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1. Joyce savings is 20% more than Carol’s. If Joyce transfers $480 into Carol’s
   savings account, Carol’s savings will be 20% more than Joyce’s. Find their
   total savings.                                                     ($5280)

2. Harry’s savings is 10% more than Ann’s. If Harry transfers $120 into Ann’s
   savings account, Ann will have 10% more savings than Harry. Find their total
   savings.                                                          ($2520)

3. Suresh’s savings is 10% more than Tom’s. If Suresh transfers $240 from his
   savings account to Tom’s account, they will have the same amount of savings.
   How much savings has Suresh?                                     ($5280)

4. Box A has 40% more marbles than Box B. If I transfer 28 marbles from Box
   A to Box B, there will be an equal number of marbles in the two boxes. What
   is the total number of marbles in the two boxes?                  (336)

5. Sam and Henry share a sum of money. Sam receives $2400. If Sam gets $108
   less, the amount of money Henry gets will increase by 9%. Find the sum of
   money.                                                            ($3600)

6. Mary and Jane share a bunch of rambutans. Mary receives 72 rambutans. If
   Mary gets 21 fewer rambutans, the number of rambutans Jane gets will
   increase by 70%. How many rambutans are there in the bunch?     (102)

7. Tom has 97 guppies. If he gives 80 guppies to Bob, the number of guppies
   Bob has will increase by 320%. How many guppies have they altogether?

8. Victor always saves 40% of his monthly income. His income for June was
   25% less than that for May. As a result, his savings for June decrease by $120.
   What was his income in May?                                         ($1200)

9. Rick always saves 20% of his monthly income. His income for April was 5%
   less than that for March. As a result, his savings decreased by $32. What was
   his income in March?                                                 ($3200)

10. Kenneth always spends 60% of his income. His income for October was 45%
    less than that for September. As a result, his expenditure in October decreased
    by $810. What was his expenditure in September?                      ($1800)

11. There were 200 pupils in a lecture hall. 30% of them were girls. When some
    girls left the hall, the percentage of girls in the hall dropped to 20%. How
    many girls left the hall?                                              (25 girls)

12. There were a total of 600 apples and pears at a fruit stall. 75% of these fruits
    were pears. After some pears were sold, the percentage of the pears at the stall
    dropped to 25%. How many pears were sold?                             (400)
13. James went to a computer exhibition with a total of 300 pieces of $20 notes
    and $50 notes. 40% of his notes were $50. After he used some $50 notes to
    buy a computer, the percentage of $50 in his wallet dropped to 10%. How
    much did he pay for the computer?                                  ($5000)

14. A minute ago, 80% of the pupils in a hall were girls. 140 ore pupils entered
    the hall. As a result, the number of girls increased by 25% and the number of
    boys increased by 75%. How many pupils are there in the hall now? (540)

15. A minute ago, 40% of the people in a cinema were adults. 210 more people
    entered the cinema. As a result, the number of adults increased by 100% and
    the number of children increased by 50%. How many people are there in the
    theatre now?                                                        (510)

16. Yesterday, Helen had a total of 600 foreign and local stamps. 30% of her
    stamps were local stamps. Today, her aunt gave her some more stamps. As a
    result, her foreign stamps increased by 20%. Now 60% of her stamps are local
    stamps. How many local stamps did her aunt give her?              (576)

17. This morning, there were a total of 400 apples and oranges at a fruit stall. 60%
    of these fruits were apples. After some of these fruits were sold, the number of
    apples decreased by 20%. Now 40% of the fruits at the stall are oranges. How
    many oranges were sold in the morning?                                (32)

18. Entrance tickets to the Zoo are $6 each for adults. The ticket for a child costs
    25% less. Last Sunday, 40% of the tickets sold were for children. The total
    sale of the tickets amounted to $3240. How many of the tickets sold were for
    adults?                                                               (360)