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					                           East Together
                     Strategic Plan 2006 – 2008
                   Annual Action Plans 2006 – 2007

   “Helping every child succeed by improving quality and promoting inclusion
             through multi-agency working in the Eastern Region.”

June 2006
                               East Together Strategic Plan 2006 - 2008

National context
The Department for Education and Skills (DfES) has sponsored 11 Regional Partnerships (RPs), covering all the local
authorities (LAs) in England, since April 2000. The role of the partnerships has been to bring together groups of local
authorities, health, social services and the private and voluntary sector to improve the quality and consistency of
provision for young people with special educational needs (SEN).

The Regional Partnerships have continued to develop over the last five years, both locally and at a national level. The
University of Manchester and, more recently, NfER Nelson have evaluated the partnerships’ work (further information is
available at Following two positive reports, the Regional
Partnerships have funding for a further two years, until March 2008. During this time there will be increasing alignment
with the work of regional government offices.

Key government initiatives that now impact on the work of the Regional Partnerships include:
       DfES Five Year Strategy
       Removing Barriers to Achievement; the Government’s Strategy for SEN
       Every Child Matters (ECM)
       Children’s National Service Framework (NSF)
       Improving Life Chances for Disabled People

As local authorities (LAs) develop integrated children’s services, the core purpose for the Regional Partnerships' over
the next two years will be to:
                                       Promote inclusion and positive outcomes
                         for children with SEN and/or disabilities and looked after children

They will do this by:
        bringing partners together on a voluntary basis to enable the sharing of best practice regionally and nationally
        supporting the development and delivery of key areas of national policy
        working in partnership with government offices on the delivery of regional priorities
        supporting the development of more inclusive policies and practices

The DfES has identified a number of priorities that the Regional Partnerships have been asked to incorporate into their
annual action plans. These include:
    1. Mainstreaming SEN into the 5 year strategy
    2. Implementing the SEN Strategy
    3. Promoting educational achievement and placement stability for looked after children (LAC)
    4. Safeguarding
    5. Improving the life chances of disabled children
    6. Supporting the development of child and adolescent mental health and services for young people with
       behaviour, emotional and social difficulties
    7. SureStart
    8. Additional areas identified by the National Steering Group (NSG)

The Regional Partnerships’ communication strategy will promote the dissemination of information through the use of
their networks and websites and the regular publication of national newsletters.

In addition, the partnerships’ annual action plans will reflect agreed regional priorities.

Regional context
East Together, the Eastern Region Partnership, covers 10 local authorities 1 and a wide range of other stakeholders,
including statutory services, the voluntary sector and parents, who are represented on the Steering Group,
management group and various working groups.

The regional priorities for 2006 -2008 are derived from:
       Consideration of the priorities identified by the DfES
       Consultation with the partnership’s regional steering group (SG)
       Continuation of existing work strands previously identified in East Together’s Strategic and Action Plans 2003 –
        2006, where further development is appropriate.

Regional priorities
East Together will be able to integrate the priorities identified by the DfES for immediate action by all Regional
Partnerships2 into the workstreams of the Regional Facilitator and existing regional working groups. 3
In 2006/7 the East Together working groups will focus on:
     Data and Finance Group: supporting inclusion through regional trend analysis and the development of funding
     Early Years Group: effective multi-agency working to develop the Early Support Programme with families;
     Inclusion Leads: the co-ordination of regional research and good practice regarding inclusion;
     Managers of Statutory Assessment Teams: improving the efficiency of SEN processes and practices;
     Out County/City Placement/ADSS Contracting Group: the development of more inclusive policies and practices;
      with reduced and more targeted use of out county/city provision;

  Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire (lead authority), Essex, Hertfordshire, Luton, Norfolk, Peterborough, Southend, Suffolk and Thurrock.
  See DfES Priorities document
  See East Together Action Plans 2006/7

       Parent Partnership Group: the development of inclusive practices and activities in parent partnership services
        across the region, influencing policies and activities in local authorities and schools with particular reference to
        disagreement resolution;
       SEN and Disability Tribunal Group: improving the efficiency of SEN processes and practices;
       Training and Communication Group: supporting the development of more inclusive policies and practice
        through regional training and communication;
       Transition Group: improving the transition process from statutory education to further and higher education
        and/or employment.

In addition there are now also workstreams identified for these regional groups:
     Children with Disabilities Group: sharing and developing best practice in social care teams supporting children
       with disabilities
     Education Protects Network: sharing and developing best practice regarding the education and life chances of
       looked after children.

Management arrangements

The East Together Steering Group comprises senior officers (previously SEN focused) from each of the ten local
authorities in the Eastern Region4 and representatives from Further Education (Associated Colleges of the Eastern
Region - ACER); Learning and Skills Council (LSC); Connexions; Higher Education (Cambridge Faculty of Education);
Education Protects (LAC Network); Ofsted (HMI); Health (CAMHS and the Peterborough Strategic Health Authority);
Parent Partnership; the voluntary sector (Network 81 and the National Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations -
NCVCCO); Government Office (GO ) East and the DfES. 5 The Steering Group meets termly.

The management structure of the Steering Group is currently under review and it is likely that from June 2006 the SEN
officer core will be replaced by a small executive group which will meet more frequently than the Steering Group and
  Local authority representation on Steering Group is currently under review by each authority in order to ensure that the widened strategic brief
can be effectively considered.
  See full membership list in Action Plans 2006/7 Appendix 1.

will take operational management decisions, such as agreeing budget detail.6 The SEN officer group (EAROG7) will
continue to meet as a working sub group alongside other sub groups.

East Together has one full time Regional Facilitator (RF) who is based in the lead local authority 8, and is line managed
by the Steering Group (SG) representative of the local authority from which she is seconded9 There is also a full time
regional administration officer who is also based in the lead local authority and is line managed by the Regional
Facilitator and a representative of the lead local authority.

Working groups comprise representatives from each local authority and key strategic partners. Working groups meet
at least termly and will sometimes arrange additional regional events such as seminars or conferences. Some working
groups have workstreams which are facilitated by independent consultants who are contracted annually to the

East Together will collaborate with the other Regional Partnerships in order to minimise duplication and maximise
impact. Opportunities for collaboration will be facilitated by the National Steering Group (NSG), the National Adviser for
the Regional Partnerships11 and through regular meetings with the other Regional Facilitators.12

In addition, East Together will strengthen links with the Eastern Region government office (GO East) to help ensure
that the interests of vulnerable children are reflected in the implementation of major policy initiatives, such as Every
Child Matters: Change for Children and the Children’s National Service Framework.

  Terms of Reference for this group are currently being agreed.
  East Anglian Region Officers Group
  Cambridgeshire County Council
  Essex County Council
   As detailed in the Annual Action Plans.
   Claire Lazarus,
   See details of existing collaboration with other Regional Partnerships in following Action Plans, especially Data/Finance, OAP/ADSS, MSAT
and SENDIST Working Groups.

Monitoring and Evaluation
All East Together working groups produce annual action plans and End of Year Reports which are submitted to both
Regional and National Steering Groups. East Together is committed to a process of monitoring and self-evaluation
and so outcomes and impacts are specified in all annual action plans The Regional Steering Group also receives
termly reports on working group activities from the Facilitator.

East Together holds an annual working day which enables working groups to meet other regional groups and sign off
their annual action plans in the context of national imperatives and regional collaboration. This working day is usually
followed by a Regional Steering Group meeting to reflect on the annual action plans and endorse the strategic plan for
the following year.

                        East Together Regional Partnership Action Plan 2006 – 2007
   1. Data and Finance Group: Supporting inclusion through regional trend analysis and the development of
      funding mechanisms

Objectives of group:
 - To share practice, particularly good practice and enable networking across the region
 - To produce recommendations & support practice, in terms of gathering statistics and of monitoring SEN
    expenditure, that leads to greater consistency, where appropriate, across the region
 - To support work on inclusion by analysing trends in terms of needs and resources across the region
 - To make recommendations to Steering Group regarding good practice in terms of data collection and funding
    mechanisms to support inclusion
 - To produce statistics that support the work of the individual LAs with particular reference to the annual DfES/LA
    stocktake, the regional working groups and the regional partnership
 - To develop good practice in monitoring effective use of LA and school resources and outcome evaluation
 - To act as critical friend and support for ER LAs as they develop new schemes of delegation in response to
    necessary changes within Children’s Services and when supporting inclusive practice

      Key activities          Intended outcomes       Completion                                            Who           Resources
                                                           by        Intended impact                      involved
1. Devise termly            Termly meetings with     3 termly        Best Value reviews and LA          10 LA reps     Venue and
programme to develop        seminar element          meetings        inspection outcomes (APA,                         related costs
meetings to go beyond        PI = Effective                          CPA and JAR where                  Liaison with
information exchange        programme devised /      15.06.06        appropriate) to reflect positive   ER LMS         Officer time and
                            good LA attendance       10.10.06        evidence from regional support     Funding        admin support for
                                                     07.02.07        and guidance                       Group          data collection
                                                                                                                       not costed

