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					                        Mitas Introduction

What is Mitas and why is it a reporting requirement?

                Presentation by: Joy Neely
Introduction- Who’s the Redhead?

                              Joy Neely
                  Housing Development & Mitas Specialist

                       Mitas Development

                  Annual Compliance Reviewer

                 Mitas Phone Support & Training
   Introduction to Mitas
   Benefits of using Mitas
   Prequalification Function Review
   Reports Review & Discussion
   Compliance Error Report Group Activity
   Annual Report Procedures
   Glimpse on Mitas new Financial Chart of Accounts and
    reporting requirements
   Future of Mitas
   Q &A
Introduction to Mitas- Why? Oh! Why?

         Because………KHRC Requires the use,
         updating and processing of Mitas on a
                   MONTHLY BASIS!
Introduction- Benefits for Management
   Tools for Management
       Pre-qualification function
       Monthly Compliance Checks
       Reports:
           Current Tenant Report
           Tenant Recertification Report
           Compliance Error
           Qualified Program Report
           Tenant Master Report
           On-Site Audit Report
Introduction- Benefits for KHRC
   Tools for KHRC
       On-Site Inspection
           Inspectors get a current snap shot of the property
       Monthly Compliance
           Properties being processed monthly? KHRC requirement!
           Distressed Properties are being viewed monthly for compliance issues.
       Annual Report
       Allocation Research
Pre-Qualification Activity
Prequalification Feature

I need a home!
Do I qualify to
   live in your
Prequalification Feature
   KHRC urges you to use this feature when qualify every
    new move in!
   Benefits you and the owner!
   2008 HERA law- reduces paperwork for the 100%
    LIHTC Development, to ensure compliance KHRC urges
    you to use the pre-qual feature on all new move ins!
Prequalification Example
   Logging Into MITAS
   Web address: https://www.mitas.com/khrc/
   Login Information:
       Web Profile
       Property Manager Number
       Username
       Password
   Property Retrieval Information:
       Property Number

   NOTES:
       Property Manager Number – each Management Company is given a unique number within
        Mitas. This number should not be confused with the Property #.
       Property Number – each property has it’s own unique number within Mitas.
  This will be the first screen you see

Step 1: Select your Web Profile
Step 2: Enter PM #
Step 3: Enter User Name
Step 4: Enter Password
Step 5: Click Login Button
Main Menu View
Select Property/ Project
Insert your
property # and
then click
Property Status Screen

                          Access to Happy Living Villas -
In order to pre-qual a household we need to select Transactions
Move In/Move Out- Transaction Screen
Locating Bldg & Unit- Move In/Move Out

        Using the Drop Down Arrows
        Locate the Bldg & Unit for the new resident. Once you have
        selected the Bldg and Unit #, click Retrieve!
We have now selected Building 153 Unit 4103. As you can see the last
transaction on the unit was a move out!

Now insert a new transaction! Click Insert Transaction

NOTE: Transactions must be entered in Date Order Sequence!
Insert Transactions

Captain Shadow wants to move in August 20, 2009. We will enter the move in
Effective Date as 08202009- Certification Type: Move In- Click Submit
Step 1: Enter Effective Date
Step 2: Select Certification type
Step 3: Click submit
 Tenant Information Screen- (required fields)
Income Source
Date of Birth
Household Size (total # of members)
Number of Children
Student (Student Status entire Household)
Utility Allowance
Tenant Rent
Total Subsidy (if relates)
Assistance Type
Program Unit Desc: (be sure Low Income is
Once you have entered to required
   information, select Submit!
Pre-Qualification Screen

      Sweet home

                           Captain Shadow
                           Qualifies for this
Pre-Qualification Options

Once a household has been entered for Pre-Qualification, Click the Back button to
complete the move in on the Household.
After hitting BACK button you
will go back to the Tenant
Information Screen

Family members page and enter

UPDATE: If you had a typo in
any field, make the corrections
and click update. You will get a
pre-qualification screen again.

DELETE- if household does not
qualifies you may delete the

SUBMIT- Moves the Household
in to Mitas
Operation: Prequalification - Complete
Report Review
    Report List:
        Tenant Master Report
        Current Tenant Report
        Tenant Recertification Report
        On-Site Audit Report
        Qualified Program Report
        Compliance Error Report
Tenant Master Report
Current Tenant Report
Tenant Recertification Report

Date Range Report:
Used: 01/01/2009 – 08/01/2009
On-Site Audit Report
Qualified Program Report

                           Date Range
Too much? On the verge of exploding?
Break Time
Welcome Back

    Hopefully you are all back in here 
Mitas Compliance Error Report

    Understanding and Correcting Compliance

         Presentation by: Joy Neely
   Review list of Common Errors found on the Compliance
    Error Report
   Discuss the two types of Error Reports
   Create Compliance Error Report (through Report
   Review each Compliance Error in detail
Common Errors
Error Code        Description                               Corrections Process

Recertification   Recertification was not completed         Complete the Recertification and
                  and/or entered into Mitas. Mitas tests    enter data into Mitas. 100% Tax
                  for exactly 365 days each year from the   Credit Properties completing State
                  initial date of move-in.                  Form #18 need to enter the
                                                            information supplied in Mitas as a
                                                            recertification transaction.

