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                   04 Our recent
                      developments          13 Learning Services       18   Smarter money for a
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                   06 Key events in
                      IBM history           14 Anti-money
                                               laundering              19   Social networking

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                      Cesare Cardone        15 Business intelligence   20   Let’s Connect

                  20                  years of making an
                                      impact on businesses
                                                                                                  > Our CEO talks about
                                                                                                    Cloud Computing
                                                                                                  > BPM strategies for the
                                                                                                    Banking Industry
                                                                                                  > Plan, deploy and
                                                                                                    maintain a virtual

                  Learn about anti-money
                  laundering and business
                  intelligence projects
                                                                                                                  START LOADING
                                                                                                                   THE FUTURE
    Welcome to Horizons

                                            Message from the Chairman                                                       The past two decades
                                            Celebrating 20 years of success is a matter of pride for most companies,
                                            but this is an especially proud moment for all of us at Gulf Business
                                                                                                                            have seen GBM grow
                                            Machines because of the challenges we have overcome to get here.                from strength to
                                            The past two decades have seen GBM grow from strength to strength to            strength to become
                                            become one of the largest, most capable and most profitable IT companies
                                            in the Middle East. We not only have a local presence in the markets in         one of the largest,
                                            which we operate, but have a significant pool of skilled talent to support
                                            our customers, delivering the right products and solutions every time.
                                                                                                                            most capable and most
                                            None of this would have been possible without the total commitment and
                                                                                                                            profitable IT companies
                                            support of our shareholders who have stood firmly by this company over           in the Middle East.
     JALAL M. JALAL, CHAIRMAN, GBM          the past 20 years. Success would not have come without the intelligent
                                            stewardship of our management team who have steered this company
                                            through boom times and economic crises. And last, but certainly not the
                                            least, GBM has been built on the sheer hard work and commitment of our
                                            employees who have devoted themselves to delivering only the best to our
                                            customers across the region.

                                            I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, many
                                            of whom have been with us for several years, for their trust and support.
                                            On behalf of GBM, I would like to reiterate our commitment to constantly
                                            improving our services and delivering best-of-breed technologies. You can
                                            be assured that we will not rest on our laurels accumulated over the last 20
                                            years, but will strive to be stronger in partnership with you.

                                            Jalal M. Jalal, Chairman

    Message from the CEO

                                             our employees, the support of our                                              to build on our achievements and
                                                                                        a small, but not insignificant,
                                             shareholders and the trust of our                                              continue our focus on providing
                                                                                        decline in business.
                                             customers.                                                                     best-of-breed solutions and
                                                                                                                            services to our customers.
                                                                                        In truth, the impact would
                                             When GBM was first formed,
                                                                                        have been more significant if
                                             it functioned in a very different                                              And the future starts now. Our
                                                                                        the company did not have the
                                             environment to what we experience                                              investment in setting up the
                                                                                        structure it does, offering a
                                             today. And the differences do not                                              region’s first Network Operations
                                                                                        diverse range of products and
                                             begin or end with the sophistication                                           Centre (NOC) and developing our
                                                                                        services. It also helped that a
                                             of technology at the time. We now                                              Cloud Computing offering is only
                                                                                        sizeable part of our business
                                             work in an industry which caters to                                            the beginning. In an increasingly
                                                                                        is related to ongoing contracts
                                             increasingly granular needs, be it                                             competitive environment we
                                                                                        and integration projects that
                                             technology or skills. We also contend                                          aim to remain distinct from the
     CESARE CARDONE, CEO, GBM                                                           have long gestation periods. All
                                             with a fast evolving environment                                               competition and stand out for our
                                                                                        of this allowed GBM to weather
                                             where companies like ours need to                                              excellence and expertise.
                                                                                        the storm with steady revenues.
                                             adapt quickly to change or become a
     20 years and beyond                                                                What’s more is that our market-
                                             historical footnote.                                                           As we celebrate 20 years of GBM’s
                                                                                        wide reputation for reliability
                                                                                                                            existence, it’s important for all of
     It is with great pride that we look                                                and stability made us the
                                             Throughout, GBM has                                                            us to realize that we are not at the
     back at the past 20 years and it                                                   partner of choice for a number
                                             demonstrated an extraordinary                                                  end, but rather the beginning and
     certainly isn’t a case of resting                                                  of new customers.
                                             resilience. Whether the challenge                                              that we should strive to build this
     on laurels. When Gulf Business
                                             was economic, technological                                                    company into something bigger
     Machines (GBM) was formed in                                                       There is now evidence of
                                             or simply business-related,                                                    and better.
     1990 there were questions about                                                    recovery. There is also a sense
                                             we overcame them all with our
     its viability. Two decades later the                                               of normalcy in our market, but it
                                             customer-centric approach, in
     question is “what next?”                                                           is very different to the normalcy
                                             effect, positioning ourselves to
                                                                                        we experienced before the crisis
     Today, GBM is one of the largest,       offer our customers the right
                                                                                        where skyrocketing growth rates
     most respected IT companies in          products and services at the right
                                                                                        were the rule rather than the
     the Gulf. With a well-balanced          time. That, in essence, is the
     presence in every country we            bottom line.
     are operating in, partnerships                                                     As we move into a more stable
                                             A very good example of GBM’s
     with some of the world’s most                                                      economic environment we need
                                             strength is its performance since
     recognized names in the IT                                                         to march forward with an eye on
                                             2009, when the region experienced
     business and an enviable                                                           the future, making intelligent      Cesare Cardone, CEO
                                             its most recent economic crisis.
     customer list, we have come a                                                      decisions on investing in the new
                                             As with most other businesses
     long way. This is wholly due to the                                                and divesting the old. We need
                                             we were affected and experienced
     hard work and determination of

About GBM

Looking beyond 2010                                                                                                                                   INTERESTING FACTS
                                                                                                                                                      GBM was founded in

We intend to continue to invest                                                                                                                       1990
                                                                                                                                                      as a spin-off from IBM
in GBM in order to further add
value for our current and future                                                                                                                      GBM has more than

customers                                                                                                                                             1000
                                                                                                                                                      employees from over

                                                                                                                                                      GBM has forged more than

                                                                                                                                                      solid strategic
                                                                                                                                                      partnerships with
                                                                                                                                                      recognised IT
Founded in 1990, Gulf Business                          more than 1000 employees and over          Pakistan. GBM Pakistan now operates                solutions providers
Machines (GBM) is the leading IT                        20 solid strategic partnerships forged     three offices as an IBM Premium
solutions provider in the region                        with internationally recognised IT         Partner, one in each of Karachi,
fulfilling the IT requirements of                        solution providers. This means that        Islamabad and Lahore. The Pakistani                GBM has over
local, regional and international
organisations in the GCC.

A spin-off from IBM, GBM is the
                                                        GBM can offer an extensive range
                                                        of IT infrastructure, IT solutions and
                                                        services ranging from consulting,
                                                        resource deployment and integration
                                                                                                   operation also holds a Silver Partner
                                                                                                   status from Cisco.

                                                                                                   Through a unique combination of local
                                                                                                                                                      customers in the
sole distributor for IBM – excluding                    to after-sales support.                    market presence, international level
selected IBM products and services
                                                                                                   skills, a network of business partners             GCC region
– throughout the GCC, except for                        GBM’s experience and expertise
                                                                                                   and the access to the worldwide
Saudi Arabia. GBM’s momentum was                        span across multiple sectors and
                                                                                                   resources of IBM and Cisco, GBM                    GBM’s revenue in 2009 was
further enhanced in 1999, when the                      particularly e-Government, Banking
                                                                                                   consistently brings to customers
team secured the Cisco portfolio.                       and Finance, Telecommunications,

                                                                                                   unparalleled IT business solutions.
GBM now holds the highest level of                      Retail and Oil.
recognition in the region from Cisco,
Gold Partner status, in addition to the                 Believing in the importance of being       GBM invests in the continuous training
Cisco Learning Partner status.                          where our customers are, GBM               of its employees. The result, GBM’s
                                                        today has offices in the UAE (Abu           specialised team is well equipped to               a compound growth rate
Today, GBM is one of the largest IT                     Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah), Bahrain,        address the ever-evolving, industry-
solutions providers in the GCC, with                    Kuwait, Oman and Qatar, as well as in      specific IT demands in every market. h
                                                                                                                                                      of 10% over 20 years

      Our journey into the future
      135 employees                                  204 employees                  430 employees                   643 employees                     981 employees
      GBM founded as a Sole*                         ISO 9001:2000                  Rebranding of GBM               GBM expands to                    20th Anniversary
      Distributor for IBM in GCC                                                                                    Pakistan

            1990                                     1997                           2005                            2007                              2010

      1945                                    1992                        2003                          2006                         2008

      IBM founded                             177 employees               365 employees                 510 employees                842 employees
      in GCC                                  GBM Distribution            CISCO Gold                    Highest Growth               CISCO Learning
                                                                          Partner Status                Award from IBM               Partner Status
      * Excluding selected IBM products and
        services, excluding Saudi Arabia