   1. Data and Finance Group: (contd)

       Key activities            Intended outcomes         Completion                                                Who         Resources
                                                              by             Intended impact                      involved
2. To encourage all ER LAs     Demographic and                               LA policies promote effective     Relevant LA    SEN Regional
to use National                financial data used to                        inclusion and good quality        staff to       Adviser (DD)
Performance Framework          inform the work of ET      ? Autumn           education for all children with   provide data
(NPF)                          Steering Group, EAROG,     Term 2006          SEN.
Possible regional seminar to   the regional working
promote use of NPF             groups and individual                         LAs address areas of work         ER = rep on    Pat Griffith,
                               LAs                                           where NPF data shows              DfES NPF       SENDD
                                                                             potential for improvement         Reference
                                                                                                               Group (MS)     Funding to
                                                                             LA and schools performance                       support seminar
                                                                             improves.                                        arrangements
3. To collect, present and     Hard copy with             Data               Data underpins work of other     WG reps         Lead LA (Cambs)
disseminate regional SEN       commentary on regional     collection         regional working groups as                       provides admin
data (being collected since    trend analysis to be       09.06,             evidenced in their action plans.                 support for data
1999) in terms of regional     published on annual        distribution for   LA policies promote more                         analysis (JS) –
tend analysis and individual   working day and to be      comment            effective SEN processes and                      not costed
LA data set                    available electronically   01.07,             practices (eg consistent use of
                               on website alongside       presentation       Transition Plan)
                               data from previous years   at working
                               to enable trend analysis   day 03.07, on
                               by individual LAs as       web from
                               required                   03.07

    1. Data and Finance Group: (contd)

        Key activities                Intended outcomes          Completion                                                  Who             Resources
                                                                    by           Intended impact                           involved
4. To support annual national       Password protected hard     Collection       Monitor ER LAs development of           WG reps and      Annual subscription
collection and analysis of out of   copy and electronic         completed by     more inclusive policies leading to      SCRIP /          to support
authority data co-ordinated by      spreadsheet link through    end 02.07        increased retention of children         SERSEN           SCRIP/SERSEN
South Central Regional              web                         Data available   with SEN in in-authority provision                       admin
Partnership (SCRIP)                                             07.06
5. Assist LAs in locating           Produce a reference tool of By March 2007    LAs able to support target setting      Regional SEN     Possible funding to
statistics to support current       statistics currently needed                  through APA, LAA and JAR                Adviser (DD)     support project (bid
workstreams.                        by local authorities in the                  processes with relevant statistics.                      to EAROG required
                                    context of integrated                                                                                 by June 2006)
6. Use of P scales and              Encourage LAs to ensure all On a voluntary   Collection of data to enable a          WG reps          Pat Griffith, Andre
   submission of data to the        relevant schools to submit  basis in 2006    national picture of pupils on the „P‟                    Imich, SENDD
   DfES                             „P‟ level data              (possibly on a   levels
                                                                basis in 2007)
                                                                Seminar on SS
Monitor introduction of P levels    Promote better              Pupil Target     Schools to track and evaluate the       Invitation       Chris Smith, Essex
(with SEN) data                     moderation of „P‟ scales.   Tracker          progress of individual pupils (P        through          CC
                                                                10.10.06         scale data in PAT).                     Data/Finance,
                                                                                                                         MSAT, Training
                                                                                                                         and EAROG

                           East Together Regional Partnership Action Plan 2006 – 2007
2. Early Years Group: Effective regional multi-agency working to further develop the Early Support Programme with

Objectives of group:
       - To audit the use of Early Support Project (ESP) materials within the region
       - To learn from good practice across the region and use knowledge to extend awareness of ESP
       - To identify networks of support to extend the use of ESP materials
       - To encourage the growth of good practice across the region

      Key activities                 Intended outcomes               Completion by                                       Who        Resources
                                                                                             Intended impact           involved
1. LAs to bring examples of     Information disseminated and       3 termly meeting pa   ESP principles continuing  Reps from all   Meeting
working practice using ESP      gaps identified                                          to develop at all levels – ER LAs on       venue costs
materials to meetings as an     Models of good practice            22.05.06              regional, LAs etc          group           and related
ongoing agenda item             disseminated                       09.10.06              Growing awareness of ESP                   expenses
                                PI – numbers of colleagues in      05.02.07              materials in all agencies
                                all agencies continue using                              across the region                          FRSAs and
                                ESP materials                                                                                       GO field force
2. To ensure opportunities      Key people within LAs identified   Termly meetings       Early Years reps on         WG             As above
and networks to share           for ongoing support and                                  regional group able to
information / support           structures shared                                        contact key personnel for
                                PI – Notes of meetings identify                          support
                                key areas with link contacts
3. To identify and share        Multi-agency training in place     Focus on Area        Growth in training /         WG and Area    Funding to
training opportunities and      PI – Numbers of training           SENCO materials      awareness in all agencies    SENCO links    support Area
materials including assisting   sessions across the region and     Autumn Term Area     throughout the region                       SENCO event
Area SENCO liaison at a         successful Area SENCO              SENCO regional event                                             identified
regional level                  conference held                    date tbd

2.   Early Years Group: (contd)
        Key activities                Intended outcomes              Completion by                                             Who           Resources
                                                                                               Intended impact               involved
4. To extend group liaison to     Greater liaison with social       Social care rep to   Shared understanding of           Regional GO       Foundation
reflect development of            care, health and other            speak at meeting     common goals against ECM          rep (CL)          Stage
integrated children‟s services    agencies.                                              outcomes                          Sure Start and    Regional
across ER LAs                     PI Joint meeting held                                                                    Children‟s Fund   Adviser
                                                                                                                           Region Teams      (FSRA)
5. Discuss Early Years            Greater awareness of national     Summer Term          Greater awareness of              WG                FSRA
Direction of Travel Foundation    guidance and contribution to      meeting 2006         Foundation Stage in all
Stage Consultation and related    consultation                                           settings
national documents                PI Submit consultation            Spring Term – Jan
Response to publication of        LAs take more strategic
report of EY Access Planning      approach to accessibility         06.06.06 AAP/RAP     More disabled children
Project                           planning, including & working     conference           included in early years
                                  with private, voluntary and                            settings and schools.
Share impact of APP across        independent EY sectors as a
region                            matter of course (not a stat
                                  reqt, but recommended good
                                  PI Attendance at APP/RAP
                                  regional conference
                                  Guidance on web
6. Continue exploring inclusive   Greater awareness of range of     Meeting tbh in       More effective practice as        WG                CDC led
development of Sure Start         inclusive opportunities offered   Fields EY Centre     CCs rolls out across the                            guidance.
children‟s centres                by good practice in children‟s    Autumn Term 2006     region – leading to more                            Policy lead
                                  centre development.                                    effective inclusion of children                     Lonika
                                  Disseminate CDC guidance                               with SEN/disabilities                               Vanclay
                                  PI Visit arranged                                                                                          Sure Start
                                                                                                                                             task force

                            East Together Regional Partnership Action Plan 2006 – 2007
 3. Inclusion Group: Co-ordination of regional research and good practice regarding inclusion

Objectives of group:
       - To identify inclusion research initiatives in operation across the region.
       - To establish a regional directory of working definitions of inclusion across the region
       - To disseminate information regarding the definition and rationale for inclusion to colleagues within Social
          Care and Health.
       - To develop a regional ‘good practice guidance

        Key activities               Intended outcomes             Completion                                           Who            Resources
                                                                      by                  Intended impact             involved
1. Group members to outline       Sharing of practice and         3 termly         Increased opportunity for        Reps from all   Venue costs and
own local authority initiatives   production of eastern           meetings pa      collaborative action research    LAs to WG       related expenses
within a regional research        regional summary research                        projects.
forum.                            paper.
                                  PI = Paper produced
2. Group members to share         Resource for use across         Termly           Greater understanding of the     WG
the working definitions in        regional children‟s services.   meetings         definition of inclusion
operation across the region and PI = Definition produced
to produce a directory of
3. Group members to identify      Regionally created protocol     Autumn Term      Regional resource available to   WG
practical methods for             outlining strategies for        2006 (13.10.06   support inclusion development.
disseminating information and     supporting the development      joint meeting
to identify potential barriers to of a professional consensus     with Training
the establishment of a shared     regarding inclusion.            Group)
language across professionals. PI = Protocol agreed

