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					User Experience
Stratusphere and ProfileUnity Pro
                            The Company
• Privately held, HQ in Atlanta, GA 17 people R&D, Support, Ops

• Presence in US Central 5 Sales & US Northeast 3 Sales, Switzerland 3 Sales

• Leadership team comprised of virtualization industry veterans from
Vizioncore, Dunes, Foedus, vmSight(Virtualization experience since 2002)

• Initial solution offerings provided a combination of software and methodologies
  to intelligently assess desktop and application viability for virtualization

                            “The on-ramp to VDI"
                      LWL Key Milestones 2009
•   LWL Founded – March 2009
•   LWL acquisition ofvmSight- April 2009
•   LWL announces Apache Partner Program – May 2009
     – Approaching 50 VMware and Citrix partners as of October 2009
•   Closed deals with Cigna, Cisco, VMware and USAA – As end users
•   Launch of 4.1 product with assessment capability – June 2009
•   Acquisition of Entrigue Systems – August 2009
•   Finalist Best of VMworld – September 2009
•   Managed VDI Partnership launch
     – Perot/Dell first to sign on
     – HP

•   Chosen as desktop monitoring solution for “A Financial Bank” with 55,000
    Desktop over 18 months – October 2009
•   Invited into partnership talks with VMware, Perot, Dell, Citrix, Cisco, CA
•   August through October 2009
•   Announcement of 4.5 product to be generally available October 26th 2009
                         Solution Overview
• User Experience (UX) Management – Methodology and solutions to deliver
  the best available current and next generation desktop experience.

• Accelerating Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI), Application Virtualization
  and next generation desktop strategies

• The company's Stratusphere™ software platform provides organizations
previously unattainable visibility into the configuration, usage and performance
of their virtual (and physical) desktop infrastructure and deployments

• The company’s ProfileUnity™ solution accelerates and automates critical
  components of the desktop lifecycle and improves user experience

                             “The on-ramp to VDI"
                            Most known for…

• Accelerating the Adoption & Consumption of VDI

• Enabling the ON-RAMP to VDI
   • Software, Methodology, Partner Services

• Stratusphere™ Platform removes “speed bumps” to VDI
  adoption: (while lowering costs on existing non VDI candidates)
   •   VDI Fit Metrics
   •   Design Information
   •   User Experience Metrics
   •   Data Migration Capability
   •   Virtual Infrastructure Performance Metrics
                       LWL’s Secret Sauce

“Caller ID” fingerprints user and device IDs on connections

• Small software agent embeds in thin clients,
  kiosks, virtual desktops
• Real-time inside virtual network
Other uses not covered in this preso:
    • Call Tracking (QoS, security)
    • Call Blocking (QoS, security)
    • Call Prioritization (QoS)
    • Call Metering (utility billing)

US Patent 7,386,889 …15 patents pending – 4 Patents Awarded Today!
          The Market

This preso focuses on Desktop
Virtualization (VDI or App Virt.)
   On-Demand Virtual Desktops: Poised for Explosive

“Current deployments of hosted virtual desktops are limited, although many companies
are piloting and testing. Based on feedback from more than 300 user organizations since
2006, Gartner estimates current live user seats at 75,000. User license sales are
approximately triple this number and are expected to exceed 300,000 by the end of
2008, suggesting further deployments and growing user numbers for deployments during
the remainder of the year. Many companies have indicated aggressive deployment plans,
pointing to a significant acceleration in the hosted virtual-desktop market during 2009.
Hosted virtual-desktop user license sales are likely to exceed 1.5 million by the end of
2009. In many cases, organizations will combine a move toward hosted virtual desktops
with other rework of their desktop environment, particularly operating-system migration.
By 2013, approximately 15% of business desktop users (who work from a single
location) in mature markets will move to this model, amounting to as many as 50 million

Brian Grammage, Mark A. Margavicius
Virtual-Desktop Deployments Are Set to Accelerate
               July 28, 2008
         Does not take into account other explosive growth opportunities:
              Virtual Desktops to Consumers (potential SI/SP play)
            On-Demand Applications on top of Virtual Infrastructure
On-Demand Virtual Desktops: Poised for Explosive Growth

“Goldman Sachs Software Research team believes desktop virtualization can
grow from less than $100 million in 2007 to $1.4 billion by 2011 in a
conservative scenario and up to 2.4 billion in 2011 using slightly more
aggressive penetration assumptions.

Key Drivers: Access, management, and security; cost over time.