                                                                                                                                         The Leading Provider of IT Business Solutions in the GCC   3
    Our recent developments

    GBM eyeing major
    Mideast expansion
    As GBM celebrates its 20th birthday         “Part of that growth lies in increasing   investment, but that does not cut into    “Last year was a year of consolidation
    this year, it is looking for even greater   the skills of individuals you employ      our ongoing projects.                     in Bahrain with growth of between
    expansion across the region. And            and then the number of people you                                                   4pc and 5pc.
                                                                                          “In a downturn you may put back
    it is looking to do this both through       can afford to employ.
                                                                                          a decision to buy a new flat screen        “The flow of business tends to be
    technological innovation and
                                                “We need to grow both revenues and        television, but you will not give up      irregular but 2009 remained positive.
    geographical expansion according to
                                                the size of the business.                 your house and with our position
    Cesare Cardone, CEO, GBM.                                                                                                       “Our strategy for the future means
                                                                                          as a solutions provider we remain
                                                “That allows us to employ more people                                               we will drop products that come
    “There is scope for geographical                                                      necessary to our customers who may
                                                with a wider range of expertise and                                                 comodotised,” he added. “We moved
    expansion, particularly in Iraq when                                                  be putting off capital decisions.
                                                offer a wider range of services at the                                              out of PCs a long time ago. We will
    that country stabilises,” he said.
                                                top level in the industry,” he added.     “We operate across the GCC outside        concentrate on areas where there
    But he also emphasised that GBM                                                       Saudi Arabia and the market has           is added value and we will move up
                                                GBM has largely weathered the storm
    was in an ever expanding industry and                                                 remained very healthy.                    the value ladder and stay on top of
                                                of the recent economic downturn
    there was a lot of scope for growth                                                                                             technology.” h
                                                because of its position as a company      “Abu Dhabi and Qatar have been
    by moving ahead and keeping at the
                                                that has multiple lines of business in    largely untouched by the downturn         Published in Gulf Daily News on Feb 04, 2010
    forefront of the latest technology.
                                                multiple countries.                       though Dubai has taken a big hit.”
    “We have expanded very fast in the
                                                “We are a solutions provider more         “Bahrain was a positive year for us. In
    past five years and have increased
                                                than a technology provider. There         2007 and 2008 we increased business
    our workforce from around 300 in
                                                has been a systemic drop in capital       by 25pc to 30pc.
    2001 to 1000,” he said.

      GBM Earns Red Hat
      Premier Business
      Partner status in
      GCC region

     Gulf Business Machines has earned           “We are very pleased to have              “GBM has an excellent track
     Red Hat Premier Business Partner            earned Red Hat Premier Business           record of customer service and              IBM AND RED HAT
     status in the Gulf Cooperation              Partner status for the GCC region.        contribution towards building              together have been instrumental
     Council (GCC) region.                       This recognition validates not only       open source competencies in the            in the global adoption of Linux
                                                 our partnership with Red Hat over         region,” said Anuj Kumar, general          and in the development of the
     GBM already shares a longstanding           the past 10 years, but also our           manager for Middle East and Africa         operating system. As leading
     relationship with Red Hat, the              commitment to investing resources         at Red Hat. “In addition, GBM is           participants in the massive
     world’s leading provider of open            in developing the market for              the sole distributor for a range of        collaboration that drives Linux to
     source solutions, and offers its full       solutions based on open source            IBM products and services, many            give birth to new technologies,
     range of products and services. The         platforms,” said Cesare Cardone,          of which use Red Hat’s Linux-              IBM and Red Hat should be
     enhanced partnership will allow a           CEO, GBM.                                 based software solutions. This             applauded. Today is an important
     fresh focus on developing complex,                                                    strengthened partnership is a win-         day as we look 10 years back and
     high-end open source solutions for          GBM is already a Red Hat                  win for our customers and we’re            10 years into the future. Linux is
     customers in the region. Red Hat            Training Partner, a reseller of           looking forward to working closely         fueling a new software economy,

     Premier Business Partners must              Red Hat Enterprise Linux and a            together to help enterprises in the        and IBM and Red Hat will surely
     demonstrate extensive knowledge             provider and integrator of Red            region leverage the power of open          be as instrumental in its future
     of Red Hat solutions and be able            Hat Solutions. GBM also has a             source solutions.” h                       as they have been in its history.
     to provide the highest level of             large pool of Linux-certified Red
     contribution to its business and            Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE)                                                        - Linux Foundation’s Jim Zemlin
     partner ecosystem.                          and Red Hat Certified Technicians
                                                 (RHCT) in the region.

Our recent developments

2010 events
   NOVEMBER                                   OCTOBER                                                       MAY                                          MARCH

GBM Launched Middle                        HR Access and GBM                                             GBM the Diamond Sponsor                      GBM the Platinum Sponsor
East’s First Network                       Hosted Seminar on Lean                                        of the Bahrain International                 for Cisco Networkers
Operations Centre                          Human Resources for UAE                                       eGovernment Forum 2010                       Bahrain 2010
                                           Companies - Abu Dhabi                                         The forum shared vision and                  This was the first time that the
GBM Gold sponsor for                                                                                     insight on the latest solutions              industry-accredited networking
                                           The event featured a presentation
IBEX 2010 International                                                                                  and innovations in eServices and             forum was held in the Middle
                                           on HR Management Challenges in
Banking & Financial                                                                                      eGovernment technologies around              East. The event comprises five
                                           the Middle East.
Services Technology                                                                                      the world.                                   conferences in one, under the
Exhibition - Abu Dhabi                                                                                                                                theme ‘Knowledge is Power’.
The partnership allowed both                  JULY
TrustDefender and GBM to unite
                                           GBM hosted Business                                                                                           FEBRUARY
their extensive market knowledge
                                           Process Management in                                         GBM showcased IBM
and expertise in response to market
                                           Banking Seminar - Dubai                                       Power Systems driven by                      GBM the Platinum Sponsor
demand in the GCC and Pakistan.
                                           The event featured a presentation                             POWER7™ in Abu Dhabi,                        for InfoBiz Kuwait
                                           on best BPM practice.                                         Kuwait, Oman and Qatar                       This event focused on
IBM Next Generation                                                                                      The state-of-the-art line of                 e-government with the theme
Enterprise Systems                         GBM Participated in Power                                     IT hardware was launched                     “Toward the union of GCC
Roadshow                                   Systems Top Flight Event -                                    worldwide in February 2010. IBM              e-Governments.” Participants
GBM showcased the benefits of
                                           Montepellier, France                                          representatives at the event spoke           exhibited the latest technologies
IBM’s range of Power Systems at                                                                          about the company’s “Smarter                 and solutions with an emphasis
                                           The event introduced the latest
a road show in Kuwait, Oman                                                                              Systems for a Smarter Planet”                on networking and security, office
                                           technology from IBM.
and Qatar.                                                                                               premise.                                     technology and IT solutions.


Red Hat is an S&P 500 company in the free and open source
software sector, and a major Linux distribution vendor. Founded
in 1993, Red Hat has its corporate headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina
with satellite offices worldwide.

Red Hat has become associated with its enterprise operating system Red
Hat Enterprise Linux and with the acquisition of open source enterprise
middleware vendor JBoss. It provides operating system platforms along with
middleware, applications, and management products, as well as support,
training, and consulting services.

As of February 2009, Red Hat was the largest corporate contributor to the
Linux kernel. The Red Hat Partner Program helps partners:

  Grow business with a full portfolio of open source software and services
  Deliver results that maximize loyalty and satisfaction
  Build an annuity income stream
  Develop additional sales and consulting opportunities through
  the up-sale and cross-sale of Red Hat partner solutions
  Get staff up to speed quickly and easily with comprehensive sales

  and technical training courses and certifications
  Manage the partnership through the Red Hat Partner Center
  Gain access to Red Hat solutions and support, including access to
  the global Red Hat sales team.