3.Inclusion Group: (contd)
       Key activities               Intended outcomes            Completion                                               Who             Resources
                                                                    by            Intended impact                       involved
4. Group to identify focus        Annual production of          03.07             Regional resource.                  WG
category eg Looked After child    regional leaflet covering
and to create a good practice     specific theme, which would
leaflet documenting strategies    contain guidance and
for supporting the inclusion of   contact information across
this child.                       region.
                                  PI = Leaflet produced
5. Regional inclusion day         Delivery of awareness         Materials         Greater awareness of implications   Regional EP      Funding for related
promoted and delivered            raising assemblies and        available 05.06   of effective inclusion              network          expenses identified
                                  circle time activities in
                                  schools across the region.    Together
                                  PI =Publicity in regional     Newsletters
                                  and local publications        05.06 / 11.06
                                  PI = Collect children’s art
                                  for What Inclusion Means      Regional
                                  publication (link with Tony   Inclusion Day
                                  Booth?)                       06.06.06
6. SENDA – Accessibility          Greater awareness of Part     Conference        More reasonable adjustments to      RF (JJS) and     Alison Thompson
Planning Project (APP) and        IV DDA duties on schools      06 June 06        include disabled pupils and         admin support    (SENDD) + DFES
Reasonable Adjustments            and LAs and greater                             improved planning to increase       (VP)             Comms Team
Project (RAP) dissemination       confidence in improving                         access to schools for disabled
conference                        access to schools for                           pupils                              Invitees – 150
                                  disabled pupils                                                                     delegates inc
                                  PI = Representative                                                                 schools, LAs
                                  attendance at and positive                                                          and partner
                                  feedback from conference                                                            agencies

                            East Together Regional Partnership Action Plan 2006 – 2007
4. Managers of Statutory Assessment Teams (MSAT): Improving SEN processes and practices

Objectives of group:
       - To share good practice, promote consistency and enable networking across the region.
       - To compare processes in relation to the implementation of the Code of Practice and avoidance of disputes.
       - To liaise with the regional SENDIST Group.
       - To share experience and practices of Children’s Services agenda.
       -  To support progression routes for SEN officers via development of the regional training programme

        Key activities                Intended outcomes            Completion                                             Who            Resources
                                                                      by                  Intended impact               involved
1. Termly meetings with             Notes of termly meetings      3 termly         Timely and more effective LA SEN Reps from all     Meeting venue
reference to different objectives   available on website.         meetings         processes.                       ER LAs on WG      costs and related
and procedures.                     PI = Attendance at            12.05.06                                                            expenses
                                    meetings                      03.11.06
                                                                  26.01.07 +
                                                                  working day
2. Compare processes and                                                          Better communication between
developments relating to                                                          LAs with early identification of    WG and LAC      Officer time
                                    Cross Border Protocol to be   Summer Term     problems and more effective         (Ed Protects)   (uncosted)
 -   Cross Border Protocol          finalised and dissemination   2006            placements within agreed            network
                                    process agreed                (SG item 06.06) timescales
                                    PI = Protocol agreed                          Improved liaison with Parent
 -   Parental involvement           Parent Partnership            Autumn Term     Partnership Services leading to     WG and PPS
                                    information to be shared      2006            better communication with parents

    4. Managers of Statutory Assessment Teams (MSAT): (contd)

      Key activities              Intended outcomes            Completion                                              Who         Resources
                                                                  by                Intended impact                  involved
2. contd
- Post 16                       Improving Choice pathfinder   At each       Improved post 16 educational and       WG and
    provision/Transition        information to be shared      meeting       social outcomes for YP with            Transition
    arrangements                                                            complex needs                          Group

-   Out County databases        Update on Form D              Summer Term   Improved educational outcomes          WG and
                                outcomes development and      2006          for children placed out of authority   OAP/ADSS
                                new fee agreement                                                                  Group

-   BESD developments           Information shared esp in     Summer Term   Centres of expertise to be             JJS
                                relation to low incidence     2006          developed in response to regional
                                provision audit outcome                     need

-   Annual reviews and          Discuss implications of       Summer Term   Statutory assessment                   Beds (SS) to
    statementing                recent DfES specificity       2006          Performance Indicators                 lead
    requirements / parental     guidance                                    maintained and improved
    involvement and „voice of
    the child‟                  Disseminate/discuss case      When          Individual C/YP targets monitored      JJS
                                studies from Reducing         published     outside IEP process
                                Bureaucracy project

-   Transport and Access        Share LA transport and        Autumn Term   Transport arrangements and other       Essex (AS) to
                                medical related protocols     2006          protocols to support effective         lead
                                                              (+ AAP/RAP    inclusion

   4. Managers of Statutory Assessment Teams (MSAT): (contd)

       Key activities           Intended outcomes             Completion                                               Who                Resources
                                                                 by                    Intended impact               involved
2. contd
     - Feedback from          SENDIST regional               SENDIST            See SENDIST Action Plan           Beds (SS) to be
       SENDIST group          conferences supported as       conference                                           SENDIST link
                              appropriate.                   06.10.06
                                                             Joint meeting
                              Regular feedback from          26.01.07
                              SENDIST Group
3. Keep updated on progress   Effective regional package     Each meeting –     Learning accreditation and        All ER LAs           Facilitator (IP) and
with SEN officer accredited   of training for SEN Officers   with additional    opportunities for progression     support              pump priming
training.                     across ER LAs and LAs in       meetings for       within SEN and wider children‟s   initiative – 7 /10   support to LAs in
                              other regions nationally       accrediting        services agenda leading to        involved in first    first year
                                                             officers and for   improved recruitment and          tranche
                                                             candidates         retention rates.                  Rolling out to
                                                                                                                  other RPs

                           East Together Regional Partnership Action Plan 2006 – 2007
 5. Out of Authority Placement/ADSS Contracting Group
Objectives of group:
       - To share knowledge of providers and good practice across the East (ER), South East (SERSEN), South
          Central (SCRIP) and East Midlands (EM) regions
       - To improve quality standards
       - To contribute to the development of an Eastern Region Joint Commissioning Strategy
       - To be able to determine where there is a need to enhance provision locally or regionally

       Key activities                Intended outcomes             Completion                                            Who            Resources
                                                                      by                 Intended impact               involved
1. Continued maintenance and       Database to hold up to date     Continuous     To improve efficiency for all      BT Syntegra     Funding for officer,
update of the regional             Forms A + B information                        participating LAs for              ER Group        admin time
interagency provider database.     and Fees, Forms C and D         (ER meetings   - monitoring visits                SCRIP &
                                   information. Report retrieval   15.05.06       - researching potential            SERSEN
                                   function                        12.09.06        providers                         East Midlands   Syntegra liaison to
                                   PI =                            12.12.06)      - evidencing value for money       RPs             lead to Database
                                    number of monitoring                         placements                                         development
                                        visits completed
Investigate adding Fees, Form       LA savings gained             11.06          Improve efficiency for providers
C and D information Report              from participating                        outlining available provision
retrieval function onto database    number of fee
                                        increase requests
                                    savings gained from
                                        Regional Fee Process
                                    feedback from users

    5. Out of Authority Placement/ADSS Contracting Group: (contd)

         Key activities                Intended outcomes           Completion                                            Who             Resources
                                                                      by               Intended impact                 involved
Complete the review and              Forms B + C to better         08/06        Improved quality of monitoring       ER, EM,         Funding for officer,
consultation of Forms A, B+C         represent education and                                                         SCRIP,          admin time and
inc renaming Forms                   health                                                                          SERSEN,         meetings
Pilot and implement Form D           Completion of a standard      07/06        Increase interagency working
                                     LA tool to monitor outcomes                A rich source of monitoring          ER, EM,         Funding for officer,
                                     of a placement                             information to evidence the          SCRIP,          admin time and
                                                                                outcomes providers achieve with      SERSEN,         meetings
                                                                                children that the LA have placed     Health

Test feasibility of national roll-   Extend monitoring process     09/06        Reduce the travel distances for      ER, EM,         Funding for officer,
out for monitoring and fees          to regions who are local to                monitoring visits, reduce costs of   SCRIP,          admin time and
procedures                           the ER‟s long distance                     monitoring process                   SERSEN,         meetings
                                     placements                                                                      NSAA, NCB

Test feasibility of roll out to      Find out how health can be    06/06        To ensure that the health            ER, EM, SCRIP Funding for officer,
Health Partners                      incorporated into the                      component in joint funded            & SERSEN      admin time and
                                     monitoring process                         placements is monitored. To          Health        meetings
                                                                                ensure that Health partners
                                                                                contribute to the monitoring

    5. Out of Authority Placement/ADSS Contracting Group: (contd)

       Key activities            Intended outcomes           Completion                                            Who              Resources
                                                                by               Intended impact                 involved
Explore options for sharing    Increase the number of        10/06        To improve efficiency for all        ER social care    Funding for officer,
monitoring information for     foster care providers that                 participating LAs for                representatives   admin time and
fostering                      are monitored                              - monitoring visits                                    meetings
                                                                          - researching potential
                               Improve knowledge of foster                 providers
                               care providers                             - improve efficiency for providers
                                                                          outlining available provision

