Adding Grades from TurningPoint into Desire2Learn

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					      Adding Grades from TurningPoint into Desire2Learn
Setting up TurningPoint to record grades with the participant list:
    1. I will send you a participant list based on your Desire2Learn classlist.
    2. You will then login to the classroom computer you will be using and import the
        participant list (you only have to do this one time). There are two ways to import
        a participant list:
        First way-
            a. Open TurningPoint
            b. Click the dropdown button next to Participants on the TurningPoint
            c. Select Import a Participant List
            d. Browse to the list on the computer and click Open.
        Second way-
            a. Save the participant list to your Participants folder within the TurningPoint
                folder under My Documents. (My Documents/TurningPoint/Participants)

   3. The Participant List will be available to select each time you run TurningPoint on
      that computer by selecting the list under Available Lists or clicking the Import a
      List button at the bottom and importing a new list.

NOTE: Each lecturer will need to import the participant list since it is associated with
your login.

Setting up Desire2Learn:

   1. It is best if you already have all grade items setup in your Desire2Learn
      gradebook so that you can export the gradebook once then enter grades as you go
      through the semester and import. However, if you do not have a grade item in
   your Desire2Learn gradebook for a particular day, simply add the grade item to
   Desire2Learn and then export the gradebook.

2. Exporting the gradebook- Click Grades—Import/Export

3. Select export to csv from grades. Ensure that Org Defined ID, Points Grade, first
   name and last name are selected as shown below. Select all items
   4. Click Export to csv file at the bottom and save the file to your computer.

   5. Follow the instructions in “Generating Reports and Gathering Data from a
      Session” to open data from a session. Your session data should look similar to the
      below if you have generated a “Graded Participant Results”

   6. Open the gradebook that you exported from Desire2Learn, similar to the one

   7. Copy Total Points from the TurningPoint Report and Paste into the D2L
       Gradebook Export File.
   8. Save the D2L Gradebook File.
   9. Close the D2L Gradebook File.
   10. Open Desire2Learn.

Import the Grades back into Desire2Learn

   1. Click Grades—Import Grades
2. Click browse and select the .CSV file you saved with the grades and click Next.
3. You should see if there are any errors in the import. If it reads no errors or
   warnings found then click Next. If there are any errors check to make sure the file
   is saved correctly as a .CSV and try again.

4. You will see a preview screen. Click Import to finish.
5. This will take you back to the gradebook. You should see an Imported
   Successfully message and the grades should appear below.

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