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									      Joint Working in Waste Management                                           Rushmoor Surrey Heath Borough Councils                                                                    Draft date: 01-March-2007

No.                           Likely Event                           Impact    Type                                   Effect                                                             Contingency
      Political motivation changes within one Borough impacting                           Working partnership strained; Expect that the project
1                                                                      H      Internal                                                                      Overview Decision required to instruct the back out plan
      on whether the joint service is worthwhile / viable                                 collapses / requiring Boroughs to procure separate services
      Information gained from current Contractors related to staff                        Further resource requirement to collate or confirm data;           Steering
2                                                                      M      Internal                                                                                Outsource the work to external specialists
      TUPE, is unreliable                                                                 Additional cost to the joint team                                   Group
                                                                                                                                                                      That the Governance is reviewed before a 7 year
                                                                                          The Tendering exercise should dictate the mst cost effective
                                                                                                                                                            Strategic end-date; New Governance put in place, which
      Non-agreement on the length of Contract specific to the                             package. This may be for a Contract term beyond 7 years.
3                                                                      M      Internal                                                                      Overview may be one Borough managing and charging a
      joint working arrangement Governance                                                The Governance surrounding joint working may not accept a
                                                                                                                                                              Group   management fee to the other for ongoing service
                                                                                          term exceeding 7 years
                                                                                          Breakdown of pricing via the Tender process should
      Mis-match of Services required by the 2 Boroughs rules out                          highlight if action needs to be taken to a) match services b)     Steering
4                                                                      M      Internal                                                                                  a). Accrue for additional expense to be incurred to
      any cost savings expected via joint working                                         accept that the apportionment of cost will weigh heavily to        Group
                                                                                                                                                                        improve service or b). Accrue additional expense
                                                                                          the Borough requiring further service cover
                                                                                                                                                                        to cover costs of higher apportionment.
      Legal Services in 2 Boroughs unable to agree the final legal                        Could delay the procurement process and potentially the           Steering
5                                                                      M      Internal                                                                                  Outsource the work to external specialists
      documents to be in place for joint working                                          final bid timing to agree the new Contract                         Group
                                                                                          If solution cannot be found, the joint service may not be         Strategic
      Waste disposal requirements add complication to the
6                                                                      M      External    economically viable; Boroughs to consider if back out plan        Overview    Decision required to instruct the back out plan
      overall Contract - adding cost rather than making savings
                                                                                          must be instructed                                                 Group
                                                                                          Option - Legal enforcement ? Additional cost to the Borough                   Framework agreement set with another Contractor
7     Current Contractor wishes to end Contract early                  H      External                                                                      Overview
                                                                                          involved                                                                      based on existing Contract with limited Contract life
                                                                                                                                                                        Request Contractor offers integrated solution
      Potential Contractor not willing/ not able to comply with                           Establish at tendering stage the liklihood of opposition to the
                                                                                                                                                            Steering    satisfactory to both Councils ICT
8     arrangements for ICT /Call centre feed on missed                 M      External    joint working proposal and be prepared to instruct for a
                                                                                                                                                             Group      arrangements.Costs inbuilt to the Contractor pricing
      collections etc.                                                                    partnership package to be adopted
                                                                                                                                                                        for service delivery
                                                                                          Revisit the specification; Competitive dialogue;
                                                                                                                                                                        Prepare to re-tender from information gained in
                                                                                          Collaborative negotiation on activities required to be covered    Steering
9     Tendering process brings little interest from market leaders     M      External                                                                                  first. Consider if this affects the existing Contract
                                                                                          within the Contract. Time delay to process; Risk that the          Group
                                                                                                                                                                        end; Extend if necessary
                                                                                          Contract will not be in place - early 2009
      Resident opposition to wheeled bins in Surrey Heath                                 Requires statements from Leader / Chief Executive stating         Strategic
10    resulting in a media campaign to halt the joint working          H      External    that bin collections are more efficient + environmental           Overview    Bring in expert resource to takle media onslaught.
      arrangement                                                                         friendly. In line with major section of the UK now                 Group
                                                                                          Communications Plan + ownership has to identify best ways
      Resident opposition to the joint working arrangement - seen                                                                                           Steering
11                                                                     M      External    of sharing information with the public from a very early stage                Outsource the work to external specialists
      as of no benefit to the community                                                                                                                      Group
                                                                                          of procurement.
      Communications Plan fails to keep pace with
                                                                                          If weakness identified within the internal team/s, consider       Steering    Bring in expert resource to ensure messages are
12    developments, whether related to joint working or, in one               Internal
                                                                                          bringing in more resource, as fixed term or temp Contract          Group      received at the right moment
      Borough on specific waste issues                                 H
                                                                                          Failure to establish a robust procurement plan, identifying
                                                                                                                                                                        Request additional assistance of SECE or
                                                                                          roles & responsibilities; actions to be taken for slippage,
                                                                                                                                                            Steering    outsourced specialists to cover for any weakness in
13    Procurement Plan not approved by Scrutiny committee              H      Internal    requests for joint service or delivery expection - may have a
                                                                                                                                                             Group      BC procurement resourcing (currently only legal
                                                                                          serious impact on the timing and eventual outcome of the