Update directory of LA         Directory produced            04/06        Improved quality standard of         ER LA             Funding for officer,
maintained SEN provision and   PI = Data reflects                         providers                            education         admin time
put onto web as linked         continued maintenance of                   LAs gain a clearer overview of       representatives
resource                       or increase in nos of ER                   current SEN provision in region
                               pupils placed in LA
                               education provision
Continued Commitment to the    All fee increase requests     Ongoing      Increase value for money by          ER, EM, SCRIP Funding for officer,
Cross Regional Exceptional     above the agreed                           negotiating reductions to            & SERSEN      admin time and
Fees Process                   contractual rate are                       unreasonable fee increase                          meetings
                               challenged and scrutinised                 requests
To support the review and      Contracts accepted and        Ongoing      LA contract with providers focuses   DfES, NASS,
promotion of national          used by provision used by                  on consistent issues reflecting      all regions
placement (NASS/LGA) and       ER                                         quality and value for money
pre-placement contracts        PI = Number of schools
                               and children’s homes in
                               ER signing contracts

    5. Out of Authority Placement/ADSS Contracting Group: (contd)

        Key activities                Intended outcomes            Completion                                           Who               Resources
                                                                      by               Intended impact                involved
To support the development          One contract to be that will   09/06        Consistent, fair contract reduced   DFES, NCB,
promotion and implementation        be accepted by providers                    time in negotiation contracts       ICHA, Health
of National Pre-placement           and utilised by all ER LAs                  To gain quality provision that is   and all regions
Contract for children in            and all other regions                       value for money.
residential homes                   Nationally                                  To help LA to commission
                                                                                provision together

Keep informed about                 As above                       10/06        As above                            ER social care
development of a national                                                                                           representatives,
fostering contract                                                                                                  other regions,

Keep informed about                 Develop a list of providers  Ongoing        Improved quality of providers       ER LA officers     Previous ER ADSS
development of national             who have required                                                                                  work?
accreditation process for           standards and will comply to
residential accommodation           monitoring and contractual

Develop a regional contract for     One contract accepted by       12/06        Increase quality and equality of    ER LA officers
residential family centres          providers and used by all                   provision
                                    ER LAs

Each member authority to fulfill    Access to up date              01/07        Demonstrate efficient monitoring    ER, SCRIP,
its commitment to the „link‟ role   information on all link                     and value for money placements      SERSEN and
for both Form B monitoring and      providers.                                  for LA assessments or reviews       EM LAs,
Fee Increase procedure              Accurate fees information                   PI Number Form Bs and Fees          Providers
responsibilities                    recorded.                                   reports completed

5. Out of Authority Placement/ADSS Contracting Group: (contd)
       Key activities               Intended outcomes       Completion                                                          Who             Resources
                                                               by                          Intended impact                    involved

Residential/Education                                                              Increase ER purchasing power                          Centre of
To complete feasibility study for Completion of business   Completed end          Increase and improve placement                         Excellence
the development of a sub-         case                     May 06                  choice, especially allowing for children               Procurement
                                                                                                                              and Health
regional provision for children                                                    to be placed closer to home                            funding
with BESD                                                  First draft to be      Less “externally purchased placements                  received for
                                                           presented on            and fewer out of authority” placements
                                                                                                                              Residential Sue Brunton
                                                           the 05 May 06           made.
To present to the Directors of                                                                                                sub-group Reed,
Children‟s Services Group for                              and final draft        Improve the quality of care, education                 commissioning
acceptance                                                 remittance to           and health services provided                           consultant &
                                                           be confirmed           To provide more integrated delivery of                 Justine
                                                                                   service                                                Henderson
                                                                                  Reduce level of spend and increase                     procurement
To host provider forum to input   Host provider forum      By Sept 06              efficiency savings                                     officer
on the final specification and                             (This may be           Prevent duplication of effort by pooling
delivery of the sub-regional                               carried out             resources
provision                                                  earlier                Create local and regional resources and
                                                           dependent on            increase capacity
                                                           feedback)              Preferred providers obtaining level of
                                                                                   financial security
Once all contributing LAs have                             Aim Oct 06             Better management of provider markets
agreed project mandate – go to
                                                                                  Locally group consortia to purchase
                                                                                   from foster care agencies and
                                                                                   residential providers – more control
                                                                                   over cost, quality and locality

5.Out of Authority Placement/ADSS Contracting Group: (contd)
       Key activities             Intended outcomes           Completion                                                  Who            Resources
                                                                 by                       Intended impact               involved

Map LA‟s in-house fostering                                                                                             Fostering    As above
data                                                         May 06           As above                                  sub-group

Develop business case with      Final remittance to be       First draft to
proposals for in-house and      confirmed                    DCS May 06.
externally purchased

Host provider forum                                          By Sept 06

Approach market where
necessary (after sign up)                                    Aim Oct 06

Involvement in Regional
Commissioning Forum
                                Regional SEN provision           03.07        More consistent and effective provision   ER LA
Contribute to the interagency   audit leading to                              within the region for low incidence SEN   officers
regional trend analysis and     identification of areas of
development of the regional     need and possible
commissioning process           development of regional
                                centre of expertise
                                PI = Regional Centre of
                                Expertise proposal agreed
                                within agreed regional

                            East Together Regional Partnership Action Plan 2006 – 2007
6. Parent Partnership Group: Supporting the achievement of the five outcomes by working collaboratively with the
Eastern Region Network, the National Association of Parent Partnership Staff, the National Parent Partnership Network
and the University of Cambridge.

Objectives of group:
 - To develop effective partnerships with parents of children with SEN and disabled children by disseminating best
    practice in supporting parents and involving them in local decision making.

        Key activities              Intended outcomes           Completion                                              Who             Resources
                                                                   by                    Intended impact              involved
1. To work collaboratively with   Annual publication of        Half termly -     LAs use the data to make           All ER PPS and   Funding to maintain
National Association of Parent    regional and national data   meeting dates     informed decisions when planning   LAs              meetings (venue
Partnership Staff and the                                      07.04.06          service provision.                                  costs and materials)
National Parent Partnership       PI: 100% of PPS complete     25.05.06
Network.                          benchmarking task            14.07.06
Collect data annually which                                    15.12.06          We have regionally agreed
contributes to benchmarking                                    9.02.07           definitions and provide an
statistics required regionally                                 (+ WD             accurate picture of referrals.
and nationally                                                 15.03.07)

Establish a commitment within                                  NAPPS
each LA to consistent                                          3 Feb 06
approaches to definitions and                                  5 May 06
recording systems including                                    Other dates tbc
referrals to individual Parent
Partnership services                                           NPPN
                                                               9 March 06
                                                               21 Sept 06

    6.Parent Partnership Group: (contd)

       Key activities               Intended outcomes           Completion                                         Who involved            Resources
                                                                   by                Intended impact
2. To have a regional bank of     Schools and services will    March 07          Influence the work of other   All ER PPS
resources available on the        have access and use of                         groups and services locally
regional website.                 quality information and                        and regionally
                                  materials to inform and                        Evaluations are undertaken
                                  support their practice.                        which show parent
3. Continue to develop            Parents have access to       March 07          Examples of core              All ER PPS
information for parents through   information developed                          information produced by
the work of the group.            locally and regionally                         members of this group are
                                  PI: 100% LAs have a PPS                        placed on the regional
                                  website                                        website
                                  PI: 5% increase of hits to
                                  PP pages year on year
4. Maintain links and work        Annually review and          Annual contract   Appeals lodge with            ConSENsus (used by        Funding for
collaboratively with the          evaluate IMS provision       up to March       SENDIST are reduced           Essex, Herts, Norfolk,    meetings.
disagreement resolution                                        2007                                            Suffolk, Beds), Global
services (IMS) used by the        Annually review and                                                          (used by Thurrock),
region.                           evaluate IMS provision                                                       Cambridge Family          SLAs funded by
                                                                                                               Mediation, Peterborough   each local
To work within the established    PI: 5% increase in           First full                                      Mediation Services,       authority
protocol and develop good         proactive involvement of     regional IMS                                    Havering (reciprocal
practice in working with the      referred cases by IMS        meeting                                         arrangement with
independent mediation                                          08.11.06                                        Southend)
services (IMS) providing
disagreement resolution

    6.Parent Partnership Group: (contd)

        Key activities                Intended outcomes             Completion                                             Who               Resources
                                                                       by               Intended impact                  involved
5. To deliver the foundation        To run at least one course     Course        Staff have greater awareness and     Cambridge          RP to underpin
stage course developed to           for PPS staff in the region.   sessions –    increased knowledge of               Faculty of         shortfall in places if
meet the identified needs of                                       05.10.06      theoretical issues of working with   Education for      necessary to
Parent Partnership staff in         Evaluate pilot and plan for    19.10.06      parents and which will lead to       regional           ensure initial run as
collaboration with the Faculty of   further courses.               02.11.06      greater confidence.                  development        pilot
Education, University of                                           16.11.06                                           and delivery /
Cambridge.                                                         07.12.06                                           liaise with East
                                    PI: staff who attend gain a                                                       Mids RP for
To have further discussions         certificate of Further      March 2007                                            national
with Aspect regarding the           Professional Development                                                          development
development of competencies
for PPS staff.