                                                                                                                                         The Leading Provider of IT Business Solutions in the GCC   5
    More recent developments


    GBM foresaw a significant growth in           from strength to strength in all its         Cardone was confident that 2010
    business in 2010, even as the company        operating markets from increasing            will witness a recovery across the IT         FIRST SECURITIES BROKERAGE
    celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.   its customer base to partnering with         industry. He knew it was going to be          COMPANY (FSBC) ENHANCES
                                                 the IT industry’s global names such          a challenging year but maintained
    GBM plans to grow its business by            as IBM and Cisco. In addition, GBM           aggressive plans to grow sales figures         ITS SERVICES WITH ON-LINE
    10 to 12 percent as IT spend is widely       has become a significant player in            by around 10-12% and continue to              BROKERAGE TECHNOLOGY
    expected to increase in the Middle           the region’s e-Government evolution          move towards higher value solutions
    East. The company also revealed plans        partnering with governments in UAE,          for GBM customers. “Looking beyond           First Securities Brokerage
    to maintain an overall growth rate of        Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.             2010, we aim to continue growing at a        Company (FSBC), an affiliate of the
    between 10 and 15 percent over the                                                        rate between 10 and 15 percent over          Kuwait-based Global Investment
    next five years.                              “Over the past 20 years, GBM’s               the next five years,” Cesare added.           House (GIH) has signed an
                                                 revenue has grown at a compound rate
    These forecasts were announced at a          of 10% which is significant considering       With broad experience across                 agreement with Khorafi Business
    series of internal ‘kick-off’ meetings       the good and bad years in the two            servers, storage, software and               Machines (KBM), the Kuwait
    held in all GBM locations. The               decades,” said GBM’s CEO, Cesare             technical support, GBM has many              operation of GBM, to deploy an on-
    meetings, which form part of GBM’s           Cardone. GBM’s strength lies both in         success stories in delivering                line brokerage solution.
    annual review and are an essential           our excellent reputation as one of the       innovative products and services
    part of its planning and strategising,       region’s leading IT solutions providers      that helped meet their customers’            As part of the agreement, KBM
    included in-depth analysis of the            and in our pool of over a thousand           business goals in the most effective         and its Italian Business partner,
    company’s performance in the last            experienced professionals who provide        ways. The company’s achievement              ETA Sistemi, will implement a
    year and business growth predictions         best-in-class support services to our        over the years is highlighted by their       sophisticated software package
    for 2010.                                    customers. As we complete twenty             continuous investment in ensuring            that will support the Kuwait Stock
                                                 years, we look back with pride at our        a strong, unrivaled customer value
    In its very first year of operations in                                                                                                 Exchange (KSE) OMX/NASDAQ
                                                 accomplishments and our heritage. At         proposition. h
    1990, GBM’s revenue totaled US$50                                                                                                      with a Financial Interface
                                                 the same time we’re looking forward
    million which increased to US$361                                                                                                      exchange (FIX) connection. h
                                                 to building on our achievements and
    million in 2009. Over the past twenty
                                                 continuing our consistent growth over
    years, GBM has consistently grown
                                                 the next few years.”

                                                                                                                                           The term server is used
                                                                                                                                           to refer to one of the

         Key events in                                                                                                                     following:
                                                                                                                                              a computer program running as
                                                                                                                                              a service, to serve the needs or

         IBM’s history                                                                                                                        requests of other programs which
                                                                                                                                              may or may not be running on the
                                                                                                                                              same computer.
                                                                                                                                              a physical computer dedicated
                                                                                                                                              to running one or more such
                                                                                                                                              services, to serve the needs
                                                                                                                                              of programs running on other
                                                                                                                                              computers on the same network.
                                                                                                                                              a software/hardware system (i.e.

                                                                                                                                              a software service running on a
                                                                                                                                              dedicated computer) such as a
                                                                                                                                              database server, file server, mail
                                                                                                                                              server, or print server.

    1990                                         1993                                         1997                                       2000
    Environmental programs                       Scalable Parallel Systems Technology         Deep Blue                                  Fastest supercomputer
    IBM joins 14 other leading U.S.              IBM introduces the Scalable                  The 32-node IBM RS/6000 SP                 IBM delivers the world’s most
    corporations in April to establish a         POWERparallel System, the first in            supercomputer, Deep Blue, defeats          powerful computer to the US
    worldwide program designed to achieve        a family of microprocessor-based             World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov        Department of Energy, powerful
    environmental, health and safety goals       supercomputers using RISC System/6000        in the first known instance of a computer   enough to process an Internet
    by continuously improving environmental      technology. IBM pioneers the                 vanquishing a reigning world champion      transaction for every person on Earth
    management practices and performance.        breakthrough scalable parallel system        chess player in tournament-style           in less than a minute. IBM built the
    IBM has invested more than $1 billion        technology of joining smaller, mass-         competition.                               supercomputer to accurately test
    since 1973 to provide environmental          produced computer processors rather                                                     the safety and effectiveness of the
    protection for the communities in which      than relying on one larger, custom-                                                     nation’s aging nuclear weapons
    IBM facilities are located.                  designed processor. Complex queries                                                     stockpile. This computer is 1,000
                                                 could then be broken down into a series                                                 times more powerful than Deep Blue,
                                                 of smaller jobs than are run concurrently                                               the supercomputer that beat Garry
                                                 (“in parallel”) to speed their completion.                                              Kasparov in chess in 1997.

GBM & CISCO SYSTEMS COMPLETE PHASE I OF DATA                                                MEYDAN GROUP’S NEW NET-
                                                                                                                                                  GBM AWARDS
GBM Oman and Cisco Systems have successfully completed the first phase                       UAE’s Meydan Group has selected
                                                                                                                                                    Cisco Enterprise Partner of the
of a project to upgrade the Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) Data                           Cisco to deliver a range of
                                                                                                                                                    Year in Emerging East UAE
Centre located in the IT department using the latest Cisco Nexus hardware.                  networking, security and unified
Significantly, this is the first time the complete range of Nexus Data Centre                 communications system for its                           Bahrain eGovernment
switches have been installed in the Sultanate of Oman                                       flagship horseracing development.                        Excellence Award for Best ICT
                                                                                            The networking vendor completed the                     Solutions Provider
The project was undertaken as part of an initiative within PDO to improve
                                                                                            deployment with the aid of its Gold                     GBMD Lenovo SMB
efficiency, reliability, expandability and scalability at their data centre, located
                                                                                            Partner, Gulf Business Machines.                        Distribution Award
at PDO’s Mina Al-Fahal head quarters.
Additionally, the upgrade is part of a plan to achieve Tier 3/4 compliance of the           The development has seen the                          2008
Telecommunications Industry Association’s TIA-942 Standard, while paving                    deployment of a raft of Cisco systems,                  IBM Sales Excellence Award Gulf
the way for use of emerging server technologies such as cloud computing                     including a fully converged IP
                                                                                            infrastructure, building management                     ACN’s Top 50 IT Companies
and virtualisation. The TIA-942 Standard defines international guidelines for
planning and building data centres, particularly with regard to cabling systems             and security, covering the main                         Kofax, Implementation of Arabic
and network design.                                                                         Meydan Grandstand as well as the                        OCR Solutions
                                                                                            Meydan Hotel. The latter also features                  Cisco, Enterprise Partner of the
“Our decision to upgrade to Cisco Nexus switches was driven by the need                     a new unified communications                             Year, MENA
to optimise reliability and efficiency, while preparing our infrastructure to                system for guest use as IPTV, which
handle architectural changes involving new server technologies,” said Engr.                                                                         Cisco Advanced Technology
                                                                                            provides interactive TV services, can
Abdullah Sultan Al-Rashdi, Data Centre Upgrade Project Manager Petroleum                                                                            Partner in Security
                                                                                            accommodate up to 60,000 spectators
Development Oman. “We share a longstanding relationship with GBM Oman                       and is also the site of the Meydan                    2007
and Cisco Systems and it was only natural that we relied on their expertise to              Musuem and Imax theatre.
consult on and implement this project.”                                                                                                             IBM Achievement Award -
                                                                                            Published in on June 29, 2010 h                 GBM Pakistan
Olivier Mouries, CGM, GBM Oman added that GBM with its strong local
expertise and its Cisco Gold Partner status will continue to invest in delivering                                                                   Best Network Integrator for
leading edge technology to support customer demand at a time when a tighter                                                                         2007 - Network ME Magazine
economy imposes strong focus on further optimization of their activities. h                                                                         Kofax, Implementation of
                                                                                                                                                    Arabic OCR Solutions
                                                                                                                                                    Cisco Enterprise Technology
GULF BUSINESS MACHINES COMPLETES PROJECT TO ENHANCE                                                                                                 Partner, MENA
IT INFRASTRUCTURE AT MINISTRY OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                 Cisco Enterprise Partner of the
                                                                                                                                                    Year - Emerging Markets
GBM has completed a project to augment the Bahrain Ministry of Social                       “It has become increasingly
Development’s (MoSD) IT infrastructure. The project was undertaken by Bahrain               important for us to ensure that our                   2006
Business Machines (BBM), GBM’s Bahrain division.                                            IT infrastructure is able to cope with
                                                                                                                                                    Government of Dubai, Quality
                                                                                            the demands of the environment
In addition to successfully deploying a VMware vSphere virtualisation platform,                                                                     Appreciation Award
                                                                                            we work in. The deployment of
BBM also completed a project to consolidate the Ministry’s servers and deploy               vSphere will help us move towards                       Highest Growth from IBM
a Cisco Unified Communication System. MoSD is the first Ministry in Bahrain                   virtualisation and cloud computing,                     Best Network Integrator -
to deploy vSphere, which can aggregate and holistically manage large pools of               while the consolidation of our                          Network ME Magazine
IT infrastructure including processors, storage and networking. As a result the             servers and the use of a Cisco
solution creates a seamless, flexible and dynamic operating environment for the              Unified Communication System will                      2005
Ministry’s IT infrastructure.                                                               boost efficiencies at the Ministry,”                     Cisco Security Partner of the
The Cisco Unified Communications System will provide the Ministry with a means               said Rashid Madani, Director of IT                      Year for the Gulf Region
of ensuring consistent communications services for all its employees, while                 at MoSD.                                                In Recognition of GBM
providing greater security, resilience and scalability. In addition to connecting           Significantly, this is the latest in                     Outstanding Contribution to
Ministry employees and their stakeholders, the system will facilitate better                a series of projects that BBM has                       IBM SW Business
interaction through virtual platforms and will help integrate collaboration and             successfully undertaken for MoSD                        Best Network Integrator -
communications into the Ministry’s processes. The System consists of Cisco Call             since 2006. h                                           Network ME Magazine
Managers, Cisco Voice Gateways, Cisco Unity Solution, Cisco Presence Server,
Cisco FAX Solution and Cisco IP Phones.                                                                                                           2004
                                                                                                                                                    Best System Integrator -
                                                                                                                                                    Network Middle East
                                                                                                                                                    In Recognition of GBM
                                                                                                                                                    Outstanding Contribution to
2003                                            2007                                         2010                                                   IBM SW Business
                                                                                                                                                    Best Network Integrator -
                                                                                                                                                    Network ME Magazine
Blue Gene/L                                     Patent power                                Super green
The BLUE GENE team unveils a proto-type         IBM has been granted more US patents        Topping the Green500 energy efficiency
of its Blue Gene/L computer roughly the size    than any other company. From 1993 to        review, IBM have 15 of the top 25 most                  In Recognition of GBM
of a standard dishwasher that ranks as the      2007, IBM was awarded over 38,000 US        energy efficient supercomputers in                       Contribution to the IBM SW
73rd most powerful supercomputer in the         patents and has invested about $5 billion   the world. The top computer on the
world. This one cubic meter machine is small    a year in research, development and         Green500 is a prototype of IBM’s next-
scale model of the full Blue Gene/L built for   engineering since 1996. IBM’s current       generation Blue Gene computer, which                    Top Business Partner
the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory      active portfolio is about 26,000 patents    is 77% more energy-efficient than the                    Achievement Award
in California, which will be 128 times larger   in the US and over 40,000 patents           second most efficient model, the Tokyo
when it’s unveiled two years later.             worldwide is a direct result of that        Institute of Technology’s Tsubame 2.0.                  Cisco Partner of the Year for
                                                investment.                                                                                         Gulf Region
                                                                                                                                                    Cisco Partner of the Year for
                                                                                                                                                    Gulf Region