90 Day Vacancy    This error indicates that at some time    Complete make ready on all units once
                  during the reporting period, the unit     vacated. Rent the unit when possible.
                  may have been vacant for a period
                  exceeding 90 days.                        *Discussion during annual report presentation

Full Time         The household has been flagged as a       Verify the student status of the
Student Rule      non-qualified full-time student           household. If the household is not
Common Errors Continued…
Error Code       Description                         Corrections Process

Correct Rent     The tenant is being charged rents   Review tenant rent in Mitas. Correct typo
                 higher than the property’s RUC      or reduce the tenant rent, update the
                 will allow.                         lease and give tenant a refund/credit for
                                                     over charged amount.

Over income      The household’s annual income is Review the income amount listed in Mitas.
Rule             exceeding the HUD maximum at Typo- correct the income amount. If
                 move in.                         ineligible tenant you must terminate lease
                                                  and rent to a qualified household.
                                                     *Discussion on non-compliance during ???? Session

Homeless Count The property has 1 or more            In Mitas, check the homeless set aside
               units restricted to a Homeless        option when a qualified household moves
               Household. During the months          in.
               this error occurs no homeless
Compliance Error Report/ Log
   There are two ways to review Compliance Errors:
    1.   Report Menu- Run the Compliance Error Report
    2.   Property Status Screen- Click on Error Log
Are you ready for some FUN?!?
Happy Living Villas – Group Activity
  Happy Living Villas has just entered and processed
  their monthly transactions for August 2009. Are
         they in Compliance on every unit?

   Step 1:
                                                         Step 4:
Pull a year to                         Step 3:       Determine the
     date        Step 2: Identify
                                     Investigate       appropriate
 Compliance      all units not in
                                    each situation      corrective
 Report for        compliance
                                     individually    action for each
Happy Living                                              issue
Property Details

   Happy Living Villas
       4 Buildings – consisting of a total of 11- 2 Bedroom Units
       Restricts as per RUC:
           100% Section 42 property 60/40 Set Aside
           1 Homeless Unit
       Current Rent Schedule:
           Gross Rent Maximum Approved b KHRC: $636.00 per month
               Gross Rent Calculation = Max Tenant Paid Rent (out of pocket) : $553.00 plus
                (+) Utility Allowance: $83.00
       Current Income Guidelines:
         Household Size    Income Maximum

         1 Person          $28,740
                                                         NOTE: Gross Rent does not count Subsidy.
         2 Persons         $32, 820                      Subsidy includes, RD, Section 8, and Area of
         3 Persons         $36, 960                      Aging rental assistance payments. Any
                                                         questions, see 2009 Manual page 123.
         4 Persons         $41, 040
         5 Persons         $44,340
Create Compliance Error Report


                        Select Reports

                             Select Compliance Errors
Create Compliance Error Report

       Step 1: Enter Property Number
       Step 2: Enter Date range of report
       Step 3: CLICK submit

       For this exercise we will pull 01/01/2009 – 12/31/2009
   There are 3 Errors on the report
       Refresher ---Error Types:
           Recertification
           Homeless Count
           90 day vacancy
           Correct Rent

       Errors to be discussed with Annual Report:
           Full Time Student
           Over Income Rule
           90 day vacancy
Bldg 150 Unit 1103 Tenant: Candy Striper

Effective Date: 01/01/2008 Error Code: Recertification
Note: The 2009 Recertification was due on 01/01/2009!

Effective Date: 02/11/2009 Error Code: Recertification
Note: recertification was completed and effective 02/11/2009
Homeless Count

Until a qualified Homeless Household moves into the property, Every move
in will flag this error.
Marking Homeless Households

Homeless Households
should have the highlighted
box checked.
Sandra Chaves- Recertification- Not
corrected in the report date range.