                          East Together Regional Partnership Action Plan 2006 – 2007

7. SENDIST Group: The SEN and Disability Tribunal Group: improving the efficiency of SEN processes and practices
in the region

Objectives of group:
 - To share information about the SENDIST appeal process and relevant case law
 - To help authorities to improve the drafting of case statements
 - To help authorities prepare appropriately for appeal hearings

       Key activities                Intended outcomes       Completion                                               Who               Resources
                                                                by                  Intended impact                 involved
1. Termly meetings to allow
   members to

   discuss recent SENDIST         Group members become     Meetings -       Increased knowledge and             Reps from all       LEA officer
    experiences and                more knowledgeable and   30.06.06         confidence of Eastern Region        ER LA s +           time/travel
    difficulties as regards both   confident,               10.11.06         officers in relation to SENDIST     group facilitator   expenses etc not
    SEN and disability                                      (Joint meeting   preparation and attendance          (DB)                costed
   share examples of              Quality of LEA case      with MSAT –
    good/successful practice       statements improves.     26.01.07)        Guidance, information and                               Venue costs
   receive feedback from and                               09.03.06         examples of good practice
    agree items for the            PI = Notes and related   Working Day –    cascaded within each authority by
    SENDIST User Group             documents available on   15.03.06         group members to appropriate                            Consultancy (DB)
   identify appeal related        website                                   staff involved in SENDIST
    trends                                                                   casework.
   receive feedback from
    MSAT Group

    7. SENDIST Group: (contd)

       Key activities               Intended outcomes            Completion                                             Who            Resources
                                                                    by               Intended impact                  involved
2. Changes in legislation and     Group members and LAs in      On-going      LAs able to avoid legal challenges    DB and OH and Fee to barrister to
relevant High Court decisions     other RPs nationally kept                   to their arrangements and             other RPs     check Advice Notes
disseminated to group             aware of both the statutory                 practices in relation to Part IV of
members either at meetings        framework and related case                  the EA „96
and/or by e-mail.                 law
                                  PI = Legal updates and
                                  specific Advice Notes on
3. Annual conference to           LEAs better informed on       06.10.06      Appeals not lost due to               Reps from all   Conference venue,
provide training for both         case preparation and the                    inadequate preparation or             ER LAs esp      speakers and
experienced and 'new' officers    collection and use of                       presentation                          SENDIST,        related costs.
in preparing for and presenting   supporting evidence                                                               MSAT and PP
at appeal hearings.               PI = Attendance and                                                               Groups

                          East Together Regional Partnership Action Plan 2006 – 2007

    8. Training and Communication Group: supporting the development of more inclusive policy and practice
       through training and development

Objectives of group:
         - To assist with the development of a regional communication strategy and maintain the profile of training
            and communication across the region
         - To share practice, particularly good practice, across the region
         - To produce recommendations and support practice that leads to greater consistency, where appropriate,
            across the region
         -  To link East Together training priorities with those of other agencies and other regional partnerships

       Key activities              Intended outcomes            Completion                                               Who             Resources
                                                                   by                   Intended impact                involved
1. Termly meetings with open      Development of training      05.05.06          Positive influence on practice at   Reps from all   Meetings - venue
seminar dimension and            provision across the region   (Teacher‟s TV)    LA and school/pupil level           LAs in WG +     and related costs
review group brief and           PI = Number of LAs            13.10.06 (joint                                       other reps –
membership in light of revised   represented at group          meeting with                                          Parent
partnership brief                meetings / seminar            inclusion                                             Partnership, HE
                                 themes covered /              Group)                                                and CPD
                                 feedback                      02.02.07                                              Adviser
                                                                                                                     (possible merge
                                                                                                                     with Inclusion
2. Summary of CPD                Easy access to regional       Termly to         Greater awareness of CPD across     WG              Maintenance of
programmes and training          information                   website           region                                              website
opportunities shared and         PI = range of information
workforce issues discussed       on website

    8. Training and Communication Group: (contd)

        Key activities                Intended outcomes             Completion                                             Who                Resources
                                                                       by                  Intended impact               involved
3. Get feedback from other          Dissemination of information Ongoing            Positive East Together            All WGs
WGs on communication                to wider audience                               communication from and to LAs
requirements and review             PI = Schools and families                       across the ER
regional communication              aware of RP
4. Development of web and           PI = Together Newsletter       Together -May Raise awareness of regional          Alluri web           Newsletter - 4000
regional newsletter, highlighting   produced six monthly and       2006 +        partnership and key events                                hard copies
forthcoming events                  website updated weekly         November 2006
                                                                                                                                           Web = annual
5. Support regional                 Programme of regional          See list in SG   Reinforce good practice by        WG                   Venues and related
conferences programme and           conferences                    item 4           involving schools, support teams  HE link with         costs
support regional training in         PI =attendance at /                            etc in workshop dissemination and Camb Fac
response to national initiatives    feedback from regional                          delivery
6. Invitation for one person        Provision of access to other   Ongoing          Influence LA policy through       All LAs
from each ER LA to attend           ER LA courses                                   training events
generic LA conferences              PI = Number of places
                                    taken up / feedback
7. Monitor progress with SEN        Effective regional package     Standing         Learning accreditation and        All ER LAs           Facilitator (IP) and
Officer Accredited Training         of training for LA SEN         agenda item      opportunities for progression     support              pump priming
Programme                           Casework Officers                               within SEN and wider children‟s   initiative – 7 /10   support to LAs in
                                                                                    services agenda leading to        involved in first    first year
                                                                                    improved recruitment and          tranche
                                                                                    retention of statutory case

                                East Together Regional Partnership Action Plan 2006 – 2007

    9. Transition Group: improving the transition process from statutory education to post 16 education and

Objectives of group:
 - To continue to develop and disseminate good practice in transition planning at the individual and strategic level.
 - To inform and support the Connexions Partnerships and their related agencies to fulfil their responsibilities to
    young people (YP) with SEN at transition.
 - To liaise with appropriate regional agencies in order to support coherent transition planning.
 -  Whilst focusing on the needs of statemented pupils, to disseminate good practice in order to endeavour to improve
    practice for all students at transition
     Key activities                   Intended outcomes                Completion                                                  Who              Resources
                                                                          by                   Intended impact                   involved
Working group to meet 3         All transition group members          Meetings and      All professionals supported to        All agencies       Venue and related
times a year with a             contribute to development of good     seminars take     deliver service to YP in transition   involved in        costs
business and seminar            practice. Expert support provided     place on termly   in multi agency context.              transition group
focus and assist with           to all professionals working with     basis by March    Transition planning meets holistic    – LAs,
national facilitation role if   YP in transition. Professionals       07                needs of YP. YP are supported to      Connexions,        Group facilitated by
agreed by NSG                   supported to consider application                       express own views and transition      Health, LSC,       consultant (MP)
                                of good practice to wider groups of                     planning is person centred. The       vol orgs, Job
                                vulnerable YP.                                          needs of YP with SEN inform           Centre Plus
                                                                                        strategic planning.
                                Good practice in supporting YP                                                                NSG (ref
                                with SEN at strategic level shared                                                            possible
                                and developed                                                                                 national
                                                                      Map updated     The needs of young people with          facilitation
                                Transition Map is updated and         twice a year    SEN inform strategic planning           requirement)
                                shared                                Aug 06 / Feb 07

    9. Transition Group: (contd)
       Key activities                   Intended outcomes                 Completion by                                      Who               Resources
                                                                                                 Intended impact           involved
To develop work that ensures      Contacts established through           Regional conference SENCOs and other            All Transition   MP and JJS
Transition Group meets needs      SENCO survey are developed.            09.11.06            relevant staff are          Group
of mainstream schools.            Information gathered about roles and                       supported to share and      members, LA
                                  responsibilities to ensure that all                        contribute to               SENCO links,
                                  relevant staff, e.g. Inclusion                             developing good             schools,
                                  Managers and LAC designated                                practice in transition      SENCOs and
                                  teachers included in scope of work.                        planning. YP                other relevant
                                  Regional event held which                                  experience more             staff
                                  establishes a communication                                consistent good
                                  strategy. Workshops take account of                        practice in transition
                                  needs of mainstream schools and                            planning
                                  SENCOs are invited to attend
Professionals Guide to Good       Good practice in transition planning   Professionals Guide   All YP with SEN           Transition       MP and JJS
Practice updated.                 continues to be developed,             updated by March      experience a more         Group
Models of reviews and plans       supporting development of person       07                    effective and person      members,
included in Guide                 centred planning ensuring needs of                           centred transition.       learning and
Regional PCP pilot supported      YP on SA+ / SA and with SEN                                                            service
                                  statements included                                          Person centred            providers,
                                                                                               approaches                GOEast
Link with GO seek to ensure       Needs of YP with SEN reflected in      June 06               increasingly inform
needs of YP with SEN reflected    GO regional 14-19 strategy                                   transition planning and
in 14-19 strategy.                                                                             transition plans.

