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									                                        SPECIFICATION FOR THE
                                             HI VIZ PARKA
                                          General Design

Hip length high visibility parka with storm front closure, two large cargo pockets on the lower front,
removable ThermaGuard thermal quilted liner, radio pocket and micro tabs on both upper fronts.
Stand-up telescopic collar design with a hide-away hood. Adjustable cuffs. 3M SCOTCHLITE, 2" silver
tape w/1/4" black edges, sewn and that meets class III of the highest ANSI 107, 2004 standards.
Reference product is Gerber’s identification number 70SL HI VIZ PARKA. Color in Lime-yellow.


        Outer Shell:          ANSI 107 LIME-YELLOW FABRIC. Type: 100% polyester with
               polyurethane barrier, Waterproof and breathable 250 denier woven polyester.

                         Chromaticity Color Coordinates:           xaxis .3732, y axis     .5444
                                                          Luminance factor         1.07
                         Tensile Strength:        Warp 800
                                                  Fill    750
                         Tear Strength:           Warp 120
                                                  Fill    110
                         Dimentional Stability:   Warp less than 2% variance
                                                  Fill    less than 2% variance
                         Fastness to Rubbing: Dry         4.2
                                                  Wet     4.2
                         Fastness to Perspiration:        Dry      4.2
                                                          Wet      4.2
                         Certification to ANSI 107 required to be submitted with bid

        Lining Fabric: Nylon lining. Grey.
                       Type: 100% polyester L/Y taffeta plain weave,
                       Weight: 1.80 ounces/sq. yd.   Color fastness and crocking to be good.
                       Breaking Strength:    Warp 125 Ibs., Filling 85 Ibs, +-5%
                       Tear Strength:        Warp 3.5 Ibs., Filling 2.1 Ibs, +-5%
                       Shrinkage:            Warp 2%, Filling 2%

        Removable Insulated Liner:         2 Face ThermaGuard quilt. Color in black.
                     Face Type:            86 pic taffeta, per lining fabric specification.
                     Insulation:           ThermaGuard Polyester quilting 150 gram weight.
                     Backing Type:         100% nylon tricot, black.
                     Thread Count:         Wales 32, Courses 28.
                     Stitch Pattern:       6" diamond stitch or 4" railroad stitch.

        Zippers:         The front zipper shall be a large molded plastic, two slider.
                         The liner zippers shall be molded plastic, one slider.

        Reflection Tape:            3M SCOTCHLITE, 2" silver tape w/1/4" black edges, sewn.

        Velcro:          1" hook and loop.

        Snaps:           24 ligne. Chrome color.

        Binding:         100% nylon, black bias cut.

Approved by:      Terry L. Gerber                  Issue No: 1                            Issued: 03/09/09
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       Eyelets:          Black, metal, small.

       Elastic:          Natural color, 1" wide dry cleanable and washable.

       Bungee Cord: Black, 1/8", elasticized.

       Barrel Clips:     Black, 3/4" long.

       Seam Tape:        Composite seam sealing tape that is compatible to the composite fabric, 7/8"

       Thread:           All thread shall be polyester thread with a warp of 36 thread strength in a 50 size
                         or stronger.

       IMPRINTS:         Two line imprint, 3" tall letters, “SCHOOL


       FRONT DESIGN:               Storm front placket with snaps and a two way #8 size delrin zipper. There
       are to be six, chrome colored snaps evenly spaced on the placket. The top placket shall measure
       3” wide and shall be interlined. There shall be set-in cargo pockets with welts that have 7 to 7-1/2"
       openings. To be covered with beveled flaps that measure 8-1/2" by 3-3/8". The cargo pocket
       linings are to measure 8" deep. On the upper right side of the parka shall be a radio pocket with
       beveled flap coverings. The radio pocket shall measure approximately 3-1/2" wide by 8" long with
       a 2" depth with a beveled straight flap that measures 4" by 4-1/2", to close with 1" hook and loop
       velcro that is set vertically on both the flap and on the pocket. Below the radio pocket there shall
       be sewn an ANSI-107 label.

       MIC TABS:         On both upper front areas, there are to be mic tabs that measure 1" wide by
       2-1/2" long.

