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Commercial Flooring by suchenfz




Commercial Flooring                   Stadia




                        Seamless Resin Floor Finishes                                       2 - 4mm

          Ideal for airports, corporate areas, schools, hotels, resorts, residential, retail and shopping centres.

Peran STB

                                                                           Blue 7200                     Cream 7700

                                                                           Yellow 7400                   Green 7300

                                                                           Grey 7100                     Grey 7120

                                                                           Grey 7600                     Red 7500

Create striking quartz flooring in dry and wet commercial environments
                                                                           Blue 7750                     Grey 7770
with Peran STB. For wet areas please contact our technical department.
For fast track installations use Flowfast Quartz.

Peran SL

                                                                           Goosewing Grey 222            Beige 326

                                                                           Mid Grey 280                  Emerald Green 740

                                                                           Sky Blue 452                  Yellow 340

                                                                           Tile Red 637

                                                                                 *Bespoke colours can be produced to special order.
For minimalist environments choose Peran SL, a collection of self-
smoothing resin floor toppings that achieve a cool joint-free finish in
modern commercial buildings.

Flowshield Quartz

                                                                           Beige 326                     Marine Blue 478

                                                                           Mint Green 759                Salmon Pink 650

                                                                           Goosewing Grey 222            Sky Blue 452

                                                                           Vanilla Yellow 359

Looking for a subtle yet decorative flooring system for your commercial
environment? Flowshield Quartz is a seamless epoxy resin floor finish
that delivers a colourful speckled finish.

                                            Stone Carpets                6 - 12mm

            Ideal for car showrooms, retail stores, conservatories, atriums, reception halls, conference zones,
                                           exhibition areas and even outdoors.

Rustik Glamourstone

                                                                             Black                      Green

                                                                             Beige                      Dark Grey

                                                                             Pink                       Red


Create a unique look with Rustik Glamourstone, a range of seamless
stone carpets incorporating colourful marble stone particles contained
within a clear resin binder.

Rustik Natural Stone

                                                                             Light                      Golden Pea

                                                                             Silver Granite             Yellow Gravel

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with Rustik Natural Stone, a
range of seamless stone carpets incorporating natural stone particles
contained within a clear resin binder.


                                                                             Brittany Bronze 1-3mm      Chinese Buff Bauxite 1-3mm

                                                                             Staffs Pink 1-3mm          Guyanaan Bauxite 1-3mm

                                                                             Rhine Gold 2-5mm           Chinese Grey Bauxite 1-3mm

                                                                             T Quartz 2-3mm

For outdoor areas try Naturewalk, a slip resistant landscaping system,
which sees a host of natural gravel aggregates scattered into a
solvent-free polyurethane resin binder.

                                          Seamless Terrazzo                     8mm

           Ideal for airports, corporate areas, hotels, resorts, restaurants, residential, retail and shopping centres.

Mondéco Classic                                                                Standard resin colour and aggregate mixes.

                                                                                Classic Dawn - Oyster White      Classic Dusk - Oyster White

                                                                                Classic Dawn - Dusty Grey        Classic Dusk - Dusty Grey

                                                                                Classic Dawn - Provence Blue     Classic Dusk - Provence Blue

                                                                                Classic Dawn - Agate Grey        Classic Dusk - Agate Grey

For floors that will never go out of fashion try Mondéco Classic, a
seamless resin terrazzo floor finish that utilises a blend of marble
chippings to deliver a high impact and durable finish.

Mondéco Exotic                                                                 Standard resin colour and aggregate mixes.

                                                                                Exotic Ice - Oyster White        Exotic Pearl - Oyster White

                                                                                Exotic Ice - Dusty Grey          Exotic Pearl - Dusty Grey

                                                                                Exotic Ice - Provence Blue       Exotic Pearl - Provence Blue

                                                                                Exotic Ice - Agate Grey          Exotic Pearl - Agate Grey

Stand out from the crowd with Mondéco Exotic, a seamless epoxy
terrazzo floor finish that contains a blend of marble chippings with
mirrored glass or mother of pearl.

Mondéco Crystal Ice                                                            Standard resin colour and aggregate mixes.

                                                                                Crystal Ice - Oyster White       Crystal Ice - Dusty Grey

                                                                               Crystal Ice - Provence Blue       Crystal Ice - Agate Grey

                                                                                             *Changing the colour of the resin matrix with the same
For floors that ooze luxury try Mondéco Crystal Ice, a seamless resin                            aggregate blend can create a truly different effect.
terrazzo floor finish that utilises a blend of mirrored and clear glass                          Bespoke colour and / or aggregate designs can be
                                                                                                produced to special order. Increasing the size of the
chippings to deliver an eye-catching finish.
                                                                                           aggregate will increase the thickness of the finished floor.