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     Joint Working in Waste Management                                        Rushmoor Surrey Heath Borough Councils                                                                   Draft date: 01-March-2007

                                                                                      Decision required to instruct other external Consultants, or                 Take necessary steps to ensure that sufficient
     SECE support withdrawn before the procurement process                                                                                             Steering
14                                                                    M   Internal    hire in a fixed term employee/ secondment to cover.                          project management / procurement support could
     is completed                                                                                                                                       Group
                                                                                      Additional cost to the joint team                                            be paid by the Boroughs
     Depot facility not seen as sufficient attraction in a new
                                                                                      If the proposition to use the Depot is not viewed as a benefit               Flexibility in the procurement exercise; pricing with
     Contract - Contractor may have suitable premises that                                                                                             Steering
15                                                                    M   Internal    by the Contractor, alternative may be to use the land for                    & without Depot. Work up alternative uses paper,
     would be used, using the joint service Depot may incur                                                                                             Group
                                                                                      other purposes or lease out to earn income                                   within the sub Project for Depot facility.
     additional chargeswithin the final pricing
                                                                                      Should costs of refurbishment outweigh the benefits of
     Refurbishment work / upgrading of Depot facility (including                      having the Depot available as part of the Contract Tender,                   a). Allow for additional expense of service or b).
16   the admin building) cost prohibitive to consider as a Capital    M   Internal    consider a) Contractor uses for his purposes + refurbishes to                Establish through options appraisal best use of
     expense                                                                          a recognised standard, included in the overall price. or b)                  land /buildings to give income benefit to Council
                                                                                      Part or all of the Depot is leased out for other purposes
                                                                                                                                                                   1. Ensure details of the client team are shared and
     Support staff are not prepared to work from the Depot, or                                                                                                     consulted at an early stage. 2. Alternative Office
                                                                                      Any demoivation of staff via the process of the partnership
     are opposed to the client structure that the joint service                                                                                        Steering    accommodation be considered. 3 Change
17                                                                    M   Internal    arrangements may have impact on the morale and well
     offers, or, individuals feel that their position has been a                                                                                        Group      management issues are taken seriously and
                                                                                      being of the individuals/ teams.
     demotion                                                                                                                                                      reported back to the appropriate Director ,Head of
     Support staff expect that the joint service gives individuals
                                                                                      HR Issues may demoralise the individuals. A Change                           If no internal capability, then outsource to
     the same remuneration package irrespective of the Council                                                                                         Steering
18                                                                    M   Internal    Manager may be required to assist the smooth transition of                   specialist, reporting through the Steering Group or
     to which they are attached. Also query on pension scheme                                                                                           Group
                                                                                      the service and, individuals involved.                                       Director
                                                                                      Steering Group have to be aware of any Risks, Issues and                     If slippage goes beyond the latest dates for activity,
     Project timetable moves due to unforeseen delays, or                             actions on which to base their recommendations or                            published in the Business Case, a decision to delay
19   extension of time allowed for evaluation and final bid details   M   Internal    decisions, inlcuding any slippage to the procurement                         the Contract start date/ extend the procurement
     to be in place to agree a Contract Award                                         timetable and impact that may have on the final timing of                    term must be taken. Consequences are that the
                                                                                      awarding a new Contract.                                                     existing Contractors will expect due notice

     Financial benefits of working within a joint arrangement are                     Results from specialists WYGE do not gice sufficient             Strategic   Go to individual procurement; ensure existing
20   not approved by the Cabinets as suffiecient to warrant a         M   Internal    confidence to Councils that the Governance arrangements          Overview    systems can be maintained to offer a similar
     partnership                                                                      will bring the anticipated rewards                                Group      service to that currently in place

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