You can tell it was not corrected as
it carries over to each month. If an
error has not been corrected, it will
repeat every month until corrected
in Mitas.
Correcting Compliance
Sandra Chaves did recertify on November 11, 2009. The
On-Site Manager forgot to add the recertification into

Corrective Action:
Access Tenant Transaction Screen and input the November
 11, 2009 recertification.
Correcting Compliance
Steps to Correcting Compliance:
1. Login to Mitas
2. Retrieve Property
3. Review Transactions for Sandra’s unit
4. Insert Recertification for 11/11/09
  We have logged in, and
    have retrieved our
 property. We now need
to look at the transactions
     for Sandra’s Unit
1. Select Building &
   Unit Number         1
2. Click retrieve          2
   Now let’s INSERT a Recertification for 11/11/2009
Insert Recertification

      Enter Effective Date
      Ex. 11/11/2009
      Certification Type:
      Click SUBMIT
Only Change for the
recertification is the
annual household

Income for 2009 is
Update the Income to
show $28,325.

Click Submit to accept
the changes you have
11/11/2009 Recertification is now listed under tenant
Transactions. It is shown as “not Processed”.

When you process at your monthly scheduled processing
time, this unit will be updated.
Q.  How do I enter Unborn Children in Mitas
        Name: unborn
        SSN: 999-99-9999
        Date of Birth: Estimate Birth date or generic date
        Sex: if known enter- otherwise choose one
        UPDATE: Once child/children are born update Mitas by
         completing a correction to the latest TIC
Q. When should I process? Should I process Monthly?
A. I suggest processing on the last day of the month or
   the first day of the following month.
        Example: January 31 or February 1st

Q. What if I didn’t have any transactions during the
   month, do I still need to process?
A. No, processing is not necessary if you did not have any
   transaction in the current month. Transactions
   include: Move in, Move out, Recertifications, Gross
   Rent Changes, etc.
Annual Report Submission
   Annual Report Process
   Financial Update
   Future of Mitas
Annual Report- Mitas Requirements
   Is Mitas up to date?
   Review and Submission of the 2 Page Cover Sheet
       LIHTC Certification of Annual Program Compliance
   Print Compliance Error Report - date range- entire year
   Enter Financial Information
  LIHTC Certification of Annual Program
  Compliance- 2 Page Cover - Access

Project/Property Detail Screen

     Print Forms
Access Data Tree- 2 Page Cover
In order to complete the 2 Page Cover sheet-
Access the Data Link to enter the answers to the questions on page 2.
2 Page Cover
Data Tree

                                  Updated By:
Enter the Answers to all          Time & Date of Last
questions, once completed click   Update- will
                                  automatically complete
DONE!                             once you click DONE
Printing 2 Page Cover Sheet
   Once you have completed the data tree and selected
    Done. You will return to the Print Form Screen.
   Select the LIHTC Certification of Annual program
    Compliance link
   Once clicked your computer will open a new browser
    screen with the PDF form completed for you to print
    and submit with your annual report
2 Page Cover-changes

                       Happy Mgmt Co.
                       210 W. 6th Street

                             If any information
                             on the 1st Page
                             has changed.
                             Mark through the
                             line and hand
                             write the correct
Annual Report- Recap
   Submit a complete report!
        In order to reduce:
             Correspondence Time
             Tree killings (Copies, copies and more copies)
             Compliance dept review time

   Helpful Hints:
    1.        Print the Compliance error Report
    2.        Explain in advance the errors and your corrective action
         1.     Remember 8823’s are not reported if the item is corrected prior to
                KHRC’s findings!
Compliance Error Report- Review
Compliance Error Report- Review
1.        Pull the entire year’s Compliance Error Report
2.        Review report for errors
3.        Write comments on each errors.
     1.    How was the error corrected?
     2.    When was it corrected?
We’ll use the 3 Errors above as

What comments should be
submitted with the Annual Report
Submission to clear the non-
compliance in advance?
Bldg   Unit   Error Code     Tenant Corrective Action
150    1103   RecertificationStriper Recert completed 2/11/09
152    3103   90 Day Vacant  Ruano This unit was vacant for over 90days
                             due to lack of qualified applicants
153    4101   Homeless Count Brewer We did not have a qualified Homeless
                                       household move on to the property
                             until 3/26/09. (submit due diligence of
                             attempts to rent unit)
Financial Data Entry
Financial Data Entry
   Mitas Login for Property Manager- Financial is used to
    enter Financial data.
   Finalized New Chart of accounts – August 2009
   Currently being tested for Functionality and audit tests
   Deadline: November 2009- Chart of Accounts will be
    posted to KHRC website & Mitas Live Database
   November 2009- tutorial posted to KHRC website
Future Look at Mitas

                       2015- Robot Sweeper
Future of Mitas
   Financial Reporting Module
       Revised Chart of Accounts for Web entry
       * TCAP/TCE programs are required to report monthly
   Web Access to Update Mgmt/Ownership Address &
    Contact Changes
   Inspection Form added to Forms Screen. Update prior
    to inspectors arrival to improve effectiveness of on-site

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