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					                                        8th Grade Language Arts
                                              Ms. Messina
                                               Room 306
                                       586-574-3175 ext. 25306

Overview: This class is designed to help further assist students in reading for comprehension, writing,
researching, and incorporating proper grammar. All of these components will be addressed on a regular
basis. In addition to using the coarse text, novels will be read as a class, focusing on three literary
genres: historical fiction, realistic fiction, and science fiction.

Agenda/Visible ID
Text (Literature book or current novel)
1”-1 ½” three-ring binder with pockets & loose leaf paper
5 dividers-labeled Warm-Ups, Notes, Vocabulary, Grammar, Resources

Grading Values:
Assessment: 75% of grade (Tests, Quizzes, Writing Assignments, Projects)
Practice: 25% of grade (daily homework practice)

Homework: Most work is done in class. However, practice work will be assigned a few times a week to
reinforce what was learned during an activity or presented in class. Students must not only practice
their skills in their homework assignments, but must use them as a means to master the material.
Mastery of material is essential; just as it is in sports, video games, and other tasks.

No late work will be accepted as a rule. Absent work and extenuating circumstances will be the
exception to the rule and will be dealt with case by case. Sports practices/games, dance, or other extra-
curricular activities will not be considered as an extenuating circumstance.

All homework is due the next day unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. Doing homework is not an
option…it must be done!

Absent Work Policy:
Students who are absent are responsible for getting their missed work and are allowed 1 day for each
day missed. If the work is not made up in the designated time, a grade of (50%) will be given for that

Missing Homework: If student’s homework is not done the day it is due, it will receive a grade of NHI
(50%) Students are not able to turn in late work, unless special arrangements and permission has been
granted by the teacher. Failure to do homework will result in a near failing to failing grade.
Homework Hotlink: The school has designated a place for all teachers to display their agendas for the
week. My homework hotlink will be updated daily and will display what material was covered in class for
that day. Please use this tool!! Visit:

Assessments: Advanced notice will be given for all tests and quizzes. These will cover material
presented in class. It is important to review assignments and stay caught up on the work assigned. Also,
test and quizzes make up the majority of your grade. Do not disregard the need to study and master the

Assessment Retakes:
    Students will only be allowed to retake a test or redo a writing assignment once and must do so
      in a time frame specified by the teacher.
    Students eligible to retest will be determined by each teacher. Ex: 70% or below, any student
      wanting a higher grade.
    In order to retest, students must complete any required work or reviews. The higher of the two
      test grades will stand.
    In order to retake a test, students must have parental permission to stay after or come before
      school. A Parent Consent form will need to be signed and given to your teacher.
    The higher test grade will prevail.

Passes: The “passport” section of the agenda will be used for all passes. You are allowed 3 emergency
passes per quarter (10 weeks each), which can be used to go to your locker, the bathroom, or to get a
drink. If you do not have your agenda AND school ID, you will not be permitted to leave the room.

Each progress report and report card marking a citizenship grade is given for each student. They are
based upon the following classroom rules:
    1. Be Prompt
    2. Be Prepared (including supplies, assignments, books, agenda, etc.)
    3. Be Polite (this includes teachers, guests, and other students)
    4. Participate (ask questions, raise hand, contribute to class discussion/activities)

The Beer Middle School discipline rubric and referral process will be followed strictly. Consequences will
be dealt with appropriately.

Respect: Respect must be given to your classmates, teachers, and all guests in our building. You are also
expected to respect the school property, including desks, textbooks, and class supplies. Failure to meet
these expectations will result in an automatic detention. There will be absolutely no tolerance for
disrespecting a guest teacher or speaker in our classroom.

  I look forward to an enjoyable and exciting school year! Remember, I
                          want you to succeed!!

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