       COLLAR:           There is to be a telescope collar that is constructed to allow the neck seam to be
       seam sealed. The collar is to measure 4-1/2" at the points and 4-1/2" at the center. The collar
       points shall be well shaped and symmetrical. There shall be a hanger loop made out of outer shell
       material set at the center neck of the top collar. On the under collar there shall be a pouch to
       serve as a storage for the attached hood when not in use. The pouch shall have a velcro

       HIDE-AWAY HOOD:         There shall be a permanent functional hood made out of the same fabric
       as the parka. The hood shall be made so that it can be rolled up and into the under collar area.
       The hood shall have a drawstring cord with barrel clips for adjustment.

       BACK DESIGN:              There shall be a two piece cut back with ample room through the sleeves
       for a full and comfortable fit. There shall be an imprint with 3" tall letters, two lines “SCHOOL

       SLEEVES:          One piece style sleeves with cuff adjustments. The cuffs shall measure 1-3/4"
       wide and shall have an adjustment tab with 24 ligne metal snap. There shall be two adjustment
       snaps set on the cuff. Half of the cuff shall be elasticized to snug the cuffs; the other half of the
       cuff shall be plain.

Approved by:      Terry L. Gerber                 Issue No: 1                              Issued: 03/09/09
HI VIZ PARKA                                                                                  Page 3 of 3

       LINING:           The jacket shall be fully lined with polyester taffeta. There shall be a shell pocket
       on the left side that measures 6-1/2” wide x 7-1/4” long with ½” hem.

       REMOVABLE INSULATED LINER:                 The removable insulated liner shall be a zip-out style full
       body and sleeve liner. The sleeve cuffs are to be held with two snaps. The body of the liner is to
       be held with two 23" delrin zippers, a #5 size. The liner is to be bound with 1-3/4" nylon. There
       shall be a patch pocket that measures 6" wide by 7-1/4" long set on the left side.

       SEAM SEALING:              All external seams and sewing are to be seam sealed with 7/8" seam
       sealing tape that is set with a hot air seam sealing machine. Seams are to be randomly tested
       with a Suttor tester at 2 psi for 2 minutes. A log of the results shall be maintained.

       LABELS:           Each jacket shall have an ANSI label which includes the brand name, size, ID#,
       and care instructions. Each jacket will be an ANSI-107 label. Each liner shall have a Gerber label,
       care instruction label, permanent size labels and an ID label.

       HANGTAGS: There shall be a brand hangtag and a Gerber hangtag, a 3M SCOTCHLITE
       Hangtag. On the back side of the GERBER hangtag there shall be a sticker label with the style
       name, the ID# and the size of the garment.

       SILENCE OF SPECIFICATION: The apparent silence of this specification as to any details or the
       omission from it of a detail description concerning any point shall be interpreted as meaning that
       only the best commercial practices are to prevail and only materials and workmanship of first
       quality to be used.


       SIZING:          The manufacturer shall be capable of providing all sizes for men and women,
       including any special size requirements. The manufacturer shall have a company representative
       or authorized dealer available to assist with the fittings of the garments at no additional cost.
       The following sizes have been established as a guideline for this order:

       SIZE                      FINISHED CHEST            BACK LENGTH               SLEEVE INSEAM

       SMALL (36-38)                     46                         32                        21-1/2

       MEDIUM (40-42)                    50                         32-1/2                    21-1/2

       LARGE (44-46)                     54                         33                        21-1/2

       X-LARGE (48-50)                   58                         33-1/2                    21-1/2

       XX-LARGE (52-54)                  62                         34                        21-1/2

       XXX-LARGE (56-58)                 66                         34-1/2                    21-1/2

       XXXX-LARGE (60-62)                70                         35                        21-1/2

       LONG sizes                                                   +1”                       +1”
       XLONG sizes                                                  +2”                       +2”
       TOLERANCES                        +-1"                       +-1/2"                    +-1/2"

IV.    Screen Printing

       Jackets to have “MOBILITY RESPONSE TEAM” printed on back in black letters.

Approved by:   Terry L. Gerber                    Issue No: 1                               Issued: 03/09/09

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