                                                                                                                                      The Leading Provider of IT Business Solutions in the GCC   7
    Conversation with

    Let’s keep our heads in
    The Cloud, but our feet
    firmly on the ground

                                                                                   CESARE CARDONE, CEO OF GBM, TALKS ABOUT CLOUD COMPUTING

    From virtual obscurity to all-         One might even argue that               In a post-recessionary scenario,         Despite all of this, it remains to be
    pervading, Cloud Computing has         potential Cloud Computing users         purse strings everywhere are being       seen how customers in the Middle
    clearly come of age, particularly      would first have to go through the       tightened and companies are seeking      East and across the world, will
    here in the Middle East. The recent    IT evolutionary cycle with large        to streamline operations to maximize     overcome their trepidation. What
    GITEX Technology Week in Dubai         scale adoption of more mature           efficiencies and minimize costs.          is clear, however, is that the large
    saw a virtual thunder storm of         technologies such as IT business        Here too, Cloud Computing offers         scale adoption of Cloud Computing
    opinions and viewpoints on Cloud       continuity, virtualisation and data     significant benefits including lower       is unlikely to be instant, particularly
    Computing and its future in the        centers.                                cost of ownership, full scalability      amongst medium and large
    region.                                                                        allowing for changes in the business     businesses, many of which will take
                                           IBM defines Cloud Computing              environment and new efficiencies,         a progressive stance, testing the
    It seems that there are two schools    as “a style of computing whose          without incurring capital expenses       waters before they take the plunge.
    of thought on Cloud Computing          foundation is the delivery of           since services are provided for a
                                           services, software and processing       fee that would be considered an          At GBM, we have already taken
    in the region: on one hand you
                                           capacity using private or public        operation cost. What’s more is that      the plunge. We have also made
    have the Cloud evangelists who
                                           networks.” In essence, IBM says, it     Cloud Computing users are protected      significant investments, such as
    claim that it will have a dramatic
                                           is an emerging approach to shared       from technology obsolescence since       the recently-launched Network
    impact on the industry and change                                                                                       Operations Center (NOC), that allow
                                           infrastructure in which large pools     the responsibility for keeping the
    computing in the Middle East in a                                                                                       us to offer Cloud-based services,
                                           of systems are linked together          systems up-to-date lies with the
    very short time; on the other you                                                                                       while simultaneously also building
                                           in private or public networks to        service provider.
    have the naysayers who genuinely                                                                                        on our traditional IT services, which
                                           provide IT services.
    believe that it is simply a buzzword                                           Despite the obvious benefits,             still form the bulk of our customers’
    that will fade away and be replaced    The argument in favor of Cloud          however, concerns remain and the         requirements. After all, as is the case
    by something new.                      Computing is hard to find fault          concerns in the Middle East are          with any IT business, we have to offer
                                           with: a dramatic surge in connected     not very different from those voiced     our customers the right products and
    From GBM’s perspective, I would        devices, an increasing need for         in other markets. The biggest of         solutions at the right time.
    say that both points of view are       real-time data and the adoption of      these are security and privacy and
    extreme and do not reflect ground       service-orientated architectures        the largest players in the Cloud         And we also practice what we
    realities. Cloud Computing is very     and Web 2.0 applications have           Computing space are working to           preach. We are currently one of the
    much a disruptive innovation that      collectively fuelled demand for         reassure potential customers. IBM,       region’s largest users of SalesForce,
    has the power to make significant       shared infrastructure ecosystems.       for example, brings state-of-the-art     one of the most established Cloud
    changes to the IT technology           Arguably, the Internet has fuelled      security tools to its Cloud Computing    Computing business applications.
    environment we currently operate       and facilitated collaborative working   offering, providing customers with       Our heads may be in The Cloud
    in. But we have to be realistic and    environments, which in turn, also       security levels that are equivalent or   but our feet remain firmly rooted to
    understand that these changes are      drives demand for Cloud-based           perhaps even better than what they       the ground. h
    not going to happen overnight.         solutions.                              can expect in a traditional computing

                                                                                      MAJOR CLOUD COMPUTING MODELS
      Contrary to what its name
      implies, Cloud Computing
                                                                                      Some popular models of cloud computing that are offered today as services are:

                                                                                      Software as a Service (SaaS): This is a hosted software model where an
      offers users a number of                                                        enterprise can obtain various application functions through the hosted service
                                                                                      from a SaaS provider through a network connection. SaaS saves the complexity
      tangible benefits and these                                                      of software installation, maintenance, upgrades, and patches for the IT team
                                                                                      within the enterprise, because the software is now managed centrally at the
      have been recognized across                                                     SaaS provider’s facilities. The pricing is typically on a per-user basis for a fixed
                                                                                      bandwidth and storage. is an example of a SaaS provider.
      the world and, as is more                                                       Platform as a Service (PaaS): PaaS provides a software platform on which
                                                                                      users can build their own applications and host them on the PaaS provider’s
      recently the case, here in the                                                  infrastructure. The software platform is used as a development framework to
                                                                                      build, debug, and deploy applications. The platforms offered by PaaS vendors like
      Middle East.                                                                    Google (with its App-Engine) or (the PaaS offering from Salesforce.
                                                                                      com) require the applications to follow their own Application Programming
                                                                                      Interface (API) and be written in a specific language. Pricing for PaaS can be on a
                                                                                      per-application developer license and on a hosted-seats basis.

                                                                                      Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): An IaaS provider offers you “raw” computing,
                                                                                      storage, and network infrastructure so that you can load your own software,
                                                                                      including operating systems and applications, on to this infrastructure. Pricing
                                                                                      for the IaaS can be on a usage or subscription basis. Pricing for the IaaS can
                                                                                      be on a usage or subscription basis. Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2)
                                                                                      service is an example of an IaaS.

WHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING?                                                              BENEFITS OF CLOUD COMPUTING

 The term “cloud computing” has different connotations for IT                         Cloud computing is considered to be a potentially cost-efficient model for
 professionals, depending upon their point of view and often their own                provisioning processes, applications and services while making IT management
 products and offerings. Some believe it is a disruptive trend representing the       simpler and increasing business responsiveness. In a cost-benefit analysis, a
 next stage in the evolution of the Internet. Others believe it is hype, as it uses   properly implemented and leveraged cloud computing model will drive lower
                                                                                      cost-of-ownership, responsive delivery of services and higher service quality.
 long established computing technologies.
                                                                                      Cloud computing can enable rapid business innovation by delivering easy-to-use
 So, what is cloud computing? Today, definitions of cloud computing are                computing services to users “on demand,” regardless of their location or the type
 abound, but the general concept held by the market may be seen in this               of device they are using. The cloud-based service can be “public,” “private” or a
 definition from Wikipedia: “Cloud computing is a style of computing where             combination of the two, sometimes referred to as a “hybrid cloud.”
 IT-related capabilities are provided ‘as a service,’ allowing users to access
                                                                                      Selecting the right use of cloud computing results in lower cost, by taking
 technology-enabled services ‘in the cloud’ without knowledge of expertise or         advantage of economies of scale and automated IT operations while optimizing
 control over the technology infrastructure that supports them.” IBM defines           investment in existing infrastructure. The resulting solution rapidly adjusts
 cloud computing as a new IT service consumption and delivery model that              the volume of users as workload increases or decreases. Payment or internal
 enables self-service, economies of scale and flexible sourcing options.               chargeback for the services is more flexible and typically occurs on a usage basis.
 Characteristics include:
    Elasticity and Rapid Scalability
    Location Independence
                                                                                      Without Cloud Computing                     With Cloud Computing
    Highly Virtualized Resources
    Standardized Services
                                                                                                                                  • Virtualized resources       • Location independant
    Automated, Rapid Provisioning                                                                                                 • Automated service           • Rapid scalability
                                                                                                                                    management                  • Self-service
    Optimized for IT and Business Services                                                                                        • Standardized services
    End User Focused
 From a user perspective, cloud computing provides a means of acquiring                Workload A
 computing services without requiring understanding of the underlying                  •   Software
 technology. From an organizational perspective, cloud computing                                            Workload A              Workload A         Workload B            Workload C
                                                                                       •   Hardware
 delivers services for consumer and business needs in a simplified way,                 •   Storage          •   Software
                                                                                       •   Networking       •   Hardware                   • Software            • Storage
 providing unbounded scale and differentiated quality of service to foster                                                                 • Hardware            • Networking
                                                                                                            •   Storage
 rapid innovation and decision making. It is a service acquisition and                 Service Management
                                                                                                            •   Networking
 delivery model for IT resources and, if properly used within an overall IT                                 Service Management                          Service Management
 strategy, can help improve business performance and control the costs of
 delivering IT resources to the organization.

                                                                                                                                 The Leading Provider of IT Business Solutions in the GCC   9

     The Middle East’s First

                                              A network operations
                                              center (NOC) is one or
                                              more locations from
                                              which control is exercised
                                              over a computer, tele-
                                              vision broadcast or

                                                                                      THE NOC CENTER WILL MANAGE CUSTOMERS’ IT INFRASTRUCTURE

     GBM announced the launch of its          The NOC features state-of-the-
     cutting-edge Network Operations
     Centre (NOC), the first of its kind in
                                              art security measures including
                                              secured, encrypted connectivity
                                                                                      NOC process
     the region .                             that relies on multiple layers of
                                              protection. Customers also have
     Based in Dubai, the Centre will
                                              access to three flexible, secure
     manage and monitor customers’ IT
                                              connectivity modules which include
     Infrastructure to ensure continuous
                                              a choice of an Internet Protocol
     operations, thereby maximizing
                                              Security (IPsec), Virtual Private
     operational efficiencies. In addition
                                              Network (VPN) Tunnel, Multiprotocol
     to its monitoring function, the NOC
                                              Label Switching (MPLS) technology
     will also provide quality IT support
                                              and Point-to-Point Leased Lines.
     to network users across the Middle
                                              The service is available to customers
     East, ensuring quick resolution of
                                              in the region for a fixed monthly fee
     problems. Open 24-hours-a-day,
                                              based on the service requirements.
     7-days-a-week and manned by a
     team of highly skilled network and       “GBM’s NOC is a wonder of
     system engineers, the NOC will           technology and brings together
     provide customers with a single          best-of-breed solutions and services
     reliable point of contact for all IT-    in one comprehensive package for
     related issues.                          our customers,” said Hugh Hendry,
                                              Regional Manager,
     “The NOC represents the evolution
                                              Service Delivery and Service
     of GBM’s role as the region’s
                                              Support, GBM. “Using a combination
     preferred IT solutions and service
                                              of automated and human monitoring
     provider,” said Cesare Cardone,
                                              we are able to keep track of our
     CEO, GBM. “By launching this Centre
                                              customers’ systems 24x7. This             GBM’s NOC is a                    NOC benefits:
     we are providing infrastructure and
                                              allows proactive and reactive             wonder of technology
     applications as a service, allowing                                                                                     Improve workforce
                                              responses to help manage issues,
     our customers to replace capital
     investment with an operational
                                              no matter how small or big. All of        and brings together                  productivity
                                              this allows us to help our customers
     expense. This, we believe, is truly
                                              manage their IT resources in the
                                                                                        best-of-breed                        Manage a centralized
     one of the important directions in the                                                                                  workforce
     future of the IT industry. This is the
                                              most effective manner possible.” h        solutions and services
     reason why GBM decided to make                                                     in one comprehensive                 Reduce operating costs
     this investment and launch this new
     GBM offering to our customers.”                                                    package for our                      Enhance customer


GBM announced partnership with in GCC region
GBM announced that it has earned          customers cutting-edge cloud-based’s Business Partner         solutions tailored to fulfill their needs
Status in the Gulf Cooperation Council    and meet the level of support they
(GCC) region. is a         require,” said Ali Hosseini, Director of
US based Cloud Computing company          Professional Services, GBM.
which provides on-demand Customer
Relationship Management (CRM)             As the demand on cloud computing
solutions globally.                       services becomes increasingly visible,
                                          GBM is planning to establish an
GBM already shares a longstanding         authorized training centre to leverage
relationship with          local talent while driving technology
and offers its full range of Cloud-       innovation in the region. GBM is also
based Business Applications. With         in the process of deploying cloud-
this partnership, supported by a          based Business Applications for
highly skilled team, GBM will bring       several regional and local customers
local capabilities and expertise to       in the GCC region.
customers in the region. In addition,
GBM will also offer service, training     “We are proud to collaborate with
and after sales-support to its            GBM to bring our offering to the
customers.                                region,” said Stephane Viallet, VP
                                          Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa,
“We are very pleased to be business “By joining our forces,
partners with to cover     customers will have access to world-
the GCC region. This partnership          class expertise and counsel before,
validates not only our longstanding       during and after the implementation of
relationship, but also our commitment     a project.” h
to bringing to the market and our                                                    SALESFORCE.COM PROVIDES ON-DEMAND CRM SOLUTIONS GLOBALLY

                                                                                     ABOUT SALESFORCE

  GBM Acquires Performance                                                  is an enterprise cloud computing company

  Systems to enhance Performance                                                     headquartered in San Francisco, USA, with regional headquarters
                                                                                     in Dublin (covering Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Singapore (covering

  Management and Business                                                            Asia Pacific less Japan), and Tokyo (covering Japan). Salesforce distributes
                                                                                     business software on a subscription basis and hosts the applications offsite.

  Intelligence capabilities                                                          It is best known for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products.

                                                                            has its services translated into 16 different languages and
  GBM has acquired Performance Systems, a provider of Corporate                      currently has 82,400 customers and over 2,100,000 subscribers.
  Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions in
                                                                                     Salesforce’s CRM solution is broken down into several broad categories:                    source:
  MENA and the Cognos preferred services partner for the MENA region.
                                                                                     Sales Cloud, Service Cloud Small Business Communication, Financial
  Performance Systems was previously a unit of Almasa Business Solutions.
                                                                                     Services, Healthcare, High-Tech, Public Sector, Retail, Edition and Price,
  The acquisition supports GBM’s strategy to build more expertise                    and AppExchange. Salesforce also offers other activities or services on the
  and expand its current offering to include Corporate Performance          Platform, Chatter and Jigsaw.
  Management and Business Intelligence solutions in the MENA region.
  A leading provider of innovative and cost-effective solutions designed to
  improve business performance; Performance Systems is one of only six
  Cognos platinum consulting partners in the world. Since the company                ABOUT COGNOS
  was established in [2002], it has helped businesses across a number of
  different industries ranging from Telecommunications and Government, to
  Manufacturing and Hospitality in four continents successfully implement            Cognos (Cognos Incorporated) was an Ottawa, Ontario-based
  and deploy their Cognos software solution, amplify their business benefits,         company making business intelligence (BI) and performance
  mitigate their risks and maximize their return on investment.                      management (PM) software. Founded in 1969, at its peak Cognos employed
                                                                                     almost 3,500 people and served more than 23,000 customers in over 135
   “It has become increasingly important for us to be able to offer our              countries.
  customers a framework of services that cover the entire lifecycle
  of a project from solution planning and implementation through to                  Originally Quasar Systems Limited, it adopted the Cognos name in 1982.
  business improvement,” said Cesare Cardone, CEO, GBM. “By acquiring                On January 31, 2008, Cognos was officially acquired by IBM. The Cognos
  Performance Systems we are able to offer our customers access to one of            name continues to be applied to IBM’s line of business intelligence and
  the most comprehensive IT solutions portfolios in the Middle East.”                performance management products.
  The acquisition allows GBM to cater to its customers’ business intelligence
                                                                                     In January 2010, as part of a reorganization of IBM Software Group, Cognos
  and performance management solutions through the IBM Cognos
                                                                                     software and software from recently acquired SPSS were brought together
  offerings, coupled with access to a wide selection of IT solutions and

                                                                                     to create the Business Analytics division.
  services. The IBM Cognos product portfolio includes IBM Cognos Business
  Intelligence, IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning, IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM               IBM Cognos 8 BI has won numerous awards including the eWEEK
  Cognos Controller. h                                                               Excellence Award in Analytics and Reporting, the LOTUS ADVISOR
                                                                                     “Editor’s Choice” Award, and TechTarget’s 2005
                                                                                     Product of the Year.

