New Drivers' Car Insurance

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					Car Insurance for New Drivers

Traditionally new drivers looking for provisional insurance, experience problems. Some
insurance companies are reluctant to provide cover due to the increased risk of a claim. This
is quite understandable. The potential danger of accidents and injuries to themselves and
other road users is much more common when learning to drive. Some insurance companies
quote excessive amounts to provide policies simply to put off new drivers from applying. The
fact is however that the law requires Car Insurance for New Drivers, so they have to have
the necessary insurance cover.

Age and experience of drivers does have a massive influence on prices of car insurance in
the UK. Statistics have shown that anyone under twenty five years of age, including new
drivers unfortunately have a much higher premium to pay than those who have been on the
road for years. New drivers obviously have less experience in recognising the dangers of
other traffic, meaning they often react slower to emergency situations. The result of this can
be that new drivers make claims more often, hence the higher rate of car insurance they
have to pay.

However, this is certainly not the case with a reputable UK insurance company. They
understand and recognise that new drivers have enough to cope with on the busy roads,
without the added worry of excessive charges for insurance policies. Their professional
online staff will help with Car Insurance for New Drivers, often at discounted prices. They
won’t punish new drivers financially just because of their inexperience.

Get a free insurance quote today by clicking online. You will be surprised at the low
premiums for new drivers on offer.