Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

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					Die hard fans have waited 6 long years for the sequel to
Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons” and “The Da Vinci Code”.
The latter being the UK’s best selling paperback of all
time and sold 81 million copies worldwide.

“The Lost Symbol” is set to grab its readers as only a
Dan Brown book could. Again Robert Langdon experiences
new thrilling ventures that cause a topsy turvey tale of
exhilaration and wonderment. The book is amazingly set
over a 12 hour time frame already making it unique
amongst book worms.

As ever, from reading the first page you will be sucked
in and held there. The world’s best selling thriller
writer has a knack for conveying his well researched and
thorough knowledge perfectly. Who knows how many books
could be written of this genre, although if they continue
to be like the rest, who cares?

Dan Brown said himself “..five years of research into a
12 hour time frame was a challenge..” Being a graduate of
Amherst College and Phillips Exeter Academy you can see
the knowledge and expertise that goes into his books.
“The Lost Symbol” is set to light our intrigue and no
doubt break more sales records.