                                                                                                                     The Leading Provider of IT Business Solutions in the GCC                               11
Learning Services

      The region’s leading IT
      training provider

As an exclusive training provider for selected IBM technologies and a Cisco          AT A GLANCE                                  IN NUMBERS
Learning Partner for the MENA region, GBM Learning Services is well suited to
deliver cutting edge training solutions to fit a wide variety of needs.
                                                                                     Exclusive Training
GBM Learning Services customers benefit from:

   A balanced combination of Theory and Practice
   All courses are designed to include a theory portion as well as hands-on
                                                                                     Provider of selected
                                                                                     IBM technologies

                                                                                     Training facilities in Abu
                                                                                                                                 students trained
   workshops and case studies to provide the trainees with an opportunity to
   practice what they have learnt. This ratio in most of the technical courses is    Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai,                      annually in different
   50% theory and 50% practical.                                                     Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan                      technologies
                                                                                     and Qatar
   Cognitive factors in learning
   The focus of this aspect is on the mental processes associated with

   learning. Intelligence, differences in learning styles, cognitive strategies,     CISCO LEARNING PARTNER
   meta-cognition and knowledge are always taken into account by our                 FOR THE MENA REGION

   Motivation on learning                                                            GBM is setting new milestones
   The trainers used by GBM are specially trained to motivate the trainees
                                                                                     by delivering Cisco Authorized              different IT courses
                                                                                     Training in the GCC to major
   during the class by introducing discussions, questions and case studies.          clientele from different industry           conducted
                                                                                     verticals like Banking, Telecom,
   Personality, group and social factors
                                                                                     Petroleum Sector, Aviation,
   GBM teaching methodology encourages the trainer and trainees to develop           Government and many more.

   sensitivity to different personality traits. Our train-the-trainer program aims
   at providing trainers with the necessary knowledge and skill to facilitate        GBM guarantees training
   maximum positive growth and learning by arranging group and social                quality standards managed by a
   factors.                                                                          comprehensive evaluation system.

   Best practices in assessment and evaluation
                                                                                     Our trainers have an extensive              customers across
                                                                                     networking experience in the
   Our course material uses quizzes, tests and challenge exercises to make           industry and are CCSI’s delivering          the region
   ongoing assessment during the class.                                              training as per Cisco International
   Widest selection of Courses

   You get the greatest course selection as we offer the most comprehensive          GBM offers courses on the hottest
                                                                                     Cisco technologies using the
   set of courses in the marketplace, from beginner to advance. Choose from
                                                                                     latest hardware and remote labs.
   close to 900 courses supporting a variety of hardware, software and industry
                                                                                     Our Cisco training courses include
   technologies - including IBM, Cisco, Linux and Microsoft.
                                                                                     hands-on labs featuring the
   Learning Effectiveness                                                            latest Cisco equipment, relevant            the ratio of theory to
   You ensure learning effectiveness. Each course delivers specific skills by
                                                                                     scenarios to help prepare you for           practical content on
                                                                                     real networking environments and
   job role, so you can be sure to get the exact results you want. We reinforce      Cisco certification exams.                   technical courses
   the materials discussed in lectures through hands-on labs, improving your
   team’s learning experience.

                                                                                                                     The Leading Provider of IT Business Solutions in the GCC   13
     Anti-money laundering

     Technology:                                                                                                  Noman Azim, Senior
                                                                                                                  Consultant for Banking

      A frontline
                                                                                                                  & Finance, GBM

      weapon against
     When the UAE signed a series of anti-
     money laundering accords in June last
     year it was yet another indication of the
     country’s commitment to fighting this
     financial crime.

                          The UAE Central Bank was among the         their frontline weapon against money      Action Task Force (FATF) with multiple
                          first regulators in the GCC to address      laundering. First generation anti-        backend algorithms to generate alerts
                          this issue by implementing an anti-        money laundering (AML) detection          list based on customer profiles and
                          money laundering system to protect         systems were developed and deployed.      behavior and transactions patterns.
                          its interests and those of its member      Unfortunately, these systems were         These include Risk Pooling, Ranking &
                          institutions.                              based on detecting pre-determined         Scoring, Peer Group Analysis and Know
                                                                     transaction patterns and monetary         Your Customer (KYC) concept.
                          While the exact origins of money           thresholds and it was only a matter of
                          laundering are unclear, it is an           time before the criminals found ways to   A crucial question is: “how can financial
                          established fact that the American         circumvent detection.                     institutions implement effective AML
                          mafia was responsible for developing                                                  capabilities, with minimum disruption
                          and refining new techniques during the      Anxious to protect their business         and costs while continuously enhancing
                          Prohibition era in the late 1920s. Since   interests and customers, while            customer services?” It must be
                          then, criminal and other outlawed          maintaining compliance, the financial      reiterated here that AML is not only
                          organizations around the world have        sector adopted more advanced              about technology but is a strategy
                          used money laundering to legitimize        technologies capable of monitoring        combined with smart software to
                          illegally obtained funds.                  every transaction, tracking and flagging   reduce the exposure of reputational
                                                                     suspicious behaviour. These new           and financial risk while improving
                          The global money laundering                technologies are capable of developing    customer services.
                          ‘industry’ has evolved into an efficient,   a risk assessment composite profile of
                          powerful system that is, by some           a customer using available information,   International best practice calls for
                          estimates, worth close to US$2 trillion    measuring transaction risks and           implementation of innovative processes
                          per year. Despite the fact that a large    detecting suspicious patterns from        and workflows that have the right
                          percentage of this volume is reportedly    large volumes of financial data.           balance between compliance and
                          concentrated around Europe and                                                       customer care and service satisfaction.
                          North America, every country in the        Once the software has filtered the         There are, of course, other factors that
                          world has an interest in fighting this      suspicious transactions and patterns,     play a vital role in AML monitoring such
                          criminal activity.                         this valuable data is handed over         as customer data integrity and quality,
                                                                     to human investigators for further        knowledge of the financial institutions’
                          While money laundering has                 analysis which may result in criminal     compliance team, accurate detection
                          historically been an almost exclusive      prosecution.                              and effective reporting structures.
                          domain of criminal organizations, the
                          events of 9/11 and revelations that        In the Middle East, a region with its     In an increasingly electronic and global
                          terror organizations had laundered         own set of challenges, banks and          financial market place, the risks
                          money to fund their attacks, changed       financial institutions have adopted        now posed by fraudulent financial
                          governments’ perceptions. Suddenly         highly customised solutions that          transactions have increased so much
                          it became a critical issue of national     take local factors into consideration     that integrated AML strategies are
                          security and wide-ranging international    as part of the analytical process.        no longer a luxury; in fact, it would
                          measures, requiring compliance from        Software solutions such as HLB-           not be an exaggeration to say that it
                          the financial sector, were subsequently     NGA’s RiskSecure, supplied by Gulf        is a critical factor in today’s business
                          put in place.                              Business Machines (GBM), are not          environment and a necessity for
                                                                     only compliant with current and future    protecting a financial institution’s
                          Aware of the limits of human analysis      monitoring requirements but integrate     reputation and customers. h
                          and detection of financial crime,           recommendations from regional
                          institutions turned to technology as                                                 Published in Gulf Business, July 2009.
                                                                     Central Banks and the Financial

Business intelligence

Invaluable                                                                                  IN NUMBERS

intelligence                                                                                80%
                                                                                            The percentage of
                                                                                            business intelligence
                                                                                            initiated by non-
                                                                                            technology enterprise

Half of business intelligence projects
fail, but why? As it turns out, it’s a
complex combination of a number of
things. So just how can your enterprise
avoid becoming another statistic when
it comes to making your data work?
By Ben Furfie