Work with Council for Disabled    PI = Increase in the percentage of     Data collated Jan     Regional and national     SKILL, CDC,
Children (CDC) and SKILL on       completed Transition Plans in the      2007                  increase in good          DfES
production of national guidance   region                                                       practice
incl examples of best practice
to go into guidance & on web.

    9.Transition Group: (contd)
       Key activities               Intended outcomes             Completion                                                 Who              Resources
                                                                     by                    Intended impact                 involved
Project undertaken to establish   Project to take account of     Project planned    Schools and colleges are informed    Transition      MP
what works in                     range of vulnerable YP, incl   April 06 with      about effective practice in          Group
supporting transition for YP on   LAC and BESD and mental        timetable for      supporting vulnerable young          members,
SA and SA+, esp those at risk     health needs. Good             completion.        people at risk of slipping through   schools and
of “slipping through the net”.    practice analysed to assess    Initial outcomes   the net in transition.               colleges.
                                  relevance to wider group of    shared by                                               Training
                                  vulnerable YP                  March 07                                                providers and
                                   Good Practice Guide and                                                               other PRPs
                                  other projects promoted to
                                  other regions nationally
To work with ACER to develop      College rep to contribute to   Topic for          YP experience smooth transition      Transition      MP
role of colleges in transition    Transition Group meetings.     summer             to post school placements.           Group
planning                          Further liaison to establish   meeting                                                 members,
                                  good practice in developing                                                            schools,
                                  transition curriculum, links                                                           colleges
                                  with schools and work
Review mapping exercise of        Work with LAs, Connexions      Mapping            Young people receive appropriate     Transition      MP
how Children‟s Trust              Partnerships and other         exercise and       support in transition                Group
arrangements will support YP      partner agencies to ensure     resulting work                                          members,
with SEN/LDD in transition as     all YP with SEN/additional     ongoing to         Training needs inform workshops      Connexions,
arrangements put in place.        needs receive appropriate      March 07           and specialist PA course             LAs and
Extend exercise to take           support in the context of                                                              emerging
account of other vulnerable YP    Children‟s Trusts and the                         Professionals receive training to    Childrens
including LAC. Action agreed      Youth Matters Green Paper                         provide appropriate support.         Trusts
in accordance with established

    9.Transition Group: (contd)

       Key activities              Intended outcomes             Completion                                           Who           Resources
                                                                    by                 Intended impact              involved
Out of county protocols signed   Out of county protocols        Protocols       YP attending out of county        LAs, emerging
off                              implemented in the region      circulated by   specialist schools and colleges   Childrens
                                 and disseminated more          March 07        receive appropriate support in    Trusts,
                                 widely                                         transition                        Connexions,
To support work of ACER and      Ongoing support provided       March 07        YP have better access to          Improving       MP and JJS
member colleges, LSCs and        for implementation of                          appropriate post school           Choice Steering
Connexions in developing         Improving Choice in context                    opportunities                     Group, LSC,
provision for YP with LDD,       of LSC‟s strategic review.                                                       ACER,
applying learning from LSDA      Group works with LSC to                                                          colleges,
projects and supporting          support dissemination of its                                                     Connexions
learners in transition           strategic review, Through                                                        and Transition
                                 Inclusion to Excellence and                                                      Group
Ongoing liaison in place with    to develop common strands                                                        members
ACER‟s Learning Support          of working which develop
Forum to develop strategy for    provision for pre and post
links with SENCOs                16 YP
                                 Evaluation informs ongoing
                                 work of the Transition
                                 Group, in particular work on
                                 individual budgets and
                                 assessment framework, to
                                 explore compatibility and
                                 coherence with CAF

    9. Transition Group: (contd)

        Key activities              Intended outcomes             Completion                                               Who           Resources
                                                                     by                   Intended impact                involved
To work with schools,             To support Valuing People      March 07         Awareness raised among               Transition      MP and VP RDW
Connexions, Valuing People,       initiatives in developing                       employers of the skills of YP with   Group           (SW)
LSC and Job Centre Plus to        employment opportunities       Regional         LDD and young people have a          members,
develop routes into               for YP with LDD. To            conference “I’ve greater awareness of employment      VPST, Job
employment for YP who face        collaborate with Valuing       Got a Job”       opportunities.                       Centre Plus+,
significant barriers, including   People to plan a regional      27.09.06                                              supported
those with SLD                    event on employment                                                                  employment
                                  opportunities for 16-25 age                                                          organisations
                                  group, taking account of
                                  those with SLD and those at
                                  risk of slipping through the

                            East Together Regional Partnership Action Plan 2006 – 2007

    10. Children with Disabilities (CWD) Group: Improving outcomes for children with disabilities

Objectives of group:
 - To meet as a regional group to share good practice
 - To gain additional knowledge of national initiatives and developments
 - To discuss current developments within a supportive network
 - To ensure greater consistency in approaching ECM agenda regionally
 - To encourage greater integration between the social care and education aspects of LA work
 - To foster greater awareness and liaison with Health and other partners

        Key activities               Intended outcomes           Completion                                               Who            Resources
                                                                    by                   Intended impact                involved
Meet regularly to share            Good practice identified and Termly            LAs better prepared for JARs and    Reps from all   DfES (JS)
information                        discussed and disseminated meetings –          for delivering better outcomes      ER LAs          NCB (CL)
                                   back to LAs                   12.06.06         within the ECM agenda                               RF (JJS)
                                                                 + working day
Establish cross cutting links to   Greater awareness of the      Ongoing (?)      Better integration between the      WG              Links with other ER
other ER RP Working Groups         social care agenda by the                      social care and education aspects                   WGs
                                   other working groups                           of LA work
Establish a Safeguarding           Bring together key staff on a Await Working    LAs to develop policies and         Reps from all   LSCBs
Children Protocol across the       regional basis for            Together         procedures to deliver better        WGs
ER for CWD                         workshops and seminars        implementation   outcomes for CWD
Share progress towards             Greater awareness of multi- Each meeting       LAs better equipped to address      WG              Links with other ET
Integrated Children‟s Services     agency developments                            CT agenda by 2008                                   WGs
and Children‟s Trusts              across the ER

 10. Children with Disabilities (CWD) Group: (contd)

        Key activities               Intended outcomes             Completion                                                     Who               Resources
                                                                      by                    Intended impact                     involved
Discuss regional approach to       Continuing Care protocol to    End of 2006      Greater consistency of approach      WG                      Transition Group
transition issues                  be reviewed and re-issued                       to common issues across ER
Discuss Children‟s Centres and     Greater awareness of           17.10.06         More effective inclusion of children WG                      Early Years Group
extended schools                   current developments in                         with SEN and disabilities in                                 GO East links
                                   education across the ER                         education settings
Target work on services for        Strengthen co-ordination at    Dec 06           Improved access to appropriate MH         CAMHS RDW &        CAMHS RDW
children with mental health and    local/regional level between                    services for children with disabilities   WG                 learning sets
disabilities                       CAMHS/child health and
Continue to develop person         VP RDW and RP agree            Focus of 06.06   Increase use of PCR at year 9             WG and             MP (link)
centred reviews/Transition Plans   regional priorities            meeting and      reviews                                   Transition Group

                               East Together Regional Partnership Action Plan 2006 – 2007

     11.Education Protects Group: Promoting the educational achievement of looked after children

Objectives of group:

 -    To meet regionally to share and learn from good practice
 -    To share information on national guidance and statutory requirements
 -    To enable networking which provides mutual support
 -    To develop resources such as protocols which increase consistent approaches across the region