Hurdles to overcome: ROI, complexity, licensing and end user experience.
Seogju Lee, James Covello, Sarah Friar, Krishna Kakarala
VDI Barriers to adoption

                           Source:The Register
We Are Witnessing a Rapid Transformation of End User
Desktop-as-a-Service /
  Cloud Computing

                         On-Demand Desktops and Applications
                         With Virtualization at Every Layer

                                               Application Virtualization
                         Application Servers

                                                               Key Problems:
Virtual Desktops (VDI)
                                                               • Education/Knowledge
                                                               • How and where do I start?
                                                               • How do I migrate user data
                                                                 and profiles
                                                               • How do I measure end user
      Challenges & Barriers to Widespread VDI Adoption
•   Are you selecting the right desktops to
    be virtualized?
•   Are you confident if your Virtual
    Infrastructure Design is viable?
•   Can you migrate user profiles and data
•   Can you measure and monitor user
•   Can you identify issues at the user,
    machine, application, network, and
    storage level?
•   Can you monitor latency of access to
    network resources and performance of
•   Are you wasting too much time
    troubleshooting slowness, bottlenecks,
The Solution in Depth
Stratusphere providesvisibility to:
          Speed bumps in desktop virtualization lifecycle
                                                                            Lack tools to help gather and
                                                 Assess                     categorize configuration and
                                                                            usage data, focus by user
                                              Categorize users and
Lack tools for effective                      applications, identify
                                              use cases, measure
problem-solving diagnosis,
                                              usage, determine
level 1 and level 2 support                   environment limitations
                                              and needs

                                Monitor and adjust             Identify target
                                resource allocations,          users and use
           Manage               provide software               cases, select        Design
                                upgrades and                   technologies,
                                patches, support               model architecture
                                end users                      and capacity
                                                               needs                Lack tools for VDI capacity
                                                                                    planning, system modeling with
                                              Virtualize applications,
                                              virtualize target                     different architectures
                                              desktops, migrate user
    Lack tools to quickly migrate             settings and
    user profiles, user documents,            documents, deploy to
                                              desktops and terminals
    and to validate accuracy as you
  Enter Stratusphere – Enabling…
  Desktop Refreshes, App Virtualization or VDI

             Center Module

Manage                 Stratusphere
           Diagnostics     Hub      Capacity
             Module                 Planner


          User Experience Management
User Experience (UX) Management – Methodology and solutions to
deliver the best available current and next generation desktop

    Successful UX Management speeds adoption, lowers costs, and increases user
 Assessment                  Evaluate what you have today, what you are using and
                             how you use it
 User Profile Management     Layered profile management to separately manage
                             application settings and user data from OS
 User Configuration          Layered Personalization by encapsulating and
                             dynamically apply user settings per desktop, per OS
 Service Level Assurance     Perform real time-diagnostics and health-check status
                             auditing to deliver optimized user experience

    One methodology, One set of solutions = comprehensive and successful
                       User Experience Management

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 LWL User Experience Management Stack
              Comprehensive User Experience Management
             All Centrally Available from the Stratusphere Hub

Stratusphere Fit             •Identify application workload              (what and how much)
(Assessment)                 •Identifyuser behavior                     (when and how often)
                             •Establish fitness rating             (composite metric reference)
ProfileUnity Pro             •Layered profile                           (Granular management)
(User Profile Management)    •OS portability                           (W2K, TS, XP, Vista, Win7)
                             •Migrate settings& data          (background data block level sync)
                             •Profile optimization            (dynamic, speed, size, compliance)
ProfileUnity Pro             •Layered personalization          (applied per OS, IP, other Policy)
(User Configuration)         •Delivers settings specific to user           (dynamic creation)
                             •Delivers settings specific to desktop        (dynamic creation)
Stratusphere UX              •UX Rating          (user experience composite metric reference)
(Service Level Assurance)    •Diagnostics              (reduce TCO in complex infrastructure)
                             •Drill down to granular details, reporting and alerting
Open Scalable Web Based System

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             Assessment – Stratusphere Fit

Features and Functionality

   Desktop Fitness                 •Provides an intuitive view of your infrastructure
                                   •Delivers decision support data for identifying users /
                                   desktops for the next generation desktop
                                   (Good/Fair/Poor fit ratings)

   Identify User Behavior          •Monitors usage and correlates data to identify users and
                                   groupsthat warrant additional resources or updated
                                   (CPU MHz, Mem, Net Latency, Disk IOPS, SoftW/HardW Inventory)

   Identify Application Workload   •Identifies what users are using which applications and to
                                   what extent
                                   (Logon time/duration, App use/launch duration, Resources

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          Assessment – Stratusphere Fit


     Desktop Fitness                 •Reduces time to adoption
                                     •Speeds implementation

     Identify User Behavior          •Right-size your infrastructure

     Identify Application Workload   •Enables easy allocation of resources
                                     •Streamlines licensing

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Assessment – Stratusphere Fit

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Layered Personalization Management – ProfileUnity Pro

 Layered Profile Optimization
 Features and Functionality

         Migration      • Harvests user profile personalization, application
                          settings and user data from existing desktops
                        • Data migration with invisible block level sync with
                          CPU priority and bandwidth control
                        • Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP support
         Optimization   • Provides for granular control over what portions of
                          the profile are to be managed and made portable
                        • Compresses size of profile for space savings and
                          speeds transfer
         Portability    • Heterogeneous Windows OS supports
                        • Forward and backward compatibility of application
                        • Policy based control - OS, IP, multiple user groups, and