Business intelligence at its most basic       Director of Professional Services,
is all about data. It’s about using an        GBM. “However, it is often initiated by
enterprise’s data to make sense of            other members of the business, and
historical trends. It’s about using that      frequently falls to CIOs to implement it
same data to plan for times ahead. It’s       on behalf of the company.”
about enabling enterprises to find out
exactly what the state of the business is.    According to Hosseini, the introduction
This very second.                             of business intelligence is driven by
                                              forces outside of the IT department in
Yet despite the simplicity of the concept,    80% of cases. “Only rarely is it initiated
half of all businesses implementing           by the IT team, as more often than not
business intelligence fail to do so           it won’t be them using the business
effectively. There are, of course, a          intelligence.” He says that it is a
huge number of factors governing why          dangerous precedent and one of the
many business intelligence projects           main reasons why business intelligence
fail to take off. However, according          comes to be viewed as a technology
to many analysts, the one common              project – which it isn’t – rather than a
theme behind the high failure rate is         change in the business processes.
a misunderstanding of what business
intelligence actually is and who it is for.   Some vendors are looking to take
                                              advantage of the issues surrounding
Recent research by the University of          complex IT infrastructures, and design
Cambridge on behalf of international          solutions that fit around the reality of the
auditors KPMG found that all too often        situation. One such example is IBM. “We
business intelligence is viewed as            offer a solution which can sit on top of
‘IT’s problem’ despite the fact that the      any solution, or any application, within
technology side of the business process       an organisation and start generating
is only a small part of it. According         reports, KPIs or profit reports
to its findings, those companies that          immediately,” explains Hosseini.
find business intelligence failing to
help them have more often than no             One area that has changed in the past
thrust responsibility for the entire          year or so, and has had an enormous
implementation process on to the CIO. It      impact on the potential efficiency of
says that business intelligence needs to      business intelligence that the average
be embedded within all of a company’s         IT manager has within the business.
processes and not just those of the IT        “Because of the transformation of
infrastructure if it is to be successful      business processes in the wake of the
in its aims. Many of the processes that       recent financial crisis, enterprises are
need to be addressed are simply beyond        waking up to the reality that it isn’t
the remit or influence of the CIO.             enough to have these numbers available
                                              to them: they need to also use them,”
“The need for business intelligence and       explains Hosseini. h
reporting is being driven by the high
                                              Excerpt from Arabian Computer News,
importance of needing to know how your        September, 2010.
business is doing”, explains Ali Hosseini,

                                                                                                                    The Leading Provider of IT Business Solutions in the GCC   15
     Business Process Management

     Banking on Success
     Success in the banking industry
     can be tough without a Business                                                                                          IBM BPM SUITE

     Process Management (BPM) strategy                                                                                        The IBM BPM Suite contains a
                                                                                                                              comprehensive set of collaborative,
     which effectively aligns systems and                                                                                     role-based capabilities that enable
     processes with business objectives.                                                                                      customers to model, simulate,
                                                                                                                              execute, rapidly change, monitor
                                                                                                                              and optimize core business
                                                                                                                              processes. The IBM BPM Suite
      By Siddhartha Khare,
      WebSphere Sales Manager
                                                                                                                              brings together software and
      – Gulf Region, GBM                                                                                                      services from across IBM and
                                                                                                                              includes a choice of three
                                                                                                                              Foundational Offerings, IBM
                                                                                                                              WebSphere Dynamic Process
                                                                                                                              Edition, IBM WebSphere Lombardi
                                                                                                                              Edition, and IBM FileNet Business
                                                                                                                              Process Manager, that make it
                                                                                                                              easier for customers to get
                                                                                                                              started with BPM.

     Success in the banking industry can be tough without a Business Process           Business Process Management can
     Management (BPM) strategy which effectively aligns systems and processes          get fairly complex depending on
     with business objectives.                                                         the banking institution and a good
                                                                                       solution is often the difference
     BPM offers a bird’s eye view of the organisation, bringing together business      between greater effectiveness
     activities or processes, with people and information. This is not only limited    and chaos while deciding what to
     to the organisation’s internal mechanics but also includes customers,             automate.
     suppliers, partners and other stakeholders in the banking ecosystem.
                                                                                       Through it all, there needs to be
     The past few years have seen a significant rise in the number of banks that        a focus on return on investment
     have realized the value in investing in BPM solutions to execute and monitor      because, while BPM is a necessary
     their business processes. It’s never too late for banks to adopt BPM, but the     investment considering today’s
     decision to do so can sometimes be met with hesitation stemming from a            economy, cost, time and effort are
     lack of clarity in its uses and benefits.                                          key factors that influence the ever-
                                                                                       important bottom line.
     Essentially, BPM solutions help provide a holistic view of a bank’s operations
     and help to cut cost in the long run by boosting efficiency and enhancing          Often there is a fear that using
     customer service. And how does it do this? By recognising areas that can be       BPM will result in employees
     automated and reducing the time needed to complete a business process, as         being made redundant but it’s
     well as bringing down the number of errors involved in completing an activity.    rather a case of finding out where
                                                                                       there is an abundance of skills
     Perhaps the most important benefit BPM is seen to offer, given the nature
                                                                                       and then streamlining process
     of today’s economy and increasing regulations, is that it provides a stable
                                                                                       orchestration. For example, there
     flexibility to adapt to change.
                                                                                       might be other departments that
     How does a bank go about implementing a BPM strategy? Initially, it starts        need more attention and support,
     with identifying its needs. This might seem easy enough but in reality            like call centres. Significantly, BPM
     involves in-depth research on specific processes that currently exist and          often helps expose the need for
     the related owners of those processes. A process includes both system             further training in order to make
     and human interactions - any activity taken in order to realise a business        best use of human resources.
     function, such as credit card issuance, payroll, loans, online banking, sales
                                                                                       At Gulf Business Machines, we
     and marketing, etc.
                                                                                       have already helped a number of
     Next, a bank will decide on application requirements, which simultaneously        the region’s leading banks and
     help in realising business priorities of the organisation. By doing this, banks   financial institutions turn to BPM
     understand the core demands a BPM system should deliver on and decide             solutions. This has allowed them to
     whether to choose a ready-to-deploy BPM solution that best fits their needs        make the most of their resources
     or opt for a custom solution, tailored exactly to specification. There’s no        in order to increase efficiency and
     shortage of solutions available through the best players in the BPM field,         gain a competitive edge. BPM is
     such as IBM’s BPM Suite, and successful automation can be seen in banks           truly enabling their success. h
     that choose either a ‘packaged’ or a customised solution. The key is finding
     a solution that is the best fit.


Virtual realities
Server virtualisation is sweeping through                                             WHAT IS SERVER VIRTUALISATION?
data centres. Here is what you need to                                                Virtualisation is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version
know to plan, deploy and maintain a                                                   of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage
                                                                                      device or network resources.
virtual infrastructure.
                                                                                      Server virtualisation is the masking of server resources, including the
                                                                                      number and identity of individual physical servers, processors, and
                                                                                      operating systems, from server users. The server administrator uses a
                                                                                      software application to divide one physical server into multiple isolated
                                                                                      virtual environments. The virtual environments are sometimes called virtual
                                                                                      private servers, but they are also known as guests, instances, containers or
                                                                                      There are three popular approaches to server virtualisation: the virtual
                                                                                      machine model, the paravirtual machine model, and virtualisation at the

                                                                                      operating system (OS) layer.
                                                                                      Server virtualisation can be viewed as part of an overall virtualisation
                                                                                      trend in enterprise IT that includes storage virtualisation, network
                                                                                      virtualisation, and workload management.

  Within a short span of time, server      Train before you fire it up                   along with the servers and storage.
  virtualisation has emerged as a                                                       Each step towards server and
  fundamental part of data centre          It’s also important to consider the          storage consolidation, virtualisation,
  technology, mainly due to its basic      training of existing staff. Virtualising     automation and integration must
  value proposition. When you run          an existing IT infrastructure implies        be matched by a corresponding
  many logical servers on a single         that the structural foundation of the        improvement in the data centre
  physical server, you get a lot more      entire computing platform will be            network infrastructure,’ says
  out of your hardware. so you can         altered. It is therefore essential that      Chebib. He adds that the network
  invest in fewer physical servers to      IT staff are familiar with handling          design should not anymore be
  handle the same set of workloads. It     this infrastructure when it goes             taken as independent function but
  almost sounds like found money.          live, as virtualisation does introduce       are integral part of the data centre.
                                           various challenges. It is best to            The servers and storage design
  The details. of course. are more         train your staff before implementing         teams need to take active role in the
  complicated. The hypervisor, a           virtualisation on a full scale. Your         network design.
  thin layer of software upon which        chosen vendor should be able to
  you deploy virtual servers, is           provide some form of training.               Essentially, virtualisation can be a
  generally wrapped into a complete                                                     powerful tool as well as a strong
  software solution that incurs            “The Success of any technology               cost-saving initiative, provided it is
  some combination of licensing,           adoption depends on the skills               handled and executed effectively. h
  support and / or maintenance costs       to implement and maintain the
                                           same. Virtualisation is no different.        Excerpt from Network World Middle East,
  (depending on which virtualisation                                                    October, 2010.
  software you chose).                     Virtualisation marks the beginning
                                           of IT infrastructures turning
  Making the case for server               dynamic and service-oriented.
  virtualisation                           Therefore, organisations need to
                                           necessarily train their staff on the
  The business case for server             technology, management tools
  virtualisation is pretty compelling.     and align its processes in order to
  Who doesn’t want to get the              ensure successful implementation,”
  most possible use out of server          says Soubhi Chebib, Director of IBM
  hardware? In fact, the basic idea        Systems Brand, GBM.
  is so compelling, you need to be
  careful not to oversell. Make sure       As you step through the planning
  you account for the likely capital       stages of virtualisation, you should
  equipment, deployment, training and      pay close attention to the network
  maintenance costs. The real savings      requirements of the proposed
  achieved by virtualisation, as with so   solution and the impact it will have
  many other new technologies, tend        on your data centre network. “A
  to accrue over time.                     virtualised infrastructure places
                                           new demands on the networks and
                                           requires the networks to evolve

                                                                                                                           The Leading Provider of IT Business Solutions in the GCC                            17
     IBM feature

     money for a
     smarter planet
     We know that a lot of money has evaporated
     in the current financial crisis — but what
     exactly is it that has been lost?

