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Dance and Music by udandawet


Dance and music are oneness.

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									                                    Dance and Music

                                 by Agung Priyo Wibowo

        While we all apperceive that Jazz is as abundant a appearance of music as it is a
appearance of dance, abounding bodies may not apprehend the accent that ball has played
in music. There are abounding songs out there that acknowledgment the accent of
dancing and yet we as a association assume to accept abandoned the accent or bound that
accent to a assertive age group. Once we age it seems that we balloon not alone how to
ball but additionally the built-in accent of dancing as well.

       “I Achievement You Dance” is alone one of abounding songs that chronicle the
important role that dancing plays in agriculture the animal soul. If one affair in activity is
important for all, that one affair would be to ball whenever the befalling arises. You
never apperceive back you will run out of opportunities to ball or acquisition that you’ve
blown so abounding of them away. Take them as they appear and your activity will be
abounding with abundant greater joy than you may anytime realize. Despite abounding
added songs out there that may back the message, there are actual few that say it added
concisely than this accurate song. “When you get the best to sit it out or dance, I
achievement you’ll dance”.

        Garth Brooks is addition artist that had an accomplished annotation on dance. His
song “The Dance” chronicles not necessarily the accent of dancing but of participating.
Given the choice, abounding who accept absent their lives in some chancy endeavor
would added than acceptable acquaint those larboard abaft that they would not accept
traded the ball for one added breath. The lyrics to this song are somewhat addictive “I
could accept absent the affliction but I’d accept had to absence the dance”.

         Believe it or not all acceptable songs that acknowledgment ball do not appear to
be country songs. These candidly appear to be, in my opinion, the best poignant. Added
abundant songs about ball accommodate the song “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie. The
lyrics to this song accommodate the arrangement “Let’s ball for abhorrence tonight is
all”. The accuracy of the amount is that you never apperceive and dancing is a abundant
way to bless living.

        Music and ball for years accept gone duke in duke and will abide to do so
continued afterwards we’ve larboard this earth. At atomic that would be the hope. I
would abhorrence to see what a apple after ball would be like. It would be like accepting
accouchement after amusement and that would be a sad apple in which to live. If you
appetite to accumulate your accouchement dancing again you charge advise them to
dance. Advise them that it is accept to ball and be asinine about the house. That it is
accept to ball their way through their affairs (hey if it makes them smile while
demography out the debris I say go for it!). Advise them that dancing is a abundant way
to accurate joy and that amusement is the best affair to chase their dance.
Native Americans accept a continued and blue-blooded ancestry back it comes to dance.
They let their dreams exhausted out the baby of Mother Apple and danced in
accompaniment with nature. They danced for joy and sorrow, war, peace, and praise. I
can anticipate of no more good archetype to chase back it comes to dance.


                                                          Indonesia, 13 Januari 2011

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