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					                              Lengthy Core and Extension Texts


Attached is a list of lengthy core1 and extension2 texts for 9th grade English Language
Arts. This is a suggested list based on book lexile, length, and content. While all
students should be reading and writing daily in English Language Arts class, students
should also practice reading and applying the skills learned in Language Arts class each
night as homework. Often students will choose an independent text for this practice, but
when the class is studying a lengthy text, students are likely to practice reading by
continuing to read this class text at home. When assigning a specific book, the primary
consideration must be the reading standards under study. Students enrolled in merit level
courses should read 1-3 lengthy core texts over the course of the semester. Students
enrolled in honors level courses are our most highly-able readers and are able to read at a
more rapid pace. They should read 3-5 lengthy extension texts over the course of the
semester. Teachers must remember that students require a variety of text types and
genres, so these lengthy texts are only a small part of the required readings for Language

Occasionally teachers working with the most highly able students may choose to instruct
using a text from the core list because it provides the best opportunity for the student to
work with specific reading indicators. Because these students will often not require the
same amount of time to complete the reading, shorter texts may be read quickly in
conjunction with the core text to provide fodder for comparison/contrast purposes.

Independent Reading and Accountability

Independent reading is contingent upon student motivation and participation. When
choosing a core or extension text, student choice is key to getting the student to buy in.

 core – most appropriate for students who have scored basic or proficient as measured by the MSA or
whose SRI lexile is below or on enrolled grade level
 extension - most appropriate for students who have scored advanced as measured by the MSA or whose
SRI lexile is above grade level
Student choice should begin with a brief book talk of two to four texts given by the
teacher. Following this presentation, students should be allowed to skim the books and
make their selection. Teachers should provide students reading core texts frequent
deadlines for selected chapters/pages as well as a final deadline for the book. Highly-
able readers will want more flexibility for their reading, so they may only need a final
deadline. Several times a week, brief 5-7 minute discussions about texts should occur in
class. The practice of literature circles, for example, is one way to provide students with
choice. Teachers may also want to incorporate BCRs, guided peer discussions (compare
setting, character, plot, etc.), reading logs, or mini-projects into classroom activities to
increase student accountability. These assignments can be recorded for a grade at the
teacher’s discretion.
                                                       9th Grade Texts

CORE TEXTS                        LEXILE                         EXTENSION TEXTS               LEXILE
Odyssey, The                      1050                           Antigone                      1090
Anthem                             880                           Cyrano dBergerac              N/A
                                                                 Great Expectations            1200
Night                              590                           Illiad, The                   N/A
Contender, The                     760                           Merchant of Venice, The       N/A
Tex                                710                           Much Ado About Nothing        N/A
Pigman                             950                           Gathering of Old Men, A       650
Romeo and Juliet (if not done     N/A                            Tin Drum, The                 N/A
in MS)
Giver, The                          760                          Watership Down                880
Julius Caesar                     N/A                            Separate Peace, A             1110
Midsummer Night’s Dream           N/A                            Cold Sassy Tree                930
Never Ending Story, The            930                           Lord of the Flies*             770
Twelve Angry Men                  N/A                            Macbeth                        N/A
Ender’s Game                       780                           Staying Fat for Sarah Burns    920
Once and Future King, The         1080                           Morte D’Arthur                N/A
Sword and the Stone, The          200 (Maccarone) 1120 (White)   The Call of the Wild          1120
Soldier’s Heart                   1000                           House on Mango Street, The     870
Last Unicorn, The                 N/A
Chocolate War, The                820

*This text requires parent permission.

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