; PAC Minutes October 17 2010
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PAC Minutes October 17 2010


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									                                 Semiahmoo Secondary School
                                   Parent Advisory Council
                                  October 17th, 2010 Meeting

Chair Doug Klassen was away. Teresa Docksteader acted as Chair and called the meeting to
order at 7:32.

Agenda Additions - none


Treasurer -    Gaming funds have been deposited into the PAC bank account – received
$28,400 this year, approx $4,800 has been spent so far

Music -        Pat Howard could not attend meeting
               Bea mentioned the upcoming Dinner Dance on Saturday, Nov 20th

Sports-        Cross Country has been on for the past few weeks, coming to an end next week
               Field Hockey and Volleyball are in mid season
               Basketball will start later in the fall – watch out for tryout times

Principal-     Bea thanked everyone for coming to the meeting
               Due to the number of clubs attending this meeting to present, Bea kept her
               update to a minimum
               Last meeting there were two questions that Bea researched the answers to:
                      Grade 8 Library tour
                             Grade 8’s were given a library tour in Period 4 the last week of
                      Boys Soccer
                             At the spring sports meeting it was decided that soccer would not
                             be offered this year because soccer has a strong community
                             involvement and therefore the students do not have the
                             commitment to the school team
                             There will be no soccer for all grades – boys and girls

Anna Lai let her name stand as Vice President -
Hanif Rajan made a motion to have Anna stand as Vice President. The motion was seconded by
Lorraine Pousette. Everyone was in favor, the motion was carried.

       Environmental awareness in the community
       Last year some of the activities were:
       Painted fish on drains, tree planting, compost program, donated funds to
                Burns Bog
                Plan to do these activities this year, plus get involved with water filters for
                Schools in Africa

         Thanked PAC for donation
         Meet twice a week – send member to regional and provincial debates
         Sometimes organize ‘Pizza’ debates – club members debate and eat pizza

      Help promote public speaking skills
      Give encouragement and tips/critique the speeches of the members
      Planning for this year to send members to regional meets

Totems Read – Melanie Grant – Dept Head for English
      Thanked PAC for funds
      Book club with a goal to make a reader out of every student at Semi
      Read the books that the club offers at their own leisure, student vote on the
      most favourite book
      Invited parents to join club and read books
      Online survey will be set up to rate the books in Spring

Literature Club
        Book ‘Speed Dating’
        Students have one minute to talk about the book they read to another student

Science Club
       Students have a science question of the week and club members then try to
       answer the question – prizes are awarded
       Demos of different science experiments
       Plans for competitions amongst the club members
       Science Fair program – will help prepare club members for science fairs
       Tutoring science students
       Kay Hung presented a program that she had the opportunity to participate in
       last spring break – Gene Research for a week – www.genecure.ca/en/
       program open to Grade 11 – 12 students with an interest in medical
       research (specifically genetic research)
       offered at Universities and Research Facilities throughout Canada

Math Challengers – Mr. Lee
      Enrichment and coaching program for Grades 8 and 9
      Enter competitions that promote mathematics – plan to go to the Lower
      Mainland Regional Competition at UBC – Feb 2011
      Books, supplies and competitions total approx $1050 for the year
Year Book
       Yearbook is actually a class that is offered in 1st semester
       Students take pictures for the yearbook year round though at the school events
       Yearbook is $58 cash/cheque or credit card through the online system – drop
       payment off to Room 108 by Nov 30th

Welcome Club
      Non academic club which was formed last year
      Meet 1 to 3 times per month
      Host new student tours, offer Grade 8 night – Karaoke, movies, Halloween bingo
      Help charities by clothes donations

Youth Care Worker – Bridget Roope
       Thanked the PAC for donation
       Provides lunch time activities such as air hockey tournaments and after school
       drop zone – homework guidance, open discussions about how the day went
       Offer ‘Girls Gab Group’

         This club started up this year
         Activities every week with chess pieces/strategies
         Upcoming tournament

         This club concentrates on the importance of art in the school
         Community services – face painting – by donation or food bank donation
         Donations go to ‘Free the Children’

       Discuss controversial issues in the world today
       Where everyone can share their ideas and openly express themselves
       Once a month the discussion in on a hypothetical situation which helps
       develop critical thinking

         This club is for learning about the culture of countries that speak French
         Not really a homework club

         This club raises awareness of social issues in our community and the world
         Associated with ‘Free the Children’
         Planning for a mini ‘WE’ day this year
          ‘Silence for a Day’ – members collect pledges for being silent – funds go to
                  children in Africa

          New club this year
          Learning history through films on historical events
          Meets twice a week – Monday at lunch, Wednesday after school

World Politics
      Discusses global issues like the UN format
      Members are given countries to research on the topic of the week and then
      Members present that country’s views

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