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									                                         Frank Minogue
                    Website: /
                                     Mobile: 07770 84 87 83
                                     Home: 020 7231 2623

A web developer with a wealth of experience in developing programming solutions in HTML, CSS, PHP,
MYSQL, Macromedia Flash and Director for a diverse range of client in media and finance sectors. Seeking a
challenging programming position in the field of web development.

Technical Skills

   HTML, CSS, PHP & MYSQL                              3 years
   JavaScript                                        1.5 years
   Macromedia Homesite/Dreamweaver                     6 years
   Macromedia Flash & ActionScript                     6 years
   Macromedia Director & Lingo                        10 years
   Adobe Photoshop                                     8 years
   Paint Shop Pro                                      8 years
   Microsoft Word/Excel                               10 years

Employment History

Mar ‘08 – Current          Freelance web developer

   April '09 - May '09 – The Marketing Store
        Created an intranet system for The Marketing Store staff called „Feed your Head‟. This was created
            using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Flash. This system also uses a content
            management system called ExpressionEngine.

   February '09 – Proyecto Español, Alicante, Spain
       Attended a Spanish language school in Alicante, Spain for the month of February.

   December '08 – February '09 – Unavailable (Christmas & travelling)

   November '08 – Tequila\ London
       Created HTML templates to be used to build a website for Canon. Some templates involved using
         jQuery modules. This website is not active yet.

   October '08 – Carlson Marketing
       Amended HTML pages for the Cow and Gate website. Created one page using a compact
          JavaScript framework called MooTools.

   September '08 – Banner Corporation plc
       Created a series of HTML emails using Eloqua for an upcoming event - Demand Generation
         Summit – in London, in November.

   September '08 – Virgin Media
       Amended HTML pages for
   July '08 - August '08 – Steria Learning Systems
        Created e-learning programmes for a government education body.

   June '08 - July '08 – Radley Yelder
       Created HTML pages for 3i &

   April '08 - May '08 – cScape
        Created HTML pages for Barclays.

Sept '05 – Mar ‘08         The Diamond Group Ltd.
                           (Contact: Gurjit Pawar, 07932 066 103)
                           Role: Multimedia programmer

   Web development
      Helped design and program a soon-to-be-launched site - This
         site lists over 27,000 property agents nationwide. The site allows the user to search areas, cities,
         towns or postcodes throughout the UK and lists the sites using rollover pop-ups for more
         information. The site is database driven and uses PHP, MYSQL and JavaScript to extract and
         display the information. Also helped program a sister-site that is still in
         its infancy.
      Update and maintain various sites using PHP, MYSQL, CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash and
         Photoshop. One of the main sites is which is constantly being updated.
         Other sites include and which uses

Nov ‘06 – Current          Freelance photo editor

   Photo editing
       Started a service to manipulate photos for clients. For examples using personal photos, go to

Feb ‘04 – Sept ‘05         Travelling, ‘Director & Flash’ programming, training & counselling

       Set up own counselling & hypnotherapy business (part-time)

        Delivered some short courses in Word, Excel and Flash for MCI Ireland
           (Contact: Daordre Hennessy - +353 86 235 1075).

   Web development
      Started up a collective with three other like-minded people. Using Flash and Dreamweaver,
         programmed and designed the Rocket Science website (
         or and also a personal website for Maxim Young
         ( Various sections of are still being redesigned
         and reprogrammed to be incorporated e.g. and

   Music Mixer
       Music mixer CD-ROM - an experimental piece, it allows the user to drag sound elements (drums,
          guitar, bass, vocals etc) on to a timeline, add video elements and play back the whole ensemble
          in sync. There is an online version of the music mixer available on (IE
Nov. ‘99 – Feb. ‘04   Oasis Television Ltd., Soho, London
                      (Contact: Mark Mulrooney, 07731 471 284)
                      Role: (Headhunted for the role of) Multimedia programmer

    Web development
       Using Flash and HomeSite, programmed and designed various parts of the in -house Oasis
          Television website ( and G2 Productions (

        Wrote, designed and programmed numerous programs using Director and Flash for the BBC,
          Aston Martin, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Surrey Media Services and Dyson.

        Using DVDMaestro, created numerous corporate, broadcast, exhibition and film DVDs. Clients
          include the BBC, Nick Broomfield, Pagan Films and Carlton TV. Designed and programmed
          several trailer menus for Personal Computer World magazine DVDs.

        Using hardware from Spruce, FutureTel and Cleaner XL software, encoded to MPEG -1 &
           MPEG-2, Windows Media, QuickTime and RealVideo for numerous clients including the BBC,
           PWC (Personal Computer World) and

        Using Paint Shop Pro and PhotoShop, created numerous background screens and menus for
           the programmed CD-ROMs and DVDs above.

         Using Jaleo, edited parts of the BBC documentary “The Ship”. This was screened on BBC2 in
            September 2002

Feb. ‘98 – Nov. ‘99   Phoenix Video Ltd., Denham, Middlesex
                      (Contact: Terry Young – 01895 837 000)
                      Role: Multimedia programmer

        Created the brand manual for Jameson whiskey.
        Created interactive programs for Volkswagen Audi Group,

Mar ‘97 – Feb. ‘98    Freelance 'Director' programmer

        Co-designed and programmed a mandatory training program for The College of Optometrists.
          Set-up a telephone helpline for as part of the project, to answer queries from the users.
 Sep ‘90 – Mar ‘97     MLS Ltd., Earl’s Court, London SW5
                       (Contact: Jackie Jenkins – 56 Sevenhampton, Cheltenham GL54 5SL)
                       Role: Computer Based Training (CBT) programmer

        Wrote, designed and programmed numerous training programs using Director and TenCORE
          for The Prudential and The Royal Bank of Scotland. Disks and CDs were sent to all branches to
          (mandatory) train all staff in various banking and other financial services.
        Wrote, designed and programmed a help disk for „Royline‟, which was a user‟s guide to The
          Royal Bank of Scotland‟s on-line banking service. The disk was sent out initially to 300

Feb '88 – Dec '89      Various jobs including teaching English in South America and Spain

May '84 – Feb '88      VIP Microelectronics Prod., Wiesbaden, Germany / Limerick, Ireland
                       Role: Quality assurance supervisor.

            Trained at the parent company in Germany to be the quality assurance supervisor
            Wrote the company‟s quality manual.

Feb. '09              Proyecto Español, Alicante, Spain
                      Learning Spanish in a language school in Spain. Won a St. Valentine's Day
                      poetry competition in the school!!!

Jan. '05 – Mar. '05    UK Training College
                       BTEC course in Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Jan. '90 – Sept. '90   Control Training Ltd. (CTL)
                       Course in software development and programming

Jan. '85 – Sept. '86   University of Limerick (UL / N.I.H.E.)
                       City & Guilds Certificates in Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Sept. '80 - June '83   University of Limerick (UL / N.I.H.E.)
                       B.Eng. degree in Electronic Engineering

     Travel - I am a keen traveller having been to over 100 countries and around the world twice, and
        having lived & worked in Ireland, Germany, Spain and Brazil.
     Languages - I also speak Irish, German, some Spanish and French, and I'm learning Serbo-Croatian

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