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                        OFFICE OF
                     HR & OM DEPARTMENT
                  OMP SQUARE, CUTTACK-753 003

                             TENDER FORM
                                                     MR No.______________

                                                     Date    _______________


Name of the Tendered For :

Estimated Amount submitted (in Rs.) :
(As per Annexure-I) A)        Total Material Cost.     :
& Annexure- II)     B)        Total Labour Cost        :

Name of the Tenderer with Present &
Permanent Address & Contact Phone No.
     Present Address :

      Permanent Address :

      Contact Phone/Mobile No :

      Electrical Contractor
      License No. & Date      :
      Details of Enclosures :

      1.                                         Signature of the Tenderer

                                       [ 2 ]
1)      The Tenderer should please note that the work will have to be
        completed within 45 (forty five) days commencing from the date of issue
        of work order. They are required to submit the detailed programme of
        work alongwith the Tender.
2)      Tenderers are required to deposit earnest money @ of 1% of the
        estimated cost by way of Bank Draft/ Banker’s Cheque drawn in favour
        of ORISSA STATE FINANCIAL CORPORATION payable at Cuttack
        otherwise their tender will not be considered. The Earnest Money will be
        refunded to the unsuccessful tenders on application and the same will
        be retained in case of the successful tenderer and will not carry any
3)      The plan and specification for the work can be seen at the office of the
        OSFC Office Management Section, OMP Square, Cuttack-3 during
        working days.
4)      The Tenderers whose tender is selected for acceptance shall within a
        period of seven days upon written intimation being given to him of
        acceptance of his tender make an initial security deposit of 1% of the
        tendered amount so that the earnest money and initial security deposit
        will be 2% of the tendered amount and sign the agreement in
        prescribed format of the Corporation for the fulfillment of the contract in
        the office of the OSFC, OMP Square, Cuttack-3. This security deposit
        together with the earnest money shall be retained as security deposit for
        due fulfillment of the contract. Failure to enter into the required
        agreement and to make the security deposit as above shall entitle
        forfeitures of Earnest Money. No tender shall be finally accepted until
        the required amount of security deposit is deposited.
5)      The rates should be quoted in words and figures and the units in word
        other wise tender will be liable for rejection. The tender shall be written
        legibly and free from erasures over writings or conversion of figures.
                                      [ 3 ]
      Correction where unavoidable should be made by scoring out initialing
      dating and rewriting.
6)    The contractor shall submit a certified copy of the valid license issued by
      the competent authority, Govt. of Orissa for taking up the electrification
      work, along with the tender paper.
7)    The contractor should submit attested true copy of PAN CARD, Last I.T.
      return, valid VAT clearance certificate, TIN/SRIN number and experience
      certificate along with the tender paper. Original certificate must be
      produced at the time of opening of the tender.
8)    The contractor should be fully liable to indemnify the Department for
      payment of any compensation under workmen Compensation Act.VIII
      1823 on account of the workmen being employed by him. The full
      amount of compensation paid will be recovered from the contractor.
9)    For the purpose of jurisdiction in the event of dispute if any, contract
      should be deemed to have entered into with the Corporation and it
      should be agreed that neither party to the contract nor the agreement
      will be competent to bring a suit in regard to the matters covered by this
      contract at any place out side the state of Orissa.
10)   After the work is finished all debris are to be removed by the contractor
      at his own cost.
11)   If, any further necessary information is required, the O.M. Section,
      OSFC, Cuttack will furnish such but it must be clearly understood that
      the tenders must be received in order and according to instruction.
12)   Every Tenderer is expected before quoting his rates to inspect the site of
      the proposed work.
13)   The contractor shall have to furnish a certificate along with tender to the
      effect that he is not related to any employee of the Corporation.
14)   All tenders received will remain valid for a period of 90 day’s from the
      date of receipt of the tenders and validity of tender can also be
      extended if agreed to by the contractor and the Corporation.
                                   [ 4 ]
15)   The Tenderer shall bear the cost of various incidental sundries and
      contingencies necessitated by the work falling within the category.
16)   TDS is applicable as per the norms.
17)   The sealed Tender paper alongwith the other requisite shall be dropped
      in the Tender Box available in the OM Section, OSFC, OMP Square,
      Cuttack on or before 24.03.2008. The Tender Box shall be closed at
      sharp 3.00 P.M. on dated 24.03.2008.
18)   The Tender paper along with all its enclosures must be signed in full
      with date by the Contractor. The Tender paper should be filled in all
      respect by the contractor. Tender received late, incomplete, unsigned
      will be rejected. Conditional tender paper shall also be rejected.
19)   The Contractor shall execute the whole and every part of the work in
      most substantial and workman like manner and both as regards
      materials and otherwise in every respect in strict accordance with the
20)   If the contractor or his work people or servant shall break, deface, injure
      or destroy any part of the building in which they may be working, the
      contractor shall make the same good at his own expenses or in default
      the Corporation may cause the same to be made good by other
      workman and deduct the expenses from his security deposit or final
21)   Besides 1% earnest money and 1% initial security deposit already
      deposited by the Contractor 5% of the gross bill of the contractor shall
      be retained by the Corporation, till the defect liability period of three
      months from the date of handing over of work is over in all respect and
      may be released at the end of the defect liability period of three months
      of the work that the work is free from any defects.
22)   The materials to be used should be reputed brand and ISI specification.
23)   In case any inferior quality of work and material utilised is detected
      within three months from the date of handing over of work the
                                    [ 5 ]
      contractor shall be responsible for its proper repair at his own cost
24)   Original Money Receipt of the tender paper cost should be accompanied
      with the tender paper

25)   No advance will be given to the tenderer. After completion of 50% (fifty
      percent)of tender work 40%(forty percent) of the bill amount will be
      released subject to approval by the Corporation. Balance 60% (sixty
      percent) will be released after completion of the tender work with
      retention of 5% (five percent) of the gross bill amount subject to
      approval by the Corporation.

26)   After completion of work the tenderer shall furnish a completion
      certificate that the work has been completed as per the plan and
      specification given in the tender call notice.

27)   The tenderer should bi-furcate the total tendered amount in the
      following manner :
                                              In Figure                In words
      a) Cost of all materials        :Rs.
      b) Labour cost                  :Rs.
                Total Cost            :Rs.
                                      (In words)

                                                 Signature of the tenderer

                        OMP SQUARE, CUTTACK-753003

       Details of the work (Item-wise) to be done with specifications

Item   Item of works    with   detail Quantity Per    unit Total tendered amount
No     specifications                          rate        In figures     In words
1      2                              3        4           5              6

                                                       Signature of the tenderer

Bifurcation of the total tendered amount

a)    Total Material Cost        :
b)    Total Labour Cost          :
c)    Any other cost (If any)    :
      Total Amount               :

                                                          Signature of the tenderer

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