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									                                                                                         Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Firmware Upgrade Procedure
Please follow these instructions to upgrade your Elonex eTouch 1000ET to Firmware
To complete the firmware update you need to use a Windows Computer and a USB Cable (USB to mini USB).

If you have any problems or issues with the upgrade procedure please contact our support helpdesk

Download the Firmware Files
• Download the Firmware files and
  save them to the C drive of your computer.

• Please unzip the Zip file “” to a folder called 1000ET
               (ie you should have a folder called C:\1000et on your computer containing the firmware files)

    Please Note: always back up your data as Elonex cannot be help responsible for data loss
                                                                                           Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Connect to your Computer
• Switch off the eTouch
• Connect the Power Cable
• Connect USB cable to the OTG mini USB port
• Connect micro USB end to your Windows computer
                (Please Note- This firmware upgrade is only compatible with
                Windows XP / Vista / 7 using 32 Bit operating systems)
• Hold down the Back button and while pressing the power button to boot into ‘upgrade mode’ (see below)
                (Please Note- the eTouch screen will stay black)
• Your PC should then find ‘new device’, and try to automatically install it. The computer does not have the drivers to
  successfully install the drivers so you need to do this manually (see next page)
                                                                        Firmware Upgrade Procedure

     Installing the eTouch Drivers
     To install your drivers manually please follow these

     • On your computer Click Start > Right click on My Computer
       > Properties
     • Click on Device Manager and let thelist populate. It will pick
       up Other Devices > Unknown Device (Circled in red below)
     • Right click the Unknown Device and in the popup menu that
       appears click Update Driver Software
     • You need to install the firmware manually so click “Install
       the hardware that I manually select from a list”
     • Then “Browse my computer for driver software”
     • In the box type C:/1000ET and press Next
     • Windows will install the drivers and once complete it will
       show a screen with SEC SOC test board showing the drivers
       are successfully installed

Please Note: If you get a
popup window asking
you to verify the
software please click
“Install this driver
software anyway”
                                                              Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Upgrading the Firmware
Now your computer and eTouch can communicate with
each other you need to use the Burntool software to ‘burn
the firmware upgrade to the eTouch.
Please Note: If your eTouch has booted to the home screen
during this time you need to turn it off again and power it
on while pressing back button

• From the C:/1000ET folder open the Burntool_v07.2
• If the drivers are loaded and eTouch is booted correctly
  the Burntool will show a green box next to Device 10
• To start the upgrade press the Start icon
• The upgrade will take about 2 minutes and while it is
  taking place the start icon will then be greyed out.
• Once the upgrade is complete the start button will
  reappear in full colour.
• Disconnect the USB cable from the eTouch and click the
  reset button using a paper clip.
• Power up the eTouch and your new home screen will

       If you have any problems or issues
       with the upgrade procedure please
       contact our support helpdesk

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