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Layered Personalization Management – ProfileUnity Pro

 Layered Profile Optimization

    Migration        •   Migrate user profiles – no work lost
                     •   Upgrade applications – keep settings, i.e. Word 2003/07
                     •   Speeds user adoption
                     •   Satisfies users with a familiar environment
    Optimization     • Decrease logon times and reduce network storage
                     • Reduces profile bloat
    Portability      • Manage one profile per user, not one per machine
                     • Enables trouble free non-persistent VDI sessions

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Layered Personalization Management – ProfileUnity Pro

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    Layered Personalization – ProfileUnity Pro

Layered User Configuration
Features and Functionality

   Delivers settings specific to user   • Map drives, printers, folder redirection
                                        • Auto-create RDP shortcuts, other desktop
                                        • Set default File Open/Save locations
   Delivers setting specific to         • Deploy settings by Group, IP, OS, VPN vs. LAN
   desktop                              • Dynamically assign resources such as printers
                                          by location and multiple group dependencies
   Layered OS settings                  • Supports heterogeneous Windows OS
                                          experiences (W2K, XP, Vista, TS, Server 2003,
                                        • Supports forward and backward compatibility
                                          of application settings
   Documentation / Compliance           • Document configurations in PDF reports

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    Layered Personalization – ProfileUnity Pro

Layered User Configuration

  Delivers settings specific to user     • Provision desktop settings instantly
                                         • Centrally manage settings after roll-out
                                         • Manage data properly (Centralized Data i.e. DFS Share)
  Delivers setting specific to desktop   •   Ease end-user pain (Can help socially as well)
                                         •   Ease admin pain configuring desktop
                                         •   Reduce Help-desk calls for configuration
                                         •   Eliminate need to visit physical desktops
  Layered OS settings                    • Supports heterogeneous Windows OS experiences
                                         • Enables centralized configuration
                                         • Enables non-persistent desktops to be customized
                                           for the session
  Documentation                          • Addresses policy compliance
                                         • Provides for stability in staff changes
                                         • Aid in change control / auditing process

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Service Level Assurance – Stratusphere UX
Service Level Assurance
Features and Functionality

UX Rating (User Experience)                • Provides intuitive reporting of user experience
                                             rating over time
Diagnostics                                • Identifies issues by correlating data and
(Login / Boot Storms,                        aggregating results
 Avg. & Peak IOPS, Net Latency,
 Not Responding Apps/Window Visibility,
                                           • Alerts proper teams to manage issue (network,
 Graphics Intensity,                         hypervisor, SAN/storage, virtual desktop, physical
Hypervisor Metrics like %Ready)              endpoints)
Drill down to granular details             • Provides user performance reporting by user or
and reporting                                group
(Aid with compliance PCI / HIPPA control   • Provides hardware/software performance
and reporting)
                                             reporting by application, machine, or storage

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Service Level Assurance – Stratusphere UX
Service Level Assurance

UX Rating (User Experience)   • Optimized user experience at a glance
                              • Quantitative SLA support
                                (UX Composite& individual metrics to alert proper teams before
                                problems occur – Storage, LAN, Desktop, Hypervisor, Endpoint, Virtual
                                Machine, etc measurements with event correlation -- one product)
Diagnostics                   • Provide support and help desk staff information they
                                need to quickly identify and resolve issues
Drill down to granular        • Leaveno stone unturned in troubleshooting, leads to
details and reporting           quick rootcause analysis
                              • Save time with ability to pinpoint issues based on fine
                                tuned data selected before they become an epidemic

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Liquidware Labs the Next Generation Desktop/VDI “On-Ramp”

              Comprehensive User Experience Management
             All Centrally Available from the Stratusphere Hub

Stratusphere Fit               •Identify application workload              (what and how much)
(Assessment)                   •Identifyuser behavior                     (when and how often)
                               •Establish fitness rating             (composite metric reference)
ProfileUnity Pro               •OS portability                           (W2K, TS, XP, Vista, Win7)
(Layered Profile Management)   •Migrate settings& data               (backgroundblock level sync)
                               •Profile optimization                      (speed, size, compliance)
ProfileUnity Pro               •Layered settings                (applied per OS, IP, other Policy)
(Layered Personalization)      •Delivers settings specific to user
                               •Delivers setting specific to desktop
Stratusphere UX                •UX Rating         (User Experience Composite Metric Reference)
(Service Level Assurance)      •Diagnostics              (reduce TCO in complex infrastructure)
                               •Drill down to granular details, reporting and alerting

   Screen Captures to Follow 

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Stratusphere UX – Screen Captures

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Stratusphere and ProfileUnity Pro

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