         Key activities                  Intended outcomes             Completion                                                    Who              Resources
                                                                            by                  Intended impact                   involved
1. To provide a network of             To increase partnership        On-going          To increase the educational             Reps from all ER   Venue costs and
communication for strategic leads      working and to develop local                     achievement of looked after children.   LAs                related meeting
for the education of looked after      initiatives based on good      4 regional                                                                   expenses
children in local authorities in the   practice                       meeting pa with   To increase the level of the            Supported by
eastern region                                                        sub-group         implementation of the SEU local         DfES –
                                                                      meetings as       recommendations and government          vulnerable         Meeting co-
                                                                      appropriate.      guidance in the region                  children‟s team.   ordinator expenses
                                                                                                                                                   (FE) and related
                                                                                                                                Links with other   admin
                                                                                                                                8 EP networks
                                                                                                                                                   E-mail and website
                                                                                                                                Supported by       contact as
                                                                                                                                revised regional   appropriate
                                                                                                                                partnerships (cf
                                                                                                                                East Together)

    11.Education Protects Group: (contd)

         Key activities                 Intended outcomes               Completion                                                      Who               Resources
                                                                               by                 Intended impact                     involved
2. To share good practice both       Increase level of output within   On-going /          As above                                As above plus       As above
from across the region and           local authorities based on the    market place                                                research bodies
nationally, from local authorities   experience of others – tried      activity with                                               and partner
and partner agencies                 and tested                        another region in                                           agencies
                                     To learn from research in         March each year

3. To disseminate information and To promote understanding and         On-going            As above                                DfES                As above
policy from central government      impact of information and to
                                    promote implementation and
                                    discussion of impact
4. To provide central government To ensure that the local              On-going            To influence central government         Through regional    As above
with information from practitioners authority voice is heard and                           policy making and target setting        co-ordinator (FE)
and LAs (two-way dialogue)          has an influence in policy                             processes
5.To stimulate cross-region         To seek out and extend             On-going            To increase the educational              Working group      As above
working policy and practice to      opportunities for cohesive                             achievement of looked after children.   reps from all ER
provide equity for looked after     reciprocal practice within the                         To increase the level of the            LAs
children throughout the region.     region for this group of young                         implementation of the SEU local
                                    people who may be placed out                           recommendations and government
                                    of county                                              guidance in the region
To produce regional version of                                                                                                     Sub group of ER
East Midlands cross border                                                                                                         EP Group

                      East Together Regional Partnership Action Plan 2006 – 2007

 12. Steering Group Identifying and developing regional arrangements to improve provision and services for
vulnerable children and young people

Objectives of group:

 -   To co-ordinate the development and approval of the East Together strategic action plan and vision statement
 -   To agree and support a range of working groups to take forward annual action planning and participation in
     support of the vision statement and strategic plan
 -   To monitor progress in delivery of the strategic plan and the annual action plans
 -   To agree and monitor the budget underpinning the action plan delivery (EAROG)
 -   To commission research in support of the regional strategic and annual action plans
 -   To ensure that developments are built upon existing collaborative arrangements
 -   To coordinate the collection of essential regional data concerning provision and services which is used to inform
     strategic planning locally, regionally and nationally
 -   To contribute to the external evaluation of the partnership
 -   To provide a consultation forum in the region
 -   To foster interagency and parental perspectives on the work of the partnership and promote collaborative working
 -   To provide feedback to the National Steering Group and GO East
 -   To liaise with and inform the National Coordinator and the DfES and be informed through the activities of the DfES
     and the National Coordinator
 -   To support the Regional Facilitator in the promotion of the regional strategy and delivery of the annual action plans

12. Steering Group: (contd)
        Key activities                  Intended outcomes                Completion                                                     Who            Resources
                                                                               by                Intended impact                      involved
1. Meet regularly as the             Delivery of partnership‟s          09.06.06         As evidenced in Regional Strategic      See membership    Venue and related
partnership‟s steering group and     strategic aims                     20.10.06         and Working Group Annual Action         list              costs for meetings
develop executive management         Revised Terms of Reference         Working Day/SG   Plans
core to replace EAROG                by 06.06                           residential
2. Meet with GO East reps to         Greater congruence between         Sept 2006        Better outcomes for C/YP as            SG Chair (RS),     RF (JJS) salary and
identify future direction of ET      ET and GO East work streams        Feb 2007         measured through PSAs and other        RF (JJS) +         related expenses
partnership in context of GO         leading to greater consistency                      indicators                             Director of CL     Admin support (VP)
Business Plan on six monthly         in support to LAs and partners                                                             (CH) and RSA       salary and related
basis                                                                                                                           (CW)               expenses
3. Continue identifying Action       Extended brief of East             Autumn Term      More co-ordinated service delivery for RF (JJS) and all   Office space hire (in
Plan correlation with DfES           Together partnership in            2006             parents/carers and children/YP         WGs                lead LA) and related
Priorities (as published 02.02.06)   support of integrated children‟s                                                                              office expenses
Continue re-evaluation of            services
composition and brief of all ET
groups (including SG)
4. Support partnership‟s                                                                                                                           Admin by ER
broadened brief by                                                                                                                                 Delivered by DfES /
  - organising APP/RAP Project       National and regional events       06.06.06         Multi-agency partners to promote and    Inclusion WG      DRC / CDC / DEE
       regional conference;          effectively organised and well                      support more inclusive and effective                      Funded by DfES
  - supporting NSF national          received and national                               policy and practice leading to better
       workshop and possible         publications and consultations     tba              outcomes for C/YP with additional       tba
       regional events and           disseminated and discussed                          needs
       disseminate associated
  - sharing workshop delivery
       with CAMHS RDW at LAC                                            23.05.06                                                 CAMHS RDW         Funding /admin by
       and complex care regional                                                                                                 +RF(JJS)          SCIP (NHIME)

    12.Steering Group: (contd)
                 Key activities                          Intended           Completion                                   Who involved                 Resources
                                                         outcomes              by             Intended impact
  4 contd
  - supporting Learning Disabilities Action Learning                        02.06 – 12.06                           RF (JJS)
      Set in ER;
  - attending Integrated Children‟s System regional                         23.03.06
  - disseminating information on Education and                              as published                            SG
      Childcare Bills;                                                                                                                            Possible pump
  - disseminating report of regional SEN Low                                24.03.06 and                            OAP/ADDSS WG / SG             priming funding from
      Incidence Audit                                                       other events                                                          DfES
5. Liaise with other regional groups, including
  - GO-East Quarterly Childrens Review Group;          To avoid             As agreed         Regional groups to    RF (JJS) to attend / liaise   As above
  - CAMHS Regional Group;                              duplication of                         co-ordinate work      and feedback as
  - NCVCCO Regional Group;                             work at regional                       under cohesive        appropriate
  - Cambridge Faculty of Education CPD Cttee;          level and increase                     strategic framework
  - Regional Anti-Bullying Alliance Forum;             effectiveness
  - National Behaviour and Attendance Exchange         through better
      Steering Group;                                  communication
  - Improving Choice Steering Group;
  - liaise with new regional Allegation Management
      Adviser (AMA) ref Local Safeguarding
      Children‟s Boards (LSCB);
  - liaise with relevant GO Advisers;
  - liaise with CYPSPs.
6. Monitor and evaluate partnership work by            Working groups       Termly via SG     Consistent ER LA      LA reps = WG Chairs           Facilitators -
receiving regular reports on working group activity    to meet at least     meetings and      representation on                                   SENDIST (DB),
and by appointing and supporting working group         termly and           ongoing via web   WGs leading to                                      Transition (MP),
chairs/co-ordinators.                                  publish notes and                      impact as evidenced                                 Officer Training (IP)
                                                       related                                in APs
                                                       documents on
                                                       web site.

12.Steering Group: (contd)

        Key activities                Intended outcomes               Completion                                                  Who               Resources
                                                                           by                   Intended impact                 involved
7. Monitor and evaluate             Working groups to meet at        Termly via SG     All constituent LAs represented on    LA reps = WG       Officer time not
partnership work by receiving       least termly and publish notes   meetings and      WGs leading to impact as evidenced    Chairs             costed
regular reports on working group    and related documents on web     ongoing via web   in Annual Action Plans
activity and by appointing and      site.
supporting working group chairs /
8. Assist with development of       National partnership             Termly meetings   Professional presentation of message JJS on NSG sub
national partnership                publications and brand to                          at national and regional level       group
communication strategy              reflect revised brief
9. SG meetings to be timed to       Feedback from NSG to be          Termly            NSG to provide steer to ER regional   NSG rep (LI)
enable feedback from NSG            discussed by SG                                    work programme
10. Feedback from national RF       Greater awareness of, and        At termly         Regional and LA work more informed    RF (JJS)
meetings / assist national RP       involvement with, national       meetings and by   and effective
collaboration / take national       initiatives                      e-mails
facilitation lead as appropriate
(possibly in Transition and Joint
11. To supervise RF (JJS) work      RF able to support delivery of   08.06 (full       As evidenced in Regional Working      SG rep from RF
plan and annual CPD appraisal       ER regional work plans           appraisal)        Group Action Plans                    seconding
and interim reviews                                                  02.07 (6 month                                          authority (Essex
                                                                     review)                                                 – JRR)

