A.) Overview.

      1.) The Acclaim Axial Ellipsoidal Zoomspot shall comply with the following
      performance specifications when using a GLC 575W, 120V, 15,500 lumens lamp.

                a.) Beam angle (defined as 2:1 variation from centre peak) Spot – 24
                degree, Wide – 44 degree.

                b.) Minimum light output: Peak beam.

                c.) Narrow angle – 24 degree, 95,000 Candela.

                d.) Wide angle – 44 degree, 50,000 Candela.

      2.) The Zoom Ellipsoidal shall be a purpose-designed fixture for interior stage,
      studio and display lighting applications. It shall be constructed from custom
      aluminum extrusions and die-castings. All corners and edges shall be rounded and
      have no sharp edges. The finish is to be a low reflective, matt charcoal color,
      electrostatically applied, baked on epoxy powder coat.

      3.) Each fixture is to be fitted with a heat resistant rear grab handle.

      4.) Four stainless steel shutters shall be fitted, located at the focal point of the
      optical system in a spring tensioned gate assembly. The shutters will mask the
      beam and provide a crisp edge when inserted. Each shutter is to have a heat
      resistant handle with two finger holes.

      5.) The Acclaim Axial shall have an ellipsoidal reflector, manufactured from 99.99%
      super pure aluminum anodized and polished to provide a pure specular reflector.

      6.) The reflector shall be designed to allow the lamp position to be adjusted to
      provide a flat {2:1} beam or peak {3:1} beam. This adjustment shall be possible
      without use of tools by adjusting a central planetary gear and three lamp tilt
      adjustment screws.

      7.) The Acclaim Axial variable lenses shall be manufactured from high heat
      resistant polished borosilicate glass mounted within molded holders which move
      captive along a custom extrusion. The lenses are to move with a minimum of
      vibration and without metal-to-metal contact. The focus fastening system is to be by
      simple maintenance free screw knobs located on the side of the lens tube, near the
8.) The lenses shall be available for cleaning by means of a side hinged bottom tray
held closed with a sprung 'push in' finger locking clip. The entire lens assembly
shall be removable for cleaning without tools by unlocking of the hinge after
operation of the locking clip.

9.) The Medium 24-44 degree lens assembly supplied shall be interchangeable
with the Wide 18-34 degree lens assembly quickly in this manner.

10.) The fixture shall be designed for use with a 575-watt lamp using a G 9.5
(TP22) lamp socket. The lamp socket shall be mounted within an aluminum die
cast heat sink. The wiring is to be in a separate compartment isolated from the
reflector / lamp assembly by a further cast heat sink and air gaps.

11.) Access to the lamp assembly shall be via two threaded finger bolts. Re-
lamping shall be possible without having to change the focus position of the fixture.

12.) Suitable lamps for the unit shall be:

       a.) 575W GLA 15,000 lumens 400 hrs average life.

       b.) 575W GLA 13,500 lumens 1500 hrs average life.

13.) When the lamp assembly is removed the mains power shall automatically be
disconnected ensuring that it is not possible to fit a lamp into a live socket.

14.) Tilt adjustment shall be by means of a screw lock system secured by a hand
sized insulated "T" handle which also allows one hand adjustment. Base tension
shall be generated by adjustment of the locknut pivot mount.

15.) The fixture is provided with a formed aluminum yoke with a central hole for a
1/2 inch suspension bolt set comprising 1/2 inch set screw, nut and two washers.

16.) The yoke suspension point is adjustable along the length of the fixture to
achieve the desired balance point.

17.) The fixture shall comply with international safety standards and be ETL and
cETL listed to UL standard 1573.

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