     Obviously it’s not hard currency, which     real time. Which means we could          These changes are exciting, but           WHAT DOES IT MEAN
     represents only 11% of the U.S. money       have a safer, more transparent and       more are needed. There is growing         TO BE SMARTER?
     supply. The rest of our “money” flows        intelligent financial system for a        consensus on the need for a
     from a paycheck to a bank to a store        smarter planet.                          centralized risk utility, to help avert
     and then through the store’s supply                                                  future crises — perhaps building          At IBM, we mean that
     chain, only to be deposited in another      We can already see it happening at       on the work of the International          intelligence is being infused
     business’s account…to start the             the level of national governments.       Monetary Fund and other institutions      into the systems and processes
     journey over again.                         The new integrated information           to create an early warning system for     that make the world work—into
                                                 system for the Czech Republic            global finance.                            things no one would recognize
     Money, in other words, has been             Ministry of Finance, for instance,
                                                                                                                                    as computers: cars, appliances,
     reduced to zeros and ones. It’s             provides insights to help set monetary   Of course, restoring trust and
                                                                                                                                    roadways, power grids, clothes,
     intangible, invisible. It’s information.    policy, and to handle state budget       confidence is much more than
                                                                                                                                    even natural systems such as
     Which is central both to the problem        resources and public finance more         a technology challenge. It’s also
     we face and to its solution.                efficiently.                              a major policy and behavioral             agriculture and waterways.
                                                                                          challenge. And no system can ever         Today, it’s not a question as to
     Without question, the replacement of        We see it helping multiple               be devoid of risk. But the benefits
     physical money with electronic money        interconnected institutions. The                                                   whether the technology to build
                                                                                          of smarter finance are clear — for
     — and the spectrum of financial              Operational Riskdata eXchange                                                      a smarter planet is real. Now,
                                                                                          regulators, bankers, investors,
     innovations that have accompanied           Association, a consortium of 52                                                    we need to know what to do next.
                                                                                          companies and communities, rich and
     it — have helped the world’s economy        leading financial institutions, uses                                                How do you infuse intelligence
                                                                                          poor around the world, all of whose
     grow and prosper. They have also            anonymized data to help improve          well-being and prosperity depend on       into a system for which no
     helped many more people around the          statistical modeling, more accurately    a money system that is stable, secure     one enterprise or agency is
     world to join the middle class. But our     quantify risk exposure and address       and accessible to all.                    responsible? How do you bring
     technical and management systems            regulatory compliance needs.                                                       all the necessary constituents
     haven’t kept pace. They couldn’t                                                     Let’s build a smarter planet. Join us     together? How do you make the
     provide warning signals of risk             We even see it transforming entire       and see what others are thinking at       case for budget? Where should
     concentrations, over-leveraging or          global markets. Consider foreign h                          you start?
     underpricing. Banks could repackage         currency exchange, the world’s
                                                 largest single market. Intraday          Article is courtesy of        We’ve learned a lot over the past
     risk and sell it, but they couldn’t value
     an individual loan in order to unwind       settlement risk of more than $2                                                    year about what it takes to build a
     the debt when needed.                       trillion in volume — more than 50% of                                              smarter planet. Importantly, we’ve
                                                 foreign exchange transactions — has                                                learned that our companies, our
     However, the same digitization that         been eliminated.                                                                   cities and our world are complex
     has helped create this challenge is                                                                                            systems—indeed, systems of
     now providing the means to solve            And through organizations like
                                                 Grameen Foundation and Financial                                                   systems—that require new things
     it. Intelligence is being infused into
                                                 Information Network and Operations                                                 of us as leaders, as workers and
     the way the world works, including
                                                 Ltd. (FINO), poor people around                                                    as citizens. A smarter planet
     our financial systems. We’re all
                                                 the world can overcome impossible                                                  will require a profound shift in

     aware of advances like ATMs,
     credit cards and online banking.            odds. Thanks to technology enabled                                                 management and governance
     But the transformation happening            microfinance, they can get collateral-                                              toward far more collaborative
     underneath is far more profound.            free loans and financial services                                                   approaches.
     Unprecedented computing power and           to support income-generating
     advanced analytics can turn oceans          businesses — for a brighter future for
     of ones and zeros into insights, in         their families and communities.

Cisco feature

     Social networking
     has risks, even
     inside companies

Big enterprises have a hate-love            Risks to Enterprise Social Networks       Training and Policy Essential             When outside contractors are allowed
relationship with social networking.                                                                                            on project wikis, it’s especially
                                          The problem is that internal social       Using your own name is a huge               important for employees to temper
They don’t want business reputations      networks that are completely isolated     guarantor of corporate responsibility.      casual remarks. But remembering
conflated with people’s private lives.     behind firewalls aren’t very useful.       Many companies have concluded that          to never disparage competitors or
They don’t want business details          And opening up the firewalls to            the first policy for social networks is      clients can be difficult, especially
leaking out in Twitter feeds. When        trusted outsiders such as customers,      that employees always use their true        when the medium is designed to
Facebook asks: “What’s on your mind?”     suppliers, third-party contractors,       identity.                                   encourage freewheeling discussion.
companies don’t want the employee         advertising firms and search firms                                                      The problem is that even offhand
replying: “Just lost the Wal-Mart         runs many of the same risks that          Even if a company is doing business
                                                                                                                                thoughts are saved once they’re
contract. Forget my stock options.”       public networks have.                     using avatars in a Second Life
                                                                                                                                written down.
                                                                                    community, they require employees
But they want to hire tech-savvy,         In fact, social networking behind a       to identify themselves by name              Legal expert Steven C. Bennett,
gregarious Millennials who have           porous firewall may be even riskier        and position. IT can help by                a lawyer with Jones, Day in New
spent their lives on social networks.     than using public tools. Employees        authenticating every user who logs on       York, wrote in a January article on
They want their own workers to share      may get a false sense of being able to    to the corporate network.                   social-networking policies that it’s
expertise and ideas to build teams        post frankly without being aware of                                                   vital to “Remind employees that
and boost creativity.                     who can see it.                           Employees still need to be trained
                                                                                                                                any electronic communications and
                                                                                    to be conscious of security risks.
                                                                                                                                social networking activities for work-
  Internal Social Networks                “Plaintiffs’ attorneys in sex, age or     Sharing a list of tagged Web sites
                                                                                                                                related purposes must maintain and
                                          race discrimination cases eagerly         with a former colleague might
Increasingly, enterprises are building                                                                                          reflect the company’s standards for
                                          examine social networks. “                seem harmless. But in aggregate,
internal social networks that are                                                                                               professionalism, including proper
                                                                                    the listings might indicate a new
safely behind a firewall. There are        It’s vital for companies to train every                                               tone and subject matter.”
                                                                                    marketing campaign or a potential
internal networking analogs for           employee about the benefits and            takeover interest.                          He adds: “profanity and vulgar or
Facebook, Delicious, Twitter, IM,         perils of internal-social networks.
                                                                                                                                demeaning jokes are inappropriate.
YouTube, presence and wikis.              IT departments can put in some            They also need to be conscious of the
                                                                                                                                Employees should also avoid
                                          safeguards, but they won’t be             difference between making jocular
The hope is that the enterprise will be                                                                                         discussions of conduct that is
                                          able to completely overcome the           comments on a social network and
able to use those tools without taking                                                                                          prohibited by company policies,
                                          technological imperative to share         using informal comments on similar
too many risks. And enterprises want                                                                                            such as alcohol and drug use on the
                                          useful stuff. As Stewart Brand            work sites.
to make sure that employees don’t                                                                                               company’s premises.”
                                          memorably wrote, “Information wants
decide to create their own insecure,      to be free.”                                Social Networking - Legal Concerns
                                                                                                                                So employees on corporate
ad hoc networks using smart-phones
                                                                                    Lawyers say plaintiff’s attorneys in        networking sites should feel free to
because they seem much more               One interpretation is that people who
                                                                                    sex, age or race discrimination cases       speak up and share as if they were
efficient than corporate e-mail.           have it want to share it. Technology
                                                                                    eagerly examine social networks for         at a company cocktail party -- where
                                          can prevent casual hackers from
As an executive at one management                                                   signs that behavior at a company,           they’re drinking only club soda. h
                                          seeing corporate details, but it can’t
consulting company told me:               prevent employees from unthinkingly       especially by managers, may be              Article is courtesy of
“Employees are asking why they can’t      revealing corporate secrets.              viewed as hostile by certain groups.
do at work what they do at home. If                                                 They worry about wikis where
they give a presentation their instinct                                             participants offer inappropriate
is to put it on Facebook.”                                                          suggestions for the office Christmas
                                                                                    party that may be unearthed in some
                                                                                    sexual harassment suit.

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