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                                                  London Office Services

The main purpose of the London office or bureau is to assist Libyan companies, groups and individuals in the UK.

Why Choose London as a European Headquarters?

        It is one of the most influential cities in the world.
        Great centre for banks and raising international capital.
        Very popular with international businesses, and a home to thousands of companies.
        It has an enormous range of cultural, sports and entertainment activities.
        Multicultural with English as the first language.
        Good international and local transport links.
        Offers a safe and satisfying lifestyle.
        A good centre for property investment.

SOC Libya Services

To apply SOC Libya’s extensive knowledge and range of skills of the UK, international and Libyan Markets, and our
network of contacts to provide Libyan individuals and companies with effective support and assistance in the
following areas:

        Assist with visits and itineraries or                                 Marketing services, such as setting up
         appointment setting etc.                                               seminars.
        Help with internal transport, accommodation,                          Setting up meeting and appointments in the
         hotel, property search etc.                                            UK on behalf on their behalves.
        To represent individuals and companies in                             To receive and respond to enquiries and
         the UK.                                                                requests.
        Translation and interpreting support.                                 To promote businesses in the UK.
        Marketing research to find UK, EU or
         International business partners.
        Help with import/export.

         UK: 111 Harp Island Close, London, NW10 0DQ, UK – Tel +44208 208 3120 - Reg. No. 6554019. E:
   Libya: Tripoli, Dahra, Zanget Bakir – Mob: +218 91 360 5043 E: or w:

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