Appendix 1                     Membership of East Together Working Groups
                                             June 2006

Regional Steering Group
ACER                            Reg Smith [Chair] 
Consultant                      Margaret Palmer   
Higher Education                Kristine Black-Hawkins
Learning and Skills Council     Ellen Atkinson    
National Partnership Adviser    Claire Lazarus    
Network 81                      Eirwen Grenfell-Essam
Ofsted HMI                      Pauline Allison   
Parent Partnership              Chris Goodwin-King
GO-East                         Christina Wells   
DfES Adviser                    David Dickinson   
NVCCCO                          Diana Read        
Education Protects              Felicity Evans    
NBAE                            Fred Birkett      
Valuing People                  Simon Whitehead   
Health (inc CAMHS)              Alida Farmer      

Bedfordshire                    Helen Redding     
Cambridgeshire                  Brian Gale        
Essex                           Jane Ryder-Richardson
Hertfordshire                   Debbie Orton      
Luton                           Harriet Martin    
Norfolk                         Start Marpole     
Peterborough                    Sue Dewar         
Southend                        Lynda Ingham [Vice Chair]

Suffolk                                Bill Herbert      
Thurrock                               Jean Imray        
Regional Facilitator                   Jackie Jackson-Smith

Education Officers Group (EAROG)
Bedfordshire                     Helen Redding           
Cambridgeshire                   Judith Davies           
Essex                            Jane Ryder-Richardson   
Hertfordshire                    Debbie Orton            
Luton                            Harriet Martin          
Norfolk                          Richard Potts           
Peterborough                     Sue Dewar               
Southend                         Lynda Ingham [Chair]    
Suffolk                          Bill Herbert            
Thurrock                         Malcolm Taylor          
Regional Facilitator             Jackie Jackson-Smith    
        1. Data (D) and Funding (F) Group
Bedfordshire             Roger Day          (D)              
                         Sheelagh Sullivan (D)               
Cambridgeshire           Mike Sladen [Chair]                 
                         Julie Savill       (D)              
Essex                    Gary Bloom         (D+F)            
Hertfordshire            Debbie Orton       (D+F)            
Luton                    Gavin Sandmann (D)                  
                         Harriet Martin (SG link) (F)        
Norfolk                  Nigel Peacock       (D)             
                         Michael Bateman        (F)          
Peterborough             Trevor Cozens      (D)              
Peterborough             Norma Greener          (F)          
                         Rosemary Bean          (F)          

Southend               Lynda Ingham     (D+F)
Suffolk                Pam Young        (D)
Suffolk                Sandy Ranson        (F)
                       Graham Lovitt       (F)
Thurrock               Jenni Livermore (D)
                       Helon Hamilton      (F)
Regional Facilitator   Jackie Jackson-Smith

 2. Early Years Group
Bedfordshire          Helena Black [Vice Chair]
Cambridgeshire        Barbara Moseley       
                      Jan Grigg             
Essex                 Jane Ryder-Richardson 
Hertfordshire         Debbie Orton          
Luton                 Evelyn Cashmore [Chair]
Norfolk               Karen Taylor          
                      Anne Dobson           
                      Linda Shiner          
Peterborough          Jenny Bambridge       
                      Cathy Ruffles         
Southend              Olwen Shallis         
                      Paula Firman          
Suffolk               Jo Fowler             
                      Viki Muller           
Thurrock              Juliet Dash           
                      Anna Roberts          
Go-East               Christina Lewis       
CAMHS RDW             Roz Rospopa           
Regional Facilitator  Jackie Jackson-Smith  

 3. Inclusion Leads Group
Bedfordshire          Leanne Long              
                      Carol Wooding            
Cambridgeshire        Judith Davies            
                      Andrew Ballentyne        
Essex                 Carol Kisby              
                      Debbie Holmes            
Hertfordshire         Debbie Orton             
Luton                 Harriet Martin (EAROG link)
Norfolk               Judith Carter [Chair]    
Peterborough          Mel Collins              
Southend              Paul Acklaw              
Suffolk               Vanessa Harvey-Samuel    
Thurrock              Lyndon Cox               
Higher Education      Kristine Black-Hawkins   
Regional Facilitator  Jackie Jackson-Smith     

4. Managers of Statutory Assessment Teams (MSAT) Group
Bedfordshire          Sheelagh Sullivan        
                      Carole Hirst             
Cambridgeshire        Judith Davies            
Essex                 Susan Roberts            
Hertfordshire         Graham Read [Chair]      
Luton                 David Newbury            
Norfolk               Gillian Hiles            
Peterborough          Kay Maylon               
Southend              Linda Harrison           
Suffolk               Bill Herbert             
Thurrock              Helon Hamilton           
                      Jenni Livermore          
Regional Facilitator  Jackie Jackson-Smith     

5. Out of Authority Placement / ADSS Contracting Group
Bedfordshire               Diane Boyd           
Cambridgeshire             Jackie Short         
Essex                      Mandy Holland-Martin 
                           Brenda Riches [Vice Chair]
                           Sandra Wrathall      
                           Justine Henderson    
Hertfordshire              Tracy Bowers [Chair] 
                           Christine Dixon      
Luton                      Richard Jones        
Norfolk                    Pam Norman           
                           Dave Winteringham    
Peterborough               Eddie Roberts        
Southend                   Ed Davidge           
Suffolk                    Bill Herbert         
                           Abby Heckman         
Thurrock                   Malcolm Taylor       
Regional Facilitator       Jackie Jackson-Smith 

6. Parent Partnership Group
Bedfordshire                          Ann Baily          
Cambridgeshire                        Sharon Camilletti  
Essex                                 Clare Woodcock     
                                      Janet Hill         
Hertfordshire                         Chris Goodwin-King [Chair]
Luton                                 Geoff Briggs       
                                      Vicki Lloyd        
Norfolk                               Sarah Merrick      
                                      Jan Eastwood       
Peterborough                          Margaret Bradshaw  
Southend                              Julie Davis        

Suffolk                                     Gail Voller       
Thurrock                                    Victor Baldock    
Sub-region mediation service co-ordinator   Fiona Hogg        
Regional Facilitator                        Jackie Jackson-Smith

7. SEN and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST) Group
Bedfordshire             Sheelagh Sullivan                
Cambridgeshire           Judith Davies                    
Essex                    Sandra Wrathall                  
Hertfordshire            Graham Read                      
Luton                    Sue Knight                       
                         Richard Jones                    
Norfolk                  Gillian Hiles [Chair]            
Peterborough             Kay Maylan                       
Southend                 Linda Harrison                   
Suffolk                  John Taylor                      
Thurrock                 Malcolm Taylor                   
Consultant               David Bateson                    
Regional Facilitator     Jackie Jackson-Smith             

   8. Training and Communication Group
 Bedfordshire                   Alison Cuthill           
 Cambridgeshire                 Lilias Reary             
 Essex                          Jeannette Wooding        
                                Debbie Holmes            
 Hertfordshire                  Margaret Davies          
 Luton                          Alan Radford             
 Norfolk                        Amanda Mawby             
 Peterborough                   Richard Gamman           
 Southend                       Nancy Hughes [Chair]     
 Suffolk                        Adrian Orr [Vice Chair]  

Thurrock                       Gwen Trapp       
Higher Education               Martyn Rouse     
Parent Partnership             Chris Goodwin-King
Regional CPD Co-ordinator      Linda Aspland    
Regional Facilitator           Jackie Jackson-Smith

  9. Transition Group
Bedfordshire                Christine Inglis 
                            Hilary Waddington
Cambridgeshire              Jackie Short     
Essex                       Lesley Brooking  
                            Georgina Parkin  
Hertfordshire               Sue Jaye         
                            Catherine Evanson
Luton                       Hilary Griffiths 
                            Christine Goldson
Norfolk                     Kim Barber       
Peterborough                Kay Maylan       
                            Sue Norgrove     
Southend                    Lynda Ingham     
Suffolk                     Bill Herbert     
Thurrock                    Malcolm Taylor [SG link]
ACER                        Reg Smith [Temp.Chair]
Consultant                  Margaret Palmer  
Faculty of Education        Lesley Dee [Chair]
Job Centre Plus             David Sutherland 
                            Robert Mayhew    
Learning Skills Council     Vivien Bradshaw  
NHS                         Alida Farmer     
Speaking Up                 Gill Hodgkin     
Valuing People              Simon Whitehead  

 Bedfordshire & Luton            Joanna Erickson
 Cambridgeshire &
 Essex, Southend, Thurrock       Jane Allen 
 Hertfordshire                   Patricia Halliday
 Norfolk                         Jean Simpson
 Suffolk                         Hazel Mackintosh

   10. CWD Group
Chair: Sue Norgrove

   11. Education Protects Group
Chair: Felicity Evans