                           Contemporary Floor Finishes                                         1-4mm

        Ideal for airports, corporate areas, hotels, resorts, residential, retail, public areas, casinos, trendy bars
                                and cafes, shopping centres, museums and art galleries.

Flowfast Terrosso

                                                                            Dali                                Van Gogh

                                                                            Picasso                             Klimt

                                                                            Renoir                              Matisse

                                                                            Monet                               Michelangelo

Vibrant and functional Flowfast Terrosso provides decorative flooring       Da Vinci                            Rembrandt
on the fast track. Using MMA resin technology, Flowfast transforms
commercial environments under a quick turnaround.


                                                                            Pacific Blue                        Azure Blue

                                                                            Cranberry                           Emerald

                                                                            Granite                             Ebony

                                                                            Clementine                          Gold

Let your floor dazzle with Kristalina, a sparkling but smooth resin floor   Peacock
finish that combines durability and functionality with shimmering style.
For fast track installations use Flowfast Kristalina.


                                                                            Bronze                              Copper

                                                                            Gold                                Silver

                                                                                                *The applied colours may differ slightly from the
Containing colourful metallic flakes our seamless resin floor finish,                         examples shown within this brochure. Contact our
                                                                                           customer services team for a true colour sample or a
Metalika, has been designed to introduce vibrancy to any commercial
                                                                                             special resin colour. Corporate colours and designs
floor space. For fast track installations use Flowfast Metalika.                                               can be produced to special order.

                                                              Denmark                Sweden          Latvia         Russia
                                                                       Norway           Estonia

                                                  Belgium                                                                                South Korea

               USA                            Germany                                                                                 Hong Kong
                                                    Poland                                     UAE                                      Vietnam

                                                         Romania                               India

                                                         Brazil                 South Africa

                                               Flowcrete around the world

Manufacturing Centres of Excellence

UK                        Flowcrete UK Ltd                Tel: +44 (0)1270 753 000      Fax: +44 (0)1270 753 333    Email:
Sweden                    Flowcrete Sweden AB             Tel: +46 (0)435 400 110       Fax: +46 42 15 50 90        Email:
South Africa              Flowcrete SA (Pty) Ltd          Tel: +27 31 461 3411          Fax: +27 31 461 3475        Email:
Malaysia                  Flowcrete Asia Sdn Bhd          Tel: +603 6277 9575           Fax: +603 6277 4645         Email:
USA                       Flowcrete North America Inc.    Tel: +1 936 539 6700          Fax: +1 936 539 6701        Email:
Belgium                   Flowcrete Belgium               Tel: +32 1575 6927            Fax: +32 1575 2895          Email:

Sales Centres of Excellence

France                    Flowcrete France                Tel: +33 344 58 89 76         Fax: +33 344 58 73 86       Email:
Germany                   Flowcrete Germany               Tel: +49 (0)3466 36 43 70     Fax: +49 (0)3466 36 43 71   Email:
Denmark                   Flowcrete Sweden AB             Tel: +46 (0)435 400 110       Fax: +46 (0)435 314 98      Email:
Norway                    Flowcrete Norway AS             Tel: +47 6486 0830            Fax: +47 6486 0831          Email:
Poland                    Flowcrete Polska Sp. z.o.o.     Tel: +48 22 879 8907          Fax: +48 22 879 8918        Email:
Latvia                    Flowcrete Baltics               Tel: +371 286 44 666          Fax: +371 675 55 353        Email:
Estonia                   Flowcrete Estonia               Tel: +372 659 9766            Fax: +372 656 7491          Email:
Romania                   Flowcrete Romania               Tel: +40 374 008 078          Fax: +40 212 550 315        Email:
Russia*                   Flowcrete Rus                   Tel: +7 (495) 661 62 68       Fax: +7 (495) 661 62 68     Email:
UAE                       Flowcrete Middle East FZCO      Tel: +971 4 886 4728          Fax: +971 4 886 4582        Email:
India                     Flowcrete India                 Tel: +91 44 4202 9831         Fax: +91 44 4202 9832       Email:
Thailand                  Flowcrete Thailand              Tel: +66 2 693 0775           Fax: +66 2 694 3295         Email:
Vietnam                   Flowcrete Vietnam               Tel: +84 8 3823 4602          Fax: +84 8 3827 4842        Email:
Hong Kong                 Flowcrete (Hong Kong) Ltd       Tel: +852 2795 0478           Fax: +852 2795 4842         Email:
China                     Flowcrete China                 Tel: +86 10 8472 0488         Fax: +86 10 8472 1872       Email:
South Korea*              Flowcrete South Korea           Tel: +822 649 3874            Fax: +822 649 3878          Email:
Australasia               Flowcrete Australia             Tel: +61 73357 5125           Fax: +61 73357 5171         Email:
Brazil*                   Flowcrete South America Ltda    Tel: +55 11 4156 6166         Fax: +55 11 4156 6166       Email:


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