policies or changes that may go into effect, as necessary.
9. These polices may be relaxed or re-enforced at any time as is fitting.

Please sign this portion of the homework policy statement and return it to your first hour
teacher by Friday August 20, 2010.
I have read and understand the 8th grade homework policy.

Student Signature____________________________________________________________

Parent Signature_____________________________________________________________

Parent email address:_